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Derek & The Dominos - The Layla Sessions 20th Anniversary Edition 1990
FLAC (seperate files) Art | 1.21 GB 3 CD | Source - My House

I don't think, in the history of recorded music, that the moon and tides have ever been so right for a great album. Clapton was broken hearted, at the top of his game, his band was fantastic with two all-worlders on board (Allman and Gordon), two top sidemen (Radle and Whitlock), and he was ready to work. If you like blues-based rock and roll, with virtuoso guitars on prominent display, this is the holy grail.

The result is a double album that probably features the best pair of guitarists to ever grace an album. And do they grace it. After the third song, Duane Allman joined the ensemble for "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out", and he and Clapton proceede to tear the house down. I mean, if you want top notch, legendary guitar heroes trading licks, pushing the other to the limit, in all types of songs (not only da Blues is featured), then this is the top album of all time. Jim Gordon is just fantastic, and Radle is about as solid a bottom as it gets. Whitlock sings lead fairly often, keeping his keyboards in the background.

The original mix, as released on the double record set, was kind of "muddy". One had to put the treble all the way up to get a proper sound. The first CD release had the same problem. The mix on this version fixes some of that, thankfully. But, the new mix also brings out so much more. The rhythm and second guitars are much more up-front, allowing the. er to hear things the other mixes never allowed us to hear. Clapton and Allman's guitar fills are just mesmerizing, and there are a lot more guitar tracks on some songs than the original mixes ever let us hear.

The folks who think Allman out-played Clapton on the album need to give a listen to one of the alternate takes of "Have You Ever Loved a Woman" available on this "Layla Sessions" CD. Clapton plays a solo that defies description, notes flowing at a pace that makes a joke of his nickname. Hendrix at Woodstock in the "Woodstock Improvisations" may match it, but I've never heard anything better. It is absolutely blistering. It is a tie ball-game if I've ever heard one, two truly great musicians pushing and matching each other all the way through.

Eric Clapton - electric & acoustic guitars, vocals
Jim Gordon - drums, piano, percussion
Duane Allman - electric & acoustic guitars, slide guitars
Carl Radle - bass, percussion
Bobby Whitlock - organ, piano, acoustic guitar, vocals
Gregg Allman
Butch Trucks
Dickey Betts
Berry Oakley
Albhy Galuten

Disc 1 - Layla
1. I Looked Away 3:03
2. Bell Bottom Blues 5:00
3. Keep on Growing 6:20
4. Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out 5:00
5. I Am Yours 3:34
6. Anyday 6:33
7. Key to the Highway 9:41
8. Tell the Truth 6:37
9. Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad? 4:43
10. Have You Ever Loved a Woman 6:54
11. Little Wing 5:34
12. It's Too Late 3:48
13. Layla 7:05
14. Thorn Tree in the Garden 2:52

Disc 2 - Jams
1. Jam I 19:59
2. Jam II 12:24
3. Jam III 13:22
4. Jam IV 12:21
5. Jam V 18:24

Disc 3 - Raraties Outtakes
1. Have You Ever Loved a Woman alternate Master #1 5:54
2. Have You Ever Loved a Woman alternate Master #2 4:59
3. Tell the Truth jam #1 9:38
4. Tell the Truth jam #2 13:47
5. Mean Old World Rehearsal 14:55
6. Mean Old World Band Version, Master Take 3:36
7. Mean Old World Duet Version, Master Take 3:50
8. (When Things Go Wrong) It Hurts Me Too jam 1:56
9. Tender Love incomplete Master 2:42
10. It's Too Late alternate Master 4:05

Posted By: tednewman Date: 21 Feb 2022 07:40:48
Well, well, well ...
Well, well, well ...
Goin' in for the classics, what? :-)
Posted By: hobobill Date: 21 Feb 2022 12:53:09
yes i am ted old chap.
how y'all doin' today?
Posted By: Pa Cletus Date: 23 Apr 2022 23:22:26
Hi, The links are down. Any chance for a re-up. Thanks
Posted By: namrats417 Date: 28 Apr 2022 05:56:28
"The folks who think Allman out-played Clapton on the album need to give a listen to one"

of the first three jams on the jams disc lol - there's no Dwayne on them.

Better yet, listen to the live Cream material, and first Clapton solo lp then listen to the Allmans catalog - now you know who played what on Layla lol
"Derek" ruled in those days, "slow" hands down. ;-)
Posted By: gerelmx Date: 05 Mar 2022 05:09:31
links not working
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