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AvaxHome First Poll
Posted By : Avax | Date : 07 Nov 2021 17:36 | Comments : 193

AvaxHome First Poll

German language: ~10%
Posted By: vezy Date: 07 Nov 2021 19:02
Why not propose French ??? especially considering you have zero votes for 4 languages...
Posted By: wimg Date: 07 Nov 2021 19:39
How about Dutch ?
Posted By: Zedy Date: 07 Nov 2021 19:43
How about Dutch wimg?
Most Dutch people I know, and I am one, speak English quite well.
Posted By: bahiense Date: 07 Nov 2021 20:30
How about Dutch wimg?
Most Dutch people I know, and I am one, speak English quite well.

But the question is other ...

What is your NATIVE language?

not if you ( anyone ) speak english well or not ...
Posted By: el_espaniol Date: 07 Nov 2021 21:13
My lovely language is in 3rd position in Avax...! ( spanish ) and 4th in the wordl...!...Anyway the Internet language is English ( like it or not ...haha ).
I vote for chinese language Avax website....! ( nahh...! )
Posted By: coldlipzz Date: 07 Nov 2021 21:14
Native Dutch but fluent in French, English and German as well...

Making AvaxHome better...??? It already rocks... keep up the good work...
Posted By: papavas Date: 07 Nov 2021 21:27
I love AVAX.

I am from Greece, English interface is ok.
Posted By: kkrap Date: 07 Nov 2021 21:50
avx is grate site but need some change in some future !!!

avx have mnay ads included !!

and need new design !!!

i check it 40 or 50 times in day !!!

overal it`s fantastic !!

tnx avax
Posted By: kkrap Date: 07 Nov 2021 21:51
i`m from iran ..english lan is good !!
Posted By: serfar Date: 07 Nov 2021 21:55
бляха-муха, никогда б не подумал что русских здесь только 5%
И что-то голосовалка криво считает соотношения проценты:голоса.
Posted By: kkrap Date: 07 Nov 2021 21:55
english lan is good !!
Posted By: aeolos Date: 07 Nov 2021 22:54
With all the respect, how about less porn adds?...especially the ones that pop up to your face when trying to connect or change pages...that would be a good start in my opinion. Thank you for consider.
Posted By: elmiligy Date: 07 Nov 2021 22:54
really AVAX the best site on the web

واحد من افضل المواقع علي شبكة الويب
Posted By: aingles Date: 07 Nov 2021 23:21

VIVA AVAX, de Portugal
Posted By: lilulilu Date: 07 Nov 2021 23:44
Предполагала, что русскоговорящих больше :))))))))))))
Salut! ;)
Posted By: amir28 Date: 07 Nov 2021 23:52


Hi, AvaxHome Users! AvaxHome is the Best!
Привет, АваксХоум Юзеры! ЛЕПОТА!
مرحبا بمستخدمي أفاكس هوم
Хай Живе АваксХоум та его Юзiри!
Shalom! Akol Biseder!

By the way (кстати), see my Arabic Virtual Keyboard
Posted By: ancoral Date: 08 Nov 2021 00:00
I am from Turkey, English interface is OK.
Posted By: iceman308 Date: 08 Nov 2021 00:07
I am from the United States, and it doesn't matter what language you use, I will still use Avaxhome no matter what.
Posted By: comgar Date: 08 Nov 2021 00:41
By the popularity of learning English programs offered here English still might be best.
I am a bit suspicious of the large French input.
Posted By: mariolos1 Date: 08 Nov 2021 01:59
Posted By: 912093022 Date: 08 Nov 2021 02:39
Wha? Do the french have AVAXHOME bumper stickers on thier cars or something? Lots of French
Posted By: Bully Date: 08 Nov 2021 02:39

Total Votes: 2072

French 66% (1360votes)
Russian 2% (50 votes)

A strange result so far. 2 % Russian users on a RUSSIAN site???

Seems AvaxHome is losing more and more its roots.

Should remind us that the russian version of the FAQ is still missing and should remind our technical team - which works so hard to bring back the Russian GUI, which was "lost" on February 28th 2006 - to not stretch the "Be patient" too far :-)

To our Dutch members: Sorry :-)

@ Pasha: 66% French? I warned you how easy such an external voting can be manipulated :-) But I guess your daily work at AvaxHome quick confirms you that not 2/3 of AvaxHome is French :-))


Everyone can use this voting - access is in no way limited to our members and the (current) result is far away from the real distribution of our registered members.

Besides, as a quick test confirmed, the site used for the voting does not even filter multiple votes from same user. So, please remove 6 Chinese users from the final results - they are all named Bully and do not speak Chinese at all :-)

Posted By: Imhotep Date: 08 Nov 2021 03:13
the new "perfect love calculator" ad is deeply annoying. It's preventing me from actually perusing the site in a timely manner. I'm so annoyed right now that I have to write this down and walk away. Seriously... get rid of it.
Posted By: grafitti Date: 08 Nov 2021 04:01
One thing that would be nice to improve is the overall speed of the site. I guess because it's so popular the server is really slow. I find it frustrating to post material because it takes 5 or 10 minutes to accept a submission. Other than that, it's the one place of choice to find what you need. Congratulations to those who keep it running.
Posted By: Alp22 Date: 08 Nov 2021 04:35
I have seen a lot worse sites than this one. So I shall refrain from complaining. Ads are necessary for revenue people! If you are not paying the server costs...who do you think is?!?!? Great job guys! Thanks a bunch!
Posted By: Bully Date: 08 Nov 2021 04:43


About the advertizing:

As explained many times before, we only link to an advertising feed (check source of any AvaxHome page) - but we have NO CONTROL what they feed us. This feed is the main financing to be able to cover the high costs of such a large system and to offer AvaxHome to you for free.

For people still seeing popups: Check your browser config. If your browser really can't handle popups, please use a newer version or a better browser. Hint: Both Opera and Firefox are FREE. Or install adblocker software. Or edit your HOSTS file.

More about ads you can still find by browsing the AH News pages:

AH News

About server speed problems:

Yep, everything which cannot be delivered from the AvaxHome caching system (avoidng access to database server) is f*cking slow most times because the database server is under much to heavy load by high increased number of new users. We try to find solution, but this takes a bit time.

All this, in much more detail, including the "permission denied" and login problem, you can of course find in much more detail already full explained on our AH Talks (mini forum) pages:

AH Talks 1 (about AvaxHome)

It really does not make ense to answer the same questions again and again in publications which have nothing to do with the question. We regular check AH Talks for questions, but we cannot regular check all AvaxHome publications :-)

Posted By: flb4flb Date: 08 Nov 2021 07:03
Best Site .. Best Friends .. means AvaxHome

The problems which facing me in this site..
+ Sometimes when i go to open the page of "Private Messages" .. .. it gives "permission denied" ... .. and i don't know why
+ Suddenly slow in the speed browsing the website pages

i hope Avaxhome will be the best in everything in the future..

Have a nice time .. Bless U
Posted By: khurshid290 Date: 08 Nov 2021 07:06
XSS proof, well done :)
Posted By: jjspazuk Date: 08 Nov 2021 07:16
Doesn't matter the language, it's the content that counts.

Porn pop ups, 2 words, Firefox & Adblock, no problems
Posted By: cukicuk Date: 08 Nov 2021 07:28
AvaxHome is too addictive...
Posted By: fishmarket Date: 08 Nov 2021 08:04
please cahnge your web interface...

Posted By: tralalaaaa Date: 08 Nov 2021 08:28
AvaxHome emang oke
apapun bahasanya, yang penting isinya
Posted By: Bully Date: 08 Nov 2021 09:12
@ khurshid290

"XSS proof, well done :) "

Not so difficult if NO html code at all is allowed in comments ;-)

To avoid that some users might copy your example to try at other sites - and even one day might understand for what it can be used :-) - I removed your comment with your try.

@ flb4flb

About problems like permission errors and speed of not cacheable tasks: Please have a look what I wrote just 2 comments above your one :-)

@ fishmarket

"please cahnge your web interface..."

And to wHAT shall we change? :-)

Hint: Why don't you just create and load your own stylesheet which better fits your wishes?

@ Alp22

"I have seen a lot worse sites than this one."

TNX! I bet TDz will be very proud reading this ;-)

@ Pasha

Yep, since new start results look a bit better :-)
Meanwhile we have even more as double amount of Russian users, but I still doubt the current reading of 5 %
Comes almost close to our Chinese users with 6 % :-)))
Eh, yes, I also did a quick beta test after your restart - you need to remove 13 Chinese users from final result.

Posted By: srecko Date: 08 Nov 2021 09:16
Avax is TheBEST,

Work in firefox OK and GUI is fine.

POZDRAV iz MARA$KA PARK kvarta u Zadru, Hrvatska (CROATIA)ex.Yugoslavia
Posted By: Scaramouche Date: 08 Nov 2021 09:19
I can´t live anymore without AvaxHome!

Best wishes from Natal, RN, Brazil!!!!
Posted By: rahmouni Date: 08 Nov 2021 09:35
om avax tak dirjat
Posted By: rahmouni Date: 08 Nov 2021 09:38
is Maroca
om avax

Posted By: tureedin Date: 08 Nov 2021 10:32


english is good

Posted By: PioneerKing Date: 08 Nov 2021 10:38
Brilliant site, no need to change in any way. Please keep English
Posted By: padani Date: 08 Nov 2021 11:02


Posted By: mrcif Date: 08 Nov 2021 11:51
I'm come from Vietnam burt English is good!

Viva AvaxHome! I love you :x
Posted By: lucasbg Date: 08 Nov 2021 11:55
А на български няма ли кой да се обади?
Posted By: Bully Date: 08 Nov 2021 12:30
"English is very recommended"
"English, keep english!"

No fear, we will not switch to Chinese or Arabic GUI :-)

Russian & English are and will be the 2 official AvaxHome languages for support and announces.

But we know well that not everyone speaks russian and/or english good enough to understand our "Rules & FAQ", some even have problems to udnerstand their english menu on left side for handling mails etc.

