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AvaxHome Talks
Talks about AvaxHome

Inspired by some requests from our members we created this area to give you a place to talk.

Please see this as a temporary test.

The way you use it - or if you use it at all :-) will help us to decide if an enhanced version makes sense for AvaxHome.

There will be no censorship - but AvaxHome rules do fully apply. This means in short: No spamming, no advertizing, not offending other users, no porn, no racism etc.

THIS area is for all talks about AvaxHome.


Posted By: Bully Date: 04 Dec 2021 02:06:56

The results from the poll confirmed that we need some place where users can talk to each other or ask questions which do not fit to normal publications. But it will take "some time" until we might have a better solution, like a real forum.

So, as a temporary solution, let's keep the old AH Talks pages.

With over 200 comments and the current (more as poor) AH servers performance, handling of this page has grown to a real pain. Time for a cleanup. :-)

Everything written on this page before December 3rd 2007 is NOT deleted - you can still find all comments in the archive at:


This archived page also contains almost anything which can be told about current AvaxHome problems like "Permission denied", "Problems with login", "1 comment showing up with 5 or more copies of it", "I cannot create a new publication" etc. Please don't ask the same questions again on the new page. If the already given answers do not fit, please send a PM to TDz.

Posted By: Bully Date: 04 Dec 2021 02:08:36

To not break the important :-) discussion on this page, here is a copy of the last 3 comments:

Posted By: mad-mex Date: 01 Dec 2021 19:31
Another Question:
Is Avax Sphere just a temporal Xmas Domain?
Putting the Spheres on a AH-Tannenbaum?

And will there be a avaxegg.com in Eastern time?

Posted By: fine Date: 02 Dec 2021 01:54


Ich fürchte, daß die 'Spheres' länger halten als unsere Weihnachtsbäume, da '.net' & '.org' schon bereitstehen :-)))

Posted By: mad-mex Date: 02 Dec 2021 04:16
Mein Weihnachtsbaum hält bis Ostern - also kein Problem.

Tief verankert in der Erden, steht der Baum aus Lehm gebrannt.
Und süsser die Glocken nie klingen, hab sie ja fest in der Hand.

AvaxEgg rules !

Posted By: Bully Date: 04 Dec 2021 02:09:26

@ Fine

There is NO NEED to discuss if I can count to 3 or not :-)

I KNOW that the above comments are not the last 3, but the 2nd last, 3rd last and 4th last. But the real last comment does not need to be copied here :-) At least not in my view :-))

Posted By: mad-mex Date: 04 Dec 2021 15:51:10
Starting a serious new discussion on the new site:
You, Bully, are linking to this page with the old AH.ru URL.

Denying the spheres? or just the old "used to..." effect ?
Ah, I also never changed my bookmarks... everything is pointing to AH.ru.

Only 3 1/2 months left to Eastern...
Posted By: Bully Date: 05 Dec 2021 03:13:15

@ mex

"You, Bully, are linking to this page with the old AH.ru URL"


"never changed my bookmarks... everything is pointing to AH.ru. "


It's all the same. Each domain leads you to exact the same server.

All TCP/IP packets are based on IP addresses, not domain names. The names are just for the human brain - remembering names is much easier as numerical values.

Whenever you type or cop an URL in the addressbar of your browser, the first your browser does is a DNS call - translating the letters you wrote (domain name) to the real IP address.

avaxhome.ws ->
avaxhome.ws ->
avaxhome.ws ->
avaxhome.ws ->
and so on

ALL domain names direct lead to the same entry server of the AvaxHome Network (currently - there is no redirection or other slowdown - the numerical IP address of all is same.

Of course you can also call this page without need fof DNS translation:

but this is no good idea - IP addresses can change often under technical needs.

"Denying the spheres?"

Let me say it this way: Seeing AvaxHome currently addressed under a .COM = COMMERCIAL top level domain, still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. We already have too much "business guys" fighting each other who can make the highest profit out of our users. It starts from publishing each and every shit they can find as long as it it just a small upload not taking much of their time and ends with flooding publication comments with endless amounts of "mirrors." It's hard to tell these guys that we offer a platform for sharing, not for filling greedy pockets when the name of the site run under a COMMERCIAL doamin.

Longtime members know themselves how much AvaxHome changed from a community to a site for business guys and warez kiddies. And exact this is also the reason WHY AvaxHome more and more faster changes the domain name. Because AvaxHome domains more and more faster are indexed as warez sites. From 2001 to spring 2007 AvaxHome used avaxhome.ws - but now we have 4 doamin changes in just 9 months. The reason for this you can best see in the software section - some guys copy each and every shit from well known warez sites and paste the exactly same words in our editor to create a new AvaxHome publication. No wonder for me why companies like Google quick index new AvaxHome domains again as warez site.

Guess next domain change will come soon - during the last days we were even so clever to put an advertizing on top of all pages which used the word WAREZ many times ...

To avoid constant updates of announcements etc. for next domain change, I just used the one domain which will / should stay forever: avaxhome.ws.

Posted By: Bully Date: 05 Dec 2021 03:30:26

AvaxHome domains - addition about password and NFO file

The currently fast changing domain names also confuses some publishers about the DEFAULT AvaxHome PASSWORD to protect their uploaded archives.

It is very simple: It was, is, and will be the same

Password: www.AvaxHome.ru

While we discussed this topic in public some months ago, Avax created a new NFO file - there is no force at all to use it, but members who are still ;-) proud to be a part of AvaxHome CAN include it inside their archives.

Here is a full quote of Avax's words:

Posted By: Avax Date: 20 Sep 2021 13:50


At creation of archives you can add AvaxHome nfo-file (the menu “Comment” in WinRAR).

Here it:

To look | Download

Itself has made! In my opinion, very nicely. %)


При создании архивов вы можете добавлять nfo-файл AvaxHome (вкладка “Комментарий” в WinRAR).

Вот он:

Посмотреть | Скачать

Сам рисовал! По-моему, очень мило. %)

Posted By: munna Date: 05 Dec 2021 07:21:54
I don't know whats wrong but this changing of domain names or what else has caused a troubles. I cannot make new posts, Permission denied page is displayed. I have to logout and login again several time, delete cookies and entire history, then only it is successful. Even PM is blocked, so I cannot even PM to moderators/ avax about this problem. I can only comment in others post.

Have we started to ban posters for some fault ?
Posted By: jantine Date: 05 Dec 2021 13:04:29

"from 2001 to spring 2007 AvaxHome used avaxhome.ws - but now we have 4 doamin changes in just 9 months. The reason for this you can best see in the software section - some guys copy each and every shit from well known warez sites and paste the exactly same words in our editor to create a new AvaxHome publication. No wonder for me why companies like Google quick index new AvaxHome domains again as warez site."

It could be that i'm a real blondie, but i don't understand why the changes are zo badly needed then ;-)
Like mad-mex already said every new domein or url is pointend to the same server adres
so every link New or Old you click via google or other sites is a redirect to it.
the more changes, the more links you will find in google too ;-)

I also still using the same old adress i didn't have to change anything
but that means also for the "business guys and warez kiddies"

"AvaxHome changed from a community to a site for business guys and warez kiddies"

Perhaps then it's time to do really something against those guys (instead of letting them do there things) just don't give them the change to upload any shit at all.
It could also an idea to start with a real Avaxhome Uploadteam...? people who already proved themself.

Ok! it's just an idea ;-) don't shoot me, but i think when AH really do something against that kind of buiseniss guys. we can have a real healthy Avaxhome back again.

Posted By: bearwil Date: 05 Dec 2021 14:25:29
Now that Avax has become a sphere, I was hoping everything would roll on more smoothly than before. I wish it were true. But the PERMISSION DENIED shit has gotten even worse. I try to save an edited post: PERMISSION DENIED; I try t start a PM: PERMISSION DENIED; I try to look into My News: PERMISSION DENIED and even when I try to log out in order to restore permissions after login in again I get this freakin' PERMISSION DENIED. Why is this bug so hard to solve?
Posted By: scalisto Date: 05 Dec 2021 16:50:11
Because staff get the PERMISSION DENIED message every time they try to solve it :)

I agree 100% with jantine's post. It would be very nice to have just genuine uploaders, i.e. people who enjoy sharing.
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 05 Dec 2021 17:23:19
I guess business-asses don´t care about .com, .net or .org
They post their stuff where it smells like business.
And they even change their nick all the time ...

Genuine Uploaders? I guess you must define this: an endless discussion....
And, hand on heart: 80% of AH users come in because of business-guys stuff.
"AvaxHome changed from a community to a site for business guys and warez kiddies"
Yep, success could be a pain.

"Because staff get the PERMISSION DENIED message every time they try to solve it :)"
I guess you are more than right ;-)
Posted By: Bully Date: 06 Dec 2021 02:21:19

@ munna

You are not banned :-) You just suffer under the same problem of "too many users" we _ALL_ have to face and already endless discussed since at least 2 months.

@ bearwil

"Why is this bug so hard to solve?"

Because it is NOT a bug. Since last restructure of our server network in summer we have ADDITIONAL around 60.000 more members and about 250.000 more visitors as insummer - this traffic is too much for the current 5 servers.

@ munna & bearwil

Here is a quote from the FIRST COMMENT, on top of this page:

Everything written on this page before December 3rd 2007 is NOT deleted - you can still find all comments in the archive at:


This archived page also contains almost anything which can be told about current AvaxHome problems like "Permission denied", "Problems with login", "1 comment showing up with 5 or more copies of it", "I cannot create a new publication" etc. Please don't ask the same questions again on the new page. If the already given answers do not fit, please send a PM to TDz.

If you want answers to your questions, it helps much to READ the answers which had already been written many times during the last months. The problem is SAME for ALL members, so the answers are also SAME.

Posted By: Bully Date: 06 Dec 2021 03:36:07

@ jantine

"It could be that i'm a real blondie, but i don't understand why the changes are zo badly needed then ;-)"

How much do you pay for your VIP service at AvaxHome? :-)

But some one has to pay the monthly bills of AvaxHome. It's mainly done by paid advertising. Serious advertisers DO see a difference if they advertise on a a warez site or not. A new selected domain name cannot be marked as warez site.

"It could also an idea to start with a real Avaxhome Uploadteam...? people who already proved themself."

As our business guys do much more publications as a "normal" member, they have much more experience in creating correct and good looking publications. How shall we select "people who already proved themself." :-)

@ scalisto & mex

"I agree 100% with jantine's post. It would be very nice to have just genuine uploaders, i.e. people who enjoy sharing."

It sounds easy - but it is not easy to separate.

To give just one example: Even many of our best "sharing" publishers, who upload large archives with lossless music instead of the typical 1 or 2 MB sized files of the "business" publishers add lines like "No mirrors please" making them look like "business publishers". :-) Not to mention a guy upping 51 GB of piano music, not interested at all in collecting RS points, but forbidding mirrors AND fighting like the worst business guy against a rule we made to limit business guys.

Next point is that such a "separation" would be some kind of censorship. AvaxHome ever was and should be a fully open system where everyone can take part.

A "separation" based on quality of posted stuff is same critical. A publication I myself would call shit might be of interest to other members. You see, all these "great" publications of a "collection" of "10 icons" or "3 wallpapers" etc. of course with even forbidding mirrors of course are not done for sharing. The strange thing is: There are lots of users downloading this stuff. Without downloading there would be no money in greedy pockets and without making money these guys would stop creating such publication very quick.

Same in software section. Do we really need each and every minor update of shareware and even freeware!!! programs at AvaxHome? In my view: No. They can be downloaded faster from the well known warez sites - often many days before our guys copy and paste from such sites to AvaxHome. But: Many of our users download these programs re-published here, making sure that these business guys will flood us with more of such copy & paste publications.

But it doesn't matter what I want to see at AvaxHome. Our members decide what is published at AvaxHome. Our users decide what they gladly download.

If we want to come back to a real community with sharing and quality of of stuff we first need to change the views and behavior of our current members.

Members who upload for sharing have a reason to do this. They don't want to make money, they expect some feedback from the other members. For THIS reason we have the comments - everyone can add his views to the published material.

As some memebrs know, I care a bit for our music section, and this is a very good example. In past, when someone auploaded an album, there were at least 5 to 10 comments talking about this album, even if the album was not a 5-star album, even when the quality was at 160 Kbps. This communication with the publisher was the "payment" for his work. And the better the "payment" was, the higher the enthusiasm of the publisher preparing the next album for AvaxHome Music.

But what have we now? There are 5-star albums posted, in the best (lossless) quality. And yes, they have high downloads. But in most cases not even ONE single member takes the short time to write a few words, to motivate the publisher.

And if now someone asks again for a "thank you" button, it just confirms how lazy our users meanwhile are. Many of the original rippers, the first-time publishers, the new content providers we had in past meanwhile left us. And if we treat the good publishers we still have with same lazy ignorance, they will also finally loose motivation of posting at AvaxHome.

Or in short: Same topic of what we already discussed a few times this year about the lost "spirit" of AvaxHome.

I highly recommend everyone to use the CALENDAR function (on left side of each page) to do a time travel to our music section in 2005 or 2006 - you will very quick notice the big difference to current days.

Posted By: bearwil Date: 06 Dec 2021 16:57:25
I haven't noticed the problem though I have over 20 gigs uploaded at RS and most of them have over 500 hits. It also seems quite impossible to me, cause most files at RS are rar or zip-files that can't be corrupted without opening them. RS just stores them the way they are uploaded and transfer to a different server won't change the content. So if files are corrupted, it's with the uploader, or maybe your downloadmanager.
Posted By: BlackwatchPlaid Date: 07 Dec 2021 02:32:43
The most likely cause of corrupted files is the method of download. Users who download more than one file at a time with the archaic Internet Explorer will confront this problem. The problem lies with the way IE downloads files to your computer. What IE does is it downloads the entire file to a temporary directory first, then it quickly copies the file from the temporary directory to the destination you selected. When you have 2 or more transfers running at the same time, you run the risk of them finishing at the same time as well. Then IE will attempt to copy both files very fast from temporary folder to destination directory, allowing more room for error reassembling these files in the final destination. The more files downloading simultaneously, the more room for error you allow. Let's say you have 20 transfers running, and 5 of them finish at roughly the same time. Then you have 5 files copying from the temp directory to different destination directories at once. A few bits get mixed up in the transfers. What you encounter when trying to unpack them is a CRC error.

There is a way to avoid most CRC errors forever. STOP USING IE. Use a better browser with a better downloading method, like Firefox. Firefox downloads directly to the destination directory, much in the same way as most [email protected] clients would. This allows a lot less room for error because when the transfer finishes, the process ends there, no copying across directories involved. Once upon a time CRC errors were just an annoyance I encountered that I accepted as a fact of life. Then the switch to Firefox came, and I can't tell you the last time I had a single problem.
Posted By: Bully Date: 07 Dec 2021 11:32:54

@ interzone

"@bearwil: I _am_ the uploader, with substantially more up than you. Next time, do some research on who you're talking to, son."

