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Andreas Vollenweider - Caverna Magica - (24/96 Vinyl Rip)
Posted By : Arend | Date : 28 Feb 2022 14:22:58 | Comments : 6

Andreas Vollenweider - Caverna Magica (24 bit-96kHz Vinyl Rip)
Verabra Records - Germany
Vinyl Rip in 24 bit-96kHz DVD | Redbook 16 bit-44 kHz CD | FLAC | no cue | no log | Covers | RS Links | 629 MB + 179 MB
Genre | Ambient - New Age | 1983

One of the highlights of Andreas Vollenweider; unique and very creative music!

Andreas V. is a great composer and musician with a absolutely unique sound.
One of his highlights is "Caverna Magica" . Wonderful stimulating music, that has to be heard!
The -audiophile soundquality- is of the highest level.. Enjoy!

Andreas Vollenweider: Vocals, Harp, Keyboards, Guzheng, Flute
Erdal Kızılçay: Keyboards, Oud
Walter Keiser: Drums
Andi Pupato: Percussion
Roger Bonnot: Sound effects
Corin Curschellas: Voices

Technical Info:

Linn Lingo LP 12
Ittok LV II arm
Ortofon MC 20 Super II Cartridge
Accuphase C11 MC phono-pre
van den Hul "the Second" interlink
Tascam US 144 ADC
Adobe Audition 1.5 and CD Wave 1.95.2

24 Bit DVD Link:

16 Bit CD Link:

Password: AvaxHome.ru

Posted By: rohitbhalla Date: 28 Feb 2022 15:39:56
is 24bit in DVD format? or as flacs? thanks for the post!
Posted By: Arend Date: 28 Feb 2022 19:17:11
@rohitbhalla: (It works again here to post....)
The 24 bit files are in FLAC; you can burn them only as a DVD-Audio disc.
Your DVD-player must support DVD-Audio..
The best userfriendly software (that I know) to burn the 24 bit files is DVD Audio Solo
(also called DVD-Audio Solo Standard 2.5).

But maybe there are more alternatives..to burn them...
About the burning : I am very satisfied with Sony DVD+R discs;
they are compatible with the most DVD-writers
on the p.c. and gives the least error-reports (my experience)
If your DVD-player does not support DVD-Audio, you can take the 16 Bit CD version..
Posted By: burningpanda Date: 01 Mar 2022 12:59:47
Thanks for this... i remember it from years ago and it sounded good then.. gonna sound great with your rip :-) Thanks for the heads up on DVD Audio Solo too.
Posted By: snurf Date: 02 Mar 2022 06:35:17
There's a problem with password for 16 bit version

Thank you! This reminds me when I was young...I always wanted to heard that on vinyl.

Posted By: Arend Date: 02 Mar 2022 10:17:08
@snurf : There is no password problem with the 16 bit version..(is checked)
Posted By: snurf Date: 02 Mar 2022 11:35:42
@Arend: Yes, I'm sorry, I had some problems with winrar...

Awesome quality!
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