For our visitors (not registered users): Don't seek for this menu - it does not exist on the pages you see. There is no technical way to handle mail for you or publications from you if you have no account and no storage at our server network.:-)

Visitors can fully PASSIVE use AvaxHome for info and downloads without any restrictions - we do not force anyone to register . :-)

If you register an own account - which is still free of charge :-) - you will have additional features for ACTIVE taking part in the AvaxHome community. As registered user you have your own blog under your own name hosted on our servers, can create publications, can write comments and talk in private with other members. These additional functions are presented in the personal menu on left side of each page as soon as you logged in.

OK, but back to main topic. KNOWING the distribution of languages will show us which translations of the "Rules & FAQ are really needed.

Next step is the AvaxHome GUI itself. Our software is already designed for switchable user interface, means, that YOU can SELECT the language yourself which you prefer. Currently, only English template is available. Knowing the language distribution helps to decide which language template should be done next.

In short: It's about adding additional language support for FAQ and GUI - but English of course will stay. So, no matter of your native language, if you prefer, you can still use English FQQ and GUI.

Posted By: vahidrock Date: 08 Nov 2021 12:37
im from iran english language is good.

avax is a good site but i think it not collection with small files the large file is needed.

thanx for your top site. i like it very much it's my home page.
Posted By: reciptrap Date: 08 Nov 2021 12:38
Making it better does not mean changing the language.
Canada here and we will go along with anything, keep up the good work
Posted By: lpedroza Date: 08 Nov 2021 12:51
Why not PHP, C#, MySQL, Java & ActionScript????

Believe me. That is my "day by day" natural born language... :D
Posted By: happy_bhinda007 Date: 08 Nov 2021 12:55
Every thing is great but except posting a news. It is very toughest work.. Please make it as simple as possible. I have try many times but it shows error that

"Permission Denied
Sorry you have no rights to access this page."

or if i try again then it shows the error "malformed uri name". please try to make it simple.

Except this everything is very great amongest all the firms.

Thanx !!
Posted By: symphony Date: 08 Nov 2021 13:37
i'm arabic, but i understand english, and i'd rather use french language here at avax!

Avax is great, but there are "wellknown" people who put trojans in the files they upload! this is the only negative point i see, may be putting a "thankyou" button and/or a "blame" button to rank posts so users can know if they can trust the concerned post or not!

thanx for listening

Avax est le deuxiéme meilleur site que je connais!
Avax is the second best site that i know! ...continue
Posted By: Bully Date: 08 Nov 2021 13:40
@ happy_bhinda007

"then it shows the error "malformed uri name". please try to make it simple."

Why is almost no-one reading our FAQ?

OK, here is a copy of the text I wrote myself which is inside the FAQ since over 20 months:

News uri-name" - The topmost field is URI.
The URI is a unique string tied to your publication. It is part of the URL to call your publication. All users will see it on screen and in stored booksmarks. Make sure the URI you chose makes sense. For technical reasons you acn only use the characters “a” to “z”, “0” to 9”, “_” and “-“. Blanks (“ “) and capital letters (“A” to “Z”) are not allowed in URIs!


Or in short: Limitations same as with any URL on the web :-)

About "Permission denied": _If_ you would have asked your questions at the place they really fit, at AH Talks, you woud have already seen the text I wrote there about this topic. For links, please look for the blue colored links a few comments above.

It really helps to READ comments BEFORE asking same topics again and again :-)

Sorry if my words in this comment are perhaps a bit less friendly as usual. It's not personal against you. But is is now the 6th time I today tell people that a summary about "Permission denied" and similar problems is already available at AH Talks since about 1 week. The only QUICK solution to avoid these performance problems would mean to ban 20.000 new registered users and forbid all access by visitors :-) Hope you agree that we do not like this solution. With a bit of luck our technical team can perhaps find a solution of changing the load balance between our servers, but it looks more as the next additional server is needed for the cluster. This means a lot of money, so no at once solution.

@ Our (current or former) FAQ Keeper:

Was a GREAT idea to update the old examples to include capital letters, but to not fix my old words direct above the examples that capital letters are forbidden :-))

Posted By: omniares Date: 08 Nov 2021 13:45
Thank you for the good job and greetings!

Posted By: sony-3100 Date: 08 Nov 2021 14:14
السلام عليكم

الموقع كويس

بش مشكله الاعلانات الوسخة

وكمان بغلب شوية في البحث


على فكرة
في غش فيالتصويت

انا بعرف طريقة تخلى الواحد يصوت اكثر من مرة بس الظاهر انهم مثبتين التصويت ضد العرب
Posted By: Apca Date: 08 Nov 2021 14:15
Поздрав Авакс тиму и свим осталим Аваксијанцима. Сајт је одличан, језик је мање битан. Ако треба, направићемо и научити аваксијански.
Posted By: ZeroIQ Date: 08 Nov 2021 14:24
Hi all! I'm spanish speaking, but english is ok for me. But PLEASE, be kind to non Russian speakers and post some kind of info/translation of russian text. Otherwise we miss lots of things (OK, we annot read russian books, but we can see the pictures, can't we?)

Thanks to all
Posted By: Bully Date: 08 Nov 2021 14:44
@ symphony

"Avax is great, but there are "wellknown" people who put trojans in the files they upload! this is the only negative point i see, may be putting a "thankyou" button and/or a "blame" button to rank posts so users can know if they can trust the concerned post or not!"

Since over 8 months I had not any complaint about a trojan or virus in my mailbox. _IF_ a publication really would be infected, you can be sure that MANY different people will add comments with warning. And, if the claim is correct, you can be sure that we will delete such a publication at once and have a deeper talk with the publisher.

Yes, there are always 1 or 2 comments talking about infected uploads in the softwaresection. But all these comments are created by 1 single person. You can quick recognize him, because ALL his usernames contain some childish words about sex. Yes, he HAD many usernames :-) Whenever I ban him and delete all these foolish comments, I can be sure that he will be back one day later with new usersname. And the game of deleting and banning starts again ... Let's see how long he will play this game. Creating all these foolish commnts each day is much much more work for him as the one mouseclick (to delete ALL his comments) is for me :-)

You see, on such an open system like AvaxHome, you always will find some idiots, some trolls, some offending people, many get-rich-without-working spammers and so on. How long their shit will be online just depends on you, our members. As soon as you tell us (anyone of the AvaxHome Team) about these guys (please include 1 URL so that we can quick check), we will take care to get rid of such comments.

Posted By: clamim Date: 08 Nov 2021 15:14
Posted By: symbiote Date: 08 Nov 2021 15:16
You have done a great job.

You can make the site more popular and attractive by doing these things:
+ allow anonymous users to post comments
+ improve database access speed
+ provide gtranslate links for your website, to fit in needs of other users
+ try to implement faster search techniques

We guys are here to support you, best of luck AVAX team.

Posted By: Bully Date: 08 Nov 2021 16:03
@ symbiote

"+ allow anonymous users to post comments"

Every one of our registered members is fully anonym - as you know from your registration, we do not ask for real name, address etc - all you need is a self selected username / nickname and an email address. Even this does not need to be a personal address - using an address from a free mailer or anonym mailer is fully OK. But, opposite to a visitor, the registration informs our database server to provide space for you to store comments, publications, mails, personal blog etc.
Only solution would be to create a special account like Visitor and publish the password on top of each page :-) But what sense would it make when tons of visitors work on the same account, reading mails written to others :-)

Yep, spammers would be happy about such a solution, as we could not delete their spam without deleting comments from other visitors :-)) Nah, sorry, we already have more than enough bans each day even with registration.

Registration is such quick and simple that I think every visitor who wnts to jump to active member for writing a comment etc. can handle it without problems.

"+ improve database access speed"

The software is already very high optimized for speed. All not really needed DB accesses are handled by a prefetch / caching system. We already work with a cluster with load balancing.

"+ provide gtranslate links for your website, to fit in needs of other users"

Personally I have very bad experience with machine translation software - often the results are either confusing or make you laugh as native reader. But if some of our publishers would like to test, they can include such a link inside their publication.
But for GUI and rules inside the FAQ it is too risky to trust machine translation.

"+ try to implement faster search techniques"

As far as I'm informed, we already have a special pre-built search index instead of doing a fulltext search over the currently around 140.000 publications stored in the database. :-)

Each user can further speed up the search time by selecting a fitting category instead of searching over full AvaxHome. If someonesearches for example an ebook, it really makes no sense to search also over the large music section, movies or games. It'sstrange, but most of our users ever do a search over full AvaxHome ad worry about the slow speed :-)

Using phrase searches (using " " around the text) in most cases also gives much faster response.

Filler words are already filtered out to avoid creating lists with 100.000 or more hits :-)

But, as AvaxHome itself changes in realtime - at all time users can create new publications or edit existing ones - we also need to keep the search engine constantly updated, so high optimized algorithms which need hours to build the needed pseudo data cannot be used.

"We guys are here to support you, best of luck AVAX team."TNX!

I'll remind you about your kind offer ;-)

Posted By: ssimo Date: 08 Nov 2021 17:41
What about DUTCH .Don't miss this language .
Posted By: reinald Date: 08 Nov 2021 17:50
Hi everyone..

whatever you came from...but english is must...please ;)

Posted By: harmidis Date: 08 Nov 2021 17:52
HOW you dare to ignore Greek???
Well, i don't answer to ignorants!
Posted By: ramiro160 Date: 08 Nov 2021 18:01
From Spain congratulations for your excellent site.
English language is good for all, since it makes us feel like just one global comunity, sharing exactly the same experience. And that's something not so easy to find elsewhere.

Posted By: sunsponge Date: 08 Nov 2021 18:15

You wrote,
"Each user can further speed up the search time by selecting a fitting category instead of searching over full AvaxHome. If someonesearches for example an ebook, it really makes no sense to search also over the large music section, movies or games. It'sstrange, but most of our users ever do a search over full AvaxHome ad worry about the slow speed :-)"

I would select subcategories if I could, but on my computer there is no option to do so (on category and listing pages). So I have to search everything until I get to the search results page, where I *can* select a subcategory.

On the subject of searching, please change the default to "reverse date" because the "relevance" option is garbage.

About 20 percent of the time I can't login anyway because the box that asks for username and password isn't there. This is an improvement, it used to be 80 percent of the time I could not login.

