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Posted By : VanPelten | Date : 15 Jul 2022 03:56:45 | Comments : 33 |

Donald Fagen The Nightfly (DVD-Audio 24/48 DTS 6-Channel rip)
1982/2002 | Genre: Jazz | DVD-A Rip 24-bit/48kHz 5.1 Channel DTS Surround | FLAC+HQ scans | 1.1GB

I use this album as standard for evaluating and adjusting audio gear. The music has such depth and quality it can be used to calibrate to the highest standards.

After 25 years I get the album better now than I did as a Steely Dan fan in college. It's really the voice of a 40-something remembering his adolescence and young adulthood in the 50s and 60s. Fagan's lyrics and vocals are funny, ironic but also really heart-on-the-sleeve wistful in ways I never heard when I was a kid. The music holds up, too -- better than I would have expected, and arguably better than late Dan (certainly better than the whiny "Gaucho").

The sound is kind of a surrealistic time capsule -- some of the finest musicians on the planet (Jeff Porcaro, Valerie Simpson, Larry Carlton, the Brecker Bros. etc.) playing ultra-slick 1982 arrangements to lyrics gently poking fun at the 50s beat generation. The saxophone solo on "Maxine" (Michael Brecker I think) by itself is worth the price of admission.

Ask those who follow the music industry closely and they will tell you that Donald Fagen's "The Nightfly" is clearly one of the great albums of the last 25 years. Currently there is an artist on the music scene named Norah Jones who has gained some fame with a retro/jazz sound. While Jones does a nice job on this, Fagan does it even better on this album. Donald Fagen's "The Nightfly" brings the jazz/blues sound to the forefront, but takes it a step further. "The Nightfly" also is a concept album. In the CD's liner notes, Fagen says that the songs on this album "represent certain fantasies that might of been entertained by a young man growing up in the remote suburbs of a northeastern city during the late fifties and early sixties". When you listen to the songs on this collection, you will easily see how the theme flows through - and as a result, this enhances the listening experience. Amazon review

Donald Fagen, organ, synthesizer, harmonica, horn, keyboards, electric piano, vocals, background vocals, synthesizer harp
Dave Bargeron, trombone, euphonium, horn, background vocals
Michael Brecker,tenor saxophone
Randy Brecker, trumpet, flugelhorn
Larry Carlton, guitar
Ronnie Cuber, horn, baritone saxophone
Rick Derringer, guitar
James Gadson, drums
Anthony Jackson,bass
Steve Jordan, drums
Steve Khan, acoustic guitar
Hugh McCracken,guitar, harmonica
Rob Mounsey, synthesizer, horn, keyboards
Paul Shaffer, organ
plus additional artists, listed in the scanned material

1. I.G.Y.
2. Green Flower Street
3. Ruby Baby
4. Maxine
5. New Frontier
6. Nightfly
7. Goodbye Look
8. Walk Between Raindrops

Recorded 1982
DVD-Audio released 2002 (out of print)

This is a rip of the original 5.1 24/48 6-Channel DVD-Audio to 6-channel wave files, compressed with FLAC. Burn to DVD using your favorite authoring software (I use discWelder CHROME). I must notify you in advance about watermarked DVD-Audio. This rip has been burned and successfully tested on three of my DVD players (Panasonic, Marantz and Oppo), but due to the inherent watermarking of DVD-A, a few DVD standalone models may not play them. You can, however, play ripped and watermarked DVD-Audio on your PC with no problems.

So that you may test the process without downloading the entire 1.1GB rip, I've uploaded a single 24/48 6-channel test file of Track 2 to Rapidshare -- http://rapidshare.com/files/255915108/DonFaNight_testfile.rar-- that can be burned to DVD using a DVD Audio authoring program. If it plays on your DVD player without stopping after 15 or 20 seconds, the entire DVD-Audio will play without a hitch and you can download all the files in the main link below with confidence and enjoy the phenomenal sound provided by DVD-Audio.


Posted By: audio_engr Date: 15 Jul 2022 06:39:42
Thank u for taking such pains.... hopefully am gonna enjoy this disc as my old one does sound lean & harsh on my hiend system
Posted By: citrocker Date: 15 Jul 2022 07:55:17
Thanks very much
Posted By: encarta2 Date: 15 Jul 2022 11:01:08
Fabulous. Thanks very much! This is one of my all-time favorite CD's, I can't wait to hear it in hires 5.1 sound!
Posted By: namrats417 Date: 15 Jul 2022 11:48:27
Wonderful, thank you!

