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Объёмная открытка с упряжкой оленей Санты Клауса | 2,5 Mb | PDF

Открытка-сюрприз понравится всем. Распечатайте, вырежьте и склейте. Очень просто удивить своих родных и друзей. А сколько восторга эта открытка доставит детям!
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Movie Terms/Formats Explained (Updated)


VCD - SVCD - DivX / XviD - DVD-R
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KB960714: Microsoft patches critical IE7 flaw

Microsoft issued an out-of-band emergency patch Wednesday for a zero-day Internet Explorer vulnerability that has opened the door for hackers to install malware on susceptible computers without any user intervention.The flaw, which is given the highest severity rating of critical, affects all versions of Microsoft’s IE Web browser. Specifically, Microsoft’s IE update affects versions of Windows 2000 for IE 5.01: XP, XP Professional, Server 2003 for IE 6; and XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008 for IE 7. The vulnerability was reported after the release of Windows IE 8 Beta 2, but Microsoft still recommends in its MS08-078 advisory that users apply the patch.

The IE security problem is the result of a fundamental flaw in the browser’s data binding function, which ultimately leaves a hole in the memory space that can be accessed by remote hackers. Internet Explorer can then quit unexpectedly while in an exploitable state. Unlike other exploits, users have only to visit a malicious site infused with Trojans or other malware in order to become infected. Hackers can also entice victims to visit a specially crafted site, usually via some kind of phishing or social engineering scheme, or place infected banner ads on legitimate Web sites. Once users open an infected Web page, malicious downloaders are then installed on their computers, which are designed to record keystrokes and steal passwords, credit card numbers, or other financial information. The users’ computer could also become part of a botnet, an infected network of compromised computers, operated by a central command and control center.

Source: CRN
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COGITO petit jeu en pps
French | qcm | pps | 2 Mb

Suffit de cliquer sur la bonne réponse / Just click on the right answer (good to learn french too)
Best Internet Links
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Complete Collection | All 92 Volumes | ~292 hours

Tangerine Dream - Tangerine Tree - complete - all 92 volume
Electronica, Krautrock, Progressive Rock | [email protected] CBR | 13.3 GB
Artwork included | all properly tagged | selected concerts from 1969 to 2006

Without doubt, the recordings of Tangerine Dream have made the greatest impact on the widest variety of instrumental music during the 1980s and '90s, ranging from the most atmospheric new age and space music to the harshest abrasions of electronic dance. Founded in 1967 by Edgar Froese in Berlin, the group has progressed through a full three dozen lineups (Froese being the only continuous member with staying power) and four distinct stages of development: the experimentalist minimalism of the late '60s and early '70s; stark sequencer trance during the mid- to late '70s, the group's most influential period; an organic form of instrumental music on their frequent film and studio work during the 1980s; and, finally, a more propulsive dance style, which showed Tangerine Dream with a sound quite similar to their electronic inheritors in the field of dance music.
All Music Guide

The Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time
Rock, Pop, Blues | 1965-2003 | FLAC | 30:56:47 | ca. 13 GB

The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time was the cover story of a special issue of Rolling Stone magazine published in November 2004.

The best songs - in the best quality

AC/DC - Complete Vinyl Replica Series (19 CD') SICP-1700/1718
EAC rip | FLAC+LOG+SCANS | ~ 16.72 Gb
Australian Hard Rock

AC/DC Ultimate Paper Sleeve Collection (2007/8 Japanese exclusive limited edition box set containing a total of 186 tracks across 19 digitally remastered CD albums [18 single + 1 double] with every official studio and live album from the 1976 debut 'High Voltage' through to their 2000 release 'Stiff Upper Lip', each disc is housed in a mini-LP style card picture sleeve complete with individual inserts & lyric sheets plus obi-strips which create the band logo when placed together in chronological order.

Metallica Discography
Thrash Metal, Hard Rock | FLAC | USA | 6.16 GB

The AvaxHome Team proudly thanks our members
andi64, CrewZ, Kelime & pjotr_panski
for their hard work!

All this great music can be found here:


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US teens love sharing nude pictures online

One in five US teens has sent nude or partially-clothed images of themselves to someone by email or mobile phone, according to a new survey. The survey commissioned by pressure group the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy (NCTUP) claims that North American youngsters aged 13 to 19 are having tech-sex despite a majority of them believing it can have “serious negative consequences”........ Continued
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Facebook infected with Koobface virus

Attention new viewers: those 5000 “friends” you have on Facebook? They might not actually be your friends. In fact, some of them might be scammers trying to infect your computer with a new virus dubbed “Koobface”. Koobface, which already made the rounds on MySpace, is now worming its way through Facebook. The Koobface virus uses Facebook’s private messaging system to infect computers via a shared video. Unsuspecting users will see a video link (shared by an infected friend) with the message, “You look just awesome in this new movie.” Click the link will lead you to an outside site where you’re told that you need to download a Flash update, which is actually a virus file. Once the virus is installed, it will try to grab sensitive data off your PC, like credit card numbers.
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Make Firefox Run Faster | 3 kb

A small but effective guide to make your Firefox run much faster.
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1000 Photoshop Tips and Tricks
PDF | 29 Mb
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Best RingTones 2009
67 MP3 | 28.72 MB
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Microsoft will offer free antivirus product

Microsoft Corp. said it will offer free software to protect PCs from viruses, in a move that could pose new challenges for independent makers of security software. The Redmond, Wash., company said it plans to introduce its security software, code-named Morro, during the second half of next year in an effort to persuade more users to secure their PCs against spyware, viruses and other forms of “malware.” Use of antimalware software is far from universal, especially in emerging markets.
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Print, cut and glue together

6.9 Mb | rar
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Yonja Full Script
Script | 0.8MB | RS.COM
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The Captain's Portrait - An Afternoon of Painting with Richard Schmid (DVDRip)
108 Minutes | DivX | 696 MB + 695 MB

This portrait demonstration before an audience of 300 artists starts as a beautiful earth-color classical monochrome rendering, and ultimately evolves into a stunning full color Bravura portrait. Throughout, Richard narrates with kindly wit and a wealth of knowledge. A live Q & A session answers common questions and offers a truly inspirational closing. Includes special features with a Gallery of Portraits, Bio and more.
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Batman Dark Knight iPhone Theme
PNG Format | 1.3 MB