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Ayumi Hamasaki (浜崎あゆみ) - SUPER EUROBEAT presents ayu-ro mix

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Ayumi Hamasaki - SUPER EUROBEAT presents ayu-ro mix
Genre: J-Pop, Dance | Lossles: APE+CUE | Lossy: MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 1h:15min:43sec | 592 or 178 Mb
Label: avex trax | Catalog No.: AVCD-11793 | ASIN: B00004Y7YV | February 16, 2022 | Language: Japanese
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“This remix album was released on February 16, 2000. It is the tenth highest selling remix album in world history. The album became the highest selling remix album in Japan of 2000 with 650,000 copies sold. The album became Hamasaki's longest charting remix album with over 31 weeks on the chart.”Wikipedia.org

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• Ayumi Hamasaki (Artist)
• D A I (Composer)
• Dave Rodgers (Arranger)
• Kazuhito Kikuchi (Composer)
• Luca Degani (Arranger)
• Sergio Dall'Ora (Arranger)
• Albert Contini (Arranger)
• Bratt Sinclaire (Arranger)
• Doctor KIM (Composer)
• Laurent Newfield (Arranger)

01. Fly high (Euro-Power Mix)
02. appears (Aggressive Extended Mix)
03. Boys & Girls (A Eurosenti Mix)
04. Depend on you (Eurosenti Mix)
05. monochrome (ayu-ro Extended Mix)
06. too late (Euro-Power Mix)
07. Trauma (Eurobeat Mix)
08. Trust (A Eurobeat Mix)
09. WHATEVER (Sentimental Mix)
10. End roll (ayu-ro Extended Mix)
11. poker face (Eurosenti Mix)
12. YOU (Aggressive Mix)
13. TO BE (Eurobeat Mix)
14. immature (Sweet Mix)
15. kanariya (Power Mix)

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NOTE: You can AT ONCE convert tracks in other format. For this purpose:
a) In play-leaf allocate a track with the right button of the mouse;
b) In the menu choose “Convert => Convert to”
c) Specify a format of a file – for example, *.mp3
Or read further.
02. Вы можете сразу слушать файл Romantic Meditations.ape – например в плеере foobar2000 (Freeware). (ВАЖНО: Не забудьте скачать и установить plug-in Monkey's Audio decoding support!).
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FILE "Romantic Meditations.ape" WAVE
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FILE "Romantic Meditations.ape" WAVE
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FILE "Romantic Meditations.wav" WAVE
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12. After processing you receive some files *.wav (their number to equally quantity of songs on a disk)12. После обработки вы получаете несколько файлов *.wav (их число равно количеству песен на диске)
13. Select them by means of mouse also move in window EAC13. Выделите их мышкой и перетащите в окно EAC
14. EAC transforms *.wav in *.mp3 (or any other format – according to your desire).14. EAC преобразует *.wav в *.mp3 заданного вами качества (или в любой другой формат – по вашему желанию).
15. Enjoy.15. Enjoy.


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