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Microsoft unveils Windows Mobile 6.5

On Monday, Microsoft officially unveiled the latest version of its mobile operating system at GSMA Mobile World Congress 2009. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer previewed Windows Mobile 6.5 during his keynote address, and as expected, the updated OS brings a handful of enhancements, including an application sItore, a backup and restore service, and an improved mobile Web browser. t brings with it a new home screen with integrated view of your today screen, missed messages, and calendar appointments. Gone are the “Start” and “Programs” menus. Now, the main menu is one giant list of applications, features, and folders.

Microsoft has flattened the UI, and it is much easier to find programs, applications, and content stored on the phone. The main menu, which uses hexagon-shaped buttons, can be entirely controlled and configured by users, allowing them to make the device and UI their own. Microsoft also has made everything bigger. All the images, graphics, icons, and menu items are larger, which makes them more finger friendly. Microsoft said the goal was to enable users to interact with the phone solely with their fingers. Use of the stylus is no longer required. Microsoft did some neat things with the unlock buttons on the home screen. When you miss a call or a text message, there will be a notification on the home screen. You can unlock the phone and go directly to that missed call or message if you wish, rather than having to take multiple steps to do the same thing.

Source: InfoWeek

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