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Donald Fagen: Morph the Cat (DVD-Audio 24/96 Dolby Digital, DTS 6-Channel rip)
2006 | Genre: Jazz, Audiophile | DVD-A Rip 24-bit/96kHz 5.1 Channel DTS Surround | FLAC+HQ scans | 3.2GB

This is a great album all around. It's nothing ground breaking but if you like Steely Dan, you'll like this. However the dvd-a is excellent. I don't have a surround setup, but still listen to music through a dedicated two channel system. Regardless of what others say you don't need a 5.1 or 6.1 setup to take advantage of the dvd-a. There is an option to listen in surround or advanced resolution stereo. Sitting dead in front of two speakers and listening to an album like this in 24bit/96kHz is something else. All the music just jumps out and envelopes the room. To really take advantage of it, do yourself a favor and turn it up ,this is really where you hear the difference.

For all the delight their fans take in parsing their wry and obstinately obscure lyrics, Steely Dan wouldn't command the kind of following they have if they weren't such consummate craftsmen in shaping melodies, layering keyboard and guitar effects and applying sophisticated doses of jazz, funk and soul. On his own albums, of which Morph the Cat is only the third--and the first since 1993's Kamakiriad--the group's sardonic co-mastermind Donald Fagen avails himself to more socially observant and personally revealing themes. But here, too, it's the music's dark shimmer and bumptious grooves that get under your skin, carrying his serious intentions with them. The grandly allusive "Morph," named after what Fagen describes as a "vast, ghostly cat-thing" that hovers in the Manhattan sky (not unlike Woody Allen's catty mother in "New York Stories"), reflects with no loss of irony or oblique meaning on the angst and sense of loss felt in the post-9/11 world. There are visions of death--including his own--and political oppression. There's a comic romantic encounter with a female airport security guard and a reverent faceoff with the ghost of Ray Charles, whose essence is nailed: "Well, you bring some church but you leave no doubt/As to what kind of love you love to shout about." Even when Fagen's hipster sensibility flirts with preciousness, the music is so richly, radiantly alive, the collective power of the songs can't be denied. Amazon review

Donald Fagen, vocals, Fender piano, piano, organ, melodica solo
Keith Carlock, drums
Freddie Washington, bass guitar
Walt Weiskopf, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone
Mark Patterson, trombone
Lawrence Feldman, clarinet, tenor saxophone, flute
Roger Rosenberg, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
Gordon Gottlieb, percussion
Phonus Quaver, vibes and marimba
plus additional artists, listed in the scanned material


1. Morph the Cat
2. H Gang
3. What I Do
4. Brite Nitegown
5. Great Pagoda of Funn
6. Security Joan
7. Night Belongs to Mona
8. Mary Shut the Garden Door
9. Morph the Cat (Reprise)

DVD-Audio recorded and released 2006

This is a rip of the original 5.1 24/96 6-Channel DVD-Audio to 6-channel wave files, compressed with FLAC. Burn to DVD using your favorite authoring software (I use discWelder CHROME). I must notify you in advance about watermarked DVD-Audio. This rip has been burned and successfully tested on three of my DVD players (Panasonic, Marantz and Oppo), but due to the inherent watermarking of DVD-A, a few DVD standalone models may not play them. You can, however, play ripped and watermarked DVD-Audio on your PC with no problems.

So that you may test the process without downloading the entire 3.2GB rip, I've uploaded a single 24/96 6-channel test file of Track 9 to Rapidshare -- http://rapidshare.com/files/256880939/FaMoCa_test.rar-- that can be burned to DVD using a DVD Audio authoring program. If it plays on your DVD player without stopping after 15 or 20 seconds, the entire DVD-Audio will play without a hitch and you can download all the files in the main link below with confidence and enjoy the phenomenal sound provided by DVD-Audio.


Posted By: busybeingborn Date: 17 Jul 2022 20:20:31
Posted By: luwhuo Date: 17 Jul 2022 21:27:05
Thanks for another GREAT GIFT to us!
Posted By: just-a-newb Date: 17 Jul 2022 21:52:38
Thanks very much - sounds beautiful. The bass on the first track is fantastic.
Posted By: musicman13 Date: 17 Jul 2022 23:01:49
Hope this does ok. GREAT CD! I have taken your advice, and downloaded discwelder. Should be interesting..... THANKS!!!
Posted By: MiguelBandera Date: 18 Jul 2022 03:24:11
Gracias, thank you in many languages, I'm loving this!
Posted By: rsfoto Date: 18 Jul 2022 03:31:37
I don't have a surround system so I made my own new 24-96 stereo mix with Audacity (great free audio editor). I did the same with all VanPelton's previous 6 channel posts. New stereo mixes Sound Great! If you want to try for yourself be sure to lower gain of all channels to -7db to prevent clipping in mixdown. Also adjust the panning to full left for channels 1 & 5 and full right for ch 2 & 6. Leave 3 and 4 at center as they are center bass. Export as FLAC, WAV or AIFF. This gives me a mix that is similar to CD but now is 24-96. Load into iTunes and have fun.
Posted By: libra_vega Date: 18 Jul 2022 11:29:36
VanPelten, this is true reality, this sound is so very good. Thank you!
Posted By: BornToBurn Date: 18 Jul 2022 13:36:36
Your high resolution DVD Audios are positively the best series I've seen posted! Thanks for your great work and awesome collection of music, I look forward to more (leech that I am:).

