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Rush - Permanent Waves (1980) Japanese Mini-LP (WPCR-13478) SHM-CD
Posted By : bloodybael | Date : 25 Jul 2022 03:57 | Comments : 4

Rush - Permanent Waves (1980) Japanese Cardboard Sleeve Mini-LP (WPCR-13478) SHM-CD
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Anthem/Atlantic/Warner Brothers Japan WPCR-13478

Rush seems to go in phases, albums that can be grouped together. The first three albums, the second three albums, and the next four, "Permanent Waves", "Moving Pictures", "Signals" and "Grace Under Pressure". Some say this album is where Rush sold out, but that seems to be the fate of every band who has commercial success. Rush never let it go to their heads. With songs such as "The Spirit of Radio", "Freewill", and the inexorably building "Jacob's Ladder", this is surely one of Rush's best albums, with both a bow to the past and an inkling of the future. Part of a limited release.


01 The Spirit of Radio
02 Freewill
03 Jacob's Ladder
04 Entre Nous
05 Different Strings
06 Natural Science


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Posted By: littlejoe Date: 26 Jul 2022 01:47
You da man bloodybael - great share. Many thanks!!!!!!!
Posted By: just-a-newb Date: 26 Jul 2022 02:45
What happened to the other Rush albums you posted - I was going to download them and they disappeared.
Posted By: artmusiclover Date: 26 Jul 2022 04:29
Posted By: Goodspeed Date: 26 Jul 2022 12:55
Many thanks for all three Rush records, bloodybael.
Since when has it become a topic as to whether a poster owns a CD he/she has posted or not? Those ungrateful leechers should be glad they get the music for free in the highest quality available!

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