I appreciate that the coders are putting more "intelligence" into the page structure so a login does not require painting a new screen and all the database access that that requires. But this code is still pretty fragile and not very robust. So pat TDz and the coders on back, say "Good Job! -- So far", dangle a carrot in front of them and hold a cattle prod behind them! ;-)
Posted By: sgp Date: 08 Nov 2021 18:38
I'm from BG but live in lathin america. This site is the best ever. I wish for less sex adds and better server that can hold the traffic. Many times the server is overloaded and can not perform a basic search, nor is able to pool older posts. Other than this it is just the best. Keep up the excellent work!
Posted By: cukicuk Date: 08 Nov 2021 19:11
Just one comment to best site ever - the post comment sometimes doesnt react and therefore people click on it again and again and therefore theres repeated comments - can this be avoided?
Posted By: ByGijS Date: 08 Nov 2021 19:24
AdBrite Stats avaxhome: Pageviews per day : Over 1,300,000 / Unique users per day : Over 65,000 / Alexa rank: 67,982
What language were talking about ? ;-)
Posted By: karuna Date: 08 Nov 2021 21:18
it was a russian place initially (several years ago) but gradually it became a real international site. so what is this poll about? we can freely communicate with guys/gals from china or arab countries or latin america (or you name it) only in english. let it be english.
Posted By: bagnet Date: 08 Nov 2021 21:51
Ось за що я люблю Авакс, так це за те, що він наскрізь є нашим! Себто українським ;)
Posted By: cueto Date: 08 Nov 2021 22:22
I´m spanish, but english language is Ok for me. Avaxhome is a GREAT site. Go on.
Posted By: wizn Date: 08 Nov 2021 23:49
I'm from NewZealand,english language please and Avaxhome is a great site with excellent variety of posts.
Posted By: AkeB0N0 Date: 09 Nov 2021 00:17
Just one thing wants from yours. Protect children from porn content!
To be honest about native language, it's not necessary. We can't use interface regularly, just Next-Previous-Post :)
Posted By: Pallermo Date: 09 Nov 2021 00:58
Pozdrav celoj EX Yugoslaviji ;) From Serbia
Posted By: IlluminKnotty Date: 09 Nov 2021 01:18
Anglais, por favor!

Actually I don't mind other languages at all. It merely reflects the mighty metropolitan nature of this excellent service!

Merci, Gracias, Grazie, Dank dir, Amesegunalhun, Ashoge, Barak llahu fik, Meda w'asé, Hway, Sayol, Baraka, Sa-aun, Chezu ba, Dziakuju, M goi, Zikomo, Tatenda, Hvala, Tak, Dank je, Imbuya mono, Tángeyoo, Mudo, Mamnoon, Kiitti, Ogiwadong, Mahd-lobt, Efcharisto, Dxanyaa'baad, Mahalo, Toda, Shukriya, Köszi, Takk, Salamat, Go raibh maith agaibh, Arigato gozaimasu, Vandane, Danawad, Atto, Komawoyo, Kulo, Gratia, Xie xie, Dziekuje, Spasibo, Giitus, Tack, Sagol, Dyakooyu, Siyabonga, Dankon, Thanks!
Posted By: Bully Date: 09 Nov 2021 02:05

@ sunsponge

"I would select subcategories if I could, but on my computer there is no option to do so (on category and listing pages). So I have to search everything until I get to the search results page, where I *can* select a subcategory."

The little search box on left side of each page does not have any special options, but at same moment you see the real search engine, you will see the options.

On left you have the edit to type your search, on right you have the dropdown list to select the order (you mention this yourself) and between these 2 you have a dropdown list for selection WHICH main category you want to search. Default is "Everywhere", but when you click on it you can change to any main category you like, like "in Music"

Best solution for regular users of our search engine is of course to store in your bookmarks a direct link to the search engine:


IF you use Opera or Firefox, you even can add our search engine to the list of search engines direct supported by the browser, so you do not even need a bookmark.

"On the subject of searching, please change the default to "reverse date" because the "relevance" option is garbage."

Personally I also ever use "reverse date" :-) but the leaderof our technical team sees it different and after 15 months I finally gave ip to persuade Tdz :-)

Best do it yourself by including this option in the bookmark you save:


People normally only searching one main category like ebooks or music can even include the category in the stored bookmark:

To search ebooks , with newest publications on top:


To search music albums, with newest publications on top:


and so on.

And here's an early Christmas gift :-)
(you can't select it from search engine options,so please use below urls:

To only search CLASSICAL music albums:


To only search ROCK music albums:


To only search music albums in highest quality (lossless):


These special search do only show albums _IF_ the publisher did set correct flags. You acnnot find albums if the publisher did set no other flags as "music" - yep, sad but true, this still happens.

About login problems: Please see my words at AH Talks

"I appreciate that the coders are putting more "intelligence" into the page structure so a login does not require painting a new screen and all the database access that that requires."

Even I'm not one of the AvaxHome coders I can confirm you that they have some level of intelligence :-)

If you do not want page repaints etc. when you login, than do not login from a page like main page :-)


might be the friend you missed so far :-)

Posted By: Bully Date: 09 Nov 2021 02:44
@ ByGijS

"AdBrite Stats avaxhome: Pageviews per day : Over 1,300,000 / Unique users per day : Over 65,000 / Alexa rank: 67,982
What language were talking about ? ;-)"

Like all statistics, including this poll :-) it's important to know details about HOW the data are collected.

To give just one simple example:

www.avaxhome.ws even in google gives different results and counts as avaxhome.ws, no matter that both are the same :-)

But even without deeper details such pageview counts might tell our users what "little" traffic our servers have to handle, special at peak times, and why we again have performance problems.

Posted By: Bully Date: 09 Nov 2021 02:56

@ fine

"Traue keiner Statistik, die Du nicht selbst gefälscht hast!" :-)

Western Europe strikes back - revenge for the European Song Contest :-))) "

Yep, hehe, it's amazing how quick the German count increased to 26 % - soon after you found this page :-))

Posted By: Bully Date: 09 Nov 2021 03:14
@ edAstray

@ Bully

You wrote "A strange result so far. 2 % Russian users on a RUSSIAN site???"

I'm curious. Why was Avaxhome, a site invented by Russians, made in English instead of Russian?

At the time Avax & Torai founded AvaxHome (end of 2001) it was a Russian site, for Russian users, both the userinterface and all content was in Russian language only.

In 2005 someone decided that this fine site should be pushed a little bit to more attention outside Russia. At this time AvaxHome was very strong in ebooks, while for music albums almost everyone visited a different site. But music is the best choice to break language barriers, and at same speed the AvaxHome music section did grow, more and more international users joined AvaxHome.

The drawback of the higher popularity resulted in big performance problems. One botlleneck was the standard blog software used, so on February 28th 2006 AvaxHome finally launched it's own software, taking care for the special performance needs. The english user interface was done first, the Russian user interface somhow is still missing.

Or in short: The original AvaxHome of course was in Russian language, but with increasing amount of non-russian members it switched to English language as a common base.

Posted By: Bully Date: 09 Nov 2021 03:30

@ AkeB0N0

"Just one thing wants from yours. Protect children from porn content!"

Our rules (see FAQ) strictly forbid adult content like porno and our moderators are well trained to smell porno even if the publisher did not make clear what content he wants to publish :-)

You MIGHT SOMETIME see adult popups from advertizing. As written many times, even on this page, e do not have control about the constantly changing ads from the adfeeds.

In your case I strongly recommend to configure your system to avoud such popups - even if Avaxhome would be able to filter them, what would this help you if you again see them when you connect to any other site as AvaxHome?

Please see my comment above about hints for filtering adult popups.

Posted By: fipile Date: 09 Nov 2021 05:08
like everyone, I would like to congratulate AVAX team for bringing this wonderful site.
One feature that would be interesting , is to keep track of dead links.
For instance, when sby posts a link for an ebook, if the link does not work anymore, it would be helpful that this pops a message to the kind member who initially posted the document.
my 2 cents , and keep up the good work!
Posted By: knomiz Date: 09 Nov 2021 05:10
I'm from Thailand. English is OK. , ถ้ามี ภาษาไทย ก็ยอดเยี่ยมเลย
Avaxhome is No.1, Best E-book site in my mind.
Avaxhome Addict Man

Thank you.
Posted By: sunsponge Date: 09 Nov 2021 05:53
Hey Bully!

Thanks for the link to a direct login page.

As for searching, thanks for the URL parameters to search with. Although, I still think it would be a good idea to include a drop-down seach-where box next to the search-text box on regular pages, because I'm sure that's where most searches begin.

Yeah, I thought Tdz might not like "date descending" as a default. He must have a relev-ant crawling up his backside!! :-))
Posted By: HerZilla Date: 09 Nov 2021 13:54
Странно, что русскоязычных мало. Я хоть и живу в Германии, но родной язык русский, хотя понимаю прекрасно немецко- и англоязычные статьи.
Posted By: HerZilla Date: 09 Nov 2021 14:21
Если бы пост был продублирован по-русски, то русскоязычные составили бы здесь большинство! :)
Posted By: Antic Date: 09 Nov 2021 14:21
I am from Albania, but reduce adult popups from advertizing. Avaxhome is the best.
Posted By: rom_long Date: 09 Nov 2021 18:17
The poll shouldn't have asked about the users' native languages. Instead, it should ask about their language of preference for this site, in my opinion. They are different for me.

DB access might be improved by using SQLite.

The site can be improved much by improving the set of topics. There aren't enough of them, and stuff gets put in inappropriate sections. For example, some self-development stuff gets put in the classical music section, the personality section contains stuff on diet, accupuncture, "Talks about AvaxHome" is under Music section, etc.
Posted By: Desperad0 Date: 09 Nov 2021 19:16
Русский - родной язык. Знаю английский - для восприятия текста на этом сайте достаточно.

Делаю посты и для русско- и для англоговорящих посетителей. Так как, в основном, публикую видео, то язык имеет значение и его обязательно указываю.

Интерфейс - меня устраивает.
Думаю, да и "тест" тут проводил недавно, что надо делать многоязычный интерфейс. Людей, не владеющих русским языком и не бывавших на сайте раньше, английский язык в меню вводит в ступор.
Posted By: codechisel Date: 09 Nov 2021 21:40

Next poll, be prepared !

What do you miss most @AVAX ?

-mailing list to be aware of pb encountered @servers, failures and the like
-offline composer to speed publication creation up a bit
-buttons as a quick way to say 'thanks'
-nude photos of admins
-have some members back [Nagian, spinato..]
-Some poll asking what your native language is...
- "others"...
- Other things that don't fit in "others"...


