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AvaxHome Talks
General Talks (not about AvaxHome)

Inspired by some requests from our members we created this area to give you a place to talk.

Please see this as a temporary test.

The way you use it - or if you use it at all :-) will help us to decide if an enhanced version makes sense for AvaxHome.

There will be no censorship - but AvaxHome rules do fully apply. This means in short: No spamming, no advertizing, not offending other users, no porn, no racism etc.

THIS area is for all talks not about AvaxHome.

Posted By: Bully Date: 18 Aug 2021 14:15:57
To have at least 1 comment, here is the last request:

Posted By: jantine Date: 18 Aug 2021 12:25

About the Soul of Avaxhome

Perhaps it's a good idea to open a discussion on top op AH ...where Avaxhomers can tell there own private view and opinion and there own ideas about bringing back the Soul of Avaxhome. and what perhaps should be done ;-)

That´s really something i miss here ..a place where we can talk..

Posted By: jantine Date: 18 Aug 2021 14:56:42
Vraag je er één dan krijg je er twee :-) Ok sorry for my dutch talking

Tnxxx... But i think one Area was just more then enough..
It's a bit quiet at Avaxhome lately... Perhaps because of the vacations, but i'm also missing a lot of older names and nice people.. In fact i miss a lot of good talking
Now i really hope some of the older members and also new Avaxhomers wants to jump in here and talk about good music or Whatever :-)
Posted By: secret-life Date: 18 Aug 2021 20:11:29
@ jantine

I agree,one Area is enough...unfortunately :(

I really hope people will talk more now...
Posted By: wooster Date: 18 Aug 2021 22:40:02
I like the idea of free speech, but free speech also means to be able to speak freely. This means about everything. Even if it means being politically incorrect, and not having to worry about someone getting offended about whatever.

It seems like it's been years since people were able to speak freely on the Internet or Usenet or IRC because some people would squawk about being offended by something someone said.

We're all big boys (and girls), and we should be able to say anything short of threats to kill. If people cannot speak freely then what's left? Another stifling dictatorship where one cannot say anything for fear of reprisal? That IMO is not free speech. JMNSHO.
Posted By: Foub Date: 18 Aug 2021 23:45:27
I agree with wooster. In order to have true freedom of speech one must be able to speak freely. Some people will get offended at ANYTHING. Yes, there should be responsibility to go along with this, but that only should include things like personal attacks, and the like, or outright hate speech. i.e. "All gays must be killed." Disagreeing with another's religious beliefs, or even exposing a mistaken belief, or outright lie, is not hate speech.

An example of going too far to not offend someone is currently a bishop, in the Netherlands, who wants All Christians to call their god Allah as to not offend Muslims around the world. This is ridiculous.
Posted By: jantine Date: 19 Aug 2021 00:46:08
What has this al to do with a music site ???
The whole internet is full of forums where you can talk about politic and religion

why can't we just talk about something what makes us all happy...music... and leave the shit out of Avaxhome
I asked for this thread. Just for nice talking :-) normal discussions
and now we are already in a discussion about the meaning of free speech. I don't even think about that

We're all big boys (and girls), and we should be able to say anything short of threats to kill.

Yes, And i hope we are all big enough to use our healthy brains ;-)
The world is already difficult enough to live in, its not needed to bring the problems over here.

Posted By: jantine Date: 19 Aug 2021 01:00:36
@foub & @wooster

Do you know the song from Monthy Python...Perhaps you should listen to it a bit more ;-)

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
Posted By: sonjohn Date: 19 Aug 2021 01:06:42
I live in the US and to tell the truth - I would like to see the government system go down. Our democracy has been trashed. Corruption is running ramped.

Just lately the Bush admins conned the congress to pass a spying bill which gives them or the GOVERNMENT unlimited access to e-mails and computer transactions and also gives the host servers (Comcast and others) free abilities to keep track of any web surfing activities to use agains't a person in court. (servers will not be punished for invading ones privacy)

Its like slavery here. Big brother!!

Bush is pure evil. I feel so ashamed. Sorry world. (He's now arming certain eastern countries >>> 30 to 50 billion in arm sales and gifts) (Its the making of WW III)

Any way, I'm going to speak my mind!!!! I will be one of the first to fight back.

Point being, I'm somewhat new to this board and I'm finding out that its a beautiful place - with smart sharing members. People who like good entertainment and knowledge and willing to share for us poorer folks.

Also let me tell you something thats very important to me. I don't have a bank account right now and I can't get a Rapidshare account. I tried to send a money transfer from a number of banks and they want to much for overseas transactions. ($50 bucks for a $6.50 month membership - ha ha)

So, a lot of you make post with other types of host that do a good job of file tranfers. To bad Deposit is now limiting downloads, but there are others >>> and its great. I have found some nice stuff and I feel the board is growing because of it.

This board is so cool >>> I do believe it will turn into one of the best sites on the web.

Power, Love and Freedom to us all. XXX
Posted By: alinausa Date: 19 Aug 2021 01:38:52
watch this video. leave your comment in here. Video is astonishing to me.
Posted By: Foub Date: 19 Aug 2021 01:43:00
jantine, this is not just a music site. There are many religious and political books and videos posted on here as well. Many that are quite questionable as well.

You seem to have not have read the title of this section. Let me show it to you. AMC "Free Speech" Area General Talks.

BTW, sonjohn, the USA is not and has never been a democracy. If it were it wouldn't be in the mess it is now since it would be more responsible to the people there. The USA is a Constitutional Republic with a democratic tradition. Canada is a democracy.
Posted By: fintje Date: 19 Aug 2021 02:04:56


If you look into the URL-Line of your browser, you will see, that this thread is located in the music-section of AH and that's good because the need and the request is/came from there.


Now a point, where I'm not quit sure, if it belongs to the AvaxHome-related thread or if ftp2share is independent from AH and therefor the right place is here. If I made the wrong decision and the other thread is for AH and it's daughters, somebody should be so kind, to move it to there.

surprise - surprise

Yesterday, the uploads to "Uploading.com" for the first time worked well - and today, it's replaced by "EasyShare.com"

Ever heard one of Murphy's famous laws: "Never change a running system"

Or can it be, that "EasyShare.com" pays better than "Uploading.com" ?