Hopefully someday we'll see the whole Nightfly Trilogy up here :)
Posted By: cdfreako Date: 15 Jul 2022 13:00:40
Hooboy! Without taking anything away from some of the more prolific posters of audiophile uploads, you have among the most excellent and selective taste in quality selections. Thanks much! Like namrats417, I second the request for the entire Nightfly Trilogy in dvd-audio ;)
Posted By: Guthead Date: 15 Jul 2022 16:58:36
Another one of my favorites! Thanks Van Pelten!
Posted By: VanPelten Date: 15 Jul 2022 17:18:04
@Guthead: now maybe you'll be able to listen to it in glorious freedom & fidelity with a new player? *grin*

@namrats417 & cdfreako: you guys read my mind; planning on upping the rest of the Trilogy as soon as I have time to prep it.
Posted By: Guthead Date: 15 Jul 2022 18:13:19
Well I haven't got the Oppo yet VP....but it won't be long.<g> My Denon played the Queen OK. Maybe this one too....The hard part was explaining to the wife why any "normal" person would need two DVD-A players....
Posted By: corporalcoriander Date: 15 Jul 2022 18:18:49
Fantastic CD. I confess I'm kind of a mo-ron about DVD-A (and hi-res audio in general) so can I ask a dumb question? I don't have a DVD-A player or surround setup or anything. If I play this on my PC (which has, I'm assuming, 2 channels) what, um, happens to the 6 channels? Is it the same as playing a redbook CD, or is there some way in which I would get higher resolution PCM audio instead??
Posted By: JustPlay Date: 15 Jul 2022 21:13:27
Thank you again Mr. VanPelten.
Is this your rip?
To me this still sounds somewhat worse than the first 2.

I'm listening this at my PC with AIMP2 (free and great player).
I have great HD sound kart 7.1, connected with 5.1 speakers.
This sounds great, but it is impossible to enjoy this beautiful sound in two channnels.
So check your PC if you can connect 5.1 speakers.
Posted By: doncorlone Date: 15 Jul 2022 21:52:12
Sen-sa-tional! The sound is magnificent, eternal thanx for your efforts.
Posted By: evangelos1 Date: 15 Jul 2022 23:02:48
Ke alos exereticho discos, efharisto polli VanPelten!
Posted By: fatz Date: 16 Jul 2022 00:09:54
you are awsome my friend-and thanks is simply not enough! But - alas, it's all I have to offer.

But it's from a very sincere place in my heart.

Thank you......so much!

Posted By: cdfreako Date: 16 Jul 2022 00:22:30
@ justplay! Yo dude, you better burn and listen on a real dvd audio player instead of pc speakers and sound card or get a new pair of ears, this rip is one of the best dvd audios I've heard to date~
Posted By: Gnulp312 Date: 16 Jul 2022 05:40:04
I just confirm that with my Oppo it's perfectly playable, altough the watermarks. Thanks to VanPelten for sharing a "piece of our lives".
Posted By: sokos Date: 16 Jul 2022 08:36:51
Na Ise Kala Re VanPelten,Apsogi Doulia.
S'Efxaristo Poli.
Posted By: Peterquick Date: 16 Jul 2022 16:03:33
Every Oppo model does splendidly with virtually anything you throw at it, including second-generation watermarked DVDs. "The Nightfly" hi-def extraction sounds especially spectacular, thanks to Mr. Van Pelten's generous contribution.
Posted By: Gnulp312 Date: 16 Jul 2022 19:27:17
@Peterquick yes for what Oppo costs it's good as a law budget profile dvd audio player. Maybe I'll tweak the output section with better components.

I don't want to be against the mainstream here but for me the LP sounds better then this, altough, highly equilibrated multichanel DVD-A.
I had a similar experience with my multitrack SACDs of Miles Davis that presented the same problem in reference to the same vinyl releases. I'm curious if VanPelten has the Nightfly as vinyl too (played with his excellent Zyxel cartridge) and compared it to this DVD-A?
I don't have a multichanel audio system maybe it depends on it?
Posted By: VanPelten Date: 16 Jul 2022 20:41:27
@Gnulp312: Oppo is more than a low-budget profile player, especially my DV-983. Its audio section on HDMI as well as stereo RCA out rivals my $$$$ Marantz BD-8002. Don't let Oppo's reasonable prices color your judgment, their new $499 Blu-ray/SD upconverting player is garnering insanely rave reviews and appears to best high-end models selling for six times that price...in every category.

