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Joboshare AVI to DVD Converter 2.9.1 Build 0916 | 16.36 MB

Joboshare AVI to DVD Converter is professional AVI to DVD converter and AVI to DVD burner. In just a few steps, you can easily convert and burn all popular video files including AVI, MPEG, DAT, DivX, Xvid, VOB to DVD for backup and enhancement. With this handy AVI to DVD conveter, you can combine your AVI video files into video slideshows, and edit your video clips by video trimming and video resizing. The AVI to DVD converter provides many brilliant DVD menus and menu editing methods to assist you to burn AVI to professional DVD.
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Native Instruments Battery 3.1.1 VSTi RTAS UPDATE ONLY | 133 MB

BATTERY 3 is the professional standard for drums and percussion. The latest version of the acclaimed drum sampler fuses an extensive library with functionality and simplicity. A powerful new engine and a host of sound shaping options deliver tight, punchy drums while the user-friendly interface guarantees instant access and complete control. Whether electronic or acoustic, BATTERY 3 will have your drums rolling in no time.
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Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4.1.1 VSTi RTAS UPDATE ONLY | 524 MB

GUITAR RIG 4 PRO is the ultimate all-in-one guitar and bass solution for perfect custom tone. The powerful and intuitive software comprises of a vast array of amps, cabinets, mics and effects, recreated in stunning detail. The latest version includes 3 new amps, 4 new super-flexible effects and above all, the revolutionary Control Room for that “big bucks” studio tone.
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Acorn 2.5 | Mac Os X | 15 MB

Everyone needs to edit images at some point, but not everyone has the time to learn super pricey wizbang image editing programs. This is why we created Acorn. Add text and shapes to your digital pictures. Combine images together to create your own. Work with layers to touch up your favorites or make something new from scratch. Do all this and more with Acorn.
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Native Instruments Reaktor 5.5.1 VSTi RTAS UPDATE ONLY | 530 MB

REAKTOR 5.5.1 opens a universe of sound. It's a deep and powerful modular studio that sets no restrictions on creativity. More than 70 unique synthesizers, sound generators, grooveboxes, sequencers and effects are at your fingertips, with 3000+ more freely available in the Online User Library. Customize existing instruments, or create your own individual sound generator from scratch thanks to the fully modular architecture. REAKTOR 5.5.1 is a true playground for the creative mind.
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iArchiver 1.7.4 | Mac Os X | 7.4 MB

iArchiver is the missing archive tool for the Mac. Open popular archive formats, reduce file size, make secure backups, create disk images, and share archives by converting them to Zip. And all of this packed into a simple drag and drop interface.
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JS8 Media AudioRefurb 3.01 | Mac Os X | 5.5 MB

AudioRefurb is a powerful but inexpensive new audio processing application that you can use in many different situations. Use the 31-band graphic equalizer to get the precise sound quality you want for an audio file, then export it to a new file; now the improved sound file can be copied onto your iPod, no more messing around with the controls on your iPod to get the right sound. Or use any of AudioRefurb's audio effect controls to apply effects such as distortion, delay, reverb, etc. AudioRefurb makes use of the powerful Core Animation technology to allow all of the controls for the many audio effects to be efficiently viewed.
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Pod to Mac 4.0 | Mac Os X | 5.6 MB

Pod to Mac is an iPod, iPad or iPhone to Mac transfer software that lets users transfer iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod songs, playlists, videos, tv shows and much more to a Mac and into iTunes. Pod to Mac can rip music from all iPods and iPhones works with or without jail-breaking.
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A Better Finder Rename 8.67 | Mac OS X | 5.8 MB

A Better Finder Rename has long been the file renamer of choice for tens of thousands of professionals, businesses and hobbyists across the world.
A Better Finder Rename's huge array of renaming options are organized into 7 intuitive categories that cover all the text, character, position, conversion and truncation features that you would expect from a great file renamer. On top of this, A Better Finder Rename provides more advanced features that answer the prayers of many professionals and hobbyists alike.
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Sonne Flash Decompiler | 2.46 Mb

Sonne Flash Decompiler is designed for anyone who wants to restore elements used in flash files. It is a powerful flash decompiler with the functionality to convert flash files between swf and exe formats and edit swf movies (dynamic texts, images and more). With Sonne Flash Decompiler, all components including images, sound, action scripts, texts, morphs shapes, frames, morphs, fonts, texts, buttons and sprites can be completely recovered. By using Sonne Flash Decompiler, you can find out almost everything in a Flash movie and get back your FLA.
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Portable Opera 10.70 Build 9048 Snapshot Multilingual | 10.4 MB

The most full-featured Internet power tool on the market, Opera includes tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, integrated searches and advanced functions like Opera's groundbreaking e-mail program, RSS Newsfeeds and IRC chat. And because we know that our users have different needs, you can customize the look and content of your Opera browser with a few clicks of the mouse.
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Sonne Video Converter | 57.54 Mb

Sonne Video Converter is a professional video converter that can convert almost all video formats such as convert WMV to MPEG, WMV to AVI, AVI to MPEG, AVI to MP4... Sonne Video Converter supports a wide range of video formats including AVI, MPEG, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, VCD, DVD, SVCD, RMVB, RM, WMV, MOV, DIVX.... It has extremely fast conversion speed and high quality, which makes you enjoy your video converting. And the user-friendly interface lets you convert video files between many formats with ease.
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Sonne Screen Video Capture | 3.18 MB

Sonne Screen Video Capture is powerful screen capture software that can capture any part of screen from your desktop, and save the images in BMP or JPG formats. Besides, it offers you the function of capturing video and image from DV, TV Tuner and other capture devices in real time. The captured video files can be saved as AVI (using any compression codec) format. With this full featured capture software, you can view, copy, delete and rename all captured files. You can also set each capture device's properties, watch TV if TV Tuner is installed, add water mark or texts on video or images, and much more...
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PGWARE Throttle | 1.9 MB

Enhance the speed of your internet connection with Throttle 6. One of the best modem enhancers on the market, it boosts download and upload speeds and squeezes out ever last bit of performance your modem is
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BricsCad Pro 10.5.5 Portable | 76.8 MB

Bricscad is the powerful DWG-alternative CAD platform that enables DWG-based applications and offers a complete and recognizable feature set to professional users.