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Patto-Roll 'em Smoke 'em, Put another line out (1972)
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Genre: Classic Rock, Prog Rock | Source: CD | Label: Island

Welcome to one of the most exciting yet underrated bands of the early 1970s.
Ollie Hallsall is a guitar genius. ALthough a multi instrumentalist, his fluid guitar work , which plays "saxophone solos" instead of your clich├ęd guitar licks will blow you away. In this one Ollie, the Pisces that he was, plays mostly piano...
But the solo in the 1st Punk song ever "Loud Green Song", is worth the price...

In this one , they let their hair down. It shows them more like they REALLY were onstage: a bunch of "Looners"

1 Flat Footed Woman (8:05)
Written-By - Patto* , Halsall*
2 Singing The Blues On Reds (4:56)
Written-By - Patto* , Halsall*
3 Mummy (2:18)
Vocals [Dialogue] - John Halsey
Written-By - Halsey*
4 Loud Green Song (3:52)
Written-By - Patto* , Halsall*
5 Turn Turtle (6:07)
Written-By - Patto* , Halsall*
6 I Got Rhythm (4:47)
Electric Piano - Mike Patto (2)
Written-By - Patto*
7 Peter Abraham (6:20)
Piano - Mike Patto (2)
Vocals - Ollie Halsall
Written-By - Halsall*
8 Cap'n 'P' And The Attos (Sea Biscuits Parts 1 & 2) (5:42)
Vocals [Recitation] - John Halsey
Written-By - Halsey* , Halsall*

Credits: Bass - Clive Griffiths
Drums, Percussion - John Halsey
Engineer - Richard Digby Smith , Tony Platt
Guitar, Keyboards - Ollie Halsall
Other [Liner Notes] - Val Jennings
Producer - Muff Winwood , Pattos, The*
Vocals - Mike Patto (2)
Written-By - Halsey* (tracks: 3, 8) , Patto* (tracks: 1, 2, 4 to 6) , Halsall* (tracks: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8)
Notes: Recorded at Island Studios, London.
Original LP released in 1972

following text from;

Patto's third album was released on Island Records. Compared to the first two albums, "Roll 'em Smoke 'em..." is much looser. On stage, the band was known for its humorous antics, usually referred to as "looning", which you will read more about as you browse through this web site. The band wanted to have fun with the album and have it reflect more of their humor. The album starts off with the bizarre introduction to "Flat Footed Woman" to let you know straight away that this is going to be a different type of album from the band. The looning is to the fore in John's stage favorite "Mummy", about a "grown-up subject," and the twisted sea-chanteys in "Cap'n 'P' And The Atto's".

Another significant change from their earlier albums is Ollie opting to play a lot more keyboards -- he plays guitar on less than half of the album. This probably didn't please the guitar fans much, but Ollie does play some of his most outrageous guitar ever on "Loud Green Song". In fact, Nick Saloman (aka Bevis Frond) ranks the solos in the song as his favorite of all time! Ollie does plays some fine keyboards on the album, though. The album is more enjoyable once you get past the less prominent role of Ollie's guitar.

The production on "Roll 'em Smoke 'em" was their most adventurous to date. The rhythm section sounds great on this record. The band experimented more with effects (reverb, echo) on many tracks. Ollie's keyboards really fill out the sound along with the backing vocals on "Flat Footed Woman" and "Turn Turtle". There's an interesting guitar and electric piano blend on "I Got Rhythm". The middle section of "Singing The Blues On Reds" has beautiful, chiming double-track clean guitars that are complimented by Les Paul-esque runs achieved by recording with the tape slowed down.

Interviews from the period show that the band was quite proud of the album. However, this seems to be Patto's least popular album among fans. With the looser approach, the looning, fewer "serious" songs, and less of Ollie's brilliant guitar work, that isn't a big surprise. It is very different from their previous offerings.

These are brought to you in lossy format because their sound does not lend itself to Hi Res and the source is not he optimal; it IS OOP but they can be gotten-but the artist don't make money on them anymore...



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