Posted By: Foub Date: 19 Aug 2021 02:07:36
The title still says general.
Posted By: hlloyge Date: 19 Aug 2021 02:08:28
sonjohn, you can ask someone who has PayPal account to buy you RS account, and you give that person money and sometime download something for that person.
As for democracy, don't really get ME started - I went away from one very popular forum because of flaming on that topic :) freedom of speech really doesn't exist, neither freedom exists in it's true form. None of us is free. We just pretend that we are.
(we need better forum software for these kinds of discussion... on which CMS is this site going on?)
Posted By: Foub Date: 19 Aug 2021 02:56:57
What need is there of a general freedom of speech thread in a music section? Plus there is another thread in the music section that concerns freedom of speech in AvaxHome itself. Both of which had given the impression that they weren't just about music either.
Posted By: wooster Date: 19 Aug 2021 03:56:15
@ jantine: maybe two songs would be appropriate for you:

1) Don't Worry, Be Happy
2) Kumbaya

Sorry my dear but in the real world not everyone wants to hold hands and pretend they're happy with things on Planet Earth.

Ahh for the old days of being able to sound off freely in Usenet, Internet and IRC!!!

@Foub: Yes, Canada is a democracy but thanks to 50+ years of Liberal mis-rule, this country has gone to hell in a handcart. Too soft, too whiney, too dependent upon a nannystate. Too bad we weren't a Republic like a few other countries: we'd actually have more rights and freedoms.
Posted By: Bully Date: 19 Aug 2021 04:07:47


OK, to clear some "mysteries" I should add some words. I use foub's last comment because it fits best.

"What need is there of a general freedom of speech thread in a music section?"

These two tests are for the FULL AvaxHome, not just for music. But every publicaton needs a secton where it is hosted. I selected "Music" for it because it is the largest section at AvaxHome and because almost all asks we had for a place to talk came from members who mainly enjoy music.

"Plus there is another thread in the music section that concerns freedom of speech in AvaxHome itself."

Correct. The "AvaxHome" area is for discussing everything direct related to AvaxHome - it can be about bugs of our software, about Avaxhome rules, about what you like or do not like about AvaxHome and so on. The "General" section is for everything NOT direct related to Avaxhome itself.

"Both of which had given the impression that they weren't just about music either."

That is fully correct. Music section is just hosting this test (see above)

Depending on how this test runs, we could either add a main section "AH Talks" or install a full forum software. But at least this test will show if there is something left from the old AvaxHome community or if the majority of our current members is more the warez-kiddie-type :-)

Please do not stress the term "Free Speech" too much :-) Our intention was not to give a place were you can talk what is forbidden everywhere else on the internet :-)

Please see it as a place where you can talk or ask questions which do not fit into normal comments of a normal publication. A place where you can write what otherwise could not have been written because of no fitting publication.

A place where newbies can find a helping hand from experienced members, a place were you can proudly announce the birth of your new child, a place which gives you the proof that you are not alone at AvaxHome.

A place were you will find friends from very different countries, very different cultures, religions and lifestyle.

_IF_ discussions like politics, religion etc comes up, we exspect that you treat them with respect against each other. But please think twice if this is really the right place for this.

We also exspect that we have no need to regular jump in to take control - it is your place and you should keep it at a good condion yourself. We MIGHT have a regular look here and if we feel comfortable and welcome, it MIGHT happen hat we sometimes join talks.

BTW: Yes, of course you can talk about music here ;-)

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

(John Lennon)

Posted By: Bully Date: 19 Aug 2021 04:33:56

@ fine

Ah, I just see the comment you wrote while I wrote mine. Yes, you are very close :-)

Yes, It was a "Quickshot". To avoid the need of finding a good picture, I just openend one of my old AMC publications to copy the html code (as you see on AMC Requests or the old guidelines). And, OF COURSE, TDz still has not fixed the html bug :-) so I had no other choice as hunting for a real picture. Not an easy task nowing how critical our members can be even about pictures. :-)) The title then changed fitting to the pitcure. And after 2 other bugs, including "Permission denied" I just wanted it to get out, no matter of AMC relicts from the old publication I started with.

OK, enough written. I do not want to rename this place to "Talk with Bully" :-))
Posted By: sonjohn Date: 19 Aug 2021 07:39:07
MUSIC - Freedom of speech and music? What?

That goes without saying, unless one lives in China.

What really needs to be said is for the people of the world to say STOP. Stop supporting the war machines. (AS A MASS - STOP PAYING TAXES)

And start writing love songs again.

Where are the love songs nowdays.

Sign of the times members.

Guess I was confused about this forum - still not sure what is to be talked about.

Please Q me in. AMC (American Motors company)
Posted By: jantine Date: 19 Aug 2021 11:21:23

1) Don't Worry, Be Happy
2) Kumbaya

Sorry my dear but in the real world not everyone wants to hold hands and pretend they're happy with things on Planet Earth.

Good songs :-) special the first one

i live long enough on the same planet you do ;-) i don't think you have to tell me how the real world is
we see enough shit on tv or have to face in real live
i don't expect everone wants to hold or to shake hands, but is it so diffecult to keep those things seperate from Avaxhome.
When i logged in at Avaxhome i don't want think at all the shit in the world ;-)
And when i talked about the soul of Avaxhome then i see it more as a place where music and people connect!
Posted By: RFdamaged Date: 19 Aug 2021 14:14:02
The current state of "free speech" in America...

Aay! (That's "Eh!" in Canadian)
I'm looking for collections of Russian/FSU/Tatar "pop top-###" from late 1990s to present (mp3) for my wife. Can anyone post or direct me to a good site? Thanx!

Posted By: hlloyge Date: 19 Aug 2021 14:22:01

"Depending on how this test runs, we could either add a main section "AH Talks" or install a full forum software."

