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The Who - Tommy ~ DVD-Audio ~ 24-bit 96kHz LPCM Stereo
Posted By : Guthead | Date : 02 Feb 2022 20:12:00 | Comments : 21

The Who - Tommy
Geffen DVD-Audio ~ 24-bit 96kHz LPCM Stereo Only (2004)
Remixed and Remastered with Pete Townshend
Flac Files | No Log/Cue (DVD Rip) | Complete HQ Scans | ~ 2.2 Gb | RS
Original 1968 | 75:00 min | 28-Page Booklet | Classic Rock

The full-blown rock opera about a deaf, dumb, and blind boy that launched the band to international superstardom, written almost entirely by Pete Townshend. Townshend's ability to construct a lengthy conceptual narrative brought new possibilities to rock music. On a properly equipped DVD machine (which is to say, DVD Audio-capable players), it offers Advanced Resolution 24-bit Surround Sound and Advanced Resolution 24-bit Stereo, which are extremely impressive through good speakers and bring out even more nuances in the playing and singing than the Deluxe Edition; Townshend's work always came out well, but here bassist John Entwistle is finally heard properly in the mix, and Moon's drumming now comes off as the best of his career to date and perhaps the best across a full album of his whole career -- Moon's drums serve the same role on Tommy that the orchestra would have, had the band had the time and money to engage an orchestra for this recording, and it's a wonder to behold in the hearing. All Music Guide Review

Note: For seamless song transition during computer playback, I highly recommend Foobar!


1 Overture
2 It's a Boy
3 1921
4 Amazing Journey
5 Sparks
6 Eyesight to the Blind (The Hawker)
7 Christmas
8 Cousin Kevin
9 The Acid Queen
10 Underture
11 Do You Think It's Alright?
12 Fiddle About
13 Pinball Wizard
14 There's a Doctor
15 Go to the Mirror!
16 Tommy Can You Hear Me?
17 Smash the Mirror
18 Sensation
19 Miracle Cure
20 Sally Simpson
21 I'm Free
22 Welcome
23 Tommy's Holiday Camp
24 We're Not Gonna Take It
25 See Me Feel Me/Listening to You

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Posted By: namrats417 Date: 02 Feb 2022 22:47:18
With so many fantastic posts it's impossible for me to say you've outdone yourself this time, but I'm inclined to!
Thanks a million!
Posted By: musicalbox Date: 02 Feb 2022 23:36:42
monumental post!

thanks as well, now I need to hear/decide which version on Avax sounds the best... I ruled out MFSL (sadly it can't compete with only 16/44.1 resolution)

but this LP from Dr. Robert sounds ok... and I'm sure there's no compression and stuff like that, which you can't be sure today with even DVDs!

so question is, if it was "mixed" with some (stupid) surround sound, and that sound is missing from this rip, do we miss something in stereo only rip?
Can't understand they mix these effects to music, Jon Anderson stated listnening to music in 5.1 is bullshit (or any other surround sound) and I wholeheartily agree!
Posted By: jorgeluiz Date: 03 Feb 2022 00:19:55
are seperateds tracks, is need to author...

why not an ISO from the DVD-A? (???)
doing that only need to burn the ISO!

i thanks in the same way. :-)
Posted By: thedude3092 Date: 03 Feb 2022 02:32:16
Just one quick question out of curiousity. I totally appreciate this post, but how did you rip it? Was it a program OR from analog outputs of DVDA player into the computer? I want to rip dvda's myself, but can never figure out how to crack the dvda files. Thanks
Posted By: Guthead Date: 03 Feb 2022 03:01:19
Most use DVDAExplorer available on this site here: http://avaxhome.ws/software/software_type/multimedia/Rippers/DVDAExplorer2008.07.21_and_HowToUse.html
Posted By: Hellenback Date: 03 Feb 2022 06:35:27
Thanks, I'll likely give it a whirl. Although I realize this is a 2 channel upload, I've heard nothing but great reviews of Tommy in surround, be it the SACD or the DVD-A. It is touted to be one of the best mastered surround discs!

