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Doug Sahm & the Sir Douglas Quintet -The Complete Mercury Recordings (2005)
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Doug Sahm & the Sir Douglas Quintet -The Complete Mercury Recordings (2005)
mp3 192kbps | 5 CD | 478 MB
Roots Rock, Tex-Mex, Country-Rock, Blues-Rock, Rock & Roll, Southern Rock

Doug Sahm is one of the great figures in 20th century American music, which isn't quite the same thing as saying he's one of the best-known musicians. As the frontman of the Sir Douglas Quintet, he had a Top 20 hit with the garage rock classic "She's About a Mover" in 1966 and a Top 30 single with "Mendocino" three years later, but after that he settled into a small but intensely devoted cult following. Not that there weren't attempts to break him on a wider scale -- after the Quintet broke up, Atlantic launched a publicity blitz for a pair of solo albums in 1973 -- but they never quite clicked, probably because Sahm's music, no matter how brilliant it was, never was popular music. It was a wild, wooly blend of rock & roll, soul, country, blues, and Tex-Mex, as informed by the sunny vibes of hippiedom as it was by the rowdy spirit of garage rock. Sahm created this sound with the Sir Douglas Quintet in the late '60s and over the next three decades he never strayed from it, but those records that the band released between 1968 and 1971 (plus 1973's rarities round-up Rough Edges) remained at the core of his legacy, and for good reason: not only did they illustrate the breadth and depth of Sahm's ambition, they're simply dynamic rock & roll, truly visionary American roots music. What separated the Sir Douglas Quintet from their blues-rock, country-rock and hippie contemporaries is that there wasn't a shred of pretention in their music. All the genre bending and unpredictable juxtapositions flowed naturally, performed with the muscle of a roadhouse blues band and the warm, welcoming vibe of San Franciscan rockers. Of all their peers, the Band were the closest touchstone, in terms of scope and achievement, but the Sir Douglas Quintet lacked that quintet's American gothic literary bent. They were simply a rock & roll band, out to have a good time and have others follow. As such, they never got quite as much critical respect in the traditional rock history books as they deserved, but the six LPs they released for Smash/Mercury constitute one of the strongest bodies of work for an American rock & roll band of the '60s.
The Complete Mercury Masters may be expensive but consider it an investment that will pay you back tenfold, since this is truly priceless and timeless music. -- AMG 5/5

DISK 1: (Honkey blues / Mendocino)

1. Are Inlaws Really Outlaws
2. Sell a Song
3. Song of Everything
4. Can You Dig My Vibrations
5. I’m Glad for Your Sake (But I’m Sorry for Mine)
6. Whole Lotta Peace of Mind
7. You Never Get Too Big and and You Sure Don’t Get Too Heavy, That You Do
8. Suzie Q
9. San Antonio Rose
10. Mendocino
11. I Don’t Want
12. I Wanna Be Your Mama Again
13. At the Crossroads
14. If You Really Want Me to I’ll Go
15. And It Didn’t Even Bring Me Down
16. Lawd, I’m Just a Country Bou in This Great Big Freaky City
17. She’s About a Mover
18. Texas Me
19. Oh, Baby, It Just Don’t Matter
20. Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day
21. Dynamite Woman
22. Too Many Dociled Minds

DISK 2: (Together after five / 1+1+1=4)

1. Nuevo Laredo
2. Dallas Alice
3. T-Bone Shuffle
4. I Don’t Want to Go Home
5. Medley: Son of Bill Baety
6. Backwood’s Girl
7. Revolutionary Ways
8. Seguin
9. If She’d Only Come to Me
10. Magic Illusion
11. Medley: One Too Many Mornings/Got to Sing a Happy Song
12. Yesterday Got in the Way
13. In the Dark
14. Don’t Bug Me! Pt. 1 - 2
15. Be Real
16. Pretty Flower
17. What About Tomorrow?
18. Catch the Man on the Rise
19. Tortilla Flats
20. A Nice Song
21. Monterey Sun
22. Sixty Minutes of Your Love
23. I Wanna Be Your Mama Again
24. I Don’t Want to Go Home

DISK 3: (The return of Doug Saldaña)

1. Texas Me [Country Version]
2. Preach What You Live, Live What You Preach
3. She’s Huggin’ You, But She’s Lookin’ at Me
4. Keep Your Soul
5. Papa Ain’t Salty
6. Stoned Faces Don’t Lie
7. Me and My Destiny
8. Wasted Days, Wasted Nights
9. The Railpak Dun Done in the del Monte
10. Oh Lord, Please Let It Rain in Texas
11. The Gypsy
12. Michoacan
13. Westside Blues Again

DISK 4: (Rough edges / Mexican EP / DS Productions)

1. Sir Doug’s Recording Trip
2. You’re Doin’ It Too Hard
3. The Homecoming
4. Soulful Woman
5. Too Many Dociled Minds
6. Southside Girls
7. Hello Amsterdam
8. Spearfish by Night
9. Colinda
10. Linda Lou
11. Dynamite Woman
12. Leaving Kansas City
13. At the Crossroads [Alternate Mix]
14. Texas Me [Alternate Mix]
15. Mendocino [Spanish Version]
16. Que Sera Mañana (What About Tomorrow) [Spanish Verison]
17. Nuevo Laredo [Spanish Verison]
18. La Luna Fue Culpable (And It Didn’t Even Bring Me Down) [Spanish Version]
19. Ain’t Goin’ Down Right
20. Lovin’ Man on Your Hands
21. Lovin’ Man on Your Hands
22. Reconsider Baby
23. Your Bag Is Bringing Me Down
24. Movin’ Out

DISK 5: (The Mono Singles)

1. Are Inlaws Really Outlaws
2. Sell a Song
3. Mendocino
4. I Wanna Be Your Mama
5. And It Didn’t Even Bring Me Down
6. Lawd, I’m Just a Country Bou in This Great Big Freaky City
7. Dynamite Woman
8. Too Many Dociled Minds
9. At the Crossroads
10. Texas Me
11. Nuevo Laredo
12. I Don’t Want to Go Home
13. Be Real
14. I Won’t Want to Go Home
15. What About Tomorrow
16. (I Found Love) A Nice Song
17. Catch the Man on the Rise
18. Pretty Flower
19. Me and My Destiny
20. Wasted Days, Wasted Nights
21. Michoacan
22. Westside Blues Again
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