My favorite Nightfly stereo version is a Japanese Warner/Pioneer import LP, P-1126. I've listened to it extensively on my system, the Zyxel/Schroder/Linn combo being among the 9 Wonders of the World, IMHO. So when I bought Nightfly DVD-audio, I was immediately prompted to do some comparisons on straight-out stereo with analog out (setting the 983 and 8002 to downmix 5.1 to stereo), listening through my KEF 207/2 Monitors. My conclusion was that the DVD-a sounded a bit more focused and detailed, with not a touch of harshness. On multi-channel (PSB Synchrony and Imagine speakers, front, center & rear) this DVD-a is a dazzling tour de force of what DTS and Dolby surround can bring to the party when done correctly. It's all pretty subjective, however, and may also depend on which/whose LP pressing one has. I hope you get a chance to listen to this in surround...the bass is staggeringly good and deeper (not louder!) than that on the LP.

Posted By: rsfoto Date: 18 Jul 2022 03:52:04
I don't have a surround system so I made my own new 24-48 stereo mix with Audacity (great free audio editor). I did the same with all VanPelton's previous 6 channel posts. New stereo mixes Sounds Great! If you want to try for yourself be sure to lower the gain of each channel by about 5-7db to prevent clipping in the mixdown. Also adjust panning to full left for ch 1 & 5 and full right for ch 2 & 6. Leave 3 and 4 at center as they are center bass. Export as FLAC, WAV or AIFF. This gives me a mix that is similar to CD but now is 24-48. My new Nightfly mix is sounds far superior to my 1980's CD and MFSL vinyl LP. Load into iTunes and have fun.
Posted By: Laughaminute Date: 19 Jul 2022 04:56:30
Thanks very much.. a classic indeed!! They show up on my computer as flac files? Any links to how I can burn these to DVDA? Excuse my ignorance. My version of Nero (8?) has Nero Vision with DVD burning options but DVDA not one of them.Hanging out for this on surround!! Thanks again. Cheers
Posted By: komhst Date: 19 Jul 2022 08:16:39
I decompressed those .flac files to multichannel wavs. I tried to burn a DVD-Audio using Disc Welder Chrome. The program reported "unsupported file format" and refused to create the DVD Audio. What am I doing wrong???
Disc Welder Chrome II dosn't recognize flac files, so I had to decompress them to .wav
Posted By: albilliriono Date: 19 Jul 2022 16:04:59
It looks like you asked and answered your own question, that's right you have to decompress them to .wav before importing them ito DiscWelder Chrome. That's what I did, and apart from the fantastic surround sound of multi channel, the audio is crystal clear.
Posted By: hardwhiz Date: 20 Jul 2022 07:29:00
Thanks VP. I have the original DVD-A, but would love to test out the 24/96 vinyl rip. If anything, I think a 24/96 rip would have some advantage over the disappointingly "low" 24/48 resolution of the DVD-A. :)
Posted By: albilliriono Date: 20 Jul 2022 14:02:02
There's is nothing "low" resolution about this 24/48 remastered rip, just listen with open ears and not a closed mind. Besides, you don't get the benefits of 5.1 surround with the vinyl rip. I'll take a cleanly remastered 24/49 or 24/96 DVD-A over vinyl any day.
Posted By: tocinillo Date: 27 Jul 2022 11:42:34
Tanks for the post!!! Excellent!!! This is one of my favorite records!! For the conversion to wav i use the formatfactory 2.00 (www.pcfreetime.com), is free and works perfect. Regards from Spain!!!
Posted By: Laughaminute Date: 28 Jul 2022 10:00:50
After much huffing and puffing found a program called DVD-Audio Solo Standard v2.0 by CIRLINCA. The free trial lets you burn 5 complete DVD-A. Simply dragged and dropped complete flac files into it without converting and very user friendly.Struggled with Discwelder Chrome personally.
Thanks again for great post. Cheers
Posted By: Sartre Date: 12 Aug 2021 08:06:37
Why do you have dts surround in the title? I assume these are wavs ripped from the dvd mlp files, and not the lossy dts files, right?

BTW, you can use DigionAudio2 to create a menu driven DVD-Audio disc with these wav files.

Posted By: *PRO* Date: 26 Dec 2021 15:34:10
Thank you.
Posted By: Blue61 Date: 17 Jan 2022 23:37:16
Thank you very much from Spain.
Muchas gracias !!!
Posted By: grabouski Date: 17 Jan 2022 23:42:33
Absolutely Fabulous!! Blows away every other version I've heard of this masterpiece.

Thank you so much!!
Posted By: Lucky Pierre Date: 18 Jan 2022 15:14:33
How the heck did I miss this goodie??? I just burned it after compiling with DVD audio solo and the sound is scary good! Looking forward to downloading your "Morph the Cat" DVD-a rip. If it sounds half as good as this one, I'll be in Steely Dan Audio heaven:) Great work!
Posted By: roxiemusic Date: 20 Jan 2022 15:00:22
Thanks alot! The sound is exceptional, great DVD-A!!
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