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Saga - Contact-Live In Munich [2CD] (2009)
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Saga - Contact-Live In Munich {2CD} (2009)
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Progressive rock / Concert

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Saga is a progressive rock quintet, formed in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Bassist-keyboardist Jim Crichton and Welsh-born vocalist Michael Sadler have been the principal songwriters for Saga. Ian Crichton is the band's guitarist; apart from his work with Saga, he has recorded several solo albums as well as sessions with Asia. The band's keyboardist, Jim "Daryl" Gilmour, replaced Greg Chadd in 1980 (Chadd replaced original member Peter Rochon--who left the band to become a full-time music equipment company executive--after the first album).

After the 2003 Marathon tour, Steve Negus announced his retirement as Saga's original drummer. Christian Simpson, a Canadian-American, replaced Negus for 2004's Network album, until sidelined by a neurological condition that affected his drumming. In late 2005, former Helix member Brian Doerner became Saga's third drummer in as many years. Doerner suffered a heart attack in 2007 and was replaced by Chris Sutherland (of the Kim Mitchell Band) for the 10,000 Days Tour and Contact DVD. Lead singer Michael Sadler left Saga for family reasons at the end of the 2007 tour. Rob Moratti replaced Sadler in April 2008, after an Internet talent search, spanning Europe and both Americas, failed to yield a potential lead vocalist. Brian Doerner completed tracks for the band's 2009 release but will, once again, be replaced by Chris Sutherland due to health reasons.

Originally known as The Pockets, Saga formed in 1977 from the nucleus of Canadian rock band Fludd. In June 1978, they released their self-titled debut album. A modest success in Canada, it would eventually sell over 30,000 copies in Germany as an import. It also became a major seller in Puerto Rico, after a local stereo equipment store featured the guitar-keyboard duet of the band's single, "Humble Stance" as part of its radio advertisements. Their 1979 follow-up album Images at Twilight gave them their first charting single in Canada with the song "It's Time" peaking at #84 in the Canadian Charts. The album Silent Knight was released in 1980 and included the single "Don't Be Late".

In 1981, the band's 4th album Worlds Apart was released. The lead single "Wind Him Up", finally broke them into the Top 40, peaking at #22 on the Canadian Charts in January of 1982. A second single "On the Loose" also fared well, and in December of 1982, proved to be their breakthrough in America where it peaked at #26 on the Billboard Charts in March of 1983. "Wind Him Up" became the second single in America, peaking at #64 on Billboard the following month.

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CD 1
1. The Interview
2. That's As Far As I'll Go
3. You're Not Alone
4. I'm OK
5. Can't You See Me Now
6. Book Of Lies
7. The Perfectionist
8. Drum Solo
9. The Flyer
10. Mind Over Matter
11. The Security Of Illusion
12. Time's Up
13. Piano Solo
14. Scratching The Surface

CD 2
1. We've Been Here Before
2. On The Air
3. On The Loose
4. Careful Where You Step
5. 10,000 Days
6. Wind Him Up
7. Humble Stance
8. Don't Be Late
9. What's It Gonna Be?

  • Michael Sadler (vocals)
  • Jim Critchon (bass)
  • Ian Critchon (guitars)
  • Jim Gilmour (keyboards, vocals)
  • Brian Doerner (drums)

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Saga have had their share of lineup changes along the way; one of the most talked about came in late 2007, when longtime frontman Michael Sadler left the band (Rob Moratti was hired as a replacement the following year). Sadler had been Saga's lead singer from the beginning; he was around back when the Canadian prog rockers were still calling themselves Pockets (which was also the name of an Earth, Wind & Fire-ish soul-funk band that recorded three LPs for Columbia in the late '70s), and his departure came after no less than 30 years with the band. Documenting a 2007 show in Munich, Germany, Contact: Live in Munich was recorded/filmed during Sadler's final tour with Saga. InsideOut/SPV released Contact in three different formats: a two-DVD set, a two-CD set, and a limited-edition two-DVD/two-CD set. The Munich performances are heard in all three formats, although the two-CD version lacks some bonus tracks from an appearance in Mannheim, Germany. Saga's 2007 lineup -- Sadler, guitarist Ian Crichton, bassist Jim Crichton, keyboardist Jim Gilmour, and drummer Chris Sutherland -- is in good form during a concert that offers a lot of early favorites (including "Careful Where You Step," "Wind Him Up," "Scratching the Surface," "On the Loose," "Humble Stance," and "The Flyer"), but also contains some more recent material such as "Book of Lies" and "Can't You See Me Now" from 2007's 10,000 Days (which turned to be Sadler's final studio album with Saga). Contact: Live in Munich obviously isn't designed with the casual listener in mind; casual listeners would be better off sticking to collections of early Saga recordings. But longtime followers will find it to be an enjoyable document of Sadler's final tour with Saga.

by Alex Henderson
Score: 3,5 out of 5

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CD 2
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CD 1

CD 2

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