If we were to talk various themes, then this would be really needed, so we can create threads with topics of interests. This site is good as it is, it is clean, I guess it's run on some Blog CMS, so that shouldn't be so hard.
Posted By: nopub Date: 19 Aug 2021 17:22:22

Freespeech is a mirage. Freespeech is not for AvaHome where I'm happy to find music and films, crippled 24/7 on a f* bed I like to hear all kind of music and to see any film I can catch.
But freespeech is a dream, AvaHome is no dream.
That's my dichotimy Mr Spoke.
Posted By: owenscott Date: 19 Aug 2021 22:35:06
true democracy is mob rule. Thats why in america they dont have it. Couldnt vote on top secret stuff if everybody had to know about it to vote on it...
Posted By: Bully Date: 20 Aug 2021 01:18:19


These areas were created to give you a place to talk to each other. I had not the slightest idea that most talks would be about the too quick selected title "Free Speech" :-)

Why the hell must EVERYTHING at AvaxHome be soooo difficult?

OK, now these pages are called "AvaxHome Talks" and have new pictures. You can also no longer find the "magic" letters "AMC" :-) I did NOT change the URLs to take care for all the members who have bookmarked them.

Feel free to discuss change to other pictures or other titles and tell me your wishes AFTER you found a solution ALL do agree. ;-)
Posted By: wooster Date: 20 Aug 2021 03:31:48
I'd like to see a full forum where everything is wide open for discussion, religion and politics included because when politicians and politically correct nimrods ram sh*t down everyone's throats and tells them what to believe it's somewhere between brainwashing and total bullsh*t.

I've seen posts that would interest those with a passion for history, geography and religion. Sometimes they're combined in a book, movie or documentary. With so many here that are either religious, atheists and non-committed to anything there's room for discussing religion and politics including 'touchy' areas like Christianity, Judaism an Islam.

Between the religious and historical, between those three religions are the crux of what's festering in the world. If people want to post materials for viewing then we should be able to continue to comment on them, praise them or criticize them. I've seen it, and added to it on occasion. People will continue to add comments vis a vis Creationism vs Evolution, The One true God of Heaven vs a plethora of mythical gods and myriads of false gods.

And if anyone knows of a religious/political board that is wide open, allows for free speech including personal attacks or flaming let me know. I've joined a few here and there, and finally left because it was like watching kindergarden kiddies throwing their juice bottles when others won't 'play nice', and too many mods who come across like prissy school teachers.

So free speech is free speech, or should be - including the right to tell someone they're right, wrong or just plain nuts.

@ ownscott "true democracy is mob rule". So true. Reminds me of a quote by Winston Churchill 'Democracy is the worst form of government - except for all the others.'

I miss the old, wide open Usenet. No holds barred, loads of fun! LOL!!!
Posted By: sonjohn Date: 20 Aug 2021 04:41:11
"AvaxHome-Music-Community" Oh, I see.

Freedom of speech >>>>>> Never mind.
Posted By: nopub Date: 20 Aug 2021 06:52:29
I do not consider a crowded concert like a mass celebration.
I see no communion in earing music together in an assembly.
Music like any other form of art is individually interpreted by the perceiver.
The meaning of communion is to think together the same on a defined subject.
To achieve a communion in music we have to add something to the music (the image of the interpret, the given meaning of the concert etc) that's killing the essence of the music itself.
Anyway these conceptions are not universal.
Free speech is like music, you're obliged to respect the rules, but you're free to dislike what you ear.
By the way I've nothing to say and I wanted to say it.
Posted By: Bully Date: 20 Aug 2021 09:42:59

@ nopub

"I've nothing to say and I wanted to say it."

Even these wise words proof that you have a lot to say :-)

You see, we do not want to create another discussion site for earthshaking topics. We mainly wanted to close a gap in current form of AvaxHome by provoding a place were people can free write what they cannot write otherwhere at AvaxHome.

But main aim of AvaxHome was, is and will be to give people from all over the world access to books, music, magazines etc. they otherwise cannot get their hands on. I live in a rich contry and can buy almost anything I want, but private talks with our users confirm me often hat this is not the "normal" level for all people.

"But freespeech is a dream, AvaHome is no dream."

Yes, AvaxHome is real. How close it comes to a dream does more depend on our members as on us.

We provide a service, the needed technics, our members fill it with content. We give some rules to avoid chaos and keep at least some level of quality of the provided material, but in the end our members decide what content is provided.

You can "say" a lot by providing material yourlsef. You can make people listen to what concerns you by providing fitting books, music, video or whatever fits best. And, what many people oversee, you can of course provide own works where you hold the copyrights :-) If you've written a novel or poetry, publish it here. If you created your own music, publish it here. You can reach about 1 million of visitors and members - at least some of them might show interest.

Just a suggestion. Of course you can also be a more passive member, enjoying what is offered.
Posted By: nopub Date: 20 Aug 2021 10:01:07
Thanks bully for your answer.

Yeah I can say I've nothing to say, I mean seriously.
However your're right I've lotta things to say, but that's poetry.
is a place (in French) where I offer some works.

But I'm not sure if exchanging ideas is right.
Searching for it, digging it seems more real.
I fear when too many people are talking some feel ignored and used some unusual expedients to show the world they exist. They are not the worst of the planet, as you said it well, in a rich country we are very soon confrontated with the reality of... money.
The power wants all and wants you to obey. They are the great danger. Terrorists are only these voices forgotten in the desert of our souls.

Posted By: Bully Date: 20 Aug 2021 10:38:31

@ nopub

"s a place (in French) where I offer some works."

I KNEW you have something to say ;-) But sorry, I do not speak french language.

And I also cannot tell you how many people would show interest if you publish some of your works here.

But at least since 3 weeks we do have the section


Yes, it's a shame, somehow both Avax and me forgot to create a section for poetry. But secret-life reminded me while posting Leonard Cohen poetry books :-)

There is much I could write to the other part of your comment. But time is rather short for me. Besides my real job in the real world I already spend much to much time for AvaxHome :-) And I also do not want to flood this area with my comments - that is not what it is created for :-) So let me say in short: I understand what you describe. And I hope our members will think a bit before quick attacking your last sentence ;-)
Posted By: ferritos Date: 21 Aug 2021 03:25:21
Hey, does anyone knows what happens with RapidShare.com?

There's no way to connect, it's down for a long while yet

Do you have the same problem?

