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Ayumi Hamasaki - Mirrorcle World (Jacket A and C)
Genre: J-Pop | MP3 | CBR 320 Kbps | 37min:01sec | 87,3 Mb | Language: Japanese
Label: avex trax | Catalog No.: AVCD-31429 | ASIN: B0015G9CF2 | April 8, 2022

“Ayumi Hamasaki's first single in the year of her tenth anniversary. Includes “Mirrorcle World”, the full-version of the song “Mirror” which is included in the album “Guilty” with only one chorus phrase. Also includes “Life” and 10th Anniversary version of her second single “You”, the song originally recorded in 1998 (for Jacket C: 10th Anniversary version of her fifth single “Depend on you”, the song originally recorded in 1998). Set also includes a bonus DVD with the music video and making-of footage for “Mirrorcle World”.”CDJapan.co.jp

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Ayumi Hamasaki - Mirrorcle World - Bonus DVD (MV)
DVDRip | AVI 640 x 352 (20:11) XviD | Audio: 48000 Hz, 269 Kbps | 9min:36sec | 111 Mb
Genre: J-Pop | Label: avex trax | April 8, 2022 | Language: Japanese

“I loooooooove this single and as Ayu's “10'th Anniversary” single... any Ayu fan... even if you don't usually buy singles... YOU MUST BUY THIS!!! “Mirrocle World” is one of her best vocal performances ever because her voice is heaven and not to mention, sweet & beautiful on the cover. I love you, Ayu!! “Life” is a meaningful beautiful track as well. I must express some dislike towards the main PV though. I love all the scenes except the scene of Ayu in lingerie. I am the most biast and most-loving Ayumi Hamasaki fan on the planet... I usually love EVERYTHING she does... but not that. I was kind of sad. I understand Ayu is a woman and does show her sexiness at times which is good because she's always classy doing it and she's never trashy... but something about this PV... just seems... off. Like the scene with her walking in the jacket and kind of doing sexy expressions... and then, the lingerie scene... hmmm it's just disappointing. I still LOVE the single and I LOVE the video, just not those parts. I'm so sorry, Ayu!! You're still the most amazing and most perfect artist in the world to me! Just please... no more of that. I want AYU, not Koda Kumi.”Customer Review on YesAsia.com

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• Ayumi Hamasaki (Artist, Lyricist)
• Yuta Nakano (Composer)
• Tetsuya Yukumi (Composer)
• CMJK (Arranger)
• Kazuhito Kikuchi (Composer)

Tracklist CD:
01. Mirrorcle World (Original Mix)
02. Life (Original Mix)
03 (Jacket A). YOU (10th Anniversary version) Special track
03 (Jacket C). Depend on you (10th Anniversary version) Special track
04. Mirrorcle World (Instrumental)
05. Life (Instrumental)
06 (Jacket A). YOU (10th Anniversary version ~Instrumental~)
06 (Jacket C). Depend on you (10th Anniversary version ~Instrumental~)

Tracklist DVD:
01. Mirrorcle World (Music Video)
02. Mirrorcle World (Making Clip)

Audio MP3 320 Kbps | Video DVDRip Part 01 | Video DVDRip Part 02

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