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CloneCD v5.2.3.2 Multilingual
Posted By : torai | Date : 05 Jun 2022 08:56 | Comments : 2
Как уже давно известно - старый друг, лучше новых двух... Проверенная временем программа CloneCD v5.2.3.2 Multilingual, служит для копирования дисков, умеет обходить всякие хитрые защиты CD.

Product Highlights

* First copying program that uses RAW-Mode

* Creates working 1:1 copies on CD-Rs and CD-RWs

* Amplifies 'Weak Sectors' - works with selected CD writers

* Emulates 'Weak Sectors' - works with each and every CD writer

* Works with CD-ROMs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs

* Writes Audio CDs conforming to Redbook standard

* Tray-Icon controls functional usage of inserted media

* Copies from CD/DVD drives, harddrive or Virtual Drives

* Intuitive user interface, easy to use for novices!

* Rich selection of preset options via default Profiles

* Indivual selection of options for expert users

* Proven to be stable and fast, does not need an ASPI driver

* Distinguished technical support und customer care

* New: Copies DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R Dual Layer and DVD-RAM

* New: Supports .dvd 'split file' image format. This format works with FAT32 partitions and is compatible with VirtualCloneDrive

* New: Supports .iso and .udf formats created with other applications (e.g., Nero, DVD2One, DVDShrink or CloneDVD)

* New: Copies SafeDisc 3 protected CDs/DVDs

* New: Emulates SafeDisc 3 weak sectors

Posted By: stepanov Date: 08 Jun 2022 14:10
Программа из серии "найду автора - убью". Запорол с ее помощью двухслойную болванку. Ненавижу.
Posted By: indian1998 Date: 07 Sep 2021 12:07
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