Posted By: fintje Date: 21 Aug 2021 03:48:12
Yep, RS.com seems to be down arround the world
Posted By: Svenny Date: 21 Aug 2021 03:51:47
They got raided --- "Worldwide Clean The Rabbit" campaign successful - according to Reuters :)
Posted By: inem Date: 24 Aug 2021 00:58:45
RE :
Posted By: alinausa Date: 19 Aug 2021 01:38
watch this video. leave your comment in here. Video is astonishing to me.

That video is the true example of how one should not mess with bull(y).
Posted By: mexpiracy Date: 29 Aug 2021 16:05:56
If you´re in the USA, and your ISP is Cox Communications, read this please:

The Howell family of Scottsdale, Arizona has been found guilty of copyright infringement after an investigative team hired by recording labels discovered copyrighted material being shared on Mr. Howell's computer through the Kazaa P2P program.

As Digital Music News first reported, Judge Neil Wake's judgment order clearly states the Howell's home IP address had been turned over to the court by Cox Communications, the Howells' broadband provider. The recording companies (essentially the membership of the RIAA, acting individually) then hired MediaSentry Services to look into the contents of the Howell's shared folder, at least for one of their two computers. There the firm found 2,329 MP3 tracks, many of which were later identified as works copyrighted by the plaintiffs.

Mr. Howell's defense was that 1) he was at work at the time MediaSentry detected his shared folder at home, so he wasn't really the person distributing the files at the time; 2) he legally purchased all the tracks in that shared folder; 3) those files had originally been in a non-shared folder, but some hacker probably found a way of moving them into the shared folder.

That defense didn't fly.

Under federal law, Judge Wake wrote, "Distribution of copyrighted material need not involve a physical transfer." Then citing US code, he added, "'[T]he owner of a collection of works who makes them available to the public may be deemed to have distributed copies of the works' in violation of copyright law."

So Howell didn't need to be home at the time, and sharing doesn't require his physical presence. That's a case that P2P proprietors have made in their own defense in the past; this time, it worked against the defendant.

The judge cited previous rulings where Napster users were found guilty of infringement by virtue of having installed Napster and having songs in their shared folder. He then said Kazaa was basically the same: "Several cases suggest that Kazaa users commit direct infringement by employing the Kazaa program to make their collections of copyrighted sound recordings available to all other Kazaa users."

While declining to dispute the fact that the recording companies owned the songs in question, Howell apparently tried to make the case that since he owned the tracks of the songs in question, then placing them on his computer constituted fair use. So the matter of where he placed them on his computer should be immaterial.

Swing and a miss, strike three. "The question is not whether Howell owned legitimate copies of some of the sound recordings on CD," Judge Wake concluded, "but instead whether he distributed copies of the recordings without authorization. Howell's right to use for personal enjoyment copyrighted works on CDs he purchased does not confer a right to distribute those works to others without Plaintiffs' authorization."

Mr. Howell has been fined $40,850 in penalties and court costs, which will probably be the end of it unless he files an appeal. The recording companies had been trying to leverage an Arizona law called "marital community liability," under which the wife may be equally guilty for offenses committed by the husband which she did nothing to stop, but the judge stopped short of going down that road.
(End of comment - h__p://www.betanews.com/article/Court_Rules_Sharing_Music_is_Illegal_Even_if_Nobody_Downloads_It/1188323085)

So, if COX is providing info about your IP and YOUR personal info so easily:
Watch out, maybe time to change your ISP.
Posted By: Bully Date: 29 Aug 2021 22:17:10

@ mex

"So, if COX is providing info about your IP and YOUR personal info so easily:"

ALL ISPs (in countries with working law system) will provide such information.

In Germany for example a new law forces all ISPs to collect FULL connection logs about any connection you make, any page you call etc. and store this information for full 6 months. As far as I heard, even the headers of emails need to be stored. Same for any number you dial on your mobile phone.

But before a judge gives permission that the ISP has to give all information there must be some evidence about you.

Using P2P networks is the most stupid way to do your downloads. At same moment you log into the P2P network, your IP address and the list of everything you offer is broadcasted worldwide. Since years there are modified versions of P2P clients which do not really take part in sharing - what they do instead is nothing but collecting all this ifnforamtion every P2P users gives out himself. And for the "clever" ones not offering any own stuff: Everything you download is at same time offered by you. People still using P2P for sharing material they do not hold copyrights are just playing russian roulette :-)

Most secure are still PASSIVE downloads, for example the well known usenet (or newsgroups as mny call it now) available since 1978 :-) But most ISPs do not carry the full usenet groups for legal reasons.
Posted By: mexpiracy Date: 30 Aug 2021 05:55:31
@ bully:
of course you´re right. P2P is for kiddy idiots.
But, if RIAA only need to ask: give me info - and they get it...
AND ! if you can be punished without sharing, only for having files in a share-folder... well, where will this end.
Man, there´s a knife in my kitchen - they chain me up in prison for being a killer ?
And, yeah, Mr. Boy George Bush and his Big Brother dream: All emails will be read and controlled and so on and so on. Terrorists, Latinos: kill a fly with a H-bomb.

Good thing: It´s just too much to follow the cases.
Bad thing: It was never easier to do it.

Well, for some reason we are proud to be pirates...
Ah, I forget: - Google-like search engine freelancer !
Posted By: Bully Date: 30 Aug 2021 23:32:11

@ mex

"AND ! if you can be punished without sharing, only for having files in a share-folder..."

Isn't "having files in a share-folder" haring? ;-))

BTW, to have full proof they just need to ask your client to send 1 little block of each of your offered files.

"well, where will this end."

Let me answer with a short quote from a Leonard Cohen song:

Give me absolute control
over ev'ry living soul
I've seen the future, baby,

Posted By: mexpiracy Date: 31 Aug 2021 03:46:34
@ bully:
Isn't "having files in a share-folder" haring? ;-))

well, I own a Van - Am I a Bus Company ?

But, most important:
All this stinky Kacke doesn´t bother me at all !
Doesn´t change my behaviour or down/up-loads.

All 4 today, have to enjoy a beautiful post that I recently downloaded from AH.
BJH Live - Man, my vinyl was almost transparent...
Posted By: Bully Date: 01 Sep 2021 02:14:52

@ mex

>> Isn't "having files in a share-folder" haring? ;-))

> well, I own a Van - Am I a Bus Company ?

