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[2010 Oscar Nominee]French roast – Fabrice Joubert (2009)
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[2010 Oscar Nominee]French roast – Fabrice Joubert (2009)
French | 720х372 | XviD 1657kbs | AC3 stereo 256 kbps + AC3 5.1 448 kbps | 8 min. | 145MB + 3 record recovery
Genre: Animation

In a fancy Parisian Café, an uptight businessman discovers he forgot to bring his wallet and bides his time by ordering more coffee.
"-Кофе, мсье?"
Что должен сделать настоящий мсье, зайдя в кафе? Конечно, выпить кофе!
А что ему сделать, обнаружив, что денег при нем нет? Что? Нет, нет! Только не открыто признаться в этом!
Fabrice O. Joubert’s ha creado este corto animado que explora las variadas variaciones que presenta la conducta humana y que se ha llevado a casa numerosos premios este año, partiendo por el mismísimo Siggraph y la reciente nominación al Oscar.

French Roast is an 8 minute cinematic tour-de-force which you would find original and genuinely spontaneous. In a posh French café an upper crust businessman who looks nervous and easily annoyed enjoys his coffee while he reads his newspaper. When he happens to be accosted by a beggar at his table he just pretends he has not even seen him. The beggar with his disheveled hair attracting flies all around,tattered clothes and his fairly versatile stick does not mind him at all. The moment the beggar leaves the café the businessman notices that he has not his wallet with him so he just bides more time by ordering more coffees. On the next frame we see a fat police detective put up a wanted notice (avis de recherche)on the wall of the café. The businessman who gets more and more uptight as the minutes go by realizes the woman next to his table. When the beggar comes to the café the second time, the old and sleepy woman gives him a banknote out of a thick roll of money.

When she goes to the bathroom she leaves her bag behind. The nervous businessman tries to pilfer some petty cash from her bag only to find a mask just like the one depicted on the wanted notice. When the tipsy detective misfires his gun,the beggar trips revealing all the money in his pockets while the old lady gets back from the bathroom and leaves the café as if nothing has happened there. The businessman is still saved by a banknote left by the cunning beggar. French Roast is indeed one of the best short animations with this plot. It has the requisite twists and turns of a short animation. It's funny entertaining and exquisite.The animation is cool, quality and genuine.It's an absolute must-see and it deserves the Academy Award nomination!

Audience Award / Festival Voix d'Etoiles, 2008
Best Animation / Foyle Film Festival, 2008
Best Animated Short Film / Atlanta Film Festival, 2009
Best Art Direction / Anima Mundi, 2009
Honorary Mention / Cinefiesta 2009
Best in Show Award / SIGGRAPH 2009
Honorary Mention / Prix Ars Electronica 2009
Best Animation / Animanima 2009
Best Animation Prize / Anima Còrdoba 2009
3D Futura Show 2nd Prize / Art Futura Show 2009
Best 3D Character Design / ViewFest Digital Movie Festival 2009
Best Animation - Prix José Abel / Cinanima 2009
Best Professional Film / Bradford Animation Festival 2009

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Posted By: angelmac Date: 03 Feb 2022 06:04:16
thanks a lot :)

I just watch it, super, thanks again
Posted By: jebac Date: 03 Feb 2022 10:29:14
thank you! great.
Posted By: Anim8 Date: 03 Feb 2022 23:25:43
Thanks for this
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