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Billy Meier - UFO Contact Notes
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Billy Meier - UFO Contact Notes
Billy Meier | ISBN: N/a | 2005 | MP3 | 319 Mb

These are the notes that Billy Meier made after meeting with the Pleiadians.
They have been translated into English and are read by Randolph Winters.
They are essential listening for all people interested in the UFO phenomenon.
The Early Years - (Tape 1A)
The Early Years - (Tape 1B)
The Beamships - (Tape 2A)
Earth History - (Tape 2B)
The Great Spacer - (Tape 3A)
The Great Spacer - (Tape 3B)
Other Lifeforms - (Tape 4A)
Other Lifeforms - (Tape 4B)
Time Travels With Asket - (Tape 5A)
Time Travels With Asket - (Tape 5B)
The Bermuda Triangle - (Tape 6A)
The Pyramids - (Tape 6B)
Great Atlantis - (Tape 7A)
Semjases Accident - (Tape 7B)
The Figu Is Formed - (Tape 8A)
The Contacts End - (Tape 8B)
A Visit With Jmmanuel - (Tape 9A)
The Talmud