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Pict.com - free hosting for your images
Posted By : Retribution | Date : 18 Feb 2022 14:02 | Comments : 0

Pict.com - free hosting for your images

Here’s a paid review of new free service for all of you: Pict.com is a free image hosting with numerous interesting features. The website offers what hundreds of others do: a storage for your image files, which can be later used on your weblog, as a signature on a forum or simply as a method of sharing picture with your friends.

What makes the service different is its easy user interface. Pict.com offers multiple, one click uploads, which allows you to upload many images simultanously within few seconds. Images are also automatically resized and there’re many links generated for each uploaded picture, including HTML code and codes for bulletin boards. Standard image formats (JPG, PNG, GIF) are supported and there is no time limit for picture removal.

The last interesting feature is a custom Firefox plugin. If you install Pict add-on, you will be able to make screenshots of your desktop with one click and immediatelly upload them online. The plugin is pretty clever with options to capture selected area or whole websites as well. The whole website is completely ad free. If you are looking for alternative image host, Pict.com is a decent option to consider.
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