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Bruce Springsteen - Darkness On The Edge Of Town (1978) [VINYL] (Original US 1st Pressing)
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Bruce Springsteen - Darkness On The Edge Of Town (1978) - Columbia JC 35318
Classic Rock | Vinyl Rip | 863 MB (24bit/96Khz) 258 MB (16bit/44.1Khz) | FLAC | RS

First pressing cut on the TML-M master -- enjoy this all-time classic as it was meant to be heard!
Eruption - All Screwed Up (2009) [lossless]
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Eruption - All Screwed Up (2009) lossless

Eruption - All Screwed Up (2009) [lossless]
Hard Rock, Classic Rock | APE image + cue + log | artwork (incl. booklet) 300dpi | 330 MB
Label: Escape Music / EU

"Eruption" is the band formed in 2003 by viruoso guitarist Santi Rigolizio and singer Darren Grant. Above all this debut album deserves a rock fan's attention simply because the musicians choose to adopt/present a very popular style of 80s rock which has not been re explored much since that time. On this basis "All Screwed Up" completes a gap in the rock market and therefore should by all means satisfy fans of Van Halen, David Lee Roth and "Mr Big".
Leon Russell - Retrospective
Posted By : azor2010 | Date : 09 Mar 2022 21:34:12 | Comments : 0

Leon Russell - Retrospective
Rock | MP3 320 CBR | 94 MB | 1997

Retrospective is an 18-track collection that features the bulk of Leon Russell's greatest hits ("Tight Rope," "Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms," "Lady Blue," "Back to the Island"), plus many key album tracks. Since Russell was primarily an album artist, this approach doesn't necessarily do him justice, but for listeners who only want the hits, this will do. However, the double-disc Gimme Shelter: The Best of Leon Russell is a better, more thorough overview and is the one serious fans should acquire.
The Yardbirds - Little Games Session Tapes (2009)
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The Yardbirds - Little Games Session Tapes (2009)
2 CD | 320kbps mp3 | 312 MB | RS
Unofficial Release | Studio Outtakes | Superb Sound

Some see The Yardbirds' Little Games album in 1967 as marking the end of an era; the group started out as a blues outfit in 1963 and, along the way, featured guitar legends Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page in its lineup - and it's hard to beat that. But by Little Games, Clapton and Beck had already left and the group's earlier blues sound has turned somewhat into chiming, jangle pop. Even then, Keith Relf's harmonica and tracks such as Smile On Me and Drinking Muddy Water showed where the band came from. Well, these are legends here, or at least legends in the making. [Keith Relf and Jim McCarty went on to form Renaissance and no points for guessing which supergroup Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones (who sessioned here) were a part of.] The years have been kind to the album.

Roy Orbison - Greatest Hits (2003)
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Roy Orbison - Greatest Hits (2003)
DVD 5 | PAL | VOB | 90 min | All Regions | 4.4 GB
English | Dolby Digital Stereo | Dolby Digital 5.1 | DTS 5.1 | RAR 3% | FF,RS
Genre: Rock, Pop

For the first time ever, some of the all-time greatest performances from one of history's most unique artists are collected in one place on DVD. Roy Orbison may not have had the gyrating hips of Elvis to make the crowds go wild, by what he did posess was a voice so uncannily emotional and honest that his audience would sit in total silence, savoring every note and hanging on every word, While Roy's formidable songwritng skills could make virtually any singer sound good, when applied to his beautifully peculiar pipes, his creations simply soared. Featuring his timeless classics "Only the Lonely," "You Got It," "Crying," "Pretty Woman" and many more, this is Roy Orbison at his absolute finest. With special guest appearances by k.d. lang, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Jackson Browne, and many more!
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Rush - Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA (2022-01-11) [Lampinski AUD Master Recording]
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Rush - Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA (2022-01-11)

Rush - Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA (2022-01-11) [Lampinski AUD Master Recording]
2CDs | Flac (separate files) | No Cue, no Log | ffp | Full Artwork | 856 MB (5% Rec)
Master audience recording taped by Dan Lampinski.
Fleetwood Mac - Then Play On (Reprise 1969) 24-bit/96kHz Vinyl Rip.
Posted By : son-of-albion | Date : 08 Mar 2022 20:01:20 | Comments : 6

Fleetwood Mac - Then Play On (1969)
Vinyl rip @ 24/96 | FLAC | Artwork | 1166Mb inc. 5% recovery
Rapidshare | Rock, British Blues | Original UK Reprise pressing / RSLP 9000

Then Play On is the third studio album by blues-rock band Fleetwood Mac, first released in September 1969. It was the first of their original albums to feature Danny Kirwan and the last with Peter Green. The record, appearing after the group's sudden success in the pop charts, offered a broader stylistic range than the classic blues of the group's first two albums. This was the band's first release with Warner/Reprise after being lured away from Blue Horizon and a one-off with Immediate Records. The album, which at its original UK release had an unusually long running time, has been released with four different song lineups. The currently-available CD compiles all songs from the two US LP versions, both of which omitted tracks from the original UK version. Wikipedia
MINK DEVILLE Sportin' Life (1985)
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MINK DEVILLE Sportin' Life (1985)
Individual tracks APE: (206 Mb) | Individual tracks MP3: 320 CBRkbps/44,1kHz/Stereo (57,2 Mb)
FULL COVERS (included)
Genre: Rock - Styles: Blues, Rock | Released: 1985 | RAR 5% Rec. | RS.com

