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Silhouette Brown - Two (2010)
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Silhouette Brown - Two (2010)
Mp3 V0 ~275 Kbps | CD | 60.9 MB
Genre: Broken Beat, Downtempo, Nu Jazz | 37:50 min | Label: 2000black | 10 tracks

2000black was founded in 1997 by mr dego ranks.a place where genre defying grooves were welcomed and football addicts could converse and analyse the weekends results. With early contributions from titonton,domu,seiji and pariss clemons (r.i.p) the mood was set and the progressive path taken. then came The Good Good compilations to showcase London boogie and Euro jazz U.S funk and Nippon grooves it was welcomed by those that heard but unfortunately ignored by more!! Amongst all this we co-founded co-op but alas departed in 2004. moving on to drop nutmegs step overs and reverse passes & joins forces with bugz in the attics Daz-I-Kue and Kaidi Tatham to deliver DKD long player future rage but alas yet another shot was fired and open goal chance missed. In 2004 with total football in their minds 2000black develops Silhouette Brown more subtle and instead of the previous long ball game a more patient possession play was seen with promising results. You can check out our highlights showing great goal mouth action displays of skill and tactical prowessc.on various productions such as the good good comps, dkd, silhouette brown, patricia marx, ivana santilli, 4hero, tek-9, dego& kaidi, bembe segue plus many more.


01. Bitter Pills & Butterflies
02. Casualties of Honey
03. Constant Questions
04. Fools Gold
05. Get With It (feat. Sadat X)
06. Hear Them Often Say
07. Interlude
08. Leave A Note
09. Strawberries In Vinegar
10. We Used To Run Steady

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