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Lynda.com QuickBooks Pro 2010 Essential Training
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Lynda.com QuickBooks Pro 2010 Essential Training | 332 MB

In QuickBooks Pro 2010 Essential Training, author Bonnie Biafore shows how to most efficiently use this popular business accounting software to manage business finances. The course covers core QuickBooks features that business owners need to know, from recording typical bookkeeping transactions like bills and invoices, to reconciling accounts and managing company files. Exercise files accompany the course.

1. Touring QuickBooks
Opening a company file
Using the QuickBooks menus and home page
Touring the Customer, Vendor, and Employee Centers
Navigating between QuickBooks windows

2. Setting Up a Company File
Gathering the information you need
Creating a company file
Converting from another program

3. Setting Up a Chart of Accounts
Naming and numbering accounts
Creating an account
Making an account inactive

4. Setting Up Customers, Jobs, and Vendors
Creating a customer profile
Adding customer information
Creating a job
Making customers inactive
Creating a vendor

5. Setting Up to Sell Services and Products
Why use QuickBooks items?
Creating a service item
Setting up time tracking
Entering time
Tracking mileage
Creating an inventory item
Creating a non-inventory item
Setting up sales tax
Setting up discounts and charges
Creating a group of items
Making items inactive

6. Paying for Expenses
Creating a purchase order
Entering a bill
Recording inventory you receive
Paying bills
Handling a credit from a vendor
Writing a check for expenses
Paying with a credit card
Paying with cash
Paying sales tax

7. Invoicing
Understanding invoices, statements, and sales receipts
Creating an invoice and filling in header fields
Adding items to an invoice
Adding billable time and cost to an invoice
Using subtotals, discounts, and other charges
Creating an estimate
Handling a customer credit
Creating a statement charge
Producing a statement

8. Printing and Emailing Forms
Setting up print options
Aligning forms with printer paper
Printing one or more forms
Emailing a sales form

9. Receiving Payments
Receiving a payment
Assessing finance charges
Creating a sales receipt for a cash sale
Depositing payments

10. Reconciling a Bank Account
Preparing to reconcile a bank account
Reconciling transactions to your bank statement
Correcting discrepancies

11. Running Reports
Using the Report Center to find reports
Running a report
Printing or saving a report

12. Working with Journal Entries
Why use journal entries?
Creating a general journal entry

13. Managing Your Company File
Creating a new user
Backing up your company file
Restoring a company file

Topics include:

•Establishing a company file and Chart of Accounts
•Creating purchase orders and paying bills
•Invoicing customers
•Tracking time, mileage, and other non-inventory items
•Monitoring sales and inventory
•Paying sales tax
•Reconciling accounts and bank statements
•Running and printing reports

Part 1 | Part 2

Part 1 | Part 2

Part 1 | Part 2

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