/code{ if the list was 50#language bigger, I couldn't find mine anyway..}
Posted By: codechisel Date: 09 Nov 2021 21:40

...Forgot to mention in the list :
Buttons that don't click twice or thrice for you...

/code, /code, /code :-]
Posted By: canadianbratboy Date: 09 Nov 2021 22:43
nice to see a poll. but need to fix issues with search and posting . get permission denied to often and long load times
Posted By: livesound-man Date: 09 Nov 2021 23:07
It's very good site.
Posted By: Bully Date: 10 Nov 2021 01:45
@ codechisel

"What do you miss most @AVAX ? "

Users with a bit of patience, who do not send out same comment 10 times when they see that our database server already has much to high load ...

If you do not receive an error message, your last task (like adding a comment) is still in the processing queue and will be handle - as soon as the tasks from other users also still waiting are handled.

The problem here is simple when you understand the technical workflow behind it. The send button does nothing else as to send a command to add a new comment and the text you want inside this comment. These data are transfered to ONE of many processing queues on multiple servers. Adding a comment needs direct access to the database server because your data need to be stored. If the database server is still busy, and / or many other users waiting in same queue already, it takes time.

When you click the send button again, you send the same info again and you can bet that this time the load balancing will assign you to a fully different processing queue, perhaps even on a different server. And both queues will process your command. Adding a comment is a task without any existing ID at the time you call it (edit comment for example includes an ID, the comment ID). And yes, the database has to provide a new ID for your new comment - as soon as the database server has free time for you. So, both quese will ask for an ID and both will receive a different one, so your comment is finally stored twice in the database.

OK, this was for 2 queues. If you hammer the send button 10 times, up to 10 processing queues will do the same what I described for 2.

And, that is the real fun behind, by doing 10 clicks you do not even get handled faster - you just do the opposite - you 9 times keep the system more busy as needed, slowing it down even more. And you slow it down not only for you, but for all users.

Comparing your comment to each other of the around 500.000 already stored comments is not possible. The needed time is ways toooo high :-) It even would need to also take care for what publication each comment belongs, because comments like "Tnank you" you might have written many times before.

Last way would be to compare the many processing queues against each other. Besides technical problems doing this, it also would need much more time for each single task as handling it instead of comparing it against thousands of other waiting tasks.

We currently again have a problem of "Too many users". The current number of servers and the speed of the database server does no longer fit to the number of users / amount of requests which could be handled at real time.

The processing queues grows, and the more they grow, the longer time you have to wait for you reuquest / task to be handled.

The WORST our users can do is sending out the same requests or tasks again and again and again - the only result of this: The system gets even slower, for ALL users.

OK, and now I hope the system is not under such heavy load that I will have to wait 5 minutes for each the 9 of your repeated comments to delete from the database. Yes, we have to wait same time as any user - somehow our coders did forget to take care that admin tasks are handled at higher priority :-(

Posted By: jantine Date: 10 Nov 2021 01:57

Users with a bit of patience, who do not send out same comment 10 times when they see that our database server already has much to high load ...

And what about modorators :-))))))
sorry ;-)

Posted By: blek Date: 10 Nov 2021 02:13
А куда еще лучше,все и так хорошо.
Posted By: Bully Date: 10 Nov 2021 02:31

@ codechisel and ALL

"What do you miss most @AVAX ?
-mailing list to be aware of pb encountered @servers, failures "

If we would have just 50.000 or 100.000 users, such a list would be possible :-))

"-offline composer to speed publication creation up a bit"

It _IS_ offline. We do not even see a single byte of what you do in the editor. You can play with the editor as much as you like and if you just close the page without clicking on send button, AvaxHome does not know what you did.

If you want to spare the load time, have a look inside the browser cache of your machine. You will find the complete editor code on your local harddisk.

"-buttons as a quick way to say 'thanks'"

No. Never. If you cannot spend a few seconds to write some nice words to a publisher who spent perhaps hours to perpare his stuf for you. forget it.

AvaxHome is a community, not a leecher site.

"-nude photos of admins"

We do not want to make you feel bad next time you look into your bathroom mirror ;-)

"-have some members back [Nagian, spinato..]"

I guess we both know WHY they left us. If not, look into their last publications. It was the way other users treated them, special leechers, not willing to spend one additional mouseclick because of the link protector nagiants did use to avoid too quick deletes of his uploads.

The behavior of our users did change much during the last year. It is sad, but true:

About 80 % of comments are so called "mirrors" - almost all of them created by business guys trying to fill their pockets with "eas money"

About 10 % are complaints or asking the publisher for additional work

Just 10 % are at least short "Thank you" comments or sometimes even some nice words to the publisher.

In the music section you do not seee much of the "mirror" problem - the music albums are very large, the business guys can make their money much easier by re-upping a 2 or 4 MB sized ebook or software program ...

Yes, I miss Nagi and Spinato too - same as I miss many other old friends from the music section who left us all at December 2006.

" - less than 5 % of all new comments are ot to talks with the publisher about the offered stuff, "

Eh, yes, I touched same topic already direct abobe theis line :-)

"-Some poll asking what your native language is...
- "others"..."

You can almost translate "other" with "Dutch" :-)))))

There's one thing we all should keep in mind:

AvaxHome is a community, not a leecher site and not a home for warez-kiddies. It also should not be the place where business guys let us pay the costs of hosting poor stuff o only offered to fill their greedy pockets.

We give you the technical base, we give rules to keep the chaos at a reasonable level :-) and we TRY to make our members and visitors happy. We invite everyone to join and feel HOME at AvaxHome.

But what happens inside our little :-) home also depends on the people inside our home. What they do, how they behave, how they
handle other people and so on.

Many of the problems we have at AvaxHome could be easy solved when our members would take some activity themselves instead of trusting that the AvaxHome Team would do all work for them.

Hey, you did not pay big money which would ensure you the service of a 5-star-hotel. Instead, see AvaxHome more as your own home. If you do not spend a bit time to CLEAN your home, you more and more will sink into the dust :-) If you do not take any care to make your home comfortable, don't blame others that they not do it for you :-)

AvaxHome can only be as good as our members are!

If you think that there is too much shit published, tell it the publishers. If you want more quality stuff from first-level releasers, create an atmosphere where such people will feel well - if you do not even respond to the few HQ publishers we have, you do not need to cry that we have so much business publishers who publish any shit, no matter what it is, just to raise the money in their pockets.

If you see spam or offensive behavior, take the short time to inform the admins.

The more you take part in keeping your home clean and comfortable, the more you will enjoy it.

Posted By: Bully Date: 10 Nov 2021 03:02

@ codechisel and ALL

I'll do this in a separate comment where it fits better

"-have some members back [Nagian, spinato..] "

About Spinato I have no real information, sorry.

But about Nagi :-)

For people who missed the great year 2005 at AvaxHome music, let me say in short:

- Nagiants39 was one of the first members who helped to bring AvaxHome Music to life and to international attention.

- We often called him the "Blues-Archive-on-legs" :-)
- His home is filled with almost any Blues album ever released on either vinyl or CD.

- Somehow he was the "leader" of our "Brazil gang" ;-)

- He was - eh, I'm sure he still is - perhaps the most crazy guy I ever met at AvaxHome. He still keeps the record of being the AvaxHome member I had most fun with.

- He is an important part of AvaxHome Music history:

Nagiants old blog at AvaxHome

(If you look into the old publications from 2005 you might see a good example what comments can be used for)

And, I'm very glad that Nagi is still alive, outside AvaxHome, and if you like Blues, you really should visit his blog:

BLUES TOWN (The City Of Blues)

and tell him a loud "huahuahuahuahuahuahuahuahua" from Bully.

Posted By: Bully Date: 10 Nov 2021 03:29

@ jantine

"Users with a bit of patience, who do not send out same comment 10 times when they see that our database server already has much to high load ...

And what about modorators :-))))))
sorry ;-)"


Was not as easy as you think. I had "permission denied" errors (seems my session cookie was not valid at all servers) and a few minutes later even "lost connection to server". Instead of risking to lose all the lines, I decided to make sure it gets out, knowing ell that I can DELETE copies of it.

But this just shows again that we _ALL_ have such problems, not only our members.

Or in other words: A (currently) TDz-free AvaxHome is a two-bladed sword - You can't live with him, but you also can't live without him ;-)))))

Eh ... I should stop here ;-)

Posted By: MAZ Date: 10 Nov 2021 04:32
الموقع ممتاز جدا ماشاء الله بس عيبه الإعلانات الفظيعه اللى بتظهر .... أيضا نسبة زوار الموقع من العرب أكبر من النسبه الظاهره فى التصويت بس يمكن نسبه كبيره منهم لم يشاركوا فى التصويت .... إضافة اللغة العربيه هايرفع نسبة زوار الموقع من العرب بنسبه عاليه و ياريت الأخوه العرب يشاركوا فى التصويت علشان نخللى ادارة الموقع تدخل اللغة العربيه................

تحياتى ............
Posted By: s2wt Date: 10 Nov 2021 12:02
ภาษไทยครับ Thai
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 10 Nov 2021 14:15
If it´s just about FAQ: I guess there are more than enough friendly helpfull hands here among AH users / members who will do this job for free. In every language you want !
Community is huge.