Hey, cool down man. :-) BOTH bearwil and you are great publishers of our music section.

Are we still at school days where GrandPa Bully has to enter the shower room to measure who has the biggest / largest <censored>? :-)) ( @ Fine: shut up :-) )

OK, why not. Everything which makes our memebrs happy ;-)

Login: interzone
Created At: 2022-03-19 14:09:11
News count: 92

Login: bearwil
Created At: 2021-08-05 02:19:08
News count: 107

"Next time, do some research on who you're talking to, son."

You mean same careful research as you did? :-))

What I see here, bearwil has more publications as you and he is "older" as you at AvaxHome :-)

A carefully research would also have told you that bearwil is his second username at AvaxHome. He had problems with his original account, so he created this new one. After I fixed the problem to give him again access to his older publications, he decided to stay at the new username.

OK, let's leave the shower room :-)
Quick enough Before Jantine fully ignores the sign "Boys only" on the door andjumps in:-))

Somehow bearwil a bit misunderstood your original question - english is not his native language. Talk to him in your own language and you will see that he is a nice guy. Groetjes to both of you :-)

Myself I had no broken downloads from RS - but I do not download much - other "important" things like this one keeps me fully busy ;-)

@ fine

No matter of (cheated) polls - it's just a matter of time until we will need to change to AvaxHome.nl :-)))))

Posted By: mad-mex Date: 07 Dec 2021 14:45:35
@ bathroom talkers:
size doesn´t matter - it´s the quality which counts....

I like it - a bit of Coffee Shop

@ all grandpas
Auch die letzten Zähne reichen noch aus um ins Gras zu beissen ;-)

@ downloaders:
check files twice, before complaining

@ RS.com
Gimme back Full Speed !!!
Posted By: jantine Date: 07 Dec 2021 18:14:34
@funny grandpa

"OK, let's leave the shower room :-)
Quick enough Before Jantine fully ignores the sign "Boys only" on the door andjumps in:-))"

Don't worry, i really don't have to see who has the biggest nose ;-)

"No matter of (cheated) polls - it's just a matter of time until we will need to change to AvaxHome.nl :-)))))"

Yessssssssssssssss!!!!!!! Now you're talking sense

I like it - a bit of Coffee Shop

Sorry, No comment ;-)
Posted By: Bully Date: 08 Dec 2021 03:28:54

Having fun with GrandPa, eh?

when I logged out today, this page had 20 comments. When I logged in again it had doubled: 40 comments. And after cleanup we are back to 23. The new record is hold by Jantine - 13 copies of 1 comment. Would someone please explain to Jantine that there will be _NO_ crown for such records? :-)

@ interzone

I can be a bad tempered asshole as well, that's just what you get with musicians ... ;)

Lame excuse ;-))

From the handful of people writing on this page I can tell you for sure that there are another 2 musicians besides you - guitar and keyboards. BTW, we have many musicians among our members of Avaxhome Music, including a few well known names. Putting them all together could easy fill 24 h program of Avax FM :-))

"I think you may very well agree with me, that a 32-multipart ape/cue post is of a different order than a single [email protected],"

Sure, much more pain for the poor downloaders: -))
And after download they even need to spend additional time to convert it themselves to a 128 Kbps mp3 before they can put it on their ipods :-)))

Anyway, I guess you noticed yourself that my above comment was not soooooo serious :-)

BTW, my above words about large downloads and downsampling sound like a joke for people with well trained ears, but it is reality out of my mailbox. I regular have complaints why we make it so difficult to download and convert while other "great" sites directly offer 64 and 128 Kbps to their users. And, as I wrote last year, some people even give me the "great advice" that the few people who really want higher bitrates as 64 or 128 Kbops can easy convert the downloads of such files themselves to 320 or lossless ...

"... might be an idea to have a separate forum for posters, where they can share alerts, expertise, tricks & hints."

I already created a second page for such purposes (not about AvaxHome)


It's rater quiet there, feel free to use it for whatever needs you have.

Both pages are just a temporary solution until we have a real solution like a real forum, but this will take a bit time, there are other problems with higher priority which should be done first. Our main software does not support different user groups with different access rights in a usable way, sorry.

"... and lost to me before I could save it to a local texteditor. But that's just the way things are around here, at the moment."

Yep :-( A few weeks ago I told fine in a PM that I almost ever make a temporary copy of a new large comment before I post it. And yes, like Murphy's laws tell us, when I do forget I can be rather sure that this time sometging bad happens ...

One of my larger comments on this page had this fun. Broken connection to server etc and the comment was lost. I had the choice of typing it all again or to rescue it, so I decided for the second way. I used WinHex to search the full RAM the browser had allocated for a special phrase I had written and was lucky to find it. Scrolling upward and downward in the memory dump I selected the start and nd of my text, copied it from RAM buffer to a diskfile and was able to post it again. Sounds complicate, but with a bit experience it is just a matter of 1 or 2 minutes. With FireFox it is very easy - with Opera it takes a bit more as Opera stores the text buffer as unicode (2 byte for each character).

OK, TDz's new style of hiding the comment edit until you click on "Post Comment" might look cool, but old style was much less pain - if something went wrong, you just needed the back function of your browser to have your edit with all your written text back. And yes, I also don't like the RESET button - if you ever slipped a bit with your mouse and clicked on it you know why :-))

@ Jantine

"Yessssssssssssssss!!!!!!! Now you're talking sense"

NOW??? :-))

Eh, OK, perhaps visit the coffeeshops a bit less or more often until you understand all my words making sense ;-)

Lookin' back on the track for a little green bag
Got to find just that kind or losin' my mind
Outta sight in the night, outta sight in the day
Lookin' back on the track, gonna do it my way

Posted By: jantine Date: 08 Dec 2021 11:33:57
@funny Grandpa

"Having fun with GransdPa, eh?"
Yes ;-)

btw it were "13 copies of 2 comments ..and believe it or not it was just done bij 2 postclicks
it's my record ;-) but i see it was rather late when you post you're comment.
Ok, I guess for a grandpa you're not doing so bad. Thanks for deleting them
and at least you didn't forget my favoutrite song.

"Eh, OK, perhaps visit the coffeeshops a bit less or more often until you understand all my words making sense ;-)"
ALL you're words ???

But About the lyric:
The song of George baker (He told once in a interview) like many people think is not about what you might think ;-).

(the duplicates you can delete if they show up after one click at post ;-) )
Posted By: Bully Date: 08 Dec 2021 17:15:49

@ fine

Where are the "Sorry Bully" comments? :-)
I did not delete a single one so far.
Reading "ExclusiveForBully" I would have expected everyone clicking on it.;-)

Let me repeat what I already wrote in private: You Know TOOOO much about our software ;-)

But let me have a look in the file wget saved to my disk ... Tons of javascript shit like on all our pages... ah, I finally found the real "cotent" of the page. Hehehe:

"Sorry you have no rights to access this page."

(I didn't told wget to use my AH ucookie)

BTW, I had no problems with the mailer so far - OK, except the "usual" shit we have to ace since weeks.

"If you believe or not - nobody clicked it in all the hours, they seemed to have too much respect :-))) "

It more confirms to me that 99.9% of our users are not aware that there are things at AvaxHome they never will see because they ONLY use the main pages (home) ;-))

Posted By: Bully Date: 08 Dec 2021 17:32:11

@ jantine

"funny Grandpa"

We shouldn't stress the GrandPa tooo much:-) I already noticed a real decrease of mails from our female members in my mailbox. :-) I cannot risk they now move to Pasha - he should concentrate on moderation :-)))

"ALL you're words ??? "

OK, ALMOST all ;-)

"The song of George baker (He told once in a interview) like many people think is not about what you might think ;-)."

You told me same last year. :-) So, let me ask again: WHAT is the song about?

Posted By: jantine Date: 08 Dec 2021 19:13:01
Ok, GrandPa (without funny)

40 Years ago, The George Baker Selection was a small band and not yet famous. The guys did work there normal jobs on weekdays, but in the weekends then they were most of the time busy with rehearsals in a old barn.
On one day while the bass player of the band was playing just some accords, suddenly Hans(George Baker)heard a Loop what really sound nicely.
So Hans asked him to you play once again.
The bass Player reacted very surprised "That Loop ? Ohh that's nothing. But well, If you find this nice let's play it again."
And they did, Hans automaticly jumpes in and before they knew a new song was born.

But Yes, Now they still needed a text. Hans was looking a bit round and then he saw his guitar case/bag (Yes, this was a Green bag)
"ok I can do something with that" he thought, and a text was written in a few minutes

The song little green bag becomes a world Hit
after almost 40 years it's still a "klassieker"
born spontaneous in a old barn in Noord-Holland.

This music that we called Palingsound :-))))
It's a word used for a typical dutch music style in the popmuziek mostly comes from the place Volendam

Taken From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "Little Green Bag"

In 1969 The song reached the number 9 position in the Dutch Top 40, and the number 3 position in Belgium. In the summer of 1970, it reached the number 16 position on the Cash Box magazine chart and 21 in the Billboard Top 100 in the U.S.. In 1992, when the song was used in the film Reservoir Dogs, it became an international cult classic. Also in 1992, the song reached the number 1 position in Japan, after it was used in a Japanese whiskey commercial.

In 1999 Tom Jones released a cover of the song recorded with the Canadian band Barenaked Ladies on the collaborations album Reload.
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 08 Dec 2021 20:19:03
@ jantine:
Thanks for giving culture lessons. I´m vacuum brain bastard.

Need to visit more Coffeeshops...

Una paloma blanca, I´m just a bird in the sky (So that´s not ALL Hansi did?)

Posted By: Bully Date: 09 Dec 2021 00:49:13

@ jantine

TNX for the copy and paste from Wikipedia. No matter that I more expected some ex-groupie insider info. ;-)))

@ mex

"Una paloma blanca, I´m just a bird in the sky (So that´s not ALL Hansi did?)"

No, in the early days he was more inspired by psychelic rock. If you really don't know this song, I'm sure jantine will upload it and post a link here :-) Special the start of this song quick sticks inside your brain forever.

@ interzone

This page is titled "AvaxHome Talks", not "AH Bug reports" or "AH Helpdesk" :-)

BTW, the "mystery" link was even full ontopic here - it was mainly a demonstration of his "Thank You button" function for lazy Avaxians. Showed to me that fine does not only read the page,he also reads the source code of this page :-)

"yawn, yawn ..."

Seems you finally get the right mood for this page :-))

Posted By: mad-mex Date: 09 Dec 2021 01:11:08
yawn, yawn - George Baker / psydodelic ?!? WOW....

After searching the web, and avoiding things like these:
1. Drei Stimmen für ein Halleluja - George Baker [03:13]
2. Paloma blanca - George Baker [03:00]
3. Weil Wunder möglich sind - George Baker [03:51]
5. Santa Lucia by night - George Baker [03:59]
6. Hier sind wir - George Baker [03:52]
8. Der Wind und das Meer und die Liebe - George Baker [04:02]
9. Te quiero - George Baker [03:48]
11. Die zärtlichen Mädchen der Welt - George Baker [03:16]

I finally found the bug , eh Bag !
Who´s the chick on the horse ?

Whoopee, now I understand what jantine said about BASStards, plog, plog the bassman.

My first cultural weekend since I lost my dipers in the opera...
Posted By: Bully Date: 10 Dec 2021 18:11:53

@ fine

Strange guys we have at AvaxHome :-) Fist interzone complains about our talks, than he fills up this page with comments about exact the same topic :-) I should have followed your suggestion to fully remove our talks from here ;-)))

@ ALL - TY-Button

1. I already explained at least 2 times in public WHY we do not have a TY-Button in our software. It would be very easy to add, as it it exactly the same what the POST comment button does, only difference is that the text is not written by user, but automatically inserted. But this is not what we have comments for. In case of a real TY Button we would use a counter, just 4 byte in the database, instead of storing all the repeated text again and again.

Can you imagine how a page looks were ALL comments are just the same text, repeated again and again?

Here is an example of a REAL comment I just found 1 hour ago in a Bob Dylan publication:

Posted By: LQ Date: 09 Dec 2021 21:14

A couple of months prior to the original vinyl release of this music, it was my good fortune to be living in a music town and seeing a Columbia Record rep on the tube extol the virtues of a new artist of whom they were expecting "great things".

My first Dylan album. Thanks.

Now compare this to the boring

"Thank you aksman"

of a TY-Button.

2. The technical situation

2.1 Knowlege of users

There is no secret involved with fine's TY-Button :-)
Everyone who understands a bit of html code can do this since years - some of our mirror publishers for example use same code to automatically create mirror comments.

And people who do NOT understand the syntax which is written in each and every publication page should NOT use it. The risk that they do shit is just too high.

2.2 You cannot just copy the code from fine. You need to change the code - even for any page you want to insert it.

2.3 Even if you know how to do, you cannot enter it inside a new publication. At the time you create it, you do not know the PID, so it is impossible to do it.

3. Waste of time and resources

3.1 To include such a button in your publication you need to re-edit it. This means, our moderators have again to spend time to handle your re-edit.

3.2 You even need to do a re-edit on a NEW publication you just create. This means that the publication shows up to the moderator mark3d as re-edit, so, with a new publication the mod thinks that it is a re-edit because it was refused and will even spend more time for a carefully check.

3.3 Our mods need to check any link in a publication if it is to a well known host like RS or if it might lead to a trojan or malware spreading site. OK, our mods know what AvaxSpere is :-) but with the TY-Button they even need to check if all details of the link are OK and not abused.

For example, same syntax fine uses can of course also be abused. It is a snap to add a button which does not create a TY message in my publication, but instead just creates a text like "Beware - the archive includes virus and broken files" inside of a publication created by fine. I guess Ido not need to add that sich abuse will be honored with a quick ban of the user who created it.

3.4 Waste of AvaxHome resources

Tons of visiotirs might click on this button and make our servers even more slow as they already currently are. And without any sense, because they will receive nothing else as an error message. Visitors do not have permissions to create a comment. And for exactly that reason even our coder was clever enough to NOT include a "post comment" link if a visitor calls a page - this link is only shown when a member calls the page.

3.5 Multiple comments

This TY-Button is exactly same as posting a comment. This means same behavior you now see when you post a comment. But with the TY-Button the risk of multiple repeated comments is even much higher - when the user who clicks on it sees no direct response, he just clicks again and again and again and creates more and more and more new comments.

4. Lazy Avaxians - curious Avaxians

Our members who currently are too lazy to click on the post comment buttons, will be also too lazy to click on a TY button taking same amount of time until something happens :-)

In fact, it is just a matter of curiosity. As long as this button is new, some might click on it because they are curious.

