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Kasey Chambers - Little Bird (Deluxe Edition) 2CD (2010)
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Kasey Chambers has announced the forthcoming release of her first solo album in four years. The album, titled ‘Little Bird’ will be released through Liberation Music on September 17, 2010.

‘Little Bird’ follows the 2008 release of the #1 Platinum selling, ARIA Award winning ‘Rattlin’ Bones’, which Kasey recorded with husband Shane Nicholson and the 2009 family book and album project ‘Kasey Chambers, Poppa Bill and The Little Hillbillies.’

‘Little Bird’ was co-produced by Kasey and her album band "The Millionaires" (Jim Moginie, Jeff McCormack, Shane Nicholson, John Watson, Bill Chambers and Nash Chambers) and recorded at Nash’s Foggy Mountain Studio.

"I think it is the most fun I have ever had making an album and the result is something I am so proud of. I have written every song on the album and styles cross from country, folk, pop and everything in between! This record reminds me of the same feeling that 'The Captain' and 'Barricades' gave me. It's all about songs, home grown sounds and a feeling that sails throughout the entire album," Kasey said.

"I have never been quite as inspired to write as I was a few months ago and that is why this album has crept up on me so quickly. In February I had one song that I had written last year but was not thinking at all about writing more, then all of a sudden songs just started flowing out of me. Within 12 days I had 14 songs and they just kept coming. I wasn't even sure where they came from. I was writing in and around my daily life (which I used to find difficult) - cooking dinner, making school lunches, doing gigs, swimming lessons, feeding children, writing lyrics, humming melodies."

01. Someone Like Me 04:09
02. Beautiful Mess 03:14
03. Devil On Your Back 03:23
04. Little Bird 03:30
05. Georgia Brown 01:45
06. Somewhere 03:47
07. This Story 03:43
08. Love Like A Hurricane 03:10
09. Down Here On Earth 03:15
10. Nullarbor, The Biggest Backyard 02:24
11. Bring Back My Heart 02:56
12. Invisible Girl 03:19
13. Train Wreck 05:56
14. The Stupid Things I Do 02:00

01. Millionaires 02:53
02. Old School 02:39
03. Hold On 03:43
04. Talks About “Someone Like Me” 01:10
05. Talks About “Beautiful Mess” 01:05
06. Talks About “Devil On Your Back” 01:01
07. Talks About “Little Bird” 01:44
08. Talks About “Georgia Brown” 01:09
09. Talks About “Somewhere” 01:52
10. Talks About “This Story” 01:04
11. Talks About “Love Like A Hurricane” 01:58
12. Talks About “Down Here On Earth” 01:04
13. Talks About “Nullarbor, The Biggest Backyard” 02:02
14. Talks About “Bring Back My Heart” 01:41
15. Talks About “Invisible Girl” 01:00
16. Talks About “Train Wreck” 00:51
17. Talks About “The Stupid Things I Do” 01:15

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