@ Bully:
Why must you forward dates to keep your post on top?
Avax uses 07 Jan 2002, and it´s still on top of mainpage. ;-)

Login, comments, posting etc: Off topic, but annoying !
And yeah, we all have patience. We keep on biting the tables, eating our nails, violating the F5 button (mine is gone...) - but it couldn´t be only : TDz or not TDz, or just too much traffic etc.
Scripts take us to endless Iframes, sometimes my user name appears as "unknown" while I´m creating a post, etc.
Posted By: poprune Date: 10 Nov 2021 14:19
I've been a member for about three years and remember all too well those awful months when just connecting to the site was a major nightmare. Thank goodness those days are behind us and congratulations to the staff for all their hard work in making this such a good place to visit. Any adverse comments about the current service pale into insignifigance by comparison, but there's something that seems to be happening with increasing frequency that I find as irritating as hell: the links that send one to a (typically) casino ad that can't be by-passed and which repeats interminably. I've simply given up trying to download anything when this happens.
Posted By: beregu Date: 10 Nov 2021 16:47
I'm from Mongolia. I like AvaxHome! :)

English interface is okay ;)
Posted By: LQ Date: 10 Nov 2021 19:15
First, let me say that this site is a joy - joy - joy! Hence, any adverse comment I make should be put in the nit picking category. I've watched the site develop over a period of years. I rarely join sites, but as I recall the only way to get some links in those days was to be a logged in. This site site is a testament of the power of community - or to use the current vernacular - social networking. With a user base that stretches from Ulan Bator to Timbuktu, the variety of views expressed in the comments is rich with insight. My only hope is the moderators appropriately treasure the jewel whose growth they've nurtured.

re. Users with a bit of patience, who do not send out same comment 10 times when they see that our database server already has much to high load

The problem of duplicate comments is quite annoying, but should not just be attributed to moronic repetitive pushing of the Post button. By now, I assure you that I very carefully (and with some trepidation) click that button only once. My experience says that most results fall into two categories. First, is the response that I believe is intended. After a brief delay, the comment writing box disappears. Then after another brief delay the page refreshes with my comment having been appended. Under this scenario all is well. Reprehensibly, this occurs only about 35% of the time.

A more likely occurrence is that after I push the Post button, nothing happens. At this point, I've tried two approaches. One is to do nothing. This usually results in a large number of duplicate comments eventually appearing. The second approach I've tried when presented with the long delay after pushing the Post button is to manually refresh the page myself. Here a timing problem ensues. If I refresh too soon the comment is lost. If I wait too long, I get duplicate comments. The best I've ever been able to do is to get just one duplicate. I'm not sure, but having used a stop watch to time my refreshes I believe that there is no specified time to wait before refreshing. I suspect that the time required before refreshing to get no duplicate comment is a function of the server load and hence a variable. But this is just a guess.

As someone who has spent decades programing computers (but not web applications) this would seem to me to be a programming problem. If the comment software before it published a comment first compared the author of the comment with the author of the previous comment, then the software could go ahead and publish the comment if the author was different. If the author was the same as the author of the previous comment, then a further check should be made. For example, the first X characters of the previous comment should be compared with current comment. If they are the same then the current comment is rejected and not published. The size of X (the number of compared characters) is clearly a compromise between the increased load a larger number places on the server, and a smaller number that increases the likelihood of rejecting a non-duplicate.

Now the time of trepidation is here.

To push the Post button, or not: that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of being an apparent fool,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing give a chance to end them?
But tis better the apparent fool to be
Than dwell forever as the knowing one?
So eschew Reset as the cowardly course;
Onward rodent with valor to the Post button.
Posted By: LQ Date: 10 Nov 2021 20:03
@ fine

Concur that server load is a major attribute of any proposed solution. Not sure how the comment-ID # gets returned to the pool of available (to be used) #s when the Reset button is pushed or just the Post button is never pushed.

BWDIK is appropriate here for as I said I've never done web programming.

Now for that trepidation time again.:)
Posted By: dimos Date: 10 Nov 2021 21:20
Ааафигенный ресурс! Большое спасибо :)))
Иногда только запомненный логин "забывается". Приходится снова логиниться, хотя отмечал галочку "Remember". Но это такая ерунда по сравнению с содержанием ;-)
Больше ничего не надо менять, все и так отлично!!!
Posted By: dimos Date: 10 Nov 2021 21:23
PS. Вспомнил! Надо поправить публикацию новостей через RSS. Неустойчиво работает. Вчера вот прилетали уведомления, а сегодня нового много на сайте, а ни одного уведомления по RSS не пришло почему-то. Буду очень благодарен, если поправите Ж-)
Спасибо еще раз!!!
Posted By: bigbosse Date: 10 Nov 2021 21:52
Oui vive Avax, vraiment un super site !

Posted By: symphony Date: 11 Nov 2021 00:12
Hi Bully, you said: "When you click the send button again, you send the same info again and.."

So, lemmie suggest this: why do you not make the "Post" button (the one you call send-button) get transformed to "message posted" button when a user click on it once....it will avoid resendig the same message again and again and again...so, just by transforming it, people won't click it toooo many times! i hope you understood my idea! here's a schema (i don't wanna offend you by this schema, it's just that my english sux, i speak mostly french), the schema is below:

"POST"----------clicking once----->"Message posted"

your mind?? 8\
Thanx for listening :)
Posted By: didou Date: 11 Nov 2021 03:16
Hi everybody :)
I would like to thank all the great people here, incredible posters with high quality posts, very friendly staff, from Avax, Bully, TDZ and all others. Once you discover Avax, you don't find the need to check another similar site, because there isn't. Also we can keep all our messages received or sent, no limitations. Posters answer to your PM, staff too, what could you ask for more ?
Long live Avax !
Posted By: melomaniaco Date: 11 Nov 2021 08:52
Wow, y que planes habrá para lo de los idiomas?
Personalmente pienso que en inglés funciona bien. Las implementaciones de otros idiomas no es urgente (pienso yo).
Gracias AVAX!
Posted By: 1Benson Date: 11 Nov 2021 18:27
avaxhome one of the best websites i ever seen for ten years in internet.
I speak russian, turkish and english , and i always can found here whatever i want
Posted By: bolshoi Date: 11 Nov 2021 20:30
I'm from the philippines, and yes, i prefer to stuck on english as our languange here.

BTW, we've all been to other forums too but definitely when your looking at "QUALITY & CLEAN" releases, first thing comes to mind is always been AvaxHome, that's why i think the proliferations of comments lately about viruses is meant to kill that notion and to degrade AvaxHome reputations.
Posted By: Cymbalta Date: 11 Nov 2021 20:33
I think Avax is great as is. Opera can remove many of the annoying ads that pay for Avax. But, the USERS need to be educated in using the RSS feed. You do not have to CHECK AVAX directly. Just check the feeds!. This should reduce direct traffic and there are only ads when you open a page you like!

Avax - Please publish a page for newbies about the feeds function.

Cymbalta - NYC
Posted By: Amenhotep1 Date: 12 Nov 2021 01:09
Bosanski jezik, fala lijepo.
Posted By: nikola145 Date: 12 Nov 2021 02:52
da da bosanski i hrvatski i srpski i maternji i bosnjacki i crnogorski pa mose i leskovacki
dalmatinski itd molim lepo
that was joke for ex yu countries yesterday one lenguage and now i dont know how many 4 or 5

u shoud translate faq and rules to other languages

i go to many sites on Brasil Bulgaria Turkie etc but i dont know portuges or turkie
and sometimes is the problem for understanding the rules but u can understand the posts
and for me is very interesting to see what is hapening in distant parts of the world.

HQ posers for me is fnb48 and many more hire

for me beogradski language
Posted By: nikola145 Date: 12 Nov 2021 03:01
HQ posters for me is fnb48 and many more
Posted By: jadhav81 Date: 12 Nov 2021 03:58
Posted By: athanasios Date: 12 Nov 2021 04:54
I love AVAX.

Please better quality. A few people post crap under fake title.

Please BAN SPAMMERS like aksh6 and others who post false warnings that they contain viruses etc... Rules must be strict and obeyed. Who breaks them must be banned forever.

Seems pages system (http://avaxhome.ws/pages/7796) used doesn't contain the same content if you come back another day. This must be fixed.
Posted By: audiomixman Date: 12 Nov 2021 05:41
very cool web site
Posted By: Gilbertqc Date: 12 Nov 2021 08:57
In the event the «send message»/«message posted» can't be implemented, I miss the delete message function for the originator as there is only an «edit» function which does not seem to be useful for deleting the entire repetitive post.

Not complaining as I love this place but just trying to see how it could be made better...
Posted By: Bully Date: 12 Nov 2021 20:39
@ interzone

"And @bully: thanks for deleting aksh6, aksh9 or whatever, make sure to ban on ip as well ;)"

Hey, did someone place a hidden webcam in my room? :-)

Yep, a few minutes ago I banned this guy, same as we did with his other accounts he used the days before. It's just 2 mouseclicks to get rid of him and his shit, much less work as he needs to create it :-)

BTW, sorry for unanswered questions here - some other topics keep me already busy.

Posted By: nikola145 Date: 13 Nov 2021 00:48
sory for duble mistake it was very late


and for others with a litle patience for slow connection and erors:
open another tab do something else be cool and remember dial-up connections
Posted By: ssiavashh Date: 13 Nov 2021 07:11
Hi all
Thanks for the best site at internet. Actually I really enjoy of this site,specially the ebook part. But I have to mention some comments first I dont know why you occasionally change yoursite adds. Second please split the graphic parts to 2part : Ghraphic and celebrities
or xxx . Third please categorize the ebook parts.
By the way if anyone has the " handbook of Industrial Engineering" , Please upload to site, I really do need it.

Posted By: aragonit Date: 13 Nov 2021 10:35
I would like a "Thank You" button on each post.
No need to post a comment, but one can see that this poster has been thanked 1938774 times and no DB space for this number of comments is lost.

I'd like to see a feature too which sends the poster a message if a new comment to one of his posts has been added. So the poster can react to those users who can't seem to figure out how to send a PM to a poster to tell him of problems with the post or files.

a "delete" button for posts and comments would be cool.

A folder for messages sent would be nice too. (Maybe on a different tab?)

And finally - May Avax Live Long and Prosper.
Posted By: oldhippy Date: 13 Nov 2021 16:52
Many thanks to axa.

I have spent hours surfing this wonderful site.

1, I would like to see people that share music (thanks to all that do) please split your files into tracks.

2, People that post in Russian, please also post in English. We who don’t understand your language must be missing out on some wonderful stuff.

3, Search facility. I think could be better seems to have faults like not working at times. Could this be the high demand on servers?

4, How about a request spot?
Posted By: CaLy Date: 13 Nov 2021 18:54
Ey , first of all, avax is very nice.
My native lang. is spanish, but i understand english, and im starting with russian.

So i can say "ïðèâåò" to all , and "êàê äåëà".

And talking about spammers, what about the comment of aksh11 ? :|
Thats totally a spam! What u think?

Thanks for all avax and all!
Keep doing good!