For example, in a "Silver Coevntion" publication (Disco music) suddenly a thank you comment from our Death-Metal Chief Pasha showed up. Seeing it I really started to worry if too many hours of moderation did hurt his brain :-)) so I asked him about this "Thank you". As I already told fine in private, he quick confirmed me that he just wanted to see what happens if he clicks on that button :-)

To sum up: Please do NOT create TY-Buttons. It's not worth the trouble. Checking your download counter will give you much better control how many people liked your upload.

2 days ago I already told fine in private that _HE_ can use such a button in his publications, but that I see real problems if others try to do same. The reason is easy: Fine is not abusing any bug or secret of our software - everyone can see the syntax since many years. but more important: Fine has the technical background to fully understand what he is doing. Besides, he makes just a few publications each year, so it will not hurt our performance and will not keep our mods buys with handling re-edits :-))

But now I add a special request to Fine: Please do NOT explain other users how to do it. People not understanding what they can read themselves by just looking at the source of a page should really not use such stuff. The risk that they do shit is ways too high. And again to all wanna-be-ty-buutons-creators: It is IMPOSSIBLE to just copy the code. Even you have done it once for a publication, you need to CHANGE it for any other publication you do.

Posted By: Bully Date: 11 Dec 2021 01:50:46

@ interzone

"@bully: see how I hate my own post at http://avaxhome.ws/music/avant_garde/ustvolskaya_compositions.html"

Eh, for now I do not see what you've done. I see nothing. Not even a link to download. Guess you did something not compatible with all browsers - I'll check the source of your page later, I first have to do some support mails waiting.

"LEARN something here, UNDERSTAND how this thing works, and please pass it on to TDz."

Let me repeat again: Everyone with a bit understanding of html can do it. But this does not mean that everyone shoulddo it. I think the technical reasons I gave above should be easy to understand. We have about 5 times more Visitors as registered users. If these visitors will now also start to click on a button which keeps our servers busy, but does in no way work for a visitor. Besides slowing down servers more without any sense, we even need to send error messages back to them. Do you want to pay the traffic created by this?

What the hell should we or TDz learn??? The code fine uses is the code our coder created and which is already included in each and every publication. Guess you really did not read what I already wrote above.

"I don't put the time into it the way fine does, but I can do this too, if I set my mind to it, and a lot of others as well, you know ..."

TIME? Reading the syntax of a POST command in html source takes not much time. And filling the content of a variable by a static text instead of the text from an edit field does also not take much tine. As I already wrote, everyone who understands html can do this in a few seconds.

The INERESTING thing was, that fine found a new usage for the create comment - besides the already known usage to create mirror comments. And this was what I honored in my little chat with fine.

"his is a major security leak, and don't give me that formal shit you've put up just now; you know WE're ok, since WE're posting here, but hackers or trolls won't be very much impressed by that, as you will agree. Just be straight with us, no bullshit."

Seeing this as a "security leak" just confirms that you really do not understand how it works. THIS IS NO SECURITY LEAK AT ALL. I already wrote above that fine is NOT using any bug or insider info - he does nothing else as was the POST button does, only with a static text.

Do you really think I would talk so freely about this topic if there would be any security problem at all?

Some comments above you wrote

"Just suppose fine would have added a function('user-id'+1) to his script; innocent in itself, but you get the idea ..."

You do not get ANY idea. The create comment function does not at all handle any user ID. There is no user ID included in fine's code. And you can add whatever you like to the code and our server will just ignore it.

You also wrote above

"Any clue which .js holds their declaration, before I have to search them all ?"

Oh boy. NONE of the functions of the AvaxHome engine is coded in Javascript. All code is done in Ruby on Rails, runs on our servers and will NEVER be tansfered to your PC. Do you really think our coders would be so stupid to do any critical thing in javascript, running on your PC, where you can maniulate it?

"If this guy TDz is watching this, he's sincerely advised to remove any specific mod option from the public html pages."

I was the first who asked TDz to not include it in the html code :-) But for fully different reasons as you think.

"Trust me on this."

Yep, you know very much about the "javascript" we use to run such a realtime system :-)

"Also, when fine actually is able to pass on values to variables to regular avax scripts, man, there's no telling how corrupt you can make this ..."

These are no "scripts". And even with scripts which would run at our servers fine could send as much variables as he wants if the script does not support them. But the TEXT of a comment is needed and needed to be transfered by the post comment. How else should anyone be able to write a comment? On each and every website where you can type anything thex text that you type will be transfered to the server by using the POST command. (I know there are other ways, but usually it is done by post)

The AvaxHome engine is a very large and complex program of a database driven multi-server realtime engine. This code runs ONLY at our servers - no code runs as javascript on your client. OK, the Are-You-sure" question is done in js and runs on your machine, so feel free to modify this java code :-)

"Just suppose fine would have added a function('user-id'+1) to his script; innocent in itself, but you get the idea ...
Or do I really have to redraw all posts here, because of major security risks ..."

Fine has no way to add any code to our servers. What he does on his client does in no way influence what our servers do :-)
And again: NONE of these functions transfer any usier-id at all. After login our servers KNOWS who you are. There is no need why functions like create comment should take an user-id as input. did you ever see a "permission denied" error,even if youare allowed to dowhat you tried to do? It is exactly opposite - if the server has problems with you, he will deny your request, not allowing it to pass. Try as hard as you want - you cannot do some task under the ID of a different user.

"And now I get into it: also interesting to notice that the 'delete' function of any comment is included in html, and doesnot appear to be a separate database function, very peculiar, actually. That means moderators here probably don't have straight sql access, only the tech dba."

And again you are fully wrong. The DELETE function is NOT included in the html code. The CALL to the function is included and this call helps you nothing because it does not work for you - you can try as much as you want - the needed permissions are inside our servers and without them this function call just gives you an error message - no matter what parameter you try to post.

And no, it is of course also no database function. Deleting a comment needs much more as just deleting it in the database.

The Delete Comment call starts a program which first checks if you have the needed permissions to execute it. If not, you receive an error message. Now the program needs to invalidate the pre-fetched / cached copy of the publication it is linked to. Than the program tells the database to delete comment, adjust the linking, decrease the comment counter etc. After this it will trigger a new task that a new version of the html code needs to be generated and store in the pre-fetch / cache.
This is the easy-to-understand-version for you :-) As we here deal with multi-servers the code is of course a bit more complex as what I wrote here.

OK, but back to your newest comment.

"Or do I really have to redraw all posts here, because of major security risks ..."

The only security risk is your brain which has not the slightest idea how AvaxHome works at all. If you would at least read the publication on top of main page, you would have known that there is nothing about javascript and of course no code running on your client. It's a large object oriented model with carefully designed classes doing their own error and permission checking. This code runs now since 6 month with over 1 million accesses daily and not a single security problem was found so far.

When it comes to security, TDz even calls me "paranoid" :-) because I even worry about side effects which MIGHT happen under very special circumstances. No, I'm not the coder of the AvaxHome engine, but I tested the calls included in html pages myself before the engine was put to public access. The engine still have many bugs, special with tasks only mods or admins have on their screen. But these bugs are not related to security.

"Yes, of course we need to change the code and adjust it to any publication, but that's just the whole fun of it, when you're into this kind of stuff, don't you really get it ?!?"

The "fun" you have is double work for our mods. This will slow down moderation even more, for ALL publishers. The additional traffic of all the visitors who might click on these buttons will slow down our servers even more as the pain we already have to face. Sorry if other people besides you do not find this funny.

"I actually expected TDz to answer this, but since he didn't, I might just redraw, and take a lot of people with me. You show some respect here as well, TDz, and take this seriously ..."

Reading your above words about javascript, creating own functions to increase/change user IDs etc. even I can understand that TDz does not even ask you to read the publication which is on top of main page since many days.

The only reason I spent my time for replying is that I do not like to have such lies like "security leak" etc. written here. Other people with same level of "understanding" how AvaxHome works might believe your panic would be true.

sorry for these words. I already restited hard to not comment your earlier comments about javascript, user IDs, direct database calls etc. It clearly showed me HOW MUCH I would have to explain to show you how wrong you are.

But now making panic about "security leaks" needed some words.

And guess what? There is much more you could do by calling our engine. You annot only delete comments, you can also delete publications and you can delete even users, with almost same syntax.

Even if I would publish here a link which would delete the user interzone, there would be no security risk at all. Even if 1 million users would click on it, you would still be with us instead of deleted.

OK, one RISK would be with such a link. If Pasha would again be curious and click on it like with the disco publication, then we would have 1 user less. :-))

Posted By: Bully Date: 11 Dec 2021 02:22:35

... (continued)

It has nothing to do with different parameters etc. Our servers KNOW who is allowed to run a special task. You are not allowed, no user is allowed, so whatever parameters you add to such a call, it will just go to /dev/nul :-)

Your only chance would be to HACK for our password. Feel free to try brute-force attacks on 18 character long passwords. :-) This would take you more time as the universe exists :-)
OK, in theory. :-) In practical use you would be banned at same moment as our servers log your wrong tries of login.

In short: No, this has NOTHING to do with security. The reasons against the publisher-created TY-Button are in full described in my above comment. A copy of that text I also did send to our mods, so they are warned about the additional work which they might have to handle with re-edits and syntax check for TY buttons.

Didn't I already wrote to you "Cool down,man" :-) Why do you make your and MY life so difficult? Enjoy AvaxHome. It is as secure as a system fully open to everyone can be. If there would be security problems, I would be the first to kick TDZ's ass ;-)) And if fine would publish security critical information n public, he would be banned faster as you could write a complaint.

@ fine

Next time you wanna show me something, please do it in PM, no matter if you have to wait a few hours if there are technical problems with the mailer :-) As I wrote you on saturday, I already feared what trouble might arise if other users start copying your code. But that someone would claim that a function, which is daily used a few thousand times by every member who wants to add a comment, is now called a "security leak" even my imagination was not prepared for. :-)

Do you see the dots above? The FIRST time I broke the limits of the size of a comment. Can you program me a javascript function to double the size of a comment? :-))) Ah, OK, I should avoid such jokes because someone else might again think that they can influence the server side software by doing anything at client side.

Posted By: Bully Date: 11 Dec 2021 03:06:09

@ interzone

OK, finally I understood what your last comment was about. Instead of just asking me to "look" at your publication, you rea llyshould have told me that all your worried about was just a comment some had had added to your publication, that this had nothing todo at all with your other comments about use of the TY-button.

To make it short: "Spmeone" had made a joke to you. I guess you know who it was.

But this also has nothing to do with security problems which you stressed so hard in samecomment.

The only thing which had happened was that "someone" did a new AvaxHome registration with a username different s you, but looking same as your one. This account had nothing else to do with you - he was of course not able to access anything you had created, same as you were not able to edit this comment, because it was not done by your account.

A CLOSER look to that comment would have shown you what the real username was and what the little trick was. Meanwhile I have deleted this comment and I hope you understand that I will not explain what the little trick was. It is NOT a security problem, but it is very confusing and might even be abused, because, same as you, almost everyonequick reading will not notice it.

I also did ban that account now, so the creator can no longer use it and, more important, no-one else will be able to create a new account with same trick to you. Same as no-one is able to create an account with "interzone", beacuse it also already exists.

And exactly same I would have done many hours erlier if you would have clearly written that you only worry about a comment added to your publication which "looks" like if it was written by you.

BTW: IF you ask someone like fine for help with unusual AvaxHome features like this f*cking TY-Button, you should be prepared for other "unusal" creativity :-) Just a private hint :-))

A simplyform of creativity you can see here:


Everyone thanked "fine", no matter that the creator of this publication was not "fine" but a user named "fine.". The human eye quick oversees the dot behind fine, special if it is written without quotation marks around it. Same was it with "your" comment, just a bit more creative.

Posted By: mad-mex Date: 11 Dec 2021 03:39:18
@ bully:
"Everyone thanked "fine", no matter that the creator of this publication was not "fine" but a user named "fine.""

Yep, but there´s only one fine person reserving comments... ;-)
Posted By: fine. Date: 16 Oct 2021 13:24
reserved for future anouncements from the publisher

Another thing:
a user called avaxhome, wrote a comment in the above mentioned post.
Now I´m confused - just a clever user or a Team Member?
Gladfully never read shit from this user avaxhome - like software contains virus, don´t download, etc.
But I thought that these names are not suitable for normal users - and yeah: NO security risk, but abuse friendly.

And by the way:
I don´t want TY buttons - I want beer !
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 11 Dec 2021 05:32:35
@ fine . . .

And as I deserve it, I reserve it.
Fine´s Alt Delivering Service.
It´s just "around the corner... almost"

Nikolaus schwankt durch den Tannenwald, den ganzen Arsch voll Hannen Alt

After all the technical stuff, TY & [email protected] buttons, NoJavaScripts: let´s come back to lyrical things...

Posted By: mad-mex Date: 11 Dec 2021 06:44:22
@ fine
> Studie: Kölsch ist gesund - daher speziell für Dich: der "Bier-Button" :-)
TY button: click...

Aber Studie ist wie AH-Poll... ergebnisreich

K D F - Kneipe:
Wer äppelwoi trinkt, frisst auch kleine Kinder...
I prefer "If you are a lazy f*cker, that´s because of Dinkelacker"
Mer losse d'r Dom en ... wo noch mal?
Posted By: Bully Date: 11 Dec 2021 21:00:34

@ mex

""Everyone thanked "fine", no matter that the creator of this publication was not "fine" but a user named "fine.""

"Yep, but there´s only one fine person reserving comments... ;-)
Posted By: fine. Date: 16 Oct 2021 13:24
reserved for future anouncements from the publisher"

yep, and have a closer look: fine. and not fine posted this comment :-)

"A user called avaxhome, wrote a comment in the above mentioned post.
Now I´m confused - just a clever user or a Team Member?"

A normal user who had the creative idea to register as avaxhome :-) You see, many user do NOT think about that there will be a day that their usernames will be shown to others, so they register under the strangest names. I guess this user just typed avaxhome so he has no problem to remember what his username at AvaxHome is ;-) HE is a longtime membermso I think we should not force him to a different username. some other special names like anything with "Administrator", "Webmaster", "Postmaster" aremeanwhile banned to avoid abuse.

"Gladfully never read shit from this user avaxhome - like software contains virus, don´t download, etc.
But I thought that these names are not suitable for normal users - and yeah: NO security risk, but abuse friendly."

Yep, he gives no reason to ban him :-))) And I'm rather sure that he did not select this username to fool anyone. I never had a complain about him, and I guess you are the first even asking about him.

"I don´t want TY buttons - I want beer !"

Hehe, you're almost 2 years to late :-))
January 2006 I had a special award for great uploaders of AvaxHome Music. Was in use for about 2 month, until the day the last awarded guy was so "intelligent" to publish the download link in a public comment ... Was a video taking care for what musicians "need" most :-)) The song was "Titties & Beer" ;-) and the screen showed many bottles of beer and ... eh, you know. OK, this is also the "secret" behind the short term "AvaxBeer" you can find in many comments in the music section during these 3 months.

