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Carlos Castaneda's Tensegrity Second Gate of Dreaming: Dreaming Together
MP3 44100 Hz 320 kb/s | 1:36 hours | 225 MB
Genre: Exercise Music

The goal of these movements is to aid the practitioner in silencing the inner monologue, move energy from the periphery to the center of the energy body, and create an overall sense of well-being.

According to the shamans of don Juan Matus's lineage, the second gate of dreaming was the name given to the possibility of sentient beings to move from dream to dream to dream. For those shamans, this was a shared endeavor, practiced ardently in the first attention, or the realm of everyday life -- signaling the opportunity to expand one's attention beyond the scope of one's individual dream into dreaming with others. Don Juan's students said this shift in emphasis from Me to We forms the basis of a community, in which a perceptual shift in one member of the community can initiate a shift in the whole community. Shamans consider this adaptability to be innate in human beings, as it is among other living communities, such as the solar system, groves of trees, bands of coyotes, groups of lizards, migrating birds, and industrious insects.

Our first CD entitled First Gate of Dreaming is geared toward grooming one's individual dreaming attention; this second CD set celebrates bringing that honed attention to share with a group.

CD I continues the building of the dreaming attention --an assembly of songs which helps individuals or groups access different flavors of shifting perception; CD II contains music, sounds, and songs to accompany the magical passes of Tensegrity -dreamt movements of being, body and breath- practiced alone, in pairs or in groups, to facilitate dreaming together: the practice of entering veritable worlds with others.

01. amo em silencio-3.15
02. the owls lullabe-3.05
03. mrii-4.24
04. ku u home-4.40
05. song of unbending intent - 6.38
06. yours 3.51
07. here comes the sun -4.00
08. canto della terra-3.24
09. coyote-3.03
10. ancestry
11. desperado-2.39
12. improvisations on guitar and mandolin 3.49
13. hora inmensa
01. warriors stance form-3.08
02. asknowledging the predators eye form -part I-II and III - 5.57
03. mood of the warrior form
04. sun form-5.38
05. coyote form-3.03
06. lizard form-7.57
07. tapping our essence (the pole form) 1.40
08. moon form new moon-4.50
09. moon form - first qurter moon 2.30
10. moon form- full moon-2.20
11. moon form last quarter moon-2.20
12. beings in dreaming form-2.43
13. winged deing form-4.18

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