Posted By: Bonedigger666 Date: 13 Nov 2021 23:23
I just wish you would drop that new ad you have that keeps popping up and screwing everything up....its some dating ad anyway( like anyone reads them anyway) but what ever language you do go with I will still keep coming back
just not french please :) PLEASE!!!
Posted By: bluzthang Date: 14 Nov 2021 21:22
I just want to add my 2 cents to this long and winding poll. Avax is one of the best sites on the web. The people from all over the world make this a very diverce site, and the content is wonderful. English is fine and a thank you button would be nice. Thanks again to all who make this such a wonderful and friendly site.
Posted By: hjones Date: 14 Nov 2021 21:50
Thanks Avaxhome. You're the greatest.

If you notice, all of the above comments are in English...
Posted By: pasha133 Date: 15 Nov 2021 09:23
I feel great when I saw that much Turkish here. Hi to all nationalities with my best wishes.
Posted By: trtr388 Date: 15 Nov 2021 16:05
السلام عليكم

avaxhome موقع

يعتبر من اكثر مواقع مجلات النيوك تميزا

ولعل هذا اكبر دليل على عدد اعضائة وزوارة .. وهم المساهم الاول فيما يوجد به من مواد

وفى حالة توافر الموقع بعدة لغات سيكون سبب اكثر فعالية فى تقدم واذدهار الموقع

تقبلو مودتى


hii all

Avaxhome site

The sites of the most distinguished magazines Alnyuk

This is probably the biggest evidence of the number of its members and visitors .. They are there in the first contributor of articles

In the case of the availability of the site in several languages will be more effective in the cause of progress and Azdhar site

affection .

Posted By: Bully Date: 16 Nov 2021 05:13

Sorry for unanswered questions - some other topics keep us very busy currently.

Tnanks for the many kind words confirming that we do not everything :-) wrong.

AvaxHome will NOT change to a different language, no fear. I already wrote this a few times in older comments on this page. This poll just will tell us what additional languages for GUI and / or FAQ are needed most. And everyone who knows the "high speed" of our technical team already knows that this of course will take "some" ;-) time until you might peehaps see it.

Like all statistics you should see the result a bit critical. The "26% German users" is of course a fake. This is almost same result (in number of votes) as it already was 8 days ago.

This poll is now running on 9th day and still shows:

"Total Votes: 4326"

or in other words: LESS AS 1% (in words: one) of our users did vote at all.

Or more sarcastic: If the users who did not vote would stop using AvaxHome, Avaxhome would be the FASTEST server in the whole world :-)

But to be honest: Knowing very well how lazy the typical AvaxHome user is, I'm fully surprised to see 4326 votes :-))

Posted By: Bully Date: 16 Nov 2021 09:19
@ fine

"As you might know, the germans are very solid and therefor it's not impossible, that more of them took part in the poll than others :-) "

As we already crossed over November 11th, I thought all German people would be busy running around crying "Alaf" and "Helau" or whateer - instead of using AvaxHome :-) But with 26% less users we would have a fine and fast responding AvaxHome.

Eh, no, do not even think about asking me to create another new music section for Carnival music :-) Was hard enough to create a Christmas section to keep you happy ;-)

""Trau' keiner Statistik, die Du nicht selbst gefälscht hast!" :-) "

I already confessed in public that 13 Chinese votes are from my "Beta Test" ;-)

And, srry, I cannot resist :-)

"Perhaps, you should begin with reading the FAQs

"Perhaps, you should begin with reading the [b]FAQs

Yeah, seems you are really a good teacher helping this member with useage of tags :-)))))

@ interzone

"For what it's worth, some comments earlier I already drew your attention to the alexa stats."

It's not worth much :-) The main question is HOW does Alexa collect the data they present. Here is the main interesting part from their own FAQ:


How are Alexa's traffic rankings determined?
Category: Traffic and Site Stats

Alexa's traffic rankings are based on the usage patterns of Alexa Toolbar users over a rolling 3 month period. A site's ranking is based on a combined measure of reach and pageviews. Reach is determined by the number of unique Alexa users who visit a site on a given day.

Or in short: The result mainly shows in which countries people do not worry to install and run this spy software.

The statistics from adbrite (our advertising feed) come much more close to real life.

"And again, yesterday no. 504, that explains a lot ..."

Hehe, yep, I saw on their page. But better do not write the magic number 504 to often at AvaxHome :-)))

Posted By: Bully Date: 16 Nov 2021 09:50

@ fine

"@Bully "13 Chinese"
I know, that three of them play "Kontrabass" - and what are the ten others? :-))) "

The 10 others I borrowed to a German band named "Toten Hosen" to create the song "10 kleine Jägermeister" :-))

Zehn kleine Jägermeister rauchten einen Joint,
den einen hat es umgehaun, da waren's nur noch neun.

BTW, I enhanced my above comment a bit, special for you :-)

so, to quote again from this song:

"Einmal trifft's jeden, ärger dich nicht,
so geht's im Leben, du oder ich."

Somehow I guess it's a good time to logout now :-)

Posted By: Bully Date: 16 Nov 2021 10:07

@ interzone

Based on my daily mails I can ensure you: We do not have many experienced users :-) Most of them do not even use the features browsers like Opera and Firefox offer. Even less do know that even MS Windows has an HOSTS file they can edit :-)

Anout logs: I'm not member of our technical team, but I guess e already had to switch off most logging functions to increase performace at least a bit.

But even with or without logs, the performance clearly shows that we have tooooo much users currently.

Posted By: Bully Date: 16 Nov 2021 10:16
@ fine

"I didn't know, that AH-bug-soft is so poor: "

Yeah, TDz is always good for a surprise :-)
Sometimes, like this morning, our software even shows

"Posted By: fine. "

instead of

"Posted By: fine "


Posted By: Unkown Date: 16 Nov 2021 10:40
@ Bully

Indeed - software sometimes does strange things :-)))

Posted By: Bully Date: 16 Nov 2021 10:51
@ interzone

"Hmmm, interesting twist in the clocking of the comments here ;)
Check out my comment before yours ...
Keep up the good work."

No, it's not a problem of different clocks :-)

When you send out a new comment, the"Add comment" task, together with your data, is stored in one of our multiple processing queues. Depending how many other tasks are waiting in the processing queue your task was added, it currently can take very long until you reach the top of your queue. When this happens, the database sends out a new comment ID (autoincrement) and then your comment is stored under this ID in the database. The date / time stamp is created at the moment your comment is processed by the database, not at the time you send your comment.

Perhaps you saw that my longer comment appeared 1 time, then 2 times, and much later a 3rd time on this page. The difference between 1st and 3rd time stamp was about 10 minutes. For SAME comment :-)

HOW long you have to wait in a queue much depends how complex the other tasks are which are handled before your task. It can happen that a comment you send out needs perhaps 15 minutes until it can processed. If you send out same comment again, you for sure will be assigned a different processing queue. And if in this other processing queue are only simple task which can be handled quick, it can easy happen that your second task is handled quick while your first task is still waiting and waiting.

Under normal conditions this will not happen, but when servers are already overloaded, it can happen. Special the impatient users, who quick start to hammer the reload button 20 or 50 times are the real problem. With each reload they add an additional task to the already long processing queues, slowing down performance for ALL users even more, instead of increasing performance for themselves (what they think).

At same moment you fully understand the concept of parallel processing and multiple processing queues, some "mysteries" of AvaxHome will no longer look like mysteries :-)

It's the well known "Circulum diaboli"

AvaxHome runs fine, more users log in, Avaxhome slows down a bit. With next more users at same time a bit more. This is a linear function. But suddenly, when the response is slower as the users wish, they start to hammer reload and AvaxHome goes more slow. They hammer more, and AvaxHome again slows down. But this time it is no linear slowdown. Now it more looks like an exponential function. And the processing queues start to grow to endless entries ... Sometimes our users even manage to overflow the processing queues - and suddenly you again see the old 502 error messages.

This is also the main reason for "permission denied " errors. After login and receiving your session cookie, information about you is also send to other servers / processing lines to inform them about your login. If they are too busy for other users, it can also happen that it might take 10 minutes until this info is processed. It is just luck which processing queue you will be assigned - perhaps it already knows about your login or is isn ot informed so far and telling you a friendly "Permission denied".

Under normal traffic the processing queues are processed so fast that you will never have such problems. But under too high traffic you have to face the problems we currently suffer from.

Posted By: Bully Date: 16 Nov 2021 10:55
@ fine..

Eh? ".."?? Do I need to ban another user? :-)

"Indeed - software sometimes does strange things :-)))"

Please have a look on my new comment to interzone - it might help to understand that strange is not always strange :-)

Posted By: Bully Date: 16 Nov 2021 11:39
@ fine

About "clocks"

Just look at your last longer comment about clocks which appeared 3 or 4 times. The first one has a time stamp of 10:26, the last one has a time stamp of 10:33. I would almost be willing to bet that the 10:33 is the one you posted first. You had no luck, received a very busy processing queue, so after some waiting yop (or your browser) did send it out again, had the luck of a short processing queue and the 2nd try got out at 10:26. And a few minutes later the original one was finally processed under time stamp 10:33 :-)

As I told you already in private, I watched this on one of my own comments with a time difference of 21 minutes. We do not have so many different clocks :-)) The date / time stamp has nothing to do with the time you create a publication or comment - it is the time the task is processed and the entry created in the database.

Under normal conditions, with fast processing, the date time stamp will match (somehow) your own clock. With large processing queues it can be very different from your clock.

Posted By: Bully Date: 16 Nov 2021 12:05

@ fine and interzone:

Editing comment
502 Bad Gateway

great. And now I can start to edit the typos again ...
Bet it was fine who overflowed this processing queue :-))

Posted By: Bully Date: 16 Nov 2021 12:09
@ fine

Posted By: fine. Date: 16 Nov 2021 11:54
Have you seen that the 11:51 above came at 11:43 ?
now it's 11:45

Posted By: fine. Date: 16 Nov 2021 11:56
Have you seen that the 11:51 above came at 11:43 ?
now it's 11:45

We currently had veryhigh overload - I myself even received a 502.

And your 2 comments: "it's 11:45" was processed at 10:54 and at 10:56 - delays of 9 and 11 minutes are fully "normal" delays under such high traffic.