Posted By: Bully Date: 11 Dec 2021 21:00:53

@ fine & interzone

>> Posted By: interzone Date: 09 Dec 2021 20:50
>> ...
>> Then, make it not only fill a 'thank you' comment at your space, but at the same time an 'I hate this' comment at my very first post
>> ...

TNX, fine, for bringing my attention to these words. Somehow I oversaw these lines, concentrating to much on the false claim of security leak etc.

This is exactly that kind of abuse I feared about - abusing innocent users to not only add a "Thank You" to own publication, but also adding bad words to a publication created by someone else.

To make it short: A member really doing such shit will be banned from AvaxHome without any warning or further talks.

And special to interzone: After now reading these words I think you really earned this little joke.

Posted By: Bully Date: 11 Dec 2021 21:03:36

@ mex

"ALT ALT ALT !!!! "

Correct answer ;-))

Please add me to fine's delivery service :-)

@ fine

"Sorry Bully, die Grenzen zwischen AvaxHome & General sind manchmal recht fließend :-)"

Hope my translator didn't fool me, so, you are ontopic. AvaxBeer is a part of AvaxHome history, so the short form "Beer" is also OK. Eh, moment, you did not talk about Beer - you talked about "Kölsch".

@ mex

"Mer losse d'r Dom en ... wo noch mal?"

St. Petersburg!

From Avax's office on 60th floor of the AvaxHome Tower you have a great sight to it :-)
From Pasha's office in the cellar you can't. But we already take care and install a camera and a monitor for him. Takes a bit time, we first need to hire 2 trucks to transport the empty vodka bottles to find some empty space in his office for the monitor ;-)

Posted By: Bully Date: 11 Dec 2021 22:43:03

@ interzone

"Bully obviously returned to the shower room again to show us kids how big his own 'device' is."

Are you a kid?

I think you still did not get the real point of my yesterday's reaction.

You cried in public about "Security risk", "Security leeak" etc. and I do not even want to count how often you cried "TDz" and that he would not take care.

Don't get fooled by just a view people reading here - much more people READ here. Even google stores most of our pages. It is just a matter of time, sometimes even hours, until you can read on otehr sites "AvaxHome has a security leak". And no-one asks if this "security leak" was detected by a professinal software engineer or someone who thinks AvaxHome would be a few javascripts.

I promised "free speech" on that page, so I couldn't just delete your comment. The only way to handle it was to explain that this "security leeak" only existed in your imagination.

It's not so long ago that I had to read on other sites "AvaxHome spreads virus" - once such an "statement" is out to the public evryone takes it as correct.

Yep, I'm rather sure that you did not even think about what consequences your words might have, but this does not change the fact how easy such words can hurt AvaxHome.

You did not even make clear that all you worried about was just a little comment - a comment youself asked for, as I know now. In context with your other words it looked like a security leak based on the create comment call. We are glad that the usual hacker groups no longer cares to hack our servers, but with such words spreading aound on other sites you invite them to visit us. And no matter of the result of their tries the hacking itself will slow down the servers to a point where normal usage is no longer possible.

Besides, you wasted my time for having to reply to all your public spreaded" knowledge" about AvaxHome software. Don't get me wrong - if you encounter a REAL security problem I will be the first thanking you for your help. But such a panic about nothing else as a little joke with a comment you even asked for yourself was very different yto you otherwise great work at Avaxhome.

"I never received any complaints by any bank for developing their online Oracle applications and databases."


Do the banks really __USE__ your software? ;-))


More serious: Under this background you know yourself that it makes no sense at all to try to feed some additional data to a unction. If your function does not accept a userID, it makes not sense to uncrement it and send it to the function. And I'm rather sure ou do not give the online customers direct access to Oracle :-) There is some software between client and server and this software should not be javascriopt running on the client, where it can be manipulatedin any way.

Reading your above words under this new knowledge it seems that you think that our technical admins and developers are pure idiots :-)

"Tell pasha to hit that special 'interzone'-button, the links are gone anyway."

It takes less time to do it myself as writing a mail to Pasha :-)

But I think I better wait a bit until you had your beer and calmed down. And while you think again if you really want to leave us, you can start to re-upload your files ;-)

Posted By: p.cedric Date: 12 Dec 2021 13:58:15
you guys are so committed.......brilliant
fine, mex, bully, interzone......i thank you all
best wishes
Posted By: Bully Date: 12 Dec 2021 22:06:51

@ p.cedric

Clever trick to be added to fine's ALT beer deleivery service :-)

Congratulations to your 2nd AvaxHome membership birthday!
(Yep, I'm 10 days too late,sorry)

@ interzone

Looks like fine cheated you with a new TY-Button :-)
I removed this comment before you might lose your good reputation :-)

Posted By: Bully Date: 18 Dec 2021 01:47:02

@ interzone

In my view ALL our members have same rights, no matter if publisher or downloader.

Some of our publishers already "abuse" their little "power" over "the f*cking leechers" (original quote froma a publisher, out of my mailbox) by forcing them to download from shit servers (just because this host pays more money to the pulishers pockets), asking them to beg in PM for password and other strange behavior which is in no way part of our rules.

Comments are not only for writing "thank you" messages or doing business with mirrors, they are also for reporting problems, to warn other users. If a publisher publishes a book were 20 pages are missing, a music album announced at 320 Kbps which in real is a VBR bitrate around 160 kbps, a software package including malware and so on other members should add a fitting comment.

What do you think will happen with such warnings if we give the publisher the right to delete each comment he does not like? :-)

How would YOU feel if another publisher deletes all your comments with the only reason that he does not want them in his publication?

We already had the discussion about "censorship" at AvaxHome. Where would that lead if we would allow every publisher to delete what _he_ doe not like?

Besides ethical views there are also technical reasons why we do not allow to delete comments or even publiactions (which includes deleting all linked comments).

BTW, if we would allow publishers to delete comments, AvaxHome would be flooded from guys only publishing to make money. And in my view we already have tooooo much business guys here at AvaxHome. BOTH in publishers and mirror creators. On first look they might be different, but reason is same - making quick money. And the real fun: Most are both. Under one username they publish, under a different suername they flood other publishers with mirrors.

You can also see it this way: If such guys want to have full control over ALL users, they should run their own site and pay the cost for it themselves.

BTW, if YOU have any prolems with a misbehaving user in your publication, send me (or someone else of the team) the url and we will take care.

Posted By: Bully Date: 18 Dec 2021 02:30:54

@ accatone

"I don't know for you but I'm pissed off by those who post mirrors where there's more than one host. The most annoying ones are those who post links on the same hosts you post in."

As clearly written in our FAQ, a publisher CAN forbid further mirrors, if he publishes himself (at least) 1 additional mirror.

I now had a look into some new publications of your blog. I found the one publiaction you talk about "USB Key Locker" and I deleted the invalid mirror. Same I would have done earlier if you would have informed me about it. We cannot check over 150.000 opulications just to see if a new comment is perhpas added - in such cases we need the information from the publisher to take care.

But from the 4 or 5 of your new publications I had checkd this was the only one with 2 download links I saw - the other ones had only 1 download link, but still your claim "No mirror", which is in no way fitting our rules. If other users know our rules better as you and add a mirror to such a publication, you should not wonder :-)

BTW: "No mirrors please" sounds much friendlier.
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 22 Dec 2021 08:10:30
So maybe this is the place to send Xmas greetings:

To all and everyone - AH team & AH users:
Have a nice Xmas - enjoy the holidays.

Bonnes fetes, feliz navidad, frohe Weihnachten, auguri di buone feste etc.

I´m dreaming of a white Christmas....
Posted By: Bully Date: 22 Dec 2021 10:48:02

@ interzone

In a "perfect world" we would not need any moderation at all. But reality daily confirms that this is just wishful thinking.

Special for the publications we need careful moderation. Everyone can publish at AvaxHome, so we need to take care for both some level of quality of posted stuff - that's the main reason why most of our users are with us - but also for some level of look-and-feel, keeping the visual style of a publication fitting to the other ones and to the CI of AvaxHome itself. Best example is the use of "|" instead of "/", ",", "- " etc. :-))

For talks among members, the comments, we try to keep out as far as possible. Except for spam and abuse of mirror business we normally only jump in after a member reports a problem.
Personally I still follow the view that a good community should be able to handle most problems of talking itself. In 2005 and 2006 this worked very well, in 2007 we have to take care for the fact that the average age of our members was heavy dropping down - many warez-kiddies found their way to AvaxHome and they need a bit more "guiding" :-)

About Flush: I'm not sure if your talks about October 2006 are related to me :-) But I guess it was around this time. Flush had been heavy caught by the RS point-collecting virus who had infected many of our members. Because of the quality of his publications I closed both of my eyes about long texts giving orders to our members, but finally it had reached a point where this no longer was possible. There had been some hard words in public which for sure brought me some new "friends" :-) but there was no other way. After a bit of thinking and a few personal talks between us the virus was cured. :-) Flush did never really leave us because of problems - as you can read in his second last major project's comments, he spent a long time far from home, enjoying much more Bali's beach and female beauties instead of uploading ;-)) But even beach and women did not kill the old spirit of sharing growing up again in Flush, as we know from all his fine new publications in 2007.

And this brings us again to the main topic. I know very well that the success of a site like AvaxHome very strong depends on good publishers. And the better the publishers and the site team work together, the better the result for all. I try hard to keep our publishers (special in the music section) happy and feeling well and try to follow their wishes, but it is not ever possible. Many wishes which are good for one or more people are bad for other ones. Someone has to make a decision, based on the needs of the majority, and this one is the poor admin or mod. Whatever he decides, one or more people will hate him from that day on. I'm used to this since many years, I know that it's impossible to be "everyone's darling". Same as I'm used to receive PMs starting with "you fucking asshole ..." to quote only from harmless style :-)

Anyway, same as we do not have a "perfect world", we will never have a "perfect AvaxHome". Let's just make the best of it - it's not the worst place to be :-)

Merry Christmas to our members and visitors!

@ mex

Merry Mexmas to you and your family!

Posted By: jantine Date: 22 Dec 2021 22:15:44

:-)))) at the moment this fits better here

Merry Xmas to you All

Posted By: jantine Date: 23 Dec 2021 01:19:21
@fine the picture is correct

But Can it be that you drink too much of that Glühwein ???? then it can happen that you see double or even double-double

Just a little test for you ....if you see more then one froggie then it's time to go to bed ;=)
Frohe Weihnachten
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 24 Dec 2021 18:17:30
What have U done ?

Now at least I know, where the term Crazy frog comes from - cause he drives U crazy...

Couldn´t resist, and I kissed these frogs ;-(
Now I´m having a handful of cute princes hanging around my home !
Drinking my beer, using my Hello Kitty Toilet paper and worst of all: driving my girlfriend wild !
Posted By: ostndr Date: 11 Jan 2022 10:45:33
The last comment here seems to be from 24 December. Since then, Avax has suffered terrible server problems and posters have been advised not to publish. The publishing seems to be going ahead now, but I have not been able to publish for five or six days now. For every click on "Create", there is either "permission denied" or "504 Time-out". The 504 Time-out makes publishing impossible. Is the Avax team aware of the continuing problem?
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 17 Jan 2022 03:28:14
yeah, it´s a mess.
So many script-errors on only one page. Even the toolbar.css causes errors. But at least posting is stopped...

So, I get drunk (sit and wait and drink a beer, and another beer, and... sit smoother...)

On the "waiting site" there are old posts on top, and there are even posts with 3 comments yet ... Mess, mess, it´s a mess.

Guess, Ruby lost his rails... Will he find them? Soon ?
Posted By: jantine Date: 18 Jan 2022 01:43:42
Ding Ding :-)


Great!!!! and i now see also a new ADULT button for even more mess and reasons for spammers to visit AH
Ok, Perhaps i'm a little old fashion ;-) But does AH really need this :-(

Posted By: mad-mex Date: 19 Jan 2022 20:29:25
As Rapidshare is down: Can anyone confirm this ????

'As of 19 January 2022 16:00 GMT, Rapidshare AG's servers were shutdown by anti-piracy authorities in Germany. More than hundreds of Rapidshare servers were seized from their offices in Berlin although no arrests were made. Sources said, authorities are contemplating pursuing legal action against users who distribute and download pirated copies of software and movies from these servers.'

Until there is a reliable source, I would carry on thinking that it is down either for maintenance or hardware/software failure.
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 19 Jan 2022 20:38:10
And this is what the germans say:

GEMA mit einstweiliger Verfügung gegen Rapidshare
von MarkusP für WinFuture.de
Die Musikrechte-Verwertungsgesellschaft GEMA hat am gestrigen Donnerstag eine einstweilige Verfügung gegen den One-Click-Hoster Rapidshare erwirkt. Der Grund hierfür ist, dass über die Server des Unternehmens rechtswidrig Musikdateien verteilt wurden.

Rapidshare erlaubt jedem Nutzer das hochladen von Dateien. Diese werden dann unter einer vom System automatisch generierten Adresse zum Download bereit gestellt.

Bei Rapidshare ist man bislang der Meinung, dass ein Hoster nicht alle Dateien prüfen kann, die hochgeladen werden. Aus diesem Grund lehnt das Unternehmen die Verantwortung für Urheberrechtsverletzungen durch seine Nutzer ab.

Die GEMA versucht nun bei Rapidshare und auch anderen Hosting-Diensten und sozialen Netzwerken durchzusetzen, dass diese die Verantwortung für alle der bei ihnen gespeicherten Dateien übernehmen und entsprechend harte Kontrollen einführen.

Who knows more? Is it over, or just a temporal hype ? ? ?

Posted By: jantine Date: 19 Jan 2022 22:07:09
i think it's temporal same like avaxhome server problems

This is what I found ;-)

apidshare.com, formerly Rapidshare.de, has been widely used as a vehicle for the transfer and sharing of pornography. Site such as HCMF.com commonly used the site as a means of perpetuating the illegal sharing of pornography.

A NSFW and EXTREMELY graphic example of its use (or abuse, depending on your view) can be found here.(you must be 18)
Sorry i removed the ADULT button ;-)

As you can see, below the photo are the links to where the pieces needed to make one file exist (or existed) on Rapidshare.

Rapidshare.com, and Filefactory.com have also been abused by spammers, says Dave Marcus, security research and communications manager for McAfee's Avert Labs.

The "official" word is that the downtime is said to have been caused by a server overload.

Rapidshare technician Steven Gircham has reportedly commented on this issue - "There are rumors concerning attacks made on the Rapidshare.com servers. There are also rumors that Rapidshare has been shut down by a court order. These rumors are false. We would like to apologize to our users and inform them that no data has been lost. There have been some hardware issues as a result of high bandwidth and server overload. We are doing our very best to resolve the hardware issues, and users should expect uptime by midnight tonight (GMT)"

you can still view the site via IP -

They either got DOS attacked, and are having trouble getting there DNS working or they want it to at least appear that way. At the moment, it would appear that they where NOT taken down by any "anti-piracy orginizations"

Story developing...
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 20 Jan 2022 01:00:27
Well, they´re back - so seems to be a rumour...

