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Donna Summer - Bad Girls [Vinyl Rip 16bit / 44kHz CD Compatible]
Posted By : dimiccooo | Date : 28 Feb 2022 19:06:10 | Comments : 2

Donna Summer - Bad Girls [Vinyl Rip 16/44 CD Compatible]
Disco | Flac Audio Separate Tracks | no Logs no Cue | Original Release 1979
Vinyl Rip Legacy Version - Printed in Italy | Label: Casablanca Records
RAR files 480mb | low res. pics included | Rapidshare

Bad Girls is the eighth album by Donna Summer and her third consecutive double album. It was released in 1979 by Casablanca Records, who had had been distributing her work in the U.S. since 1975, and had more or less had full control over distributing her work worldwide since 1977.

By the time Bad Girls was released, Summer felt that Casablanca were exploiting her. Since the release of her breakthrough, the sexually explicit "Love to Love You Baby", Summer had been named "the first lady of love" and her record label were keen for her to keep this image up, despite the fact that she was never truly comfortable with it. She was told how to act and dress, and she had generally lost control over her career. Her management had even begun taking over her personal life - advising her which Doctors and lawyers to use. Summer became very depressed and suffered with insomnia for a time. She visited healers and began taking tablets to aid her sleep. In early 1979, she collapsed from exhaustion.

Artist: Donna Summer
Title: Bad Girls
Year: 1979
Genre: Disco
Label: Casablanca Records
Vinyl Rip 16bit/44kHz
Lagacy Version - Printed in Italy

Tracks listing:

Side A
1. Hot Stuff [05:09]
2. Bad Girls [04:50]
3. Love Will Always Find You [03:55]
4. Walk Away [04:17]

Side B
1. Dim All the Lights [04:37]
2. Journey to the Center of Your Heart [04:32]
4. One Night in a Lifetime [04:08]
5. Can't Get to Sleep At Night [04:34]

Side C
1. On My Honor [03:29]
2. There Will Always Be a You [04:57]
3. All Through the Night [05:53]
4. My Baby Understands [03:53]

Side D
1. Our Love [04:48]
2. Lucky [04:32]
3. Sunset People [05:50]

Tech. Info:

Turntable: Rega Planar P3
Arm: Rega RB300
Cartridge: Denon DL-160 M.C.
Amplifer: Audio Innovation A500-MK2 Improved Phono Stage (12AX7 + 5751 GE)
PC Audio: Creative Audigy S.E.
Software: Adobe Audition 3.0

Posted By: enjopin Date: 28 Feb 2022 19:45:03
Estupendo, muchas gracias
Posted By: 4-F Date: 01 Mar 2022 17:51:05
I like Donna Summer. I'm glad to get a vinyl rip of this one. I have it playing now and it does sound GREAT! Thanks!!
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