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Sına Vodjanı - Zarathustra (2007)
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Sına Vodjanı - Zarathustra (2007)
MP3 | VBR H.Q. 320 Kbps | 144 Mb
Genre: NewAge, Relaxion, Folk, Ethnic, Sacred

Zoroaster lived in Eastern Iran, probably in the 6th century B.C. His teachings have a serious claim to be thought of as the earliest formulation of a monotheistic religion. Certainly his ideas exerted a real influence on later monotheistic creeds such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam, especially as regards ideas about the Last Judgement, Heaven and Hell and the resurrection of the dead. Zoroaster appears to have been the first religious teacher to promulgate such ideas. His ideas, and their expression by his followers, shaped much later religious iconography – notably that of the angels. Central to Zoroastrianism was the idea that the creator Ahura Mazda was opposed by a kind of twin spirit, Angrya Mainyu, a source of violence and evil. Man is free to choose between these two spirits; but Good will eventually triumph. The potential dualism of Zoroaster’s thinking perhaps lay behind such later religious movements as Mithraism and the Manichaeans; perhaps even, through indirect channels, behind such medieval Christian heresies as the Cathars.

Prelude [1:33]
Choupan [6:58]
Ashem Vohu [6:46]
Dear Friend [4:57]
Sacred Fire [5:04]
Don’t Sleep [6:11]
Persepolis [6:07]
Chak Chak [8:09]
Dashti [5:24]
Wings of Love [6:45]
Be the One [1:56]
Emptiness [1:39]
Zarathustra [3:04]
Ahura & The Rising Sun [4:14]
Asha [3:15]

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