But who is using this "rumour" for the widespreading news? And who started this downtime exactly 1 year after the old heise.ag report?
Same day, same time - just a year later...

So this was no "normal mainteance" - nor normal downtime...
Someone planned something very nice - or it is really all so casual, that it´s wonderful !

Yep, we keep waiting for the developing of this story-

Thnks, jantine !
Posted By: jantine Date: 20 Jan 2022 01:58:08
"Yep, we keep waiting for the developing of this story"

The AH-ADULT button is gone..My guess...Rapidshare deleted 50 gb of pornography. so it's not needed anymore
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 20 Jan 2022 04:35:33
Rapidshare deleted 50 gb of pornography

Are you sure???? Terrible !!! I was just downloading Emmanuelle Part 788 to 852 ....

And AH: I want my ADULT button back ! Where else can I post my Hello Kittie Wallpapers?
Posted By: Bully Date: 21 Jan 2022 17:29:59

@ Jantine & mex

As the name ADULT button clearly states, it is for ADULT persons.
Whenever the day will come that one of you behaves like an adult person, we can discuss it again ;-)


For private reasons I was not online during the last 7 days, sorry. I'll try to handle the waiting support mails asap.

Posted By: jantine Date: 21 Jan 2022 18:26:54

Then I guess there are not so much ADULT persons here at AH... as far as ik can see the ADULT BUTTON is gone :-))))))

Posted By: mad-mex Date: 31 Jan 2022 18:07:05
As far as I know, Teraspace is Rapidshare server.
City Kenzingen is aparta in the south of Germany, close to Switzerland. Near RS.com Headquarter.

Weird ???
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 31 Jan 2022 18:19:49
One such file host, and the largest in the world is RAPIDSHARE.COM, owned by Christian Schmid in Germany, and falsely registered in Switzerland. The CEO of Rapidshare is Bobby Chang, who also operated the server host TERASPACE.DE. and is a huge customer of LEVEL3 Communications.
To the best of my knowledge TERASPACE is dedicated to RAPIDSHARE and is therefore NOT a passive conduit, but simply another loophole to duck liability.
However, after attorney Daniel Koetz sued RAPIDSHARE.DE , prompting this new .COM domain, German courts ruled that Schmid was illegally operating by allowing criminal activity by anonymous users. They immediately cleaned house at RAPIDSHARE.DE and transferred all files to the new .COM domain, continuing the same criminal routine.
Because the case was apparently filed against the domain rather than Schmid and Chang, we now have ten times the problem as they push RAPIDSHARE to the limits and perhaps DO NOT remove files as they claim, but change the URLs so it appears that they have complied. Most files re-appear soon after removal.
RAPIDSHARE / Teraspace is supported by LEVEL3 Communications .

IPs: Pa-Teraspace-Cogent rapidshare.com [web] Germany 0 0 0 Cogent Communications Group Inc rapidshare.de [web] Germany 0 0 0 Cogent Communications Group Inc rapidshare.de [web] Germany 0 0 0 Pa-Teraspace-Cogent rapidshare.com [web] Germany 0 0 0 Cogent Communications Group Inc rapidshare.de [web] Germany 0 0 0

yep, as you see: Teraspace = Rapidshare.
LedAstray: Do you have your RS-uploader running, btw ?
Posted By: Skept Date: 17 Feb 2022 07:14:26
Hi guys, when will posting new publications be restored?
Posted By: foolofthehill Date: 21 Feb 2022 11:15:16
Thank you Bully for all the good work, you do for us here on AvaxHome!
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 21 Feb 2022 17:40:44
Today I wanted to download a few CDs, recently posted - lossless.
They are all gone - Trollz.

And it really doesn´t matter, if links were posted directly, or hidden (thousand of clicks needed to get the files...), password protected etc. : it simply doesn´t matter.
It´s too easy to get to the RS download link, and then send a mail. There is no protection

So I came late, hoping now for a repost.
Men, these trollz are sick...

Thanks to uploaders, and please try it again.
Posted By: Bully Date: 22 Feb 2022 23:32:51

@ mex

"t´s too easy to get to the RS download link, and then send a mail. There is no protection"

I tell same since years :-) but publishers do not listen to my words :-)

As long as sharing exists, deleters exist. Without a mechanism to give each downloader a different url, there is no way to to take care for deleters. Same with the nonsense 2 of our publishers do by forcing people to send mails to them for the links. They have no way at all to check the people asking for the links by PM. If a deleter would WANT to deleter their files,they would have already gladly sent the links to the deleter :-))

Best hint is still: Try to ignore them. Don't feed the trolls.
If no-one takes care about them, they get bored quick and move to a different website again.

@ LedAstray

"What's the problem?"

As already written often enough - even on AH Talks: Too many users.

Since last software update 9 months ago we have about 450.000 ADDITIONAL users. And of course all of them ty to connect at the same peak times of the day. And of course almost all of them hammer on the T5 key (reload) fully ignoring that this additional traffic slows down our network even more - not only for them, for ALL other users accessing at same time.

Quick solution? Sure. We can start by banning all new registered users since last software update :-))

Another quick solution: We take AvaxHome from the net until all needed changes are done. An offline AvaxHome wold be much less stress to the technical team and would spare us a lot of PM each day asking again what already had been explained a few times in public.

But most I like when people I carefully explained in private mails HOW AvaxHome works still see AvaxHomeas a "forum".

And,by theway:

"Change the forum to phpBB, vBulletin"

In past AvaxHome did use free available software. But since end of 2005 this software was way to slow to handle the amount of AH users at a reasonable time. There was no other way as developing own high optimized software - the first once was launched February 2006. And it is always the same game. It works fine for a few months. But a fast and error message free AvaxHome attracts many new users. And when the break-even-point is reached, we are back to same problem. So game starts again. More tricks in software to get more speed, next server added to the network and AH is fast again ...for a few months. Currently we are again at the point that just adding the next server to the network (AH already runs exclusive on 5 servers) is not enough.

Or in short: If it would really be such easy to handle the massive traffic we have - special at peak times - with a simple standard forum software - why did AvaxHome invest big money in own development of high optimized software? And why do our technical guys spend most of their spare time tryingto optimize the network? And to avoid further suggestion: Yep, all internal communications between the 5 main servers already run at 1 GigBit/s gateways.

So, please, as happy we are about any helpful suggestions, please make sure that you at least understand about which traffic we talks and what hardware and software is already in use. About 2 months ago we had for almost 2 weeks a full description on top of man page.

These words are not only for LedAstray :-) -but reading his words was a good chance to remind to a few things again.

And finally: Our technical team does really work hard between their real (paid) job in the real world and the few hours they have to sleep. And, yep,I am very glad that I am NOT a member of the technical team ;-) I still think that temporary disabling "Post news" is a better solution as having no AvaxHome at all(offline until problems are solved). Same as I also keep to Avax's main view since 2001 that AvaxHome should be open to everyone, even without need to register like other sites force.

Ah, before I forget: AvaxHome Premium accounts (without 504 and "permission denied" pages) are available now for just 25 US $ / month. Includes rights for 1 complaint about server performance in each month. :-)) "Normal" longtime publishers will receive a bonus of 25 US$. For publishers of small picture sets,10-icon "collections" etc. at money-maker-hosts like paid4share, easyshare etc. we will offer the new "Business Premium" accounts. Prices start at US $ 99.99 - price is calculated based on used bandwidth and resources of our servers.

Eh, OK, for people only reading every 2nd line I should make clear that these words about AvaxHome Premium Accounts are just a dream ... oops, I mean: JUT A JOKE.

OK, this comment is long enough and should spare me another comment about server problems for the next 4 weeks. :-)

Any important nesyou will fnd like usual on top of main page (for about 2 days) AND for years in


If you see no updated news, it means that there is no important news and no concrete dateline, sorry.

Posted By: mad-mex Date: 25 Feb 2022 03:15:38
posted & reposted by KZD55

posted by Lee Harvey Oswald and reposted by dj_vladi

posted and reposted by BlackwatchPlaid

posted by amitnewyork (very weird way to post - even so: deleted)

These are just a few example. All are lossless.

Big thanks to all, who did the extra effort to reupload these fine music.
Posted By: Bully Date: 27 Feb 2022 19:25:30

@ interzone

"@Bully: thanks for keeping up your good spirits, despite the increasing aggravation at these pages. Much appreciated ;)"

It's not easy to do :-) What many users somehow oversee: We **ALL** suffer from same problems. Special for our mods it s a real torture to moderate new publications at all. We pray every day that they will not have a nervous breakdown.

Or in other words: I well understand the feelings of our memebrs. And I'm rather sure I hold the record for motivating words like "Kill TD<rest censored in public>" :-)) But killing would just result in even longer schedules, so it's better to do not ;-))

OK, more serious: Our technical team is rally wprking hard. Therewill be improvemnts n near future. But our members should also keep in mind that our team cannot work 24 h a day. They are human beings, no robots. They also need a bit timefor eating, sleeping and eh ... otherpersonal needs :-) But more important: Almost all of us have a real job in the real world making sure that we can pay pay our peronals bills. So, you have to remove also 8 to 10 hours for the ralwork, outside AvaxHome.

Posted By: Bully Date: 27 Feb 2022 19:55:43

@ interzone

"1) 'trustworthy' - bypassing moderation"

In a prefect world I would agree :-) But from my own experience (in past I moderated about 28.000 publications myself) I know it does not work. You see, when well known names showed up on my screen, I also often thought "Don't waste your time, Bully - just confirm them for public without deeper check". But it is just wishful thinking. Special the "mass" publishers, who do a lot of publications, are of course to lazy to even click on PREVIEW button. They EXPECT their experience takes care that they do no errors, so they see no neeed at all to check their publication before saving it :-)

Same with duplicates. I guess none of our famous publishers did not at least had 1 refused publication by me with reason "Duplicate". SAme as most of our "erotic" publishers regular had refuses starting from "Tooooo hot for AvaxHome" and ending with "Don't publish porn".

There are also a few other reasons. Some lawyers already had nice talks to Avax telling what will happen if e again publish a special product. Our mods are aware of these (all in all not many) manufacturers and take care.

You see, one of the reasons why AvaxHome is still online since 2001 is the carefully done moderation. It also makes sure that we keep some level of quality.

"2) You may drop the pm system from your software"

The PM system is really no problem :-) We currently have less as 50.000 PMs - compare this to the about 750.000 comments :-)
But all PM is private, cannot be hold in the cache system, so it takes longer to access it, because it must be fetched from the database. On a slow system this takes time, but when we are back to normal performance, PM will be fast again same as loading a page from the cache.

And, hehe, nah ... I really do not like the idea to give out a real email address - it is enough how my AH PM fillsup onstant with red colored lines:-)

Besides, using real email andspecial smtp wouldmake our SPAMMERS much too happy ;-)

TNX for your interesting thoughts! And "sorry" that Ido not like them ;-)

PS: Yes, during the last 2 1/2 weeks we had a few days where moderation quality was not at the usual quality level. On thee days it was almost impossible to moderate new publications, so our mods tried mainly to get new publications out to public at all. Sorry.
Posted By: Fa Date: 05 Mar 2022 19:02:20
I have always prided myself on my ability to use adblocking and popup blocking etc but lately you have got me confused. If I have all the security as usual I will regularly get page not found when I go to click to post a comment or something, caused by, it seems, the site trying to load inside a frame of an ad site 'ural-banners.bb.ru' which is in my hosts file. so I remove that site from hosts file but still I get IE saying 'popup blocked' and other shit. so I add avax to trusted zone, allow everything except popups and what do I get now...bloody ZEDO popups on every other page.
I don't think you should not have ads, in fact I think you should have more(!) but I just wonder why I can't block them any longer without blocking the real pages too. If anyone has a tip let me know.
(this is probably a bad place to ask this as so many people will read it and the next thing I know the avax team will see a huge decrease in revenue caused by someone replying here to me with the foolproof method for blocking avax ads.
In that case if you do know how, PM me with it!)
OK I'm done.
thanks for reading!
Posted By: Fa Date: 06 Mar 2022 00:22:47
Yes I know it is right. the annoying thing is this - I had firefox for a very long time...all set up exactly the way I loved it with extensions etc and then I recently changed my motherboard and so got new HDD and decided to have a new install of windows instead of trying to work with backups etc. I was just totally unable to back up or restore the settings in firefox.! what a load of shit that is#!!!
why the hell do they have a browser that is so customizable and yet absolutely shit back up and restore options!!!?
I did try some of the feeble addons that supposedly can do it but they failed.
all I got was bookmarks and they are easiest to save anyway.
so since then whcih was about a month or less ago, I have stuck with using IE7 with IEpro and also my old favourite: Greenbrowser.
but I think firefox is missed too much here!!

Posted By: maxand Date: 06 Mar 2022 01:36:16
I originally posted this in the "We're back, baby!" post:

Then found that this is where I'm supposed to post comments like these:

Nice to see you back, with the same gridlock as before...

I still seem to have to click 3 or more times just to post a comment to anything, risking duplicate posts. This is becoming utterly frustrating. So if I turn up a virus or trojan and can't post this fact, no one else is the wiser.

I still often get a gateway 504 timeout error message. Well, if you're going to shut down the site to do some maintenance, a simple polite MESSAGE such as "our site is down for maintenance - we expect to be back in a few days" or something similar would have helped a lot more than a than a gateway 504 error message, followed by a smug "We're back, baby" post.

Worst of all, trying to edit a comment or post a pm I more often than not get this incredibly insulting message:
"Permission Denied. Sorry you have no rights to access this page."
This is the worst form of NYET I've ever seen. Of COURSE I've got bloody rights to access this page - I'm a member, aren't I? Don't you guys know how to be polite to us? How about "Sorry, the server is busy at present. Please try again in a few minutes."

Even worse, this "permission denied" appears after I've sent a pm, so I have NO WAY of knowing if the pm was successfully sent or not!

So don't get too complacent and take our loyalty for granted.

Get rid of the dead wood (posts dated 2006 and earlier) to make it all run faster.
Get rid of that bloody Zedo popup.
Make it easier for us to post comments and pm each other, just like in any other similar forum.
Then you MIGHT see some new faces with fresh material, who aren't too intimidated or frustrated to post here.
And maybe even see some old ones return.
Posted By: maxand Date: 06 Mar 2022 01:42:12
@Fa, I use EZ Backup Firefox Premium to back up my Firefox, automatically does it every day.
Search Avaxhome for it, it works faultlessly. pm me if you want to know more about it.
Posted By: jantine Date: 06 Mar 2022 08:04:05

"I believe that if a kid, about 10 years old, was browsing AH and his dad was watching and he glanced at the image, the man will not be so comfortable with what his son is visiting online."