How shall I know? I do not even know if you also have a bus :-)

OK, a van can be used for many different things. You wrote "own", not drive, so I guess you either use it to listen your old 8-tracks or to have sex. :-) A SHARE-folder is for sharing, or what else? Eh ... moment ... now I understand. You are no bus company, you have a brothel-on-wheels, right? ;-))

>All this stinky Kacke doesn´t bother me at all !
Doesn´t change my behaviour or down/up-loads.

If you would still ive in the country you're born, you might see it a bit different :-) On the other hand, I do not think that you are so stuopid to stay 24h each day online in P2P networks.

> BJH Live - Man, my vinyl was almost transparent...

Barclay James Harvest? Seems I really should more often check what publications we have online :-)

Posted By: mexpiracy Date: 01 Sep 2021 07:45:51
@ bully:
You are no bus company, you have a brothel-on-wheels, right? ;-))

Eh, what ? Man I think I´m too young for getting this. Can you please explain, what SEX is ?

Van: is a 2005 Model. No 8-tracks. DVD, MP3player.

And, no, I never use P2P.
And, yeah. - there "back home" all is a bit different.

BJH: superb ! and even lossless ! Love this guy... (hope it was a girl...)
and no, I still don´t know what sex means...
Posted By: Bully Date: 02 Sep 2021 01:53:28

@ nosexpiracy

"BJH: superb ! and even lossless ! Love this guy... (hope it was a girl...)
and no, I still don´t know what sex means... "

OK ... I c ... at least you know that girls exists :-)) So there is still hope left.

It's hard that **I'' have to say this, but perhaps you should spend less time at AvaxHome and take more time to explore the real world around you. ;-) With a bit of luck your knowledge might increase :-))

And now crawl to your record collection, grab your old Ian Dury & the Blockheads vinyl and play it LOUD :-)

Sex and drugs and rock and roll
Is all my brain and body need
Sex and drugs and rock and roll
Are very good indeed

Posted By: wooster Date: 11 Sep 2021 22:28:51
And on another note: would the Mods consider a page where people could post their 'wish list', example: Weight Watchers software in English?

Really weird, the AH pages are still loading so slowly, can't figure out why the slow down over the past week.
Posted By: Bully Date: 12 Sep 2021 23:12:08

@ wooster

Wouldn't both of your questions better fit to the other talks page ABOUT AvaxHome? This page is for anything NOT about AvaxHome. :-)

"would the Mods consider a page where people could post their 'wish list', example: Weight Watchers software in English?"

We already have a request page for music since 15 months:


and wanted to also give such service for ebooks. Simple problem is: So far no-one of our team is willing to spend time to handle such page. You see, to be able to edit / delete the comments written by all members you need high system level, so only a member of our team can do it. Of course you can TRY to PERSUADE TDz or Torai for doing such a job ;-)))

"Really weird, the AH pages are still loading so slowly, can't figure out why the slow down over the past week."

Normally I would say: "TDz is playing with the servers configurations :-)" but as it seems TDz is still lost somewhere in nirvana.
Posted By: LQ Date: 13 Sep 2021 20:51:37
Normally I'm to busy downloading to chit-chat. However, here is a snippet from a comment I've made elsewhere:

Currently, depending on time of day, either Rapidshare, Megaupload, or Filefactory may offer a download speed of 300+ KB/sec. Rapishare used to be the most reliable. No longer. Currently, I'm downloading at 50 KB/sec. What's worse is I'm on my third link and I've already had two broken connections. Now, I know there are many Rapidshare fanatics roaming this site, but face facts. Rapidshare has had a significant deterioration in service in the past month. Moreover it isn't my connection. A couple of days ago, while Rapidshare was in the toilet, I was able to download from MediaFire at 650 KB/sec. Since the Rapidshare quality is a function of the time of day, I suspect they are overloaded. Now I'm not not saying that Filefactory or MegaUpload are better that Rapidshare. Rather that there are times when they are, and it is nice to have choices.

All just my experience.


Now down to 25 KB/sec; this is painful.

Since this topic is not confined to a specific download, I thought I'd bring it here. While I was opposed to the earlier mandatory usage of ftp2share, Rapidshare's deterioration (IMO) makes ftp2share a desirable (optional) alternative.

Posted By: Bully Date: 14 Sep 2021 02:40:24

@ LQ

About "slow" RS:

Did you try to test the other servers RS offers you for each download? Depending on routing (to the country you live) some servers are slow, others are fast. The server RS selects for you by default does not take care about routing, just about current number of users. Try the servers on the list, notice which ones are fast for you, and with next download just selct one from your own favorite list.

Posted By: BlackwatchPlaid Date: 14 Sep 2021 04:16:27
Never noticed a deterioration on RS. If anything, they have been getting better. This download was from 15 minutes ago, coming in at 175 K/s on a DSL connection:


I would take Bully's advice to heart, or else enable direct downloads (if you are premium).
Posted By: nopub Date: 14 Sep 2021 14:22:48
@ LQ

Verify too if your ISP is getting slow time to time with some connections.
The bottleneck can be everywhere along the chain, not especially at the end.
And the route is different for all of us.
But do not judge performance on a day or two. Make it along a week or more.
When using Flashget and a Premium account you can set up the speed of your connection.
See it automatic, the fastest.
Posted By: LQ Date: 14 Sep 2021 22:06:54
Rapidshare is being painful again. Just had to make four attempts to download one 100MB file. The file would come in very slow and finally the connection would just break. Very frustrating.

@ Bully

For the above file RapidShare presented only two options - TeliaSonera & Cogent. It made no difference which one was used.

@ nopub

While I was having the above problem with RapidShare I also was downloading from Filefactory @ 250 KB/sec. At other times I have had a similar dichotomy between RapidShare's speed and the speed of other services. This would imply to me that I'm connected to the net just fine.

