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Hayley Westenra - Pure (Special Edition - 2004) (2CDs)
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Hayley Westenra - Pure (Special Edition - 2004) (2CDs)

Hayley Westenra - Pure (Special Edition - 2004) (2CDs)
Classical | Easy CD-DA / Flac & Cue, No Log | Artwork included | 5 % recovery | 400 MB | RS.com
Audio CD: 15 Nov, 2004 | Label: Decca

British import version includes a bonus ECD featuring seven audio tracks and the stunning video for "Pokarekare Ana." On her debut, Hayley Westenra, a 16-year-old singing sensation from New Zealand, endures the inevitable comparisons to Charlotte Church, but it's the impression she's made that's placed her in such lofty company. And not many fledgling artists can boast of having the legendary George Martin contribute songs and arrangements to their album. PURE might be the best description of her singing - crystal clear and devoid of mannerisms. It's not simply the beauty of her voice that impresses, however, but how effectively she uses it. The precocious soprano demonstrates the poise, versatility, and musical instincts of a seasoned pro. Westenra moves gracefully through a program made up primarily of Euro - pop ballads but also includes arrangements of well - known classical melodies, as well as a pair of Maori songs. Highlights include affecting renditions of "In Trutina" from Carl Orff's 'Carmina Burana' and the traditional spiritual "Amazing Grace." And, in what might be an effort to defy easy categorization, she changes direction on the closing track, and lets loose on Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights." Given such eclectic song choices and Westenra's impressive voice, PURE is certain to bring plenty of attention to this talented young artist.


CD 1

01. Pokarekare Ana (Come Back To Me)
02. Never Say Goodbye
03. Who Painted The Moon Black?
04. River Of Dreams
05. Benedictus
06. Hine e Hine
07. Dark Waltz
08. Amazing Graze
09. In Trutina (from "Carmina Burana")
10. Beat Of Your Heart
11. Heaven
12. Wuthering Heights
13. Hine e Hine (Maori Mix)

CD 2

01. Mary Did You Know (Bonus CD)
02. Bridal Ballad (From the film "Merchant of Venice") (Bonus CD)
03. Pokarekare Ana (Vocalise) (Bonus CD)
04. My Heart And I (From the film "La Piovra") (Bonus CD)
05. Across The Universe Of Time (Bonus CD)
06. Silent Night, Holy Night (Bonus CD)
07. Away In A Manger (Bonus CD)

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... and special bonus for all of you... :)))

Fiona Joy Hawkins - Blue Dream (2008)

Fiona Joy Hawkins - Blue Dream (2008)
Neoclassical / New Age | MP3 | 320 Kbps ~ 160 Mb | Covers included | 5 % recovery | RS.com
Audio CD: January 26, 2022 | Label: Little Hartley Music
Fiona Joy Hawkins is a New Age composer and pianist whose music crosses genres from classical to world fusion. She is also a mother, a painter, and a woman who is immersed in following her passion for music. Fiona’s music is both thematic and melodic. With a keen eye on film, she has always been interested in creating music that evokes images and tells a story, so it may come as no surprise that she’s a prolific painter who has been exhibiting since 1997. She incorporates original manuscripts of her music on the canvas, to create bold colorful mixed media abstracts that enable one to see and feel her music.

"Fiona Joy Hawkins’ Blue Dream began as the most ambitious project of my entire career and resulted in one of the most remarkable collaborations this genre has ever known. Blue Dream is unique and I’m as proud of it (and Fiona) as anything I’ve ever worked on in my 35 year career of Grammy Awards and gold and platinum records." - Will Ackerman Windham County,Vermont 2008.

Recorded as a 70 minute single peice of music on a Steinway B, Blue Dream goes from quiet contemplative piano to full orchestral, to world sounds, rhythms, jazz influcneces and back again to the perfect "Bach' moment - all in a breath.

Blue Dream was produced by Grammy Winner Will Ackerman (Founder of Windham Hill), features a guest performance by Luka Bloom and was recorded on the Steinway at Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont.


01. Freedom
02. Feeling Sunshine
03. From the Outside
04. Sapphire Interlude
05. Standing Up
06. Cerulean Interlude
07. Blue Dream
08. Lilac Interlude
09. Contemplating
10. Sunrise at Ularu
11. Samite's Interlude
12. Song Phonique
13. Indigo Dream Interlude
14. Void
15. Turquoise Interlude
16. Voice of Angels
17. Cobalt Interlude
18. Prelude to a Painting
19. Midnight Interlude
20. Moving On
21. Azure Interlude
22. Somewhere

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Fiona Joy Hawkins - Angel Above My Piano (2006)

Fiona Joy Hawkins - Angel Above My Piano (2006)
Neoclassical / New Age | MP3 | 320 Kbps ~ 130 Mb | Cover included | 5 % recovery | RS.com
Audio CD: October 31, 2021 | Label: Little Hartley Music
Voted Best Piano Album in the NAR Lifestyle Music Awards 2006. Atmospheric and captivating, this romantic piano album takes you from the perfect ‘Hollywood movie moment’ to the extraordinary wilderness of Antarctica. Angel Above My Piano is a beautiful and emotional journey to landscapes you only dream of.

This hauntingly stunning piano shows virtuosity and yet a delicateness of touch. Opening with Antarctic Interludes, Fiona Joy Hawkins brings to life the majesty, wilderness and wildlife of the Antarctic continent. Inspired after an expedition cruise on the Orion, she has captured the grandness yet fragility of a frozen and unique place. “This glacial world has given a sense of awe and privilege that will live with me for the rest of my life’.

The grand orchestration and soaring piano of Opus For Love is soul searching. “This Opus represents the journey that spans the winter of our life, the heart-ache that we feel for those who have left us, and both the sadness and joy we feel when we look back to remember.

Title track Angel Above My Piano brings to life the painting of an Angel that came in a dream,’The Angel’ marks time and signifies the strength we search for in times of need. She looks like someone you know but no-one you have ever met”.

Truly an album of ‘piano to dream to’, Angel Above My Piano by Fiona Joy Hawkins is filled with romantic melodies that are other worldly and will transport you to places you have never imagined.


01. Antarctic Interludes: Crystal Desert
02. Antarctic Interludes: Dance of the Penguins
03. Antarctic Interludes: Flight of the Albatross
04. Antarctic Interludes: Angel Above My Piano
05. Opus for Love: 1st Movement “Love in Winter”
06. Opus for Love: 2nd Movement “Love Forever”
07. Opus for Love: 3rd Movement “Love in Spring”
08. Opus for Love: Watching the Wind
09. Opus for Love: Down the Aisle (Wedding March 2)
10. Opus for Love: Thinking of You (Australian Lullaby)
11. Opus for Love: Preamble (Partita No 5)
12. Opus for Love: The Child’s Game
13. Opus for Love: Love Forever (Reprise)

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