I don't think so much 10 year old kids are browsing AH.
But perhaps better see it the other way, when if Daddy is browsing AH and his kids are watching they gonna tell there mom where there daddy is looking at ;-)

But also the monkey (the picture above) is nude :-)
Anyway i think you're right the picture is very eyecatching and it would be better if there was a different one;-)
Posted By: franklee Date: 06 Mar 2022 09:35:09
I saw that image only twice. Now it doesn't appear at all.

I'd like to know what constitutes a double post. I just had an album refused, because it's a lower bitrate than the existing one which, incidentally, has links that no longer work. I had thought my preparation of the post and providing the link to that post (per Original News), would suffice but, alas, it didn't. I actually have a lossless version of the same album, but now I see no point in posting it here, as it will most likely get the same treatment.

I understood a "double" to be exactly the same, including bitrate.
Posted By: maxand Date: 06 Mar 2022 11:08:35
@fine, THANKS for that tip - it will save me much angst.
@ScaryMe, thanks for your suggestion - I'm using AdBlock Plus at the moment.
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 07 Mar 2022 18:30:53
Today I found Procul Harum - Salty Dog lossless - posted in July 2006.
Links are still alive...
So everyone who´s asking for deleting the old 2006 posts: Please, no !

The new kvaz.com Ad:
If you hover sloooowwwwly over it, from the left to the right, and then stop your cursor in the middle of the picture: there´s a Pop-up saying :
refused by pasha13 - adult content ;-)
Posted By: maxand Date: 08 Mar 2022 11:41:08
mad-mex wrote:
"Today I found Procul Harum - Salty Dog lossless - posted in July 2006.
Links are still alive...
So everyone who´s asking for deleting the old 2006 posts: Please, no ! "

Amazing! Well, you have a point there.
Maybe instead, posts earlier than say 2 years from present date should be moved to a separate server??


Pasha13 said here:
"1. Try to stay not logged in unless you wish to post a comment or publication
2. If page doesn't open and keeps loading please do not abort / reload the page"

Since no comments seem to be allowed on that page, I will comment here.
The majority of occasions on which I keep reloading the same page over and over seem to be when I am trying to post a comment, or access my pms and nothing appears to have happened. I use Firefox and quite often the Status Bar (at the bottom) says "Done" and nothing happens after that, so I have no way of knowing whether my action is successful. No wonder I then reload the page to see if my reply got through (more often than not, I have to keep trying and trying). I wonder how many other members have this problem? So, how long should we be prepared to wait for the server to process our responses? I can appreciate that aborting and reloading the page puts an extra stress on the server, but if I don't, the browser request will time out anyway.

BTW, I do appreciate the efforts being made by the Avax team to improve the efficiency of this site.

Posted By: Bully Date: 09 Mar 2022 00:27:53


Just a short note here, as sign if life :-)

I had some private things to take care about, so this is my first login since March 1st. Everyone waiting for answers to private messages: Please be a bit more patient - will take me some days to handle all the waiting mails.

About servers:

On Tuesday (March 4th) 5 of the AvaxHome servers were "dead" / not reachable from the net. The technical team arranged an emergency config, so on 5th everyone could again access AH - the time Avax posted his "We're back, baby!" publication.

At the moment,still only part of AvaxHome network is running - not all servers are connected back to the network, so resources are very low, sorry.

Posted By: maxand Date: 09 Mar 2022 11:27:39
@ fine
Thanks for your reply. It's good to know that old postings don't slow down "normal performance" (I guess you mean page download time).

May I suggest that to speed up the searches, a link to "Advanced Search" be placed just below the "Search" field on the LH side of each page. If this were done, I would NEVER use the current search method - I would ALWAYS START with a narrower search (limited to ebooks / music etc, and always with most recent posts first (most recent posts have greatest chance of live links, and I would stop once I got to 2006 unless i was desperate). This should greatly shorten search time and thus reduce load. At present I am forced to do a "general" search with earliest results displayed first, then ignore the results once I get to the "advanced" search page, change sort to "most recent", narrow department to "ebooks", "music" or whatever, and START ALL OVER AGAIN. Thus I have forced the server to do the same job twice.

Or else you could put the link to Advanced Search at the top of the page next to "#Ultimate MP3 Search", "Best eBooks Search" etc.

The longer the search takes, the longer I have to stay logged in and add to the congestion.

Regards, Max
Posted By: maxand Date: 09 Mar 2022 22:06:37
@ fine

Well, I'll be darned!!! Thank you for these links. :)
Of course, I might eventually have worked them out by studying the URLs produced by searching, but you've saved me a lot of effort by posting them, particularly the "Search Everywhere" link.
It would be nice to see them posted for everyone to use. I'm sure not many members know how to do this.
The trouble is that (unless you paste these links directly into your browser or via a bookmark) there's no way to get to them from the home page or any page, WITHOUT doing a general search first, and this must waste a lot of server time. Even if I go to the eBooks section and do a search, all I get is a general search.

So again, please add the "Search Everywhere" link to every page, only please don't call it that, as everyone will think it means a general search. Call it "Advanced Search", "Detailed Search", "Special Search" or "Refined Search". There's no need to include the other links on every page, since it's obvious that we can narrow the fields to one area when we do Search Everywhere (oxymoron!).

And thanks too for making "sort by date reverse" the default in these links. (I know English can be a difficult language, but in my view it would be much clearer to rename "sort by date" to "earliest date first" and its opposite, "sort by date reverse", to "latest date first".)
Posted By: mariaf Date: 10 Mar 2022 03:05:39
It would be great if we had a system by which we know if there are any dead links or active ones before downloading something. There could be a kind of verification system done by us, let's say, we could inform avax the date when we downloaded something, and they could know and update when it was downloaded for the last time.

The fact is that I have downloaded 19 parts out of 20 from a soft posted by warezking and although I sent messages begging him to upload the missing part, I didn´t have any replies up to now. The soft and the link in question is the following:
Translation Tools v2.0 AIO

The missing link is the one in the 12th position:

The site keeps on saying that "the server hosting it is down for maintenance". It has been the same for more than a week and although I sent several messages to filefactory, I didn't get an answer. I didn´t get an answer from warezking either.

So, to avoid making us wasting time I think that we could have a way of solving this either uploading the missing files or informing that there are dead links.
Posted By: BlackwatchPlaid Date: 10 Mar 2022 07:40:29
@ maxand:

If you are using Firefox, there is a very easy way to solve your problem. There is a plugin for firefox you can use to add the search function from any page you are on to your search bar in the corner of your browser. It's called "Add to Search Bar 1.7" Once installed, you just make a right click with the mouse pointer on top of *the page's* search box and choose "Add to Search Bar...". Then you can search any one of those search options that fine graciously provided from ANY page you are on, it doesn't even need to be avaxhome, let's say you see a review for a good album elsewhere, just search right from that page you are on in your search bar, and voila!


I tried this out with the AH-Search Music string and it works like a charm :)
Posted By: mariaf Date: 10 Mar 2022 18:21:56
@ fine

Yes, fine. I sent personal messages to warezking about the missing link and I didn't get an answer. It seems that warezking doesnt care about what he uploaded and doesn't do anything to keep the links active.

I also sent a PM to someone (I don't remember his nickname) who had successfully downloaded it asking for the missing part. Up to now, it was all in vain. I will have to ask a friend to download the entire thing from e-mule or torrents...

And about what you said related to my suggestion, I think that a short message saying "the link is OK (and the date)" posted by one of us after downloading a complete soft would be enough for having a tidy place. An all the previous OK links could be erased by the administrator.

As I am a teacher, I usually download from englishtips and all of us -the downloaders and uploaders- contribute informing administration about the dead links or when we find other active links or mirrors. All of us contribute in a certain way to the site not with money but helping.
Posted By: mariaf Date: 11 Mar 2022 01:08:26
@ fine

The answer to you question is the following:
"trusted contributors" and uploaders
How many of us download in exchange for nothing? What do we give to the site??? OK, apart from a group of "trusted contributors" - people who has been with avax since it started - every uploader should be responsible for their uploads. How about monthly checks on the links done by uploaders and contributors. Many sites have a system like the one I am talking about, for example, Gigapedia. I am sure that there are a lot of good people who would happily contribute offering 15 minutes a day of their time to help the site.

One more thing, I wanted to upload something a couple of times but the interface is quite complicated, instead, I included the URLs of things I uploaded to the comments section of related posts, for example, in the Trados software comments I wrote the link for the Trados manual for dummies.
Posted By: maxand Date: 11 Mar 2022 01:20:50
@ BlackwatchPlaid
Thanks for your suggestion. I will look into this Firefox plugin. However, I have added the "Search Everywhere" link (it's really the only one on fine's list that I need) prominently to my FF Bookmarks (put a "!" in front of the title to keep it at the top) and this works not only for FF but for all other browsers. The problem with any plugin is that it may not work properly when the parent program (in this case, Firefox) is upgraded to the next version.

@ mariaf
I agree with fine that trying to pm warezking is a complete waste of time. Moreover, it's not warezking's fault in any way, so why should he bother replying? The link you want is still down, but be patient - FileFactory is fairly reliable. In fact, you'd do better to email them and ask for a progress report, or look elsewhere for another mirror, usually RS.

@ the technical team
I'd like to compliment you all for your hard work. In the last couple of days posting comments has been faster with less frustration. I hope it stays that way for a while!

@ bully & other admins

Referring to bully's comments at the top of this page:
"Inspired by some requests from our members we created this area to give you a place to talk. Please see this as a temporary test. The way you use it - or if you use it at all :-) will help us to decide if an enhanced version makes sense for AvaxHome."

This "Avaxhome Talks Page" is a great idea but is so well hidden that the apparent lack of any forum when a newbie arrives must surely turn a lot of them away. I fully support bully's suggestion that we need an "enhanced version" of this page, which is now way too long! I would like to see a separate department within AvaxHome, similar to Ebooks, Music, Video, etc. named "Discuss" or something similar (just don't call it a Forum). There could be a directory down the left hand side for subdivisions such as "Tutorials", "Feedback", etc. At the moment there is nowhere to look for tutorials, and everything's jumbled up on one page. What do you guys think?

Posted By: Bully Date: 11 Mar 2022 03:13:13

Just a short note:

As most of you might have noticed, since yesterday morning we have an additional problem which made it practical impossible for our normal team of mods to login and handle all the waiting publications.

During the last 7 hours I at least moderated all the waiting new music publications and most of the very large uploads like DVD rips. All small stuff like software, picturesets, icon collections and some books are still in the waiting line. Our mods will handle them as soon as it will be possible to them.

"Post news" will be enabled again as soon as it can be handled - I do not expect this to happen until morning hours (timezone of AvaxHome servers).

Sorry for the technical problems and sorry to publishers still in the waiting line - but even Bullys need some hours of sleep. And same for our technical team.

Stay tuned friends, it can't get worse :-)

@ maxand

While typing I see your words about "Hidden AH Talks" pages. Hey, they are on top of the 2 most important sections: Music :-)) _AND_ AH News.

I do not think that people not even clicking on "AH News" in top menu would click to "AH Talks" if we really would make it an own menu entry :-)

Posted By: mad-mex Date: 11 Mar 2022 05:43:59
@ Bully
>> Stay tuned friends, it can't get worse :-)

Would you bet on that ?
Posted By: jantine Date: 11 Mar 2022 15:30:21

Sorry for asking.
But i'm still wondering and waiting when this ugly green add from kvaz.com is gonna refused bij passha number thirteen
with the words this is Toooooooo Hot for Avaxhome or something like that.

To consider that also youngsters are comming here and clicking on this button leads them to a site with......
Oke, i think it's worser then the Hello Kitty toilet paper of mad-mex and it's not fitting on top of Ah

Wen a site like Ah is refusing the same kind of postings like porn or adult stuff.
you shouldn't also advertise for it
in my view it's the same ;-)
Posted By: Lelink Date: 12 Mar 2022 00:25:58
??? how i can download this album
Posted By: maxand Date: 12 Mar 2022 00:28:56
@ Bully
Thanks for your comments
IMO the name of something is very important. Maybe you guys don't realize how hard it is for visitors to understand your website. For example, now that our web address is avaxhome.ws, how many newcomers realize that AH stands for AvaxHome? So, what does AH stand for? As*h*le? Nothing in the title makes them *want* to click on "AH News". You might as well rename it AS News.

"Hey, they are on top of the 2 most important sections: Music :-)) _AND_ AH News."

So what? I checked both these pages out and what do I see? a picture of a monkey and "AvaxHome talks". NO information as to what it's about, NOTHING to invite the visitor to look further. Maybe the monkey's name is AvaxHome? Friends, you might be clever in many ways but you have a LOT to learn about web usability, as it's called. Read Steve Krug's book "Don't Make Me Think" and you'll get an idea of what I mean. (Poorly scanned 1st edition [2000] is available on the web but better than nothing. Don't believe anyone who calls it the 2nd edition.)

And for chrissake, take "AH talks" out of the Music section :-)

Posted By: cielodelsud Date: 12 Mar 2022 01:00:07
Please PLEASE - no more KvAz advertisements - this latest ad is not safe for work, or home around children, and as a human being, I object to this type of ad on Avax. Please NO MORE. There are many many other places to find porn - but keep it away from here - our dear home of men and women. Have respect.
Posted By: maxand Date: 12 Mar 2022 05:15:09
@ fine, you've obviously been working too hard! Maybe too close to forest to see trees (or bush - only she's shaved it). :)
On EVERY page there is a KvAz ad banner inserted between posts. I just checked the home page and there she is in all her glory, with "PORN, SOFT, MP3" in pink text, and no wonder because her pink bits are right there in yer face for all of us to admire.

KvAz is a warez/mp3/search engine and would be quite useful only it uses a blatantly porn pic on its banner, which drags AvaxHome (oops, AvaxSphere) down to the level of other warez/porn sites. The internet comes to AH looking for classy, tasteful, artistic images, not for cheap porn, which is available everywhere else. I'm not a wowser at all but it would be nice to keep the porn out of this site. Perhaps you guys to tell KvAz to use a different banner.
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 12 Mar 2022 05:27:57
@ fine:
I also don´t see it anymore.

The beautiful Lady was just too hot for me ;-))) ... I enabled adblocker in KIS - never needed this before. So now everything from AH
( ads.adbrite.com
www.jbe.ru etc. etc. etc. )
means only a nice little white, blank space.

I´m just wondering:
Difference between a post refused as too hot and a too hot AD: the price you pay?
So using Paypal: an uploader will be able to post "adult content" ???

Not even funny this discussion - and maxand is totally right: they just have to change the image, and whoopy !
Stay clean, don´t drive drunk, don´t click on naked Ladies...
Posted By: maxand Date: 13 Mar 2022 00:40:57
@ fine
ahh, of course - I shoulda guessed. :) (quote) "I enabled adblocker in KIS" - what's KIS?
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 13 Mar 2022 04:38:39
@ maxand
check it here:

Look into the comments:
Posted By: selce Date: 03 Mar 2022 12:29

Kaspersky Internet Security 7 (keys 29.02.08)
Posted By: maxand Date: 13 Mar 2022 11:58:36
@ mad-mex
Thanks for explaining. I'll give it a try!


