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Hillsong United - Tear Down the Walls (2009)
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Hillsong United - Tear Down the Walls (2009)

Hillsong United - Tear Down the Walls (2009)
Released: US May 26, 2022 | English | 12 Tracks | Mp3 @ 128kbps | 65.49 Mb
Genre: Religious, Gospel
Producer: Andrew Crawford,Joel Houston, Michael Guy Chislett

Across the Earth (stylized as a_CROSS//the_EARTH) is the name for the current Hillsong United project, including Part A, a live album and DVD from Hillsong United recorded at Encounterfest '08, and Part B, an EP. Part one of the two-part album, titled Tear Down the Walls, was released in Australia on Saturday, 9 May 2022 and debuted at #1 on the iTunes Top Albums chart, as well as at #1 on the 'Inspirational' genre Top Albums. Singles from the album debuted to 9 of the top 10 spots on the iTunes Top Singles chart for the 'Inspirational' genre. On May 28, 2009, it became the first ever worship album to hit #1 on the US iTunes Top Albums chart. The second part of Part A, a DVD titled This Means Love, is expected to be released in April 2010. The Hillsong United website suggests that its color theme may be red and green in contrast to Tear Down the Walls' blue and yellow color theme.
Track Listing
01. "Freedom Is Here" (Reuben Morgan & Scott Ligertwood) Worship leader: Jad Gillies - 5:40
02. "No Reason to Hide" (Matt Crocker & Joel Houston) Worship leader: Joel Houston - 4:43
03. "More Than Anything" (Joel Davies & Braden Lang) Worship leader: Dave Ware - 3:54
04. "King of All Days" (Dylan Thomas) Worship leader: Dylan Thomas and Annie Garratt - 6:19
05. "Desert Song" (Brooke Ligertwood) Worship leader: Brooke Ligertwood - 4:41
06. "Oh You Bring" (Matt Crocker) Worship leader: Matt Crocker - 7:03
07. "Tear Down the Walls" (Joel Houston & Matt Crocker) Worship leader: Joel Houston - 10:24
08. "Soon" (Brooke Ligertwood and Reuben Morgan) Worship leader: Brooke Ligertwood - 5:48
09. "You Hold Me Now" (Reuben Morgan & Matt Crocker) Worship leader: Matt Crocker - 8:28
10. "Arms Open Wide" (Sam Knock) Worship leader:Sam Knock - 6:19
11. "Your Name High" (Joel Houston) Worship leader: Jonathon Douglass - 5:05
12. "Yours Forever" (Joel Davies & Braden Lang) Worship leader: Joel Davies - 3:40

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