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Stefan Wolpe - Enactments
Posted By : CioCio | Date : 26 Feb 2022 23:42:44 | Comments : 3
Stefan Wolpe - Enactments

Stefan Wolpe - Enactments
Avant-Garde | EAC (FLAC+CUE+LOG) | 217 MB (WinRAR - 3% Rec.) | 2005 | Complete Scans
performers include Josef Christof, Steffen Schleiermacher, & others

Walter Benjamin said, "I have nothing to say: only to show." For Wolpe, too, montage was the form that counteracts the illusions of progress and development. While giving a lecture on his early years, Wolpe played a recording of the first movement of 'Enactments'. He described the music as a panorama or landscape of multiple simultaneities and unforeseeable, non-directed events. The situations are highly calculated, but you cannot explain or infer what is going to happen: curves hugely expanding, curves enormously contracting, new curves, a sound, a hit, a tone, a silence.... Every event is so freshly invented, so newly born that it has almost no history in the piece itself but its own actual presence. It has its presence, its now situation, and then the now situation is joined with another, with the next now - an unfoldment of nows. "Lecture on Dada."
- Austin Clarkson, liner notes


1) Music and Variations for Two Pianos (1933) 18:45
performed by Josef Christof & Steffen Schleiermacher

2) The Good Spirit of a Right Cause (1942) 3:29
performed by Steffen Schleiermacher

3) Enactments for Three Pianos (1953) 5:44/8:13/3:16/3:07/12:07
  • Chant
  • In a State of Flight
  • Held In
  • Inception
  • Fugal Motions
performed by Josef Christof, Benjamin Kobler & Irmela Roelcke; conducted by James Avery

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wolpe, stefan / enactments

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5 | 36:26.31 | 3:16.02 | 163981 | 178682
6 | 39:42.33 | 3:07.46 | 178683 | 192753
7 | 42:50.04 | 12:06.71 | 192754 | 247274

Track 1

Filename wolpe, stefan\(2005) enactments\01 - march and variations for two pianos.wav

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Filename wolpe, stefan\(2005) enactments\03 - enactments for three pianos- i. chant.wav

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Track 4

Filename wolpe, stefan\(2005) enactments\04 - enactments for three pianos- ii. in a state of flight.wav

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Track 5

Filename wolpe, stefan\(2005) enactments\05 - enactments for three pianos- iii. held in.wav

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Track 6

Filename wolpe, stefan\(2005) enactments\06 - enactments for three pianos- iv. inception.wav

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Track 7

Filename wolpe, stefan\(2005) enactments\07 - enactments for three pianos- v. fugal motions.wav

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Posted By: peachfuzz Date: 27 Feb 2022 02:51:36
"[Wolpe] described the music as a panorama or landscape of multiple simultaneities and unforeseeable, non-directed events."

In Nietzschen lexicon, this sounds all too human (only devoid of human quality). I have always been annoyed with chance encounters. So when artists or composers assert that their works are based on chance, I get this urge to ask "surely, then, you would not mind if I mutilate your work a bit since I could just as well be part of the unknown, the unforeseeable, and the non-directed chain of mutilated events." I wonder if these artists or composers even thought about us the viewers and listeners as they created their work of art.

I'll tell you what. To give credence to the entire meaning of the unforeseen, I'm going to listen to this CD in reverse. After all, shouldn't the listener be part of that process? Okay, enough with my gripe.

Cio, thanks for sharing!
Posted By: basa005 Date: 27 Feb 2022 08:16:11
thanks for this new entry of my 'hat(now)art' collection!
Posted By: paulree Date: 27 Feb 2022 09:04:29
Thanks for the music, love this american generation
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