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Mahavishnu Orchestra-Between Nothingness and Eternity Quadraphonic DVD-A 96/24 + DTS CD 44/16
Posted By : empanadilla | Date : 02 Dec 2021 07:08:50 | Comments : 5

Mahavishnu Orchestra-Between Nothingness and Eternity QUADRAPHONIC MIX DVD-A only + DTS CD (1973)
DVD-A Only ISO + DTS CD (Image + Front & Back Covers) | 96/24 4.0 LPCM | DTS: 44.1/16
ISO 13 x 190,7 MB + 119 MB | DTS CD: 2 x 200MB + 127 KB
Genre: Jazz Fusion | Label: Columbia CQ-32766 | Source: SQ LP

Between Nothingness and Eternity is the first live album and last with the original line-up, released in 1973. It was recorded live at the Schaefer Music Festival, held in Central Park, New York on Aug 17 and 18, 1973. It features the material from the then unreleased album which surfaced in 1999, as "The Lost Trident Sessions".
For being a NYC audience they behaved quite well, not being very noisy or rowdy. The Music here is Mahavishnu at its best.

Track listing
1."Trilogy: Sunlit Path/La Mere de la Mer/Tomorrow's Story Not the Same" - (John McLaughlin )– 12:01
2."Sister Andrea" - (Jan Hammer) – 8:22
3."Dream" - (John McLaughlin) – 21:24

Brought to you in Hi Resolution DVD-Audio (ONLY-no Dolby or DTS DVD);
and for those without DVD-A players, a DTS CD 44.1/16 version.

Transfer by kap'n krunch (sez- a LOT of work goes into these conversions since all the clicks however big or small are removed MANUALLY)

Uploaded by Empanadilla

available via rapidshare.com

rar archive password: mojave


Modern Surround 5.1 to Quad info:
These 1970's Quad mixes were made for only four "Full Range" speakers, which differ from most today's systems consisting of 5 small/medium satellites and a subwoofer. If your system is like this , do not worry , since the bass management will make the low frequency information go to the subwoofer, (provided that you have it set up correctly!!!).

Tip: Most modern receivers have basic dts decoding Which is what you need to enjoy this CD, especially and crucially, if you have a surround setup.



This will NOT play in a normal cd player-if you do, you can damage the speakers with the static that it will play-you have been warned!!!
You can burn this to a CD like a normal audio CD but you need 4 speakers to enjoy it.


The DVD-Audio Program included here is a High Resolution 96KHz/24bit 4.0 Quad Multichannel DVD-A only, and it will ONLY play on a DVD-A player, NOT on normal DVD-Video player!
Do not download this if you do not have a DVDA player because you will end up with a shiny plastic coaster!
Tech talk:

TT: Technics SL-QL2 Linear Tracking
Stylus: Ortofon OMP20
Preamp: Akiyama MX-1
Card; MOTU 828 mk II
Rec : Logic Pro
Decode and Post: : Declicked manually in Adobe Audition 2.0,
izotope ozone and Apogee UV-22HD

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please join the surround sound music sharing discussion group:


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It's the right thing to do.
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Posted By: staygroovy Date: 02 Dec 2021 15:57:11
Nice one! Will be checking it out today...
Thanks for sharing this!
Posted By: 1541-II Date: 02 Dec 2021 17:36:30
So this is home made vinyl rip right? I was just curious because of that "Quadraphonic DVD-A 96/24" description. But if it's not studio master I will not bother. Still I would have to transfer this into FLAC somehow and I have no clue how to do that...
Posted By: lokkerman Date: 02 Dec 2021 20:43:56
1541-11 == Make your comments to the Surroundsound group http://groups.google.com/group/SurroundSound and one of us, including me will help you out
It may not be a master but it's as good as it gets... :-)
Posted By: empanadilla Date: 03 Dec 2021 05:49:35
Lokkerman. great to see you here!
Well , unless someone finds the 4 track with the QUad mix(hell, even the 2 track SQ encoded one would suffice...) this is the best thing that you'll be able to get your hands on.
Separation is almost 99% precise and had much better fidelity than Q8s...
ENJOY and , I'll appreciate thanks!!!
Posted By: BlackwatchPlaid Date: 04 Dec 2021 04:15:31
Still I would have to transfer this into FLAC somehow and I have no clue how to do that...

1. Download DVDA Explorer





2. Unpack the program folder on your hard drive.
3. Download the latest official FLAC package at SourceForge. Put flac.exe in the bin folder next to DVDAExplorer.exe.
4. Pop the DVD-A in your DVD drive. Or mount the ISO file/have the AUDIO_TS folder ready.
5. Click "Open" or type Ctrl+O. Point to the AUDIO_TS folder on the disc, mounted ISO, or hard drive that you wish to rip from. Select any of the IFO files in the AUDIO_TS folder and click Open.
6. The disc is now "opened" and you can see all the tracks on the left, and detailed information on the right when you select a track. Much useful information can be found here. For full details about what the information means, refer to the official user manual which is included in the beta 3 release.
7. Now you have to select the tracks to rip. This is where you have to be careful. The DVD-A format allows for some advanced features and playback options, and can sometimes be more complex than a CD's simple TOC. While it may be clearly-laid out in the playback menu on the screen, the way the tracks are actually structured on the disc may be more complex. You will have to look for patterns and figure out which are the album tracks to extract. Use the album cover to help, and I also recommend to listen through the extracted FLACs to make sure you only rip the actual album tracks.
8. Sometimes at the end of title groups, there will be 1-second "dummy tracks" which contain silence. This is very common. Other forms of non-album tracks such as 30-second "preview" tracks are also common on some discs, like Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. These tracks may also be of a lower resolution than the album tracks. However, some discs will be very clearly laid out, just like a CD, with a simple group of multichannel tracks, and then the stereo tracks.
9. Once you have selected the tracks you want to rip, click on "Extract" or press Ctrl+E
10. We now come to the extraction options window. First, select your output directory by finding the folder you want and clicking "save".
11. Next, select Convert to wave, Merge groups, and Run program. In the Run program box, put the following text in there: flac -f %filepath%
12. N.B. IF there is both stereo and multichannel on the disc, but DVDAExplorer only shows the multichannel, it means the disc makes use of a special feature called "SMART" (System Managed Audio Resource Technique) which is a way of packing the stereo and multichannel into the same stream. You can confirm this by seeing that the "Substreams" value in the right-hand pane is "2" instead of the normal "1". In such cases, tick get stereo downmix when you want to extract the stereo instead of the multichannel.
13. If you ever get any strange errors with encryption, tick the Ignore Stream Encryption option.
14. Lastly, click delete files.
15. Click the Extract button at the bottom. The process will start and you will see the progress at the bottom of the window. In the destination folder, you will see the tracks gradually be extracted to wav and be converted to FLAC, with each WAV track being deleted once converted to FLAC by flac.exe.

For more help and full explanation of all the features in DVDAExplorer, read the user manual:


This will rip the DVDA to 24/96 FLAC files.

Big thanks to HiREsOrNothing for the handy tutorial.

Thank you very much for the Mahavishnu.

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