That's a great idea, and even though I have a 5:1 multi-channel system at home that sounds amazing playing these DVD rips, I'd love to burn one of these high res rips for my car and iPod. I'll give it a try, thanks!
Posted By: cdfreako Date: 18 Jul 2022 16:16:25
Another grand slam of a post, thankyou VP! I've burned several copies of your previous DVD audios for friends and they're raving about how wonderful the remastering and 6channel sound is. Now if only they'd chip in to help me pay for my bandwidth :->
Posted By: huguini Date: 18 Jul 2022 21:24:26
Please, I need help!! I've downloaded this wonderful record, how can I make and burn the dvd-a? I have now the 9 files, but they are flac files, and I can listen to them in my computer, as standard flac files, I mean in stereo. I have discwelder, but diswelder use separate files for each channel and I have 1 file per song. Someone can help me??

Posted By: huguini Date: 18 Jul 2022 21:39:41
Please, need help!!!
I've donwloaded this record, and ended up with 9 flac files, no separate channels to use in discwelder. Is this ok? I've trying to make a dvd-a with these files but couldn't.
Am I doing something wrong?

Posted By: VanPelten Date: 18 Jul 2022 21:58:57
@huguni: you need to extract the flac files to waves BEFORE authoring & burning them with discwelder. I use dbPoweramp to extract...that I know works...but use whatever flac decompressing codec you have...as long as the extractions are uncompressed "as source" and not downsampled to 2 channels. Once you have the waves, drag each wave file to the authoring window, it'll settle there as a 6-track 24/96 file; after they've been assembled, simply burn them to disc with discwelder. The program won't recognize any file format other than MLP and Wave.

PS: you could take the extra step and convert the waves to MLP using Surcode MLP program, but that's tedious and you'll get excellent results if you just decompress the flacs to wave files, author and burn with discwelder.
Posted By: huguini Date: 19 Jul 2022 05:48:46
@VanPelten: thankyou very much!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: komhst Date: 19 Jul 2022 10:42:11
I decompressed those .flac files to multichannel wavs. I tried to burn a DVD-Audio using Disc Welder Chrome. The program reported "unsupported file format" and refused to create the DVD Audio. What am I doing wrong???
Disc Welder Chrome II dosn't recognize flac files, so I had to decompress them to .wav
Posted By: albilliriono Date: 19 Jul 2022 14:22:57
Your dvd audio postings are mind-blowingly good, thank you very much!
Posted By: evangelos1 Date: 19 Jul 2022 18:05:47
Ke allos ektaktos charisma, eycharisto para polli Kyrios Pelten!
Posted By: blairblaine Date: 23 Jul 2022 18:53:45
Wonderful discovery & unsurpassed quality sound! I am amazed by how good your DVD Audio rips sound. More, please:)
Posted By: audio_engr Date: 24 Jul 2022 19:06:15
Hello all: VP thanks for the mindblowing post! How do I convert this multi-channel 24/96 tracks to a 2-ch 48Khz since my dac wont do 96 ? The way to do it would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Posted By: VanPelten Date: 24 Jul 2022 20:43:25
Well, I'm not altogether sure if this will help you, but here's a link that utilizes Foobar with an encoding plugin. If that doesn't work, there's a plethora of experts here who can assist.


Also, I just noticed this comment from a fellow avac-er posting under one of my previous DVD-a rips who accomplished the same thing you're seeking:

"I don't have a surround system so I made my own new 24-48 stereo mix with Audacity (great free audio editor). I did the same with all VanPelton's previous 6 channel posts. New stereo mixes Sounds Great! If you want to try for yourself be sure to lower the gain of each channel by about 5-7db to prevent clipping in the mixdown. Also adjust panning to full left for ch 1 & 5 and full right for ch 2 & 6. Leave 3 and 4 at center as they are center bass. Export as FLAC, WAV or AIFF. This gives me a mix that is similar to CD but now is 24-48. My new Nightfly mix is sounds far superior to my 1980's CD and MFSL vinyl LP. Load into iTunes and have fun."

BTW, not to sound discourteous, but your handle may be a misnomer *grin*. Good luck!
Posted By: audio_engr Date: 27 Jul 2022 19:57:26
hey VP, thanks for all the tips, much appreciated.... ain't a computer buff esp.(with so much of new SW coming out these days to do the same jobs) but an analog one!, highend ofcourse :) Will try out the Audacity.... Thanks once again!
Posted By: ceausuc Date: 06 Aug 2021 11:37:56
To convert to 2 channels I use dbPowerAmp Converter. It has a lot of options, just try it.
Posted By: PainoMan Date: 07 Apr 2022 14:14:37
I don't think it's been clarified if these this and "The Nightfly" DVD-A rips posted are rips of the MLP lossless content or if they are the from the lossy DTS content on the disc.

The only benefit of the DVD-A version of these albums vs. the MVI DVD versions is the lossless multi-channel content. The "advanced resolution" PCM stereo content, and the DTS content is identical on both releases of the Trilogy. If these rips are of the DTS content from the DVD-A releases, then the MVI DVD ISOs are a better option to download, as do not get the bonus tracks and videos on the DVD-A releases.

If you need a stereo version of these, the best mix is the PCM 24/96 (24/48 for "The Nightfly"). I haven't listened to the multi-channel mix on a surround system, but downmixed to 2-channels, the multi-channel mix becomes inferior to the stereo mix. The stereo mixes are absolutely breathtaking!
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