By 1985, Mink DeVille had long run its course as any sort of collaborative band and was merely a convenient name for a loose amalgam of musicians hired as either studio or touring outfits to back vocalist and songwriter Willy DeVille.[~ Thom Jurek , All Music Guide]
Led Zeppelin - BBC Sessions (2CD, 1997) RE-UPLOAD
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Led Zeppelin - BBC Sessions (2CD)
WV-IMG+CUE+LOGs+Covers | 153:07 min | 1 GB
Jimi Hendrix - Valleys Of Neptune (2010)
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Jimi Hendrix - Valleys Of Neptune

Jimi Hendrix - Valleys Of Neptune (2010)
1 CD | EAC Rip | Flac, tracks + .cue | 396 Mb
Front Cover | Rock | SONY LEGACY
The Guess Who - The Ultimate Collection
Posted By : azor2010 | Date : 07 Mar 2022 20:16:26 | Comments : 1

The Guess Who - The Ultimate Collection
Rock | MP3 320 CBR | 251 MB | 1997

A seemingly well-assembled package that fails to go quite as far as it should, sticking closely to the charted material and rarely delving into the vaults for interesting oddities — three rehearsal takes are tacked onto the end of the third disc in the set, providing little of interest to collectors or to the curious. The booklet does a workmanlike job of tracking the progress of the band, but there are few insights to be found in the difficult-to-read text. The set is built around the A and B sides of singles, with album cuts salted in between. This is effective in charting the band's progression from melodic popsters to hard rockers and back to the pop-inflected music that closed out their career. The highlights are scattered throughout — "American Woman," of course; "Rain Dance," with its unnerving echoes of American massacres, the funky, improvised live "Truckin' Off Across the Sky," even the goofy "Clap for the Wolfman," which came when the Guess Who were all but finished. The Ultimate Collection works well as an introduction to the Guess Who, but will not gratify anyone with more than a basic need to know. On a sonic level, the set sounds good, however.
Eric Clapton: 461 Ocean Boulevard HDS 20 Bit DTS CD (1974)
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Eric Clapton: 461 Ocean Boulevard (1974)
DTS CD (dts wavs) | 44/20 5.1 DTS | 3 x 99 MB + 1 X 66,7 MB| RS | 3% recovery
Genre: Pop/Rock, Classic Rock | Label: DTS Entertainment

461 Ocean Boulevard is Eric Clapton's second studio solo album, arriving after his side project of Derek and the Dominos and a long struggle with heroin addiction. Although there are some new reggae influences, the album doesn't sound all that different from the rock, pop, blues, country, and R&B amalgam of Eric Clapton. However, 461 Ocean Boulevard is a tighter, more focused outing that enables Clapton to stretch out instrumentally.
The Beautiful South- Carry On Up The Charts
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The Beautiful South- Carry On Up The Charts
MP3 320 CBR LAME | (No artwork included) | 115 Mb RAR
Indie,Pop, Songwriter, Rock

Carry On up the Charts: The Best of the Beautiful South is the Beautiful South's fifth album and first greatest hits collection. It spent a total of 8 weeks at UK album charts number 1 over the winter of 1994. The album itself was released in November 1994 and includes all of the single releases from The South's first five years in the order of their release. Its title is a reference to Carry On films such as Carry On up the Khyber.
The Who- Direct Hits CD 2007 Japanese Release
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The Who- Direct Hits CD [2007 Japanese Release]
FLAC (Seperate Files) | (No artwork included) | 155 Mb RAR
Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Mod, Psychedelic

Although the album itself is pretty much redundant, this CD, for this is just a facsimile of the UK 1968 release. All songs herein are available elsewhere on CD, in better sound...with one vital exception! For this is the only legitimate CD to contain the 1967 original single mono mix of "I can see for miles" featuring an overdubbed bass guitar not present on the stereo or mono album mix! Also here is the pure mono mix of "Call me lightning", which sounds far better than the terrible fake stereo mix on "the ultimate collection"
Chicago II DTS CD (1970)
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Chicago II (1970)
DTS CD (cue + wav) | 44/24 5.1 DTS | 6 x 99 MB + 1 X 54,9 MB | RS | 3% recovery
Genre: Pop/Rock, Jazz/Rock | Label: Rhino | Source: Retail DVD-A

The Chicago Transit Authority recorded this double-barreled follow-up to their eponymously titled 1969 debut effort. The contents of Chicago II (1970) underscore the solid foundation of complex jazz changes with heavy electric rock & roll that the band so brazenly forged on the first set. The septet also continued its ability to blend the seemingly divergent musical styles into some of the best and most effective pop music of the era.