One other suggestion while I think of it:
Could programmers include *name* of recipient in "your message was successfully sent"? e.g., change command to "Your message to (name) was successfully sent". Currently the pm'ing system is so unpredictable we have no way of knowing which message succeeded, especially if pm'ing more than one person in succession. There is never any problem like this in other forums where professional forum apps are being used.

Thanks again guys for all your help.
Posted By: Bully Date: 14 Mar 2022 20:31:58

@ accatone

Personal style, avatars ..

"I want to propose something, I would like to see Avaxians offered to have an avatar associated with their name, so anyone can see it when they post a news or a comment. That will be funny."

For the index pages (the Promote part of our publication) I see a few problems:

1. Where to put them without breaking layout and CI?
2. Increased loading time of each index page to handle additional 15 pictures to load on each index page. Special for our users who are still forced to use slow modems, this will be no fun
3. Knowing the creativity of some of our members, I guess it is much better to keep avatars out of index pages :-)

With one of the next software updates, the so called "user pages" will be back to AvaxHome. It is not fully clear at the moment what content will be provided on them. Special for our publishers it might not be wise to include real personal info :-) The old AvaxHome user pages (until March 2006) did include the option to upload an own picture - no matter if an Avatar or whatever the member liked. If there is really interest, this form of including a picture or avatar could be done again. We didn't think too much about such details, because the most important feature of the old user pages, the access to all publications of a member, is already back in a better form: The member blogs.

"Can Avaxhome administration think about it. That would be great if we could express ourselves a lot more with an avatar and a short bio."

You already can express yourself very much :-)

Each publication has 2 parts: The "Promote" part and the "News text" part.

The "Promote" part is the part we include in our index pages. For this part of your publication we have rather strict rules like the style of formatting, the restriction to not use colored text, animated pictures etc. This is done to keep some "look-and-feel" of AvaxHome itself. People browsing the index pages shall be able to quick recognize the provided content and - no matter that fully different people create the content, it shall look same style, not confusing the users. Exactly for these reasons our moderators often do some edits to publications of members having problems to do it themselves.

The "news text" part, your full publication, the page which is shown after someone clicks on "Details" is very different. You can use (almost( ny style you like. You can use colors, you can use animated pictures, you can format text in any way you like etc. Some of our publishers already have found their own style. In past many publishers ended their publication with a personal fitting fitting picture (if you like, your avatar). Longtime members of our music section for sure will remember the picture of Serial's cat - everyone seeing it quick recognized: There's another great HQ upload.

Today such personal pictures are rare, but if you search, you will at least find some pictures of an ugly frog :-))

We ever saw - and still see!! - AvaxHome as a COMMUNITY, not as a warez site or business platform as some of our "special" members treat it. Behind each publication is a real person - and each person is different. Adding some personal style to a publication, adding a fitting avatar, a picture from your country or whatever you want other users to know about you, is fully OK.

I guess most of our users and members would prefer a nice picture at end of a publication instead of the nowadays


OK, yes, such red colored lines of course are also some personal info about the publisher ...

Posted By: Bully Date: 14 Mar 2022 21:00:39

@ mariaf

"It would be great if we had a system by which we know if there are any dead links or active ones before downloading something."

We have some ideas about a fully automated link management system in our mind since summer 2006. But such a system places restrictions on the publisher to give real download links. Use of strange link protectors first loading 10 pop-ups instead of the real file or behavior like asking users to send PM to receive real download links do not fit to such a system. First tries on a way to a fully automatic link management done in December 2006 (under a very bad star ...) quick showed that our publishers do not like any restrictions needed for such a system.

"There could be a kind of verification system done by us, let's say, we could inform avax the date when we downloaded something, and they could know and update when it was downloaded for the last time."

We have over 180.000 publications online - many publications, like lossless music albums, movies etc., include not just 1 but many download links. Handling such amount of links manually by our team is just not possible - only waywould be a real link management system which couldwork automatically. This would start by auto-checking all links, auto-marking bad links, auto-mailing the publisher about broken links etc. In final stage such a system would even do re-uploads by itself.

But special our "business" publishers, who only publish to make money with each download click, do not like such ideas.

So, currently, you have 2 choices when you encounter a broken link

a) Send a Personal Messsage direct to the uploader / publisher
(The name is on top of each publication)
2. Add a short comment, so that at least other users know about the links.

Many of our publishers will take care when you open your mouth and inform them. But it is no secret that some publishers do not "waste their time" to read comments or even PMs at all.

Posted By: Bully Date: 14 Mar 2022 21:12:23

@ mad-mex

>> Stay tuned friends, it can't get worse :-)
> Would you bet on that ?

Depends what we bet for :-)

If I have to offer my head: No ;-)
If you accept Mr. Fine: Yes :-)))

More serious: Based on the technical background of my quoted words, it is really hard to get worse :-)

Posted By: Bully Date: 14 Mar 2022 21:55:19

@ maxand

2 ... avaxhome.ws, how many newcomers realize that AH stands for AvaxHome? So, what does AH stand for? As*h*le? Nothing in the title makes them *want* to click on "AH News". You might as well rename it AS News."

Each and every AvaxHome page ends with

"Copyright AvaxHome.RU" ...

I even explained a few times - including on the AH Talks pages! - that we have reasons to change domain names from time to time nd that this has nothing to do with the fact that AvaxHome srill is AvaxHome :-)

Use whatever you want:


ALL DOAMINMS always lead you to the same servers.

AvaxHome _WAS_ AvaxHome, _IS_ AvaxHome and _WILL BE_ AvaxHome - no matter what you type into the addressbar of your browser.

And yes, AH stands for AvaxHome. Sicne 2001. :-)

Many longtime members even call AvaxHome just Avax - fully ignoring that the real Avax is a real person, not a server :-)

""Hey, they are on top of the 2 most important sections: Music :-)) _AND_ AH News.""

> So what? I checked both these pages out and what do I see? a picture of a monkey and "AvaxHome talks"."

You see, special for you I wrote "AvaxHome" instead of confusing you with AH :-)

> NO information as to what it's about, NOTHING to invite the visitor to look further.

since the first day these pages exist, they clearly tell in BLUE BOLD color:

"Talks about AvaxHome"
"General Talks (not about AvaxHome)"

OK, call me biased, but I still think that it is not so difficult to understand what the word TALKS means.

Besides, there was an additional announcement about these pages on top of main page, which still can be read inside AH News.

> And for chrissake, take "AH talks" out of the Music section :-)

"AH Talks" was a test. A "quick-shot", based on the wishes of some memebers, done at once, without calling the full AvaxHome Team to the green table and monthly discussing IF or IF NOT to do such a test. :-) Music is the largest AH section, the members who asked me are mainly in music section, so I started the test in music. Should I have hidden it in section "Misc"?

No matter that we already had a POLL end of last year which shows interest in a real forum, I keep the pages running UNTIL we have a real solution.

People who never look at anything else of AvaxHome as the main pages to grab the newest downloads are NOT the target of these pages.

And, sorry, I cannot resist :-), people not understanding the simple words "Talks about AvaxHome" on a special publication always kept on top, perhaps had also not been the main target for these pages :-)

OK, can we now stop "Let's test Bully's nerves"? :-))

Posted By: mad-mex Date: 15 Mar 2022 16:33:53
interzone : With regards to avatars: I hate avatars, or poster rankings or whatever other stupid forum gadgets, for that matter. This site is about sharing, not about 'look how funny or how wonderful I am' ... not! If you want avatars, go and join some stupid adolescent forum then. AvaxHome is much appreciated exactly because of its 'clean' lay-out.

Right - I just wanted to underline this !

Please, no.
If they find a dead link, but the author posted a new mirror in the comments: you are going to delete the post? Keep it the way it is...

Performance, performance, performance... that´s my only problem with AH. I don´t care about speed. A slow loading AH site is okay.
But 500, 504, 502 are numbers I don´t like anymore...
Or seeing my login data on the left, in the middle getting told I have no permissions, and if I open a preview of my new post I see User: unknown...
Moving the moose over the post button: preview link comes up - not create etc.

But as in true life: loving a thing makes you patient.
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 15 Mar 2022 17:23:32
"The preview is only for YOUR information and as you know your name, it's not really neccessary to show it to you :-)"

Yep, but the preview is using the same cookie as the normal page - and very often it doesn´t get it....
Posted By: BlackwatchPlaid Date: 15 Mar 2022 17:43:09

Performance, performance, performance... that´s my only problem with AH. I don´t care about speed. A slow loading AH site is okay.
But 500, 504, 502 are numbers I don´t like anymore...
Or seeing my login data on the left, in the middle getting told I have no permissions, and if I open a preview of my new post I see User: unknown...
Moving the moose over the post button: preview link comes up - not create etc.

I must give a resounding SECOND to this sentiment. I come here 10 minutes ago, see the Post News button, and sigh a sigh of relief, after nearly 2 days of no such button. Finally, I can post an album that has been in waiting!!

So what do I do? I click the button in glee, and what do I see? PERMISSION DENIED and NO Post News button on the left anymore. sonofab**ch!!! Save the text file I prepared and wait probably another 2 days to post.

Frustration surrounds me...
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 15 Mar 2022 17:57:41
@ fine
"to copy your publication ..." - yeah, that´s what I always do. Also, because struggling with picture upload needs this.
But if I see user: unknown - and open another page of AH - there appears my login data on the left

@ BlackwatchPlaid:
dito !

Luckily I found a "let´s post - hole" a few hours ago - so maybe we need a script to announce the news: right now you are able to post. Sent by mail, SMS, phone, fax, RSS, messenger and even UPS or DHL.... ;-)

Naaaaah .... Holidays: going to the beach. CU
Posted By: rissvann Date: 16 Mar 2022 12:03:46

Permission Denied
Sorry you have no rights to access this page.

Whats that???? Is it exclusively for me or just an error????
disappointed me a lot! :(:(
Posted By: maxand Date: 19 Mar 2022 01:58:06
@ Bully
I apologise for appearing to "test Bully's nerves"! I only now realize how few people actually run this huge website, thus how overworked you all are. Only you and fine seem to be adequately bilingual, so it's no wonder that the wording of much of the website leaves a lot to be desired. Please take my comments not as bully-bashing, but constructive criticism.

One of the things I really find offensive (and not just me, see comments by BlackwatchPlaid Date: 15 Mar 2022 17:43 and rissvann Date: 16 Mar 2022 12:03) is "permission denied" and "you have no authorization...". What is this, the Kremlin? :)
I've already commented on this earlier and suggested a solution (see above), so I won't repeat myself. It doesn't take any rocket science programming; simply re-word what's already there to make it more informative and user-friendly.

A week or so ago it seemed that AH was becoming easier to access, but in the last 24 hours posting has again been blocked or gone into timeout. AvaxHome seems to be perpetually on the edge of gridlock. I agree with fine (15 Mar 2022 17:53) that saving anything you want to post to a text file before posting it is mandatory to prevent severe frustration setting in!! It's like banging your head against a wall. I wish it wasn't like this.

I agree with others that avatars (and the fancy signatures accompanying them) are unnecessary. The last thing we need now are extra graphics on a page, which lengthen the download time.

May I ask that after we send a pm (that's assuming the system doesn't block us again), the green bar telling us our message was sent successfully INCLUDE the name of the receiver, so that in case we send more than one pm, we can be CERTAIN that each one arrived at its destination? Surely this can't be too hard to do?

And thanks fine for the suggestion to use KIS.
Posted By: maxand Date: 19 Mar 2022 01:58:14
I've just stumbled on an awesome secret at AH. Time after time I find I can send the first pm by clicking "send private message" from any AH page, but after the first message is sent, on trying to send any more from the "http://www.avaxhome.ws/private_messages/create" all that happens is that I am blocked, blocked, blocked ("504 Gateway Time-out", "permission denied", etc.
What's the secret? *Every* time you want to send a pm, always do it by opening a *fresh* "send private message" page from an existing news page or similar. Then you'll get in. Anyone else find this?
Posted By: BlackwatchPlaid Date: 19 Mar 2022 06:10:21
@ interzone:

I have been using redirects for years. And yes, I have a premium acct. Never once have I been asked to enter my account information when trying to access a file through lix.in redirects or tinyurl redirects. I don't know where people are getting the idea that these are phishing sites. The only thing tinyurl does is redirect the page automatically to its destination. There is not even an intermediate page it takes you to in between. I really don't understand how a site can phish in this manner. Lix.in does, however lead to an intermediate page in between, but the only thing on that page is a continue button, never any sort of form asking for personal information. There is absolutely no harm in using either of these 2 sites. If one does have doubts about the authenticity of a tinyurl link, all they need to do is copy the tinyurl address, and enter preview. before it, for example: http://preview.tinyurl.com/bcxev Entering the preview. before the tinyurl will allow the user to see what page they are being redirected to without actually going to said page.

The idea that redirecting sites may be phishing sites may come from previous experience with bad redirectors. I can remember a site called rapidsafe.com where a user trying to get to a rapidshare link would be given three choices of links to choose. The link they would need to click would be the center one to get to the rapidshare link, whereas the other two would lead to a possible phishing site (3rd party). I can see how an experience like this would leave a bad taste in one's mouth in regards to redirect sites. But let me assure you, tinyurl is the oldest of them all, and rock solid in its simplicity and reliablity. Lix.in is a bit of a pain in the ass, hence why I don't use it anymore, but also no threat whatsoever.
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 19 Mar 2022 07:07:27
I never got the clue about this redirects - many people even think, these sites will protect their links. Bah.

TinyURL is a nice service, to make long Urls short- tiny - to send the link by email.
But, as BlackwatchPlaid explained, you just have to use the preview.tiny.... link and the original link shows up. Other sites: dito. Just check the source code, there are the links.
A Troll doesn´t even care, if you post the links directly or redirected. These sick a**holes will follow anything...

I never use redirects, and one reason is the policy of tinyURL for example:
"TinyURL was created as a free service to make posting long URLs easier, and may only be used for actual URLs. Using it for spamming or illegal purposes is forbidden and any such use will result in the TinyURL being disabled and you may be reported to all ISPs involved and to the proper governmental agencies. This service is provided without warranty of any kind."

So, RS only deletes my links - and that´s it.
But if a brainless Troll starts to communicate with tinyURL ???? I don´t even wanna know the answer.

I´ve seen a lot of weird postings the last months - many got deleted, and worse:
others are so weird, that I lost the fun to download them...