@ fine

If the speed of the RapidShare connection was consistently slow then I believe your hypothesis would be more likely. Instead it fluctuates through the day. I haven't keep perfect statistics, but what I've observed is consistent with an overloading - first in Europe and then in North America - i.e. there is a double trough in the downloading speed. I'm toying with the idea of timing my more lengthy RapidShare downloads to avoid those troughs.
Posted By: LQ Date: 16 Sep 2021 20:20:16
Rereading my above comment, I fear I may be misconstrued as one of those Rapidshare haters one observes in the comments upon occasion. Such is not the case; I've always considered it to be the premier hosting service. It's just that its service has for me significantly deteriorated in the past month. It's still among the best, but now at a particular time it may be among the worst. These times don't last. So I've had to adopt a policy of "Git while the gittin' is good". I didn't post here yesterday because RapidShare was just fine and so I was busy. One would believe it was a function of my net connection except that when RapidShare is bad, I can download from another service at high speed. Unfortunately, the fact that I have time to comment here now means that currently RapidShare is coming in at about 25 KB/sec. :(

Oops, just speeded up see you later. :)
Posted By: Bully Date: 17 Sep 2021 02:36:34

@ LQ

Sorry that you still have problems with RS. As already suggested by somone else, it might has to do with routing to your country. If you trace the routing (Windows commandline: TRACERT command) you perhaps find more insight. As tracert will show you, you never have a "direct" connection between you and other servers like RS. Depending on country many different backbones and gateways are taking part in delivering the data from RS to your personal system. The bottleneck causing the problems can be anywhere on the routing.

When a large backbone breaks down you sometimes can see very strange roting because of the missing backbone. For example, a dataconnection between Germany and Austria (which are very close) might result in routing from Germany to the USA which routes back to Switzerland and than to Austria :-) Such bad routings will cause delays (and nurden the transatlantic lines). But tracetoute is a good friend to keep you at least informed what's treally going on.

About the "list of just 2 selections": Depends on uploader. In most cases you will see a much larger list.

Posted By: LQ Date: 20 Sep 2021 19:56:49
@ Bully

I've started playing with Tracert, but am still learning. Thanks. Also, I agree that "In most cases you will see a much larger list" of download options.

On another topic, I first came to AvaxHome a number of years ago from a link on Revolver's Popular Toolz (apparently now defunct). Most download sites were run by an individual (or very small group) and had essentially the same offerings. AvaxHome with its worldwide community of contributers was different. You never knew what delightful contribution from someone dwelling in a far away land would appear. Personal circumstances dictated my absence for more than a year. When I returned, the same marvelous idiosyncratic offerings were available, but there was a change - a very enjoyable change. Before the music offerings were ... anemic. but when I returned there was a musical cornucopia. To the extent that you are in anyway responsible for this metamorphosis, I would like to thank you.
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 21 Sep 2021 04:15:56
@ LQ:
You´re not alone. At local time 10:00 am to 4 pm (GMT - 6h) I also have a RS download speed of between 20 and 60 kB.
And so do other "neighbours" around here. Means also different ISPs (DSL, cable etc) So we download later in the evening, or best: nighthours - and full speed is provided.

The 2 download mirrors only appears if RS has many connections. If you check the same link later, after the rush hour, same link offers up to 8 links.

And same as you: all other share servers are offering full speed at RS sleepy time.
Of course normal Internetspeed is also always the same.
It´s just RS.

(Ah, and even uploading depends on which time you upload - and I really have a slow upload speed...)

Too lazy to trace the reason why, but RS is involved as sometimes offering only 2 links and later 8.
Posted By: LQ Date: 21 Sep 2021 05:49:41
@ mad-mex

Thanks for the response.

re. I also have a RS download speed of between 20 and 60 kB.

Is this a recent phenomena (last couple of months), or has it been going on for considerably longer?
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 21 Sep 2021 06:12:12
@ LQ:
this started for us about 3 weeks ago.

Right now, almost midnight, full speed !
So downloadmanager will run whole nite thru...
Posted By: LQ Date: 21 Sep 2021 17:18:32
@ mad-mex

Thanks. That's consistent with my experience.
Posted By: roybaty Date: 26 Sep 2021 23:22:16
anyone know what happened to demonoid?...thx!
Posted By: hobobill Date: 27 Sep 2021 06:04:31
word has it that demonoid was taken down by the canadian copyright protection police.
Posted By: hobobill Date: 27 Sep 2021 23:36:00
now i heard it's a massive server rebuild and they'll be back soon.
Posted By: LQ Date: 30 Sep 2021 22:52:51
Further evidence of a deterioration in Rapidshare's service is the number of

Too many users downloading right now. Please try again in two minutes

messages that I have received in the last two days.
Posted By: LQ Date: 03 Oct 2021 18:17:12
Well the

Too many users downloading right now. Please try again in two minutes

message is all I've been able to get from Rapidshare for over an hour... i.e. I've tried more than 30 times only to be rebuffed. Now others may claim that Rapidshare's service hasn't deteriorated, but either their experience is very different from mine or they are in denial. Not only has it deteriorated, but it continues to deteriorate. Sad, very sad. :(
Posted By: BlackwatchPlaid Date: 04 Oct 2021 02:15:36
Very odd you are having these problems, LQ. Haven't noticed a single problem on my end at all. 180 k/s down all night, able to get 15 archives at once.
Posted By: inem Date: 05 Oct 2021 16:24:16
LQ, this might help :

1. October 2007 - More servers coming soon

Unfortunately right now there are some speed issues appearing on the weekends and/or some free users being unable to always get a free download slot because our infrastructure is on its limit. We are working hard to fix this problem and we are looking forward to enable the new servers within the next two weeks. Rapidshare.com - News
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 05 Oct 2021 16:57:23
Yep, the "slow" time now is shorter - and even faster. Min. download speed lies now about 50 kbs, average about 70 kbs.
But full speed comes earlier than before.
And @ BlackwatchPlaid:
Nighttime is the right time.
Full speed now since 17:00 (GMT -6).

Applies to both: Free and Premium downloads.
Posted By: m.rhythms Date: 05 Oct 2021 18:26:09
Too many users downloading right now. Please try again in two minutes

messages that I have received in the last SEVEN days.
so.. goodbye to the good music for me...

