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Handel - Tolomeo [Curtis] 3CD
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Handel - Tolomeo [Curtis]
Classical, Baroque | 3 CD | EAC | APE+CUE, no LOG | Covers + Booklet | 685 MB | RS | TT 148:23
Recorded: September 2006, Chiesa di Santa Maria della Rosa, Tuscania, Italy | Released: 2008 | Label: DG Archiv
Ann Hallenberg, Karina Gauvin, Anna Bonitatibus, Romina Basso, Pietro Spagnoli,
Il Complesso Barocco, Alan Curtis (conductor)

“There is not a weak link in this superb cast, with all the singers perfect for the vocal and dramatic properties of their roles. The overture oozes with charisma and the orchestral playing is beautifully paced and articulated. All in all, this is a perfect Handel opera recording” (Gramophone Magazine, July 2008)

Providing much pleasure are the pearly sound and gracious phrasing of soprano Karina Gauvin (Seleuce) . . . Anna Bonitatibus, "officially" a mezzo, is decidedly soprano-ish, with a particularly vigorous rhythmic sense and real flair in ornamentation . . . Under Curtis's authoritative direction, his Complesso Barocco plays splendidly . . . A church near Viterbo, Italy, is the site of the recording -- clearly a lovely acoustic, producing a lot of "air" around the voices. (Roger Pines, International Record Review (London) / 01. March 2008)

Alan Curtis . . . specializes in gracefulness, rather than earthiness, but that does no harm to Tolomeo. This is a rather intimate piece from the composer's middle period . . . Soprano Karina Gauvin warbles the heroine's arias gorgeously. Ann Hallenberg as the husband she's searching for and Anna Bonitatibus as the princess in love with the husband are very fine as well. These parts were written for the biggest singing stars of the 18th century, so we are very fortunate to have so many artists who can do them justice now. (Lawson Taitte, Dallas Morning News / 22. March 2008)

Tolomeo is sung here by Ann Hallenberg, whose range of technical skills includes neat runs and a very presentable trill. As his wife Seleuce, Karina Gauvin is charming, and decorates her music gracefully. Anna Bonitatibus sings the more complex role of Elisa . . . with spirit . . . As Tolomeo's villainous brother Alessandro, Romina Basso's mellow mezzo is well deployed . . . The orchestral playing is brisk and characterful, while conductor Alan Curtis provides a vital response to the music's needs and is particularly sensitive to recitative. The sound has plenty of substance. (George Hall, BBC Music Magazine (London) / 01. April 2008)

There is not a weak link in this superb cast, with all the singers perfect for the vocal and dramatic properties of their roles. Ann Hallenberg's supple coloratura is perfectly aligned with dramatic awareness and melodic sensibility in numerous accompanied recitatives and arias: the sleep scene in Act 1 is beautifully judged and the hedonistic accompagnato that precedes "Stile amare" is gripping. Anna Bonitatibus's singing is magnificent ("Qell'onda che si frange" is deliciously sung, and her ornamentation and cadenza are fabulous) . . . Karina Gauvin's singing is dramatic and colourful: her interplay with two recorders in "Fonti amiche" is simple yet ravishing and the hushed "Dite, che fa" (with muted strings and offstage echoes from Tolomeo) is utterly gorgeous. Alan Curtis's recent Handel opera recordings have been admirable in patches . . . It is a delight to hear the Italian-based American harpsichordist and Il Complesso Barocco back on top-notch form in this delectable performance. The overture oozes with charisma and the orchestral playing is beautifully paced and articulated. Each ritornello shows finesse and a deep-rooted fondness for the subtleties in Handel's writing. Recitatives are never sluggish but Curtis does not force proceedings unnaturally, allowing the language and rhetoric enough space to work their magic. He has all the energy and dynamism necessary but also realises that courtliness and elegance are vital elements of Handel's music. All in all, this is a perfect Handel opera recording. (David Vickers, Gramophone (London) / 01. July 2008)

. . . a buoyant, colorful and ideally paced performance of ¿Tolomeo,¿ Handel¿s seldom performed opera about lust, revenge, heartache and false identities. The outstanding cast includes the mezzo-soprano Ann Hallenberg in the title role and the soprano Karina Gauvin as Seleuce. (Vivien Schweitzer, The New York Times / 27. November 2008)

