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CashCulator 1.1.3
Posted By : fredoking | Date : 17 Mar 2022 07:44:49 | Comments : 0

CashCulator 1.1.3 | Mac OS X | 9 MB

Cashculator is a different kind of personal finance application - instead of focusing on the past and logging previous transactions, it focuses on future by forecasting your financial situation.

Easier than a spreadsheet - it is the simplest way to manage your finance.

Cashculator allows making better decisions regarding your personal finance or small business.

What Cashculator WILL allow you to do:

* See the big picture: High-level overview of your spending and income.
* Predict your cash flow and balance.
* What-if analysis to compare alternatives: Can you afford to purchase that gadget?
* Prepare financially for expected changes, like a newborn baby.
* View your income, expenses and balance with easy-to-use graphs.
* 1-click expense addition.

Version 1.1.3:
* NEW: Database location can now be selected. Useful for using with DropBox, for example, to sync your Macs, or for backup purposes.
* NEW: Shortcuts for common category functions - new categories and icon selection.
* FIX: Tutorials scenario did not populate the test data in localized environment.
* Added German localization (including introductory tutorial)
* Added Russian tutorials (introductory and some more)
* Added introductory tutorial in French
* Some previously missing translations were added for some phrases

Mac Platform: UB
OS version: 10.5 and later

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