And if you wonder: The 26 % :-)) German users do now have the break in their working hours and all jump to AvaxHome. Foodtime for me to finally logozút :-)

But, besides the problems of processing queues, you are corect that the current clock values of the servr clocks are not fully correct. You know much TDz cares about this when he is with us, so you can easy imagine how much he cares when he is in nirvana for months. ;-)

Posted By: atlas84 Date: 16 Nov 2021 15:00
موقع أكتر من رائع أتمنى له الاستمرارية
Posted By: atlas84 Date: 16 Nov 2021 15:01
موقع أكثر من رائع أتمنى اضافة اللغة العربية اليها
Posted By: napsmear Date: 16 Nov 2021 17:35
You could do the entire site in Sanskrit for all i care,
but can you please axe the ads the take you away from the page entirely?
pop ups i can tolerate....pop unders and flash ads.
But being taken away from the page completely is a hassle.
or you could double the number of articles per page?
just a thought.
other than that...i live here....its great :-)
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 16 Nov 2021 19:26
You can trust every ! statistic.
It´s totally right, that 26% of all users marking a language had chosen German !

10 kleine Jägermeister verkloppten einen Freund
Der hat sich zu sehr gewehrt, da blieben nur noch neun

Why is the title only in english?
So any russian without english skills won´t even participate...

yep, so clicked 10 times Russian.... we know how to do market research ;-)
Posted By: devnull Date: 16 Nov 2021 20:43
I speak English--aber Deutsch ist auch gut. Bu7 r3411y 7|-|3 $i73 $|-|0u1D b3 411 iN 1337.
Posted By: saransk Date: 16 Nov 2021 21:52
Пи*ёж и провокация!.. Нас больше и мы в тельняшках!!!
Posted By: Bully Date: 17 Nov 2021 03:07
@ interzone

"Seriously: what kind of server sided database do you use? The standard MySql, or do you have your own app installed?"

Again, I am NOT part of our technical team. AvaxHome already keeps me busy enough with other tasks. :-)

I GUESS it is the cluster edition of MySQL. Around this DBS a lot of self written code. (Current AH version done in Ruby if remember well) The 502 error I posted above was done by "nginx/0.5.20". Can't ask TDz, sorry, he's still lost in nirvana.

@ napsmear

As written now over 100 times - even on THIS page: We do not have control about the content of the advertizing feed. If you use Opera or Firexfox as browser: Check the configuration options to avoid popups. Otherwise like using an adblocker or how to edit your HOSTS file: Please have a look into AH News. All these many solutions will not only work for AvaxHome, they will help you on ALL sites you visit.

Sorry if it sounds a bit unfriendly, but I really talked about this topic already at the same page you now ask again.

@ mex

Why is the title only in english?
So any russian without english skills won´t even participate... "

Seeing that Avax himself did this publication, I also wondered why there is no word in Russian language ;-)

Sure, he could not do the text in ALL languages our users speak, but somehow I remember that both Russian and English are the 2 "official" AvaxHome languages.

@ accatone

"to bully arabian is not a language it's arabic, just a grammatical precision. Arabian is an adjective like arabian nights or stuff like that. "

Thanks for your info, but even after doing a full text search on the whole page I cannot see any line where _I_ wrote "arabian". :-)

Do you mean he poll option on top? Sorry, I cannot fix it - I do not have the needed login info for the site the poll software is hosted. But if we cry loud enough


the right person to fix it might show up. ;-)

But besides grammatic I can ensure you that Avax takes much care for your culture - Avax's harem is the best example ;-) If he not shows up, you at least now know what keeps him busy ;-))

Posted By: mazintosh Date: 18 Nov 2021 12:21
Hi from Spain, congratulations to all :)
Posted By: nms Date: 18 Nov 2021 15:08

Nowadays most ads are made in Flash, so you all will benefit from installing this add-on since you will be able to control which Flash content is shown in each web page you visit. ;)

PS: I'm sure a lot of you already know this, but it's never too much to say it.
Posted By: haq Date: 18 Nov 2021 15:17
Ahoy there...

I have a complaint (if I could have one after I've benefited so much from this site) about RSS feeds. Usually at work, I have problems for viewing the main page. (you know, the sex ads and etc.)
So I use an rss viewer to have a look at the recent posts.
And here comes the problem;
RSS feeds are usually (or mostly) NOT up-to-date.
Is there a way of improving this situation?
Even you can't do something, this site still rocks and IS amazing.
Thanks a lot.

Posted By: cos Date: 18 Nov 2021 16:10
common world language is the truth.
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 18 Nov 2021 16:18
@ TurdFurgeson:
I guess people on AH know that most people here speak english. This fact, and because it´s a russian site, are the reason for the 2 official languages (Russian & English)
Poll is not about changing language, only to find out which languages are necesary to translate the FAQ.
Read the posts of Bully, he clearly described it.

@ interzone:
I guess blocking an IP (even more if the guy has a dynamic IP, sharing sometimes maybe an IP with other nice users...) isn´t a solution. And if he sees his IP blocked: using any free Proxy lets him in.

This guy has a brain problem, I guess all his farts don´t know where to leave. So they get stucked in his brain.
By the way: poll only accepts one vote from an IP, and I voted 10 times for russian ;-)....

Sadly, this situation right now (problems with posts, logins etc) is making a simple leeching site out of AH - go there, download and leave. That´s sad.
Posted By: rector Date: 19 Nov 2021 00:24
Just leave the English like default and all another will be good :)
Posted By: Bully Date: 19 Nov 2021 01:55

@ interzone

Don't waste your time about akshxxx :-) We already have a closer eye on him.

And, to say something good, he even gave us a rest of full 4 days without any new aksh account. Somehow I almost started to miss him :-))

@ TurdFurgeson

"If you change it to a German or French site you will loose shitloads of people.
But in all honesty I don't really care because I can speak all three languages ..."

Yep, I guess you should matter more that besides speaking a language it is also very important to be able to READ a language and UNDERSTAND it. :-)

How many times more do I need to write on this page that AvaxHome of course stays at English?

(This blue line is of course for ALL of our members still asking to "stay at english" ...)

"Also I think that this site is only a shaddow of what it used to be."

Sad, but true. The former AvaxHome community more and more changed to a playfield for leechers, greedy business guys and warez kiddies.

You might have noticed that we meanwhile have a main category named "Polls". So chances are very high that there will be more polls :-) Or in other words: The better we know about our members, the better we can try to turn the "shadow back to bright light".

@ haq

"RSS feeds are usually (or mostly) NOT up-to-date."

Not only RSS feeds ... Even index pages are created with long delays. It is also direct related to current situation of "too many users", sorry.

2 thoughts about your situation: A company which has such low security that even sex popups appear on the screen should really take a bit more care for their company network before they connect it to the public internet. You should talk with your boss - no, not about AvaxHome :-) , about the risk for the company.

For yourself you perhaps should have a look on a stand-alone RSS reader. After you stored the link to our feed, such programs do have no need at all to connect to main page of a site. And while typing this, I also remember that the RSS reader in the Opera browser I currently use to type here, does also automatically updated the stored RSS feeds, even for sites I did not visit at all during months.

Or on short: You do not need to load main page to update RSS stream :-)

@ mex

Ah, I should have read your comment first :-)
And I'm fully glag to see that at least 1 person did understand that there will be no "change" to German, Mandarin, Arabic, Dutch or whatever ;-))

And yes, blocking of ip-address is in most cases no help. Besides, base for such handling would be a full logging of the traffic. For security and anonymity of our users we do NOT log such information. With the high traffic we already suffer from, such full logs would even more slowdown the servers :-)

But if some spammer tortures us too much, we can of course temporary switch full logging on to collect some needed data to contact his ISP. Many ISPs have very open ears when it comes to spam.

Posted By: LQ Date: 19 Nov 2021 07:39
@ Bully

Thanks for the Nagiants39 link.

Noticed several days ago that when I tried to append a comment, I received a message that the comment software was at that time not accepting new comments. Subsequently, I've not had any stuttering of my comments. Assume that some changes were made.

Fingers remaining crossed that a problem has been mitigated if not solved.
Posted By: uglinho Date: 19 Nov 2021 18:30
Well, if Avaxhome admin are pretend to change the english language for another one... damn, that will be very dificult for many people register,search and post too, i'm from Brazil and like "el_espaniol" said:

"the Internet language is English ( like it or not ...haha )"

Posted By: rockytop Date: 20 Nov 2021 00:32
I can't understand why I have posted 3 comments to news, one of them over a week ago, and not one of them has shown up yet.
Posted By: Cafiero Date: 20 Nov 2021 23:14
English is Ok!
ma anche l'italiano e vaffanculo a tutti gli ads che avete messo
Take care
Posted By: Svenny Date: 21 Nov 2021 10:33
I would divide the site's languages in 2 main groups and work from there.The additional group composition I would make dependent on the visitor's profiles.

Main Group
Arabic, Mandarin, English, Russian, Spanish

Additional group comprises of for example:
Farsi, French, German, Portuguese etc...

Why Arabic? (High)Arabic is understood in many moslem countries even though I suspect that many ppl. coming here are quite "capable" of the English language.

Why mandarin? Just look at the Chinese population :-)

Why English? English has established itself as the universal language, so as a common denominator I would leave it as is.

Why Spanish? Similar to Arabic is a world language, spoken in many countries as you all might know ;-)

Why Russian? Out of respect for the sites location and culture!

Posted By: amir28 Date: 21 Nov 2021 12:59

I think that the language of AvaxHome is not the main problem!

[b]For Administration of AvaxHome! My Deep Respect!

1. Site and links are going very slow - i think that the reason is in the new server OR because of so many visitors!
Anyway we have to do something to resolve this problem!
2. Iam signing in AvaxHome 24 hours/day, 7 days/weak,
But i have been prompted so MANY MANY times by this:
Permission Denied
Sorry you have no rights to access this page.
2. For posting a news or comments you have to try so many times!
Please do anything!
After clicking Post in Comment's area it gives Banner or:
Permission Denied
Sorry you have no rights to access this page.
3. Search-engine is week and not advanced on the main page!
It will not find every thing that even has been posted on October 2007. For example: search (Tube Hunter Ultra).
and ...