@ musicalbox

Not sure which Jon Anderson you mean as Yes's JA seems to be releasing a fair bit of surround music. Got a link to the comment? Here's a copy/paste to one of his surround releases:

Posted By: musicalbox Date: 03 Feb 2022 08:49:17
@Hellenback: my bad, I meant Ion Anderson (from Jethro Tull)

the question is still open, when this album is recorded/stored as surround sound, when you rip it in stereo only do we miss something? Or is the surround sound mixed back to front channels?
Posted By: wersollsschonsein Date: 03 Feb 2022 09:11:52
Cheers from Ireland.
Posted By: Guthead Date: 03 Feb 2022 10:07:43
@musicalbox: this is the LPCM stereo stream, NOT a downmix from the 5.1. There is nothing missing.
Posted By: jorgeluiz Date: 03 Feb 2022 10:23:52
@ Guthead
i have a request if you excuse me and i know it's hard...
i wish that you don't feel bored but can you do a ISO from your DVD-A?
doing ISO, is only need to burn to get the 'real' DVD-A.
if is possible, big thanks...if don't, i thank you in the same way brother. :-)
cheers from someone that always apriciate yours uploads.
Posted By: Guthead Date: 03 Feb 2022 11:10:53
@jorgeluiz: there are many issues in doing the ISO; first, in the case of Tommy, it would be nearly 6Gb for only disc 1, but many users don't want the 5.1. So should I force those stereo only people to download 6 Gb to get 2 Gb of music? Or do I do an ISO AND a stereo making it 8 Gb? That is taking a big chunk of my monthly bandwidth allocation. I know after many postings that 5.1 is not as widely desired as 24-96 stereo, so I lean toward posting only the stereo stream to satisfy as many as possible and leave myself bandwidth to make a few modest offerings a month. I have upload issues as well, I can only upload to Rapidshare from work, not home...a major pain. So...while I appreciate your desire for a complete ISO...it's just not that practical at this time.
That being said...in your honour, if possible, I will upload this month, the complete ISO of Doobie Brothers - The Captain and Me DVD-A...a fantastic sounding DVD in surround. Best regards;
Posted By: musicalbox Date: 03 Feb 2022 11:26:18
@Guthead: many thanks for explanation.

As for 5.1, I assume it is DTS format (thus compressed) so you end up with inferior (aka worse) quality then LPCM stereo. Why would you want that?
Posted By: Guthead Date: 03 Feb 2022 11:36:16
No, you assume wrong; most DVD-A have two 5.1 streams: The Dolby Digital Advanced Resolution 5.1 (24/96kHz) found in the AUDIO_TS folder - this is usually compressed with a Surcode's MLP lossless codec to save space. Also there is usually (but not always) either a Dolby Digital lower resolution or it's competitor DTS 5.1 found in the VIDEO_TS folder with the graphics. This can be accessed with any DVD player. I'm personnally a fan of DTS 5.1 which is a different technology than Dolby Digital. I like the sound better as a rule despite the lower resolution ...there's more to life than resolution you know...:)..Regards;
Posted By: JustPlay Date: 03 Feb 2022 11:50:09
Thought most people prefer 5.1 include my self, some one who don't can always downsample to stereo.
For 5.1 lovers reverse is not possible!
I hope you upload in the future this possibility.
Thank you for your shares and hard work!
Posted By: jorgeluiz Date: 03 Feb 2022 11:50:47
@ Guthead
i understand your reasons and thank you so much in the same way. :-)
for me, no problems if you upload 100Gbs in 5.1 because who is doing is so important as the source and you are very cool uploader.
just upload and i download, i know that your jobs are done with care dear friend.
cheers! :-)
Posted By: Miltiades Date: 03 Feb 2022 11:51:30
Many, many thanks!
Posted By: SuperFuzz Date: 03 Feb 2022 23:49:01
ISO or individual stereo flacs: I would certainly vote for the stereo only 24/96 flacs over a 6GB ISO which would have things I don't need (surround mixes, DTS, etc). @justplay: downsampling to stereo would not be the same as hearing the original mix. Thanks Guthead!
Posted By: Guthead Date: 04 Feb 2022 00:06:01
I'm not so sure about the downsampling differences Superfuzz; the stereo downsampling information(algorithm)has to be encoded in the 5.1 mix or you can't downsample. DVDAExplorer will actually refuse and say "downsampling not possible" if it is not. That being said, I have no idea if it's as accurate as the native LPCM stream, I've never researched it. Do you know for sure? At any rate thanks for your kind words and backing me on the Stereo only premise. I'm a surround fanatic, but I don't see the need to force it on others.
Posted By: SuperFuzz Date: 04 Feb 2022 14:03:51
The only way to know for sure is to do listening tests, and I can't say I've done any, but I'm skeptical, especially of the low frequency info getting into the stereo mix properly. Anyway thanks again for your shares, Tommy sounds great!!
Posted By: pirulo1984 Date: 04 Feb 2022 18:46:02
The Who - Tommy ~ DVD-Audio ~ 24-bit 96kHz LPCM Stereo

I listen two glitches (pops when listening) on:

Tracks 08, 4'02''
Track 10, 3'05''

Anyway thanks a lot.
Posted By: Dr. Robert Date: 05 Feb 2022 04:36:12
Thanks for posting this. I look forward to comparing this with the vinyl reissue I have.
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