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VulgarGrad - King Of Crooks

VulgarGrad - King Of Crooks (2009)
1 CD | EAC Rip | FLAC (tracks+.cue), log-file | 361 Mb
Front Cover | russian shanson | Unstable Ape Records

01. Oy Oy Oy (Моя несчастная девчоночка)
02. If I Were Sultan (Если б я был султан)
03. The Party On Horse-Shit Street
04. Super Good
05. Natural Born Theif (Gop-So-Smykom) (Гоп-со-смыком)
06. Bolshoi Karetny (Большой Каретный)
07. Stop The Train! (Постой, паровоз)
08. I'm Your Cowboy (Я твой ковбой)
09. Odessa Jailbreak (С одесского кичмана)
10. Junky, Alcoholic And Drunkard (These Are Such Undignified Words)
11. Black Flag (Черное знамя)
12. A Piss-Up With A Bottle (С голубого ручейка)
13. Zhopa (Жопа)
14. Cigarette (Сигарета)
15. Tram No. 10 (Трамвай десятый номер)
16. Odessa Jailbreak (Slow) (С Одесского кичмана)

Since at least the 19th century there has been a parallel world in Russia - a place where they haven't heard of Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky, Communism or Ballet. They only heard of Stalin when he tried to arrest them all. Vodka, tattoos, money, guitars, drugs, jail, and girls (including dear old mama) are the mainstays of this world - the world of the Russian criminal.
For the first time ever in Australia, VulgarGrad bring you the old songs of the Russian thieves (called blatnie pesny or blatnyak), along with punk classics of the Perestroika era and a strong dose of contemporary St. Petersburg swearing ska. The band delivers this music with style, raucous menace, stripy shirts and a smattering of grim smiles (very important). Legend of stage and screen, Jacek Koman (Children of Men, Moulin Rouge) is the genial but vengeful frontman who roars with the voice of a man betrayed, and he is backed by a gang of Australia's most illustrious ex-cons drawn from bands such as The Ennio Morricone Experience, Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen, Zulya and the Children of the Underground, Croque Monsieur, Blue Drag, and the Five Angry Men. Line-up is guitar, drums, trombone, trumpet, accordion, and watch out for the largest, most triangular instrument of them all, the mighty contrabass balalaika.
It's vodka-fuelled oompah swing ska punk - gulag-style.

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