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Mark Knopfler: Sailing To Philadelphia (2000)
Posted By : wustenratte | Date : 12 Feb 2022 18:53:57 | Comments : 3

Mark Knopfler: Sailing To Philadelphia (2000)
DVD-A ISO + DTS CD (DTS WAVs) | NTSC MLP/DD5.1 + 44/24 5.1 DTS
21 X 200 MB + 1 X 183,4 MB/2 x 200 MB + 1 X 187,4 MB| RS | 3% recovery
Genre: Pop/Rock | Label: Warner Brothers 48119-2 | Source: Retail DVD-A

Mark Knopfler's second solo album might as well be called Dire Straits' eighth studio album, though Knopfler abandoned the group name back in 1996, dispensing with hefty sales in the process. There was never much doubt that the fame and lifestyle coincident with platinum sales made him uncomfortable, and discontinuing the Dire Straits billing was a means of walking away from all that. It also allowed him to indulge his love for various musical genres more, and that process continues on Sailing to Philadelphia. True, Knopfler's basic approach remains the same -- as a guitarist, he is still enamored of the minor-key finger-picking style of J.J. Cale, and as a singer/songwriter, he remains enthralled with Bob Dylan. But in one song after another on this album, you get the feeling that he started out playing some familiar song in a specific genre and eventually extrapolated upon it enough to call it an original. Knopfler has grafted his own lyrical concerns to these songs, often playing up the lives of humble people (especially musicians), and putting down powerful people (especially rock stars). There are also story-songs on wide-ranging subjects, but the theme of life on the road and the dichotomy between the rich and famous (what Knopfler is) and the poor and powerless (those he identifies with) predominate. Working with a two-guitars, two-keyboards, bass and drums band (like Dire Straits), Knopfler brings in a variety of sympathetic guests, notably James Taylor, Van Morrison, and Squeeze leaders Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford. These guest stars provide pleasant contrast to Knopfler's modest vocal talents, but they never steal the spotlight from the leader. (Well, okay, Morrison does.) His ability to hold his own is some indication that, however self-effacing he may be, he remains a star.

1. What It Is
2. Sailing to Philadelphia
3. Who's Your Baby Now
4. Baloney Again
5. The Last Laugh
6. Do America
7. El Macho
8. Prairie Wedding
9. Wanderlust
10. Speedway At Nazareth
11. Junkie Doll
12. Silvertown Blues
13. Sands of Nevada

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a mojave productions dvd-a 96/24 mlp to dts cd transcode

WARNING: This CD requires DTS compatible equipment or software for playback. Don't play this on equipment that isn't compatible because you'll only hear static and it can damage your speakers!

5.1 Music Disc - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

The DTS-CD, DTS Audio CD or 5.1 Music Disc (official name) is an audio Compact Disc that contains music in surround sound format. It is a predecessor of DVD Audio. Physically, it conforms to the Red Book standard, except for the way the music is encoded on the CD. Where regular CDs store the music as linear PCM, the DTS-CD stores music using the DTS format, with the same fixed bitrate as 16-bit linear PCM, namely 1,411,200 bit/s or roughly 1,378 Kib/s.

As opposed to other surround formats, such as Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio, which require a specialized player, a DTS-CD is compatible with most standard CD players with a digital (S/PDIF) output. CD (and DVD) players recognize the disk as a standard audio CD. The only requirement is a receiver that can decode DTS audio.

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Posted By: JustPlay Date: 12 Feb 2022 20:57:42
I own HDCD but I'm very curious to hear DVD-a.
Thank you for sharing, so you are desertrat, glad you are here!
Posted By: znkp Date: 13 Feb 2022 07:19:16
For me, simply playing the DTS CD with VLC player works. Thanks.
Posted By: demofan Date: 14 Feb 2022 12:59:20
Thank you very much!
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