And password protected rarfiles: RS doesn´t even check the files they delete. Actually, they don´t delete them, they just rename them. And you can complain, and have your files back ( in case of legal files ;-} ) Well, I never did....
Posted By: BlackwatchPlaid Date: 19 Mar 2022 08:04:51
Protection, nah... I don't use redirects thinking that it will protect my links, that's just naive. If a troll comes upon links, they are pretty much doomed right from the getgo, no matter how they might be hidden. But, the trick is, to try to avoid the troll from happening upon your links in the first place. If the troll comes to the site and browses through the pages looking for targets, well, we're pretty much shit out of luck. But it is a very small majority of link reporters that actually do this. Most, in my experience, have been are people doing searches in google for keywords, such as the filehosting services names. a troll searching the net looking for the word "rapidshare" will come upon a post if it has that word in the post somewhere. If instead, it only says tinyurl, these results will not appear in the troll's search. Sure, it is not a foolproof measure to try to keep links alive, but, like collecting pennies, every little bit helps...
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 19 Mar 2022 15:12:54
"doing searches in google for keywords, such as the filehosting services names. "

Good point !
But I also guess, most sites are wellknown, and the Brainless Idiots start directly from there....

"Sure, it is not a foolproof measure to try to keep links alive, but, like collecting pennies, every little bit helps... "

More than true

@interzone :
RS knows, that there business depends on "unchecked" ... nice word you use, like that.
So they are not aggressive against illegal uploaders.
But tinyURL? That´s a free project, even with some Gov-support... So, maybe they "can" get more aggresive, depending on who the news comes from. I don´t know, I never gonna prove that, and it´s just my opinion. Because I never felt the need to use these redirecters.

"Bigger trolling institutions use bots" - wow, IMHO there´s mostly only ONE Rock´n´Troller who surfs a site. So one day he kills hundreds of links, next days no killing at all.
It´s like an orgasmn: after the cum - rest a while....

"However, I noticed a new approach in trolling: the 'no cure no pay' free lance troll, a person who gets paid by the number of links being delivered to the institution, something like a rat catcher being paid not by labour hours, but by the number of rats he catches.

Never noticed something like this, I even don´t believe this. But I also never checked this out, so I can´t say True or False.

For me that´s just a game, the thrilling part of what we do... Caught or not get caught. But my oldest, still available uploads: they were all re-upoloads of troll-deleted files.
After the re-up no troll went for them, and they live happily after ever.

Thanks to AH, that everyone can post his stuff in the way he prefers and which is most suitable for him - big point to AH Team. (overworked and underpaid...)
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 19 Mar 2022 19:25:33
Thanks, fine.
I heard about this Google captcha thing.

But getting paid to delete links... I don´t know. But RIAA, MPAA etc are doing things which makes a normal person with a bit of brain shake his head.

And 3 bucks a day? Wow! In Mexico minimum wage is less than 5 bucks a day, for 8 hours of hard work. So maybe I tell my friends to change !

Log out, 2 hours on the Lap in vacations is enough... But a nightshift for 3 bucks: why not?
Posted By: Bully Date: 19 Mar 2022 22:57:31

@ fine

Posted By: fine Date: 15 Mar 2022 11:30

@ Bully

“ Why not set up a "link checker bot" that is constantly running 24 hours a day/7 days a week and let it check for dead links and it finds it, it deletes them and posts a comment that says something like "link checker bot has found dead links here and has deleted them".


????? I never wrote the words you quote above ...

Posted By: Bully Date: 19 Mar 2022 23:09:53

@ fine

Posted By: fine Date: 15 Mar 2022 17:04


Bully suggested, to delete the dead link(s) - not the whole publication.

????? What did I suggest???

Please be a bit more carefully quoting my words.

And seeing the discussions about bots: I do not like them much. The bots already running waste enough system resources ...

What I spoke about some days ago, the link management system, would be an internal part of the AvaxHome engine, working directly at database level, not an external bot.

Posted By: Bully Date: 20 Mar 2022 04:04:35
@ ALL - COOKIES / LOGIN / "Permission denied"

Really didn't want to touch this now, but before there will be more confusion or wrong info, let's do it.

First, you have to fully separate between PERMANENT and TEMPORARY cookies.

PERMANENT cookies (you activate / select them with marking the checkbox below the login fields) are ALWAYS valid. Only exception: If your username or or password chamges.

TEMPORARY cookies are only valid for your Scurrent ESSION. Best example is your session_ID.

To make PERMANENT cookies work for you, you of course have to accept them AND make sure that your browser does not delete them at end of you session.

The AvaxHome engine and some browsers expect that 1 person is 1 user - people using more as 1 AvaxHome account at same time will of course either overwrite or mix the cookies from different sessions. Each session is user-bound - you cannot use same session with different logins.

Most of the "Permission denied" problems are nothing else as mixed cookies. If you really need to use more as 1 user account, the best solution is to use 2 different web browsers and use the SAME browser each time for the same login. If you have 4 or even more AvaxHome accounts, better check your favorite psychologist.

Now to some rumor spread here:

Under special conditions i.e. AH-system/cache-reset, the infos in your cookie are no longer accepted by the AH-system - regardless if you see your name in the user-bar or not - so that sometimes even a logout (or a manually cookie-delete) followed by a new login is neccessary.

A cache-reset has nothing at all to do with your cookies or the AvaxHome engine - it is just a reset of an external html storage- your login and your cookies are still valid.

A restart of the AvaxHome engine (the AvaxHome software) makes ONLY your session_ID cookie invalid - your permanent cookies are of course still OK. A new login gives you a new session_ID. Restarts of the AvaxHome engine are very seldom - if I remember well, the last one was about 9 days ago.

Many "Permission denied" problems are also direct related to the auto-login function of many webbrowsers. Many browsers allow you to set and store login and password data the browser will directly send with each request. This is a good idea for many sites which only give you access to the pages after a login, but can create many problems with a system like AvaxHome. If your browser sends the login info with each page you load, you will be assigned new session IDs and new cookies all the time and with a slow responding server this can end up in a real chaos.

To sum up:

1. If your browser supports auto-login:
-> DISABLE it for AvaxHome
2. If you use your computer alone:
-> Set checkmark for permanent cookies
-> make sure your browser really stores and keeps them
3. If you share your computer with others:
-> Do not use permanent cookies, log in manually
4. Try to avoid using multiple AvaxHome accounts
- if you "cannot", at least not in the same browser instance.

5. Depending on current used DOMAIN of AvaxHome, make sure that you ENABLE cookies. referer and java script for THIS domain (currently: avaxhome.ws) either in your browser, your webfilter, local proxy or whatever software you have installed related to TCP/IP handling. Or in other words: If you did this for example for avaxhome.ws or avaxhome.ws, these data are NOT used with avaxhome.ws, so do it also for avaxhome.ws or whatever next domain name will be.

Posted By: Bully Date: 20 Mar 2022 04:53:48

Posted By: fine Date: 15 Mar 2022 23:45

IMHO, the reason for the frequently closed 'Post News' is not only the actualy very bad performance.:
There are simply not enough (active) moderators for the handling of the incoming postings and somehow, I can understand, that the lonely Pasha sometimes needs a rest and therefor 'closes the door' before once more - as it happend this week - more than 150 postings are waiting for confirmation.

As Fine knows very well, we do not have a "lonely Pasha" - it is a team of moderators - they just share the same account "-=Pasha13=-".

I also told him in private about the TECHNICAL problems with moderation.

"There are simply not enough (active) moderators" is just nonsense.

Everyone can see himself that we currently have LESS publications as in past, and still the same amount of moderators.

And if I would not have to spent my time here correcting all the comments from him - and I did only read 1 day so far (15th) I would perhaps had moderated myself a bit.

OK, reading just 1 day of comments here is enough for me for the next days. The other comments I might read after Easter days - I really don`t know.

@ Fine

Please be a bit more careful with what you write here. On just 1 day you quorted me 2 times wrong, spread wrong info like cache-resets would be reason for bad cookies / "Permission denied" errors and gave very misleading words about our moderators.

I know that you want to help and this is great, but if I have to spend hours just to "overwork" your help - it is just the opposite of help. there was so much I wanted to do with my today login ... instead I now spent most time just on this page.

Posted By: berzsian Date: 21 Mar 2022 12:10:24
I'm unable to create any new post because I cannot insert images. I try to upload the image but I don't get back the image id.
I try IE, Firefox and 3 different ISP with no success. Have you any suggestion? Thanks.
Posted By: berzsian Date: 21 Mar 2022 15:33:32
Thanks,I am very patient... :-) The image upload script returns "http error 500 - internal server error" so it is server related problem. But in the meantime other guys can post news, so it's strange.
Posted By: mad-mex Date: 21 Mar 2022 17:24:03
@ berzsian

I had this problem also yesterday - but as fine wrote (using TDz´s famous´ words) - it´s okay today.
I just did a new post, and Picture server works as usual.
Try it now !
Posted By: berzsian Date: 21 Mar 2022 22:14:38
It works now, thanks for your help! :-)
Posted By: Bully Date: 22 Mar 2022 02:17:49

Posted By: fine Date: 18 Mar 2022 16:09

@ Bully


Perhaps it would be better, to switch AH temporary (until the technical problems are solved) to a 'closed system' so that only already registered users have (a good) access.

This is a quote from a publication which was on top of main page for a few days:

Simple recommendations
Posted By: -=Pasha13=- | Date: 07 Mar 2022 19:10 | Comments: 0


1. Try to stay not logged in unless you wish to post a comment or publication

AvaxHome Team

@ Fine

Can we at least agree that there are technical reasons why we asked for that? :-)

So, why do you suggest exactly the opposite? Most members do just load index pages to check for new downloads - this can be done without any need for login, removing load from database.

Please, at least one time a month, click on "AH News" and READ a bit - this publication is still the 3rd publicaton from top, direct under the 2 AH Talk pages.

"btw.: Seeing, that it took me more than half an hour to correct a little mistake in my comment above, my fun with AH slowly but for sure goes against zero.

@ Bully: I know, that this task needs access to the database but half an hour is too much!"

Yep, hehehe, looks to me like a fucking bot did hammer our poor database so hard that it found no time for your other task :-)))

Posted By: Bully Date: 22 Mar 2022 02:41:54

@ maxand

"One of the things I really find offensive (and not just me, see comments by BlackwatchPlaid Date: 15 Mar 2022 17:43 and rissvann Date: 16 Mar 2022 12:03) is "permission denied" and "you have no authorization...". What is this, the Kremlin? :)"

The only reason why our software is doing "Permission checks" is to PROTECT YOU - we try to make sure that no other guy is writing comments or creating publications under your honored name. Same we make sure that no other guy is CHANGING what you already wrote or created.

We cannot call you on your mobile phone each time to confirm that you are really you :-)) so we do these checks based on cookies stored on YOUR computer. If these cookies qualify we let you do what you want, if there is a problem of any kind we stop the further processing. For more about cookies please see above. A different problem can be that under heavy load not all of our servers are fully synchronized after a new login - more about this you can find on the older (archived) page of AH Talks.

Would you feel better if we would switch off the permission checks? I don't think so :-)

"May I ask that after we send a pm (that's assuming the system doesn't block us again), the green bar telling us our message was sent successfully INCLUDE the name of the receiver, so that in case we send more than one pm, we can be CERTAIN that each one arrived at its destination? Surely this can't be too hard to do?"

Meanwhile even IE offers tabbed browsing - just open a tab where you load "SENT messages" - this is the most perfect control you can have about outgoing mails.

You know that your suggestion means that you will have to wait longer for the green bar, yes? :-) currently it can be send from a cached version - personalizing it means access to the database AND rendering the page again for each and every mail.
Posted By: Bully Date: 22 Mar 2022 03:10:30

@ maxand

"I've just stumbled on an awesome secret at AH. Time after time I find I can send the first pm by clicking "send private message" from any AH page, but after the first message is sent, on trying to send any more from the "http://www.avaxhome.ws/private_messages/create" all that happens is that I am blocked, blocked, blocked ("504 Gateway Time-out", "permission denied", etc."

Can depend on many things. There are browsers who only update cookies in the active window / tab, but not in older ones and there are browsers updating cookies in every open window / tab, giving much fun to people who login in under more as one username.

Depending on your browser and / or the security software you use for controlling internet access, it even can make a difference if you call




For example, the filter software I use treats avaxspeere.com SEPARATE from www.avaxhome.ws - so if I would like, I could have even different cookies for different accounts depending if I add "www." or not to an URL. :-)

Such questions CANNOT be answered with a general fitting answer. The best you can do is CHECK what happens on your computer. If you have a problem with permission checks in one tab or window of your browser, make this the active one and check which cookies your browser has stored for THIS tab / window. Depending on which filter or protection software you run, make sure to enable logs in that software so you can see what happened. If you use ad-blockers working with SUBSTRINGS instead of full urls, make sure the substrings are not triggered by harmmless urls just containing same characters.

It is hard to deny :-)) that we have some bad problems with our network - but it is also a proven fact that there often are additional problems from the users side. I well remember one user who claimed in public that AvaxHome does NOT have any pictures in publications because on HIS system he sees no pictures, while he OF COURSE sees pictures on all other sites , so it CANNOT be that AvaxHome has pictures :-)

But back to your real question: No idea based on the technical details how AvaxHome software works - for the software there is no difference if you write 1 or 10 mails.

Fully different of course is the error message "504 Mo Gateway". Like written many times during the last years it simply means that so many other users did keep our servers busy that there was no way to assign a gateway to handle your tasks. Only thing you can do is

a) Kill all other AvaxHome users :-))
b) Wait a moment and try again

Posted By: BlackwatchPlaid Date: 23 Mar 2022 09:08:04
Communication is unfortunately like that on an open site like this. Good place to find diversity and a wealth of information, but trying to get on the same page with each other is sometimes quite a rarity, unless you are on a closed forum of just a handful of friends.
Posted By: Bully Date: 24 Mar 2022 14:35:04

@ ALL - End of AH Talks TEST

Posted By: interzone Date: 22 Mar 2022 21:41

Reading back all >195 comments to this try-out for a forum, I can only conclude it just doesn't work. A handful of dedicated posters and one moderator, and neither of them understands a word of what the other one is saying, no one seems to take the time to try or to be willing to understand and respect what the background of each of us is, that's just so depressing.
fine is excellent at his stuff, and he knows what he's talking about, madmex is, BPW is, Jantine is, maxand is, I am, and still, we're waiting for a moderator's consent.
No offence, but fuck that, I don't buy that anymore, too old for that, I guess. If you don't read me right, so be it. Communication apparently is a hard thing to accomplish.
Comments at this thread withdrawn, I'm out of this post.

No matter that I do not agree to some rather biased views of above quoted analyze, I agree in the main topic. And as in the almost 2 days since this analyze was posted not a single AvaxHome member did disagree, I think it is a good time now to finally end the test of AH Talk pages.

It was an interesting experiment, giving new insights. It even helped me to better understand why most members of our team do not favor the idea of an AvaxHome forum.

To keep my old promise of "no censorship / no deletes" I'll move the pages now to the "Old Community Pages" section, where we keep all outdated pages.

TNX to the handful of people really taking part in this test!

The news is closed for any comments
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