При глубоком уважении к администрации АваксХоума, у меня несколько комментов к работе АваксХоума:
1. Сайт иной раз работает очень медленно, причина наверно в самом сервере или за большого количества посетителей!
Но все равно нужно что-то делать!
2. Я постоянно авторизирован на Вашем сайте, но очень много раз мне дает: отказ в доступе!
Почему это происходит???
3. Для образования одной публикации иногда приходится пытаться очень много раз! И один и тот же ответ: отказ в доступе!
4. Поисковый движок слабый и поиск нерасширенный на главной странице! Иногда даже новые публикации не может найти!
Кстати, от этого страдает -=Pasha13=-

Надеюсь на взаимопонимание!
Ваш amir28

Posted By: mad-mex Date: 21 Nov 2021 13:42
@ amir28
Search for tubehunter ultra (one word) - not a search-engine problem, but how people post the stuff.
Posted By: amir28 Date: 21 Nov 2021 17:02
Thank's! But, a question? I don't know to whom!!! :-)

Here is the post at October 13, 2021
TubeHunter Ultra v2.0

Why there is a post of this program with the older version on November 18, 2021
Tube Hunter Ultra v1.7

I think that it's not difficult to make advanced search on the main page!!! :-)

Posted By: Bully Date: 21 Nov 2021 23:06


"Why there is a post of this program ..."

Look at your own typed links.

"TubeHunter" and
"Tube Hunter" are not the same and will give different hits in all search engines doing phrase searches (needed when you have more as one word).

"I think that it's not difficult to make advanced search on the main page!!! :-)"

I think it should be no problem for our software publishers to write at least the program names correct in their publications.

Each day our mods already do around 500 searches for duplicate checks - shall they really do 1000 or 1500 to check all types of possibles errors a publisher might have made? In my view: No. I more worry why we still have so many refuses of duplicate postings each day, no matter that the FAQ clearly tells that the PUBLISHER should use the search engine BEFORE posting.

BTW, I removed the 2 color tags from your links.

Posted By: Bully Date: 21 Nov 2021 23:23

@ Svenny

There is no need for a split into different AvaxHomes :-)

When it comes to languages, we need to seperate between AvaxHome itself (the user GUI, menus and FAQ) and the content (publications).

The main reason for the poll was - as I already wrote many times - thoughts about adding ADDITIONAL GUI templates and ADDITIONAL FAQ languages to help users who have problems with the English language. This is NO switch! English will of course stay as default.

The largest part of AvaxHome are the publications created by our members. The member who creates a publication is fully free to add additional descriptions in additional languages. It's the publisher's decision if he does or does not. This is not new - during the last years we had many multi-language postings.

Where it makes sense, it is also fully OK if a publication is in only one language different as English. For example a publication of a Russian book can of course be described in Russian language only. Becasue: If you can't read the short Russian description, you for sure cannot read the full book in Russian language :-)

Posted By: Bully Date: 21 Nov 2021 23:56

@ amir28

"... i think that the reason is in the new server OR because of so many visitors!"

It is still the same network of servers since June 2007, when AvaxHome was fast as hell. But since June we have additional new ~50.000 members and additional new ~170.000 visitors to handle. This increased traffic doesn't fit to the current configuration. The easiest solution, just buying the next server and add it to the cluster, is currently NOT possible - we are glad if the monthly high costs for the traffic can somehow be financed. Kicking the new members out of AvaxHome is also not possible. So last chance is that our technical gang MIGHT find some tricks to increase performance, but this is not easy, as the software is already very high optimized for fast speed (under normal user traffic). So, for some more time we will have to live with the current problem, sorry.

About "Prmission denied": Please read the many comments I already wrote on this page and at AH Talks. This will not fully solve the problems, but after understanding "what happens why", you at least can decrease the problem a bit.

Posted By: heropuppet Date: 22 Nov 2021 00:18
Es una página bastante buena, son de las que visito frecuentemente, después de google, y eso que google es un buscador, el único defecto que encontré es que hay muchos programas que han sido borrados y siguen ahí, no se cuál sea su método para encontrar los downloads que ya no existen.
Posted By: whkz Date: 22 Nov 2021 07:02
Spanish [Español]
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 22 Nov 2021 07:11
@ fine:
but sphere is old: Creation date: 03 May 2022 17:26:59 and still Hetzner...

@ heropuppet:
AH no se puede encargar de checar si los posts están aun disponibles o ya borrados.
Eso es tarea de los usarios. Pon un commentario o mejor aun: manda un PM al Poster.
Si un re-post o un re-upload es posible, seguramente lo harian.
Tambien maltrata la funcion Search - muchas veces existen versiones mas recientes de programas ya borrados.
Posted By: Tear Date: 22 Nov 2021 10:44
Great site! Been coming here for years, especially for the classical music - it's the best! Only problem I find is that the search function could be improved - other than that - perfect!
Posted By: stargeizer Date: 22 Nov 2021 13:31
of course those dutch guys... rocks
they own the rapid-share gig
Posted By: FNB47 Date: 22 Nov 2021 13:53

fine, that all means... Fa should claim copyright fee from master-TDz :)

Posted By: stargeizer Date: 22 Nov 2021 13:59
germany rocks
Posted By: jaqline Date: 22 Nov 2021 17:56
Indonesia the best :)
Posted By: Feride Date: 22 Nov 2021 22:24
Tanzania rulazz :-)
Posted By: -=Pasha13=- Date: 23 Nov 2021 07:50
Western Europe strikes back - revenge for the European Song Contest :-))) "

Hmm, what do you mean? :)))

26% not real! I know you are Great Flashmober ;)
Posted By: Overdo'z Date: 23 Nov 2021 11:02
French !!
SENEGAL west africa !
Posted By: canadianbratboy Date: 24 Nov 2021 21:20
off topic but erotic photo sets section should be added .. not porn, but what softarchive has .from met-art and sites like that ..
Posted By: medhat_abo Date: 25 Nov 2021 03:35
بصراحة موقع ممتاز
واتمنى ان يكون افضل فى المستقبل
Posted By: innofidelity Date: 25 Nov 2021 14:37
Use Dedicated sever for fast ...........
Posted By: binky Date: 25 Nov 2021 15:27
I love this site - it's #1 for me. Thank you to all who have shared and helped to make this a success!

Two comments: I would like to see a forum where people can REQ something in particular like some audiobook or books of a particular type like building dioramas or beads, X-stitch and so on for women like my wife and daughters.

The other comment is directded to canadianbratboy: please no more porn, soft or 'erotic'. I think if people want this the know where to find it as you've so clearly illustrated. I feel like we're all suffocating in an overflowing toilet of porn, soft or 'erotic'.

I'd like to see this one site kept free of this crap, and if you're interested in those sets, some of the gfx sites also have 'em.

I'm no prude but I have had enough of looking at this crap to last me 20 lifetimes.
Posted By: amir28 Date: 25 Nov 2021 23:22


Permission Denied
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I have the same problem!

Don't worry about comments from other! It's normal!

Я уже не различаю файн без точки (fine - without dot) от файн с точкой (fine. - with dot) -:)

Peace be within thy walls!

Posted By: Fa Date: 20 Dec 2021 13:12
I hereby order that you cease & desist from using the term and all related terms containing the word(s):
I claim full copyright and control on these words and my copyright ownership claim can be verified on this very site as it is posted before the term was then 'stolen' and registered in some kind of underhanded 'domain-squatting exercise'.

You ought to be ashamed of yourselves!
.....OK then, I will accept €5.
I didn't even realise you had used it!!
So I can sort of have a little bit of a 'claim to fame' now on the net...?
It is indeed an honour!
(I will be like one of those old guys with stories of being 'the fifth Beatle' etc, I named Avax! I named Avax!...no one will listen, no one will believe..'
But I will know :)
Posted By: jonmall Date: 13 Aug 2021 16:26
You Avax guys are awesome---always were, always will be. Keep up the great work, and take the time it takes to do what you do best! Thanks again!
Posted By: khalidzaib Date: 17 Sep 2021 22:12
tell me Rapid share..GRABBER How to used...
how many Tool i Used to Download Data in my Pc..
MAntion the name & Step i Flowing..
Me Chack Here Ur ANSWER..
Posted By: EErbp Date: 03 Dec 2021 23:51
The page numbering structure that was in effect recently, until about a week ago, was changed such that we now can never know where we are or where we have been. The only method of location in your "index" is date and time of a item/page posting and that is not searchable as far as I know. Personally, I wish you would return the page numbering structure to that which you were using a week ago. That is, the most recently added stuff goes onto progressively higher page numbers. Great site!
Posted By: live_jnl Date: 26 Dec 2021 13:04
ma ke nafahmidim poll chie vali avax harf nadare :X:X:X:X:X:X
Posted By: Akismet Date: 05 Feb 2022 23:05
keep in english pls.
Posted By: ange Date: 07 Feb 2022 01:05
I can not imagine that there is some stupid Avax users that believe on the stupid adds "You won !".
It is particularly annoying when you are listening to some good music and your speakers just yell "Congratulations, You won!" or whatever other stupid pub sounds.
If you stop clicking on those phony adds, they will just disapear... well, I hope so.
Posted By: bitbull Date: 17 Feb 2022 17:56
Thanks for all your work and clear style.

greets to all out there
Posted By: ange Date: 12 Mar 2022 12:43
GREAT IMPROVEMENT : it would be incredibly more effective if the person who place a post (with links) would be automatically inform of a Comment made on his post. Specially useful for missing files or defective links. DailyMotion have that service...
Posted By: telebox123 Date: 15 Mar 2022 01:40
Can we please have a facility to report to admin things like Fake / Phishing links - like the idiot posting spoof RS sites with the .tk domain.

Certainly anyone who sees a phishing link can post a warning - but a quick way to notify admin would stop people having their accounts stolen.
Posted By: FULLMOON_1 Date: 22 Mar 2022 08:03
Hi, From Saudi Arabia (^_*)

Yeah, English or Arabic Please! lol :P

Nice website! موقع جميل جداً

Keep it up please!

Thanks! شكراً
Posted By: saad salah Date: 09 Apr 2022 10:44
it is a very interested website
please keep it
i need more books on critical discourse analysis and critical media analysis

i am very much interested in framing and perspectivising in discourse which is a book published in 2003 and coedited by ensik and sauer

most of the books published deal with scientific branches
i need to see other books that cover other domain of knowledge like media studies and critical discourse analysis
i hope that my suggestion will be taken into consideration

some links do not work at all like uploading and uploading box
please try to suggest free links like rapidshare, ifile, megaload
and filefactory
thanks saad salah

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