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Rush - Signals (1982) Japanese Mini-LP (WPCR-13480) SHM-CD
Posted By : bloodybael | Date : 25 Jul 2022 04:38 | Comments : 2

Rush - Signals (1982) Japanese Cardboard Sleeve Mini-LP (WPCR-13480) SHM-CD
Rock | Easy CD-DA Pro from My Discs | WAV+M3U+art | CUE Created by Easy CD-DA Pro | 452 MB | NO LOGFILE | [email protected]+art | 116 MB
Anthem/Atlantic/Warner Brothers Japan WPCR-13480

Very much a transitional album, from what came before to what was to come. Still, the album is full of gems, such as "Subdivisions", which spoke to a couple of generations of suburban kids, the hit "New World Man", and the wonderful "Countdown". Part of a limited release.

I did a song-by-song comparison of these SHM-CD's to the MFSL (Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs) copies, and these SHM-CD copies are better, clearer, with a deeper, fuller beat.


01 Subdivisions
02 The Analog Kid
03 Chemistry
04 Digital Man
05 The Weapon
06 New World Man
07 Losing It
08 Countdown

Posted By: chashka66 Date: 27 Jul 2022 05:49
Easy CD-DA ?????
Posted By: bloodybael Date: 27 Jul 2022 14:52
Easy CD-DA Extractor Pro is a program much like Exact Audio Copy (EAC), except it does not produce logfiles. It can be used to rip directly from CD's (in any format except shn), rip new files from downloaded files (again, in any format except shn), and create CD's and DVD's. Except for the logfile issue, I feel it is superior to EAC in almost every way. The moderators do not, hence the "warning".


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