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Ingram Marshall - Three Penitential Visions
Posted By : Piterets | Date : 09 Nov 2021 08:01:30 | Comments : 3

Ingram Marshall - Three Penitential Visions
Contemporary Classical | Nonesuch | 1990 | 45:46 | EAC (FLAC, cue, no log) | Front cover | 191 MB

This is one more (out of print and hard to find) disc by Ingram Marshall to go along with two other discs shared here earlier this year by peachfuzz.

It is nearly impossible to describe the music of Ingram Marshall, except to say that he employs a wide range of recorded sounds--nature sounds, bells, gongs--and he uses various tape looping techniques to come up with the eeriest sounds ever recorded. By molding these techniques into rising and falling tone clusters, these sounds actually begin to make sense. Three Penitential Voices (1986) was originally a performance piece and Hidden Voices (1989) employs some of the same effects, but he also uses female voices.

Composed for a radio series sponsored by the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, Three Penitential Visions utilizes tape technology and samples to create a three-movement electronic soundscape. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch hailed it and Hidden Voices, also featured here, as “quietly potent essays, as gorgeous in their subtle details as they are haunting in overall effect.”

-- www.nonesuch.com

"Hidden Voices", commissioned by Nonesuch Records, had its premiere at New Music America at The Brooklyn Academy of Music in 1989. It features digitally sampled voices from old recordings of Eastern European lament singers along with a "live" soprano. One of the main conceits of this piece is the simplicity and purity of the solo voice over the wild, keening, often frenetic choirs of vocal sounds he concocts through his electronic wizardry.

-- www.newalbion.com

Track List:

1 Three Penitential Visions: Eberbach I 12:05
2 Three Penitential Visions: Eberbach II 5:40
3 Three Penitential Visions: Fugitive Vision 8:30
4 Hidden Voices: Invocation / Slouching Toward Bethlehem / Lamentations / Tolya's Scream / A Gathering 19:20

Cheryl Bensman Rowe Soprano (Vocal)
Jim Bengston Photography
John Heiden Design
Robert Hurwitz Executive Producer
Alan Rich Liner Notes
Paul Zinman Engineer

Read more about the CD here.
Read more about Ingram Marshall here.

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Posted By: peachfuzz Date: 10 Nov 2021 07:45:41
This really is a great album that I enjoyed listening for years. Do you also by chance have "The Fragility Cycles"? I thought I had it lying somewhere around here but I can't find it. :(
Posted By: AH42 Date: 10 Nov 2021 20:07:17
Great stuff, thanks. Especially liked in the first piece the juxtaposition of the bird chirpings and the drone sound (like an airplane slowly torpedoing to a target), how it got that feeling of being here now - neither too sentimental nor too existential. Look forward to listening to more.
Posted By: Piterets Date: 10 Nov 2021 23:41:35
You are very welcome!

Peachfuzz - no, unfortunately I do not have that disc. But I was considering sharing two discs by Paul Dresher (with his ensemble). Are you interested?

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