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DriveLED v3.1.1983
Posted By : baloch | Date : 03 Feb 2022 02:15:34 | Comments : 0

DriveLED v3.1.1983 | 13.41 MB

No other single part of the modern computer system is more susceptible to malfunction than the hard disk. In fact, such a malfunction can come without warning and is often unavoidable. With O&O DriveLED 3, however, you now have the ability to recognize a potential malfunction before it happens. O&O DriveLED 3 is a partner you can depend on: accurately telling you when it’s time to backup your important data with O&O DiskImage, or even replace the hard disk entirely. Just one license, and all the hard disks on your computer will remain under constant observation.

Main features:
» Display of read/write access for logical volumes
» Display of current storage capacity on logical drives
» Automatic monitoring of all S.M.A.R.T. properties
» Display of current temperatures on all hard disk drives (when supported by manufacturer)
» Prognosis of remaining operational life for all hard disk drives
» Self tests run directly in Windows without the creation of a boot disk!
» Warning notification of possible operational errors on all hard disk drives
» Support of all Windows-compatible storage volumes
» Support of SCSI-disk drives

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