Alan Curtis leads his Il Complesso Barocco and a starry group of singers in a more than competent rendition . . . Ann Hallenberg is a wonderful high-ish mezzo and a compelling stage presence, and her singing here as ever has gleaming high notes and deft fioriture . . . Karina Gauvin is . . . a highly committed performer, and as Seleuce she sings impeccably and with feeling . . . The scheming Elisa is sung by Anna Bonitatibus -- beautifully, again, . . . 'Piani pur' is robustly delivered. This recording fills a gap and features some lovely singing . . . (Sandra Bowdler, Opera (London) / 01. April 2009)



1 Ouverture [5:46]

Act 1
2 Acc.: Orgoglioso elemento [1:23]
3 Rec.: Numi, pieta! [1:26]
4 Aria: Cielo ingiusto [4:07]
5 Rec.: Ahi! Elisa infelice [1:33]
6 Aria: Non lo diro col labbro [2:12]
7 Rec.: Veggio che m'ama il prence [0:31]
8 Aria: Quell'onda che si frange [4:46]
9 Rec.: Quest'e pur Cipro [1:44]
10 Aria: Mi volgo ad ogni fronda [5:42]
11 Rec.: O cari agli occhi miei [1:28]
12 Aria: Se talor miri un fior [6:14]
13 Rec.: Conosco ben [0:41]
14 Arioso: Tiranni miei pensieri [2:05]
15 Rec.: E dove, e dove mai [0:22]
16 Aria: Fonti amiche [5:23]
17 Rec.: Ma! quel pastor - Delia ad un pastor [2:25]
18 Aria: Respira almen un poco [2:49]
19 Rec.: V'e ancor qualche martire [0:47]
20 Aria: Torna sol per un momento [4:49]

Total Playing Time [56:13]


Act 2
1 Arioso: Voi dolci aurette [2:58]
2 Rec.: Dov'e chi la mia morte richiede - Osmin, Osmino, e come [2:14]
3 Aria: Quanto e felice [4:37]
4 Rec.: S'io potessi sperare [0:14]
5 Aria: Aure, portate [3:24]
6 Rec.: Delia, attendi un momento [1:51]
7 Aria: Se un solo e quel core [4:01]
8 Rec.: Disprezzato e schernito - Signora, la mia sorte [0:53]
9 Aria: Il mio core [3:25]
10 Rec.: Affetto, che ragione [0:27]
11 Aria: Pur sento, oh Dio [4:01]
12 Aria a due, Rec. & Arioso: Dite, che fa [5:53]
13 Rec.: Io ti cerco per tutto - Delia, per queste si remote selve [1:23]
14 Aria: Piangi pur [2:30]
15 Rec.: Seleuce! / Tolomeo! [0:30]
16 Duetto: Se il cor ti perde [7:05]

Total Playing Time [45:26]


Act 3
1 Acc.: Madre, pagasti alfine [1:03]
2 Rec.: Signor, se non t'e noto [0:31]
3 Aria: Se l'interno pur vedono [3:09]
4 Rec.: Se non erra il pensiero [0:20]
5 Aria: Saro giusto [2:50]
6 Rec.: Elisa, che ricerchi [0:40]
7 Aria: Voglio amore [4:13]
8 Rec.: Eccolo appunto - Bella, gia men severe [1:12]
9 Aria: Senza il suo bene [4:29]
10 Rec.: Al fin che si risolve [0:44]
11 Aria: Ti pentirai, crudel [3:37]
12 Rec.: Ola! che piu si tarda [0:20]
13 Aria: Son qual rocca [3:38]
14 Rec.: In questa piu remota parte [1:21]
15 Aria: Torni omai la pace [4:17]
16 Rec.: Che piu si tarda [0:25]
17 Acc.: Inumano fratel [1:20]
18 Aria: Stille amare [4:33]
19 Rec.: Eccoti, o Prence [1:36]
20 Duetto: Tutta contenta [4:45]
21 Rec.: Lascia, o fratel [0:23]
22 Coro: Applauda ognuno [1:22]

Total Playing Time [46:48]
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Posted By: jingyesi2711 Date: 07 Feb 2022 14:15:12
Handel 3 times. WOW ! ! !
Thanks for these magnificent recordings
Posted By: protempore Date: 09 Feb 2022 15:02:28
ps: curtis
Posted By: diomedes64 Date: 10 Feb 2022 00:49:50
Thank you for the Handel. Wonderful, much appreciated.
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