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The Chieftains - Reel Music
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The Chieftains - Reel Music
1991 | Mp3 VBR 192-320 Kbps | 98 Mb
Genere: Celtic/Folk/World/Reggae/Celtic Folk

Reel Music holds a place of honour in my collection, as it was the first Irish/Chieftains CD that I bought. I had been eagerly searching for the score to TNT's "Treasure Island," and was ecstatic when I found this CD. The original release date was 1991 and this album has since been reissued as "Film Cuts," which is still in print in the United States. However, Reel Music boasts additional tracks from the films "Three Wishes for Jamie," "Tristan and Isolde," and "The Year of the French" that were deleted from the reissue. In all, this is an excellent sampler of various musical styles and traditional Irish instruments such as the Irish harp, tin whistle, bodhrán, uilleann pipes (Irish bagpipes), and the tiompán. The music ranges from wistful to suspenseful to exuberant. If you like this CD, I would also recommend "The Ballad of the Irish Horse," which is a Chieftains score to a National Geographic documentary of the same name. "Reel Music" is one CD you won't want to miss!

1. Opening Theme
2. Loyals March
3. Island Theme
4. Setting Sail
5. French Leave
6. Blind Pew
7. Treasure Cave
8. The Hispanola/Silver and Loyals March
9. Love Theme
10. Love Theme
11. The Matchmaking
12. Mountain Fall/Main Theme
13. Love Theme
14. March of the King of Cornwall
15. The Falcon
16. Escape and Chase
17. The Departure
18. Main Theme
19. The French March
20. Cooper's Tune/The Bolero
21. Closing Theme & March

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