Posted By: LQ Date: 07 Oct 2021 18:19:43

Thanks for the info ... and for the quality of your movie offerings. :)


I try to distinguish between the trend line and random fluctuations on that trend. Hopefully inem's news is a harbinger of a turn for the better.
Posted By: wooster Date: 09 Oct 2021 17:22:49
@Alexpal or any Mods:

Would anyone know what's happening with the gfx world site? I haven't been able to reach the site at all for quite a while now and keep getting the following error message:

SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/srv/mysql/var/mysql.sock' (111)
Warning: Unknown: open(/tmp/sess_2fbb2db776380c944cf9089c74609dca, O_RDWR) failed: Read-only file system (30) in Unknown on line 0

Warning: Unknown: Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct () in Unknown on line 0

Is that site gone for good now?
Posted By: LQ Date: 17 Oct 2021 19:54:16
Well I'm still waiting for the new RapidShare capacity (that inem mentioned) to appear. Meanwhile, I see that RapidShare has resuscitated its download ticket with waits of 2.5 minutes. Just great!
Posted By: m.rhythms Date: 18 Oct 2021 01:56:32
here my ticket for "time_to_waste_share":

I Hope rapidshare Die.. and burn to the hell forever!
Posted By: MAZ Date: 20 Oct 2021 10:42:03
Rapidshare service is always Excellent For me ,,, the Download speed is always great regarding my connection speed ........
Posted By: LQ Date: 06 Nov 2021 21:43:53
I'm currently downloading three files simultaneously - one from Rapidshare, one from Depositfiles and lastly one from Pointupload. All are coming in slowly, but the slowest is Rapidshare. Plenty of "time on my hands", so I thought I'd make a comment.

Back to thumb twiddling. :(
Posted By: LQ Date: 08 Nov 2021 15:36:13
There is clearly a bias in my series of comments regarding RapidShare's service. Typically, I come here only when I'm having a problem. There are many times when everything is fine. Long ago as my comments indicated there is a diurnal cycle to the good and bad times. Superimposed on this cycle is an apparently random enhancement/degradation overlay (usually lasting ~6 hours) that can exaggerate or mitigate the underlying diurnal pattern. Currently I'm downloading on a free basis


That I would even attempt such a undertaking indicates that I expect extended periods of favorable performance.
Posted By: MAZ Date: 26 Nov 2021 07:47:07
hi , how do "FREE USERS" evaluate the the performance of depositefiles.com ?
for me ,, I Have 2 MB connection and the best download speed i can get from depositefiles.com is 15 Kbps ,, it's frustrating indeed and i want to know if other free users of depositefiles get the same speed or better , i've done everything i can to get a better download speed from depositefiles but nothing seems to help ,,,,,,, for me depositefiles is a nightmare .....
Posted By: BlackwatchPlaid Date: 27 Nov 2021 02:14:30
depositfiles is a terrible file hoster that is only used in the efforts of trying to make money from others' downloads.
Posted By: LeHook Date: 19 Dec 2021 16:40:03
I beleive I have cured my 'mutiple replies' syndrome.
Searching the site for answers was fruitless.
Hope this will help some others.

Using Firefox with the NoScript addon will block something coming from Yanex.ru.
This caused a stall (blank page) and my reply would eventually show up mutiple times.
Since Yanex.re is now allowed in NoScript, I no longer have that problem.

Didn't know exactly where to post this. Hope it's OK.
I'm new here and really diggin' the place.
Posted By: LeHook Date: 19 Dec 2021 16:42:21
It appears, not. :P
It did help all day, today.
Posted By: Bully Date: 22 Dec 2021 11:27:08

@ LeHook

As you already noticed, or software has it's own way to make yiz happy :-))
I'll delete the 2 copies now.

At the moment there is really NO perfect solution, sorry. The hints I already gave will also not solve the problem, but lower the pain and stress a bit.


We did not ignore LedAstray's comment :-) He sent same as PM to Avax and me, so we both answered in PM - before even seeing the public version.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Posted By: mad-mex Date: 19 Jan 2022 20:49:04
As Rapidshare is down: Can anyone confirm this ????

'As of 19 January 2022 16:00 GMT, Rapidshare AG's servers were shutdown by anti-piracy authorities in Germany. More than hundreds of Rapidshare servers were seized from their offices in Berlin although no arrests were made. Sources said, authorities are contemplating pursuing legal action against users who distribute and download pirated copies of software and movies from these servers.'

Until there is a reliable source, I would carry on thinking that it is down either for maintenance or hardware/software failure.

And this is what the germans say:

GEMA mit einstweiliger Verfügung gegen Rapidshare
von MarkusP für WinFuture.de
Die Musikrechte-Verwertungsgesellschaft GEMA hat am gestrigen Donnerstag eine einstweilige Verfügung gegen den One-Click-Hoster Rapidshare erwirkt. Der Grund hierfür ist, dass über die Server des Unternehmens rechtswidrig Musikdateien verteilt wurden.

Rapidshare erlaubt jedem Nutzer das hochladen von Dateien. Diese werden dann unter einer vom System automatisch generierten Adresse zum Download bereit gestellt.

Bei Rapidshare ist man bislang der Meinung, dass ein Hoster nicht alle Dateien prüfen kann, die hochgeladen werden. Aus diesem Grund lehnt das Unternehmen die Verantwortung für Urheberrechtsverletzungen durch seine Nutzer ab.

Die GEMA versucht nun bei Rapidshare und auch anderen Hosting-Diensten und sozialen Netzwerken durchzusetzen, dass diese die Verantwortung für alle der bei ihnen gespeicherten Dateien übernehmen und entsprechend harte Kontrollen einführen.

Who knows more? Is it over, or just a temporal hype ? ? ?
Posted By: BlackwatchPlaid Date: 20 Jan 2022 08:28:42

20. January 2008 - Problems accessing RapidShare

Unfortunately, starting at 5 pm CET, one of our carriers experienced a severe technical problem with their hardware, causing a loss of 50 gigabit of bandwidth. Therefore RapidShare was unavailable for several hours. We already have taken steps to avoid this particular problem in the future.
Posted By: Bully Date: 21 Jan 2022 17:15:17

@ LedAstray

"Some strange things going on here. Some days when I log in, there is no "Post News" link under my name ..."

