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Basiru Suso - The World Alive
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Basiru Suso - The World Alive
2009 | 256 vbr mp3 | 72 MB
kora | Mali

01. Secrets Of The Forest (05:23)
02. Synchronicity (04:55)
03. The Learning Process (05:01)
04. Journey (05:16)
05. The Distant Song (05:09)
06. In and Out (06:06)
07. Find The Way (05:21)
08. Connection (03:06)
09. Peace (06:17)
10. Energy (03:00)


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The album is recorded in Denmark and mixed and produced by David Hennessy, Mikael Nordsø and Basiru Suso. All music is composed by Basiru Suso.

Basiru Suso plays the Cora, which has been a part of the African music culture for more than 600 years, a 21 string body and neck instrument sounding similar to a harp. In the past the instrument was used for social cellebrations such as weddings and christenings. The Griot is the name of an African cora musician and storyteller and an important advisor for the kings and priests.

Basiru Suso received his initial teachings from The Griots of the Suso family in Gambia and continued his musical studies at Institut National des Arts in Bamako, Mali.

Basiru came to Denmark in 1997 and has played with renowned musicians such as Jorge Degas, Palle Mikkelborg, Moussa Diallo…

Basiru Sosa has performed live at festivals in Denmark (Roskilde 2003, 2005 and 2006) and throughout Europe, in eastern countries like Indonesia and Pakistan to name a few. With his previous album “Kouma” Basiru Suso was nominated for the Danish World Music Awards in 2007.
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