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Princesse Chang Ping - John Woo (2007)
Posted By : accatone | Date : 02 Feb 2022 22:50:00 | Comments : 2

Princesse Chang Ping - John Woo (2007)
Artists: Loong Kim-Sang, Mui Suet-Si, Lang Chih-Pai, Yen Suet-Fun and the Young Phoenix Opera troupe.
AVI 848x480 | XviD 3041 kbps | Dolby Digital 2.0 | 1H39 | Audio: Cantonese | French soft subs | opéra chinois / Chinese opera | 2.24 GB

Le jour des fiançailles de la princesse Chang Ping, le royaume de son père est assiégé par des rebelles. Pris au piégé, le vieux seigneur ordonne à ses deux épouses de se donner la mort, tue ses enfants et se suicide par pendaison. Blessée, mais miraculeusement vivante, la princesse est conduite dans un couvent ou son fiance parvient a la retrouver.

The story of Princess Chang Ping (帝女花) is a Chinese legend about a princess and her lover at the end of the Ming Dynasty. It has been made into a Cantonese Opera by Tang Ti-sheng, a very prolific Cantonese opera adaptor of the early to mid-1900s. The premiere was featured in the Lee Theatre on 7 June, 1957 and the opera has achieved amazing box office results since then.
The popularity of the show was attributed partly to the fact that it featured the eminent Cantonese Opera stars Yam Kim Fai and Bak Sheut Sin of the 1950s. A film version of the opera was released in 1975, directed by John Woo and starred Long Jin-seng and Mei Xue-si, disciples of Yam Kim Fai and Bak Sheut Sin.


Password: accatone
Posted By: mdenny Date: 03 Feb 2022 01:46:52
What a pity that there are not English subs. Does anyone have these, by chance?
Posted By: Petwolfe Date: 03 Feb 2022 13:57:45
agree there, but well, i dom speak French, but really, why not let yourself float away with the original language....

and accatone, I think you did something really new, kind of pingpong gesture to us and the chinese...this will open up our eyes for that great and mystic country...
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