Yep, and at those times THIS publication:



In short: We still run on a very limited server configuration.


1. It never hurts to at least sometimes :-) click on the AH News link:


2. For private reasons I was not online during the last 7 days, sorry. I'll try to handle the waiting support mails asap.

Posted By: Vladitri Date: 02 Mar 2022 22:16:21

Great ellection today in Russia with a very surprising result.

But I missed the name of the new president

is it Dmitri Putwedjew or Vladimir Medputjew?

Posted By: harleyhog Date: 06 Mar 2022 15:13:21
@Vladitri: congratulations on announcing to the world just how fucking ignorant you are. Well done
Posted By: harleyhog Date: 06 Mar 2022 15:20:52
This is just a general comment on the some of the posts being limited to non-Rapidshare links. Personally I'm boycotting easyshare in particular, DF and so on. It just seems that several posters lately are upping their stuff on any other site so that they can get their penny or two per download - either that or those two or three posters are the owners of crap sites like easyshare or df, or Mega etc and they're trying to force people to sign up for premium accounts and taking away from fast, reliable sites like RS.

It's BS as far as I'm concerned. Because if it was just a matter of site preferences, then how about MIHD? It's one fantastic / fast site.

I remember for a while an attempt by several posters to use oxyshare (which didn't last long, and some fiels site starting with the word 'ice' (can't remember the proper name)

Anyway, I was wondering how many others are getting pissed off with that.

PS: I can see why phillipmorris posts to DF - they keep stuff up there longer when someone complains about files, but even though tot167 and Smirk have interesting stuff I won't dl because there are no RS links and I won't be manipulated into buying other so-called premium accounts.

Posted By: LQ Date: 08 Mar 2022 06:31:58
A little while ago (about 12+ hours), Rapidshare stopped working for me. First, the symptom was a complaint about enabling javascript. This was a bogus complaint that I verified by using different browsers on multiple machines. After some two hours, the javascript complaint disappeared, but then after the ticket timer had finished and the characters had been inserted into the captcha box, all that one received from Rapidshare was another initial download page identical to the one from which you started - very frustrating after many attempts at the same page. For awhile, I have been downloading from other sites (including some phillipmorris windows software), all the while hoping the problem would be fixed. It persists.

Am I alone in this problem, or is it more universal? Or to put the same question another way - is this something I must fix, or is it something that rapidshare must fix to retain their customers?

Just wondering.
Posted By: BlackwatchPlaid Date: 08 Mar 2022 07:28:17
This got me intrigued, so I logged out of premiumzone and tried it out.

First attempt did exactly as you described, but I suspect it was because I changed the server from telia to level 3 after I entered the captcha then clicked download. So I gave it another go, and downloaded with whatever server it chose for me, and it worked (this was 2 minutes ago):


Perhaps you should try it using whatever server it chooses for you (if indeed you chose a different one). Or perhaps you waited too long after the countdown to enter the code (RS can be real picky about that stuff, what with programs that can enter captchas automatically).

If neither of these solutions work for you, I suspect it is yet another problem with either your connction (I remember you having many problems before), or even your ISP blocking the rapidshare domain (comcast has begun doing this in my area, and even banned a friend of mine for a year because he downloads/uploads too much! Goddamn ISP companies sell you bandwidth then punish you when you use it, go figure.)
Posted By: LQ Date: 09 Mar 2022 05:07:45
@ BlackwatchPlaid

Subsequent to my earlier post I've been away from my computer and only returned about an hour ago. Further testing revealed that the problem was dependent upon using the pre-selected "download via" choice or manually choosing my own. I came here to update my earlier comment and saw your post. It's nice to have your confirming observations.

My current working hypothesis is that rapidshare has updated their software which resulted in the ephemeral javascript problem, as well as the more enduring "download via" looping problem (there was no looping problem prior to the appearance of the javascript problem). Your memory serves you well. I had (and still have) a download speed problem at certain times of the day. I have noticed that the speed problem could be partially mitigated by choosing either of two of the nine possible "download via" options. With the new looping problem, this possibility is (at least for now) no longer available.

"That's the breaks."

In any event, thank you both for your response, and for all the excellent music that you consistently offer.
Posted By: Alexpal Date: 10 Mar 2022 14:45:51
For active posters:
RS start new limit: 10000 files on one premium-account. Not more.
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 14 Mar 2022 05:40:45
Thanks Alexpal.
I hope I live long enough to reach 3000.... ;-)

Another "new" RS-service:
21. January 2008 - "RapidShare Manager" released
RapidShare's own upload/download software RSM (RapidShare Manager) is now available.
Convenient downloads for Premium users
Upload resume is possible
Premium users can upload files with up to 2 GB size
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 24 Mar 2022 06:33:24
@ fine:
Okay, but for normal use that´s a nice feature. (private stuff)

Sorry, only answered to be the COMMENT # 100 !
Posted By: Bully Date: 24 Mar 2022 14:38:51

@ ALL - End of AH Talks TEST

Posted By: interzone Date: 22 Mar 2022 21:41

Reading back all >195 comments to this try-out for a forum, I can only conclude it just doesn't work. A handful of dedicated posters and one moderator, and neither of them understands a word of what the other one is saying, no one seems to take the time to try or to be willing to understand and respect what the background of each of us is, that's just so depressing.
fine is excellent at his stuff, and he knows what he's talking about, madmex is, BPW is, Jantine is, maxand is, I am, and still, we're waiting for a moderator's consent.
No offence, but fuck that, I don't buy that anymore, too old for that, I guess. If you don't read me right, so be it. Communication apparently is a hard thing to accomplish.
Comments at this thread withdrawn, I'm out of this post.

No matter that I do not agree to some rather biased views of above quoted analyze, I agree in the main topic. And as in the almost 2 days since this analyze was posted not a single AvaxHome member did disagree, I think it is a good time now to finally end the test of AH Talk pages.

It was an interesting experiment, giving new insights. It even helped me to better understand why most members of our team do not favor the idea of an AvaxHome forum.

To keep my old promise of "no censorship / no deletes" I'll move the pages now to the "Old Community Pages" section, where we keep all outdated pages.

TNX to the handful of people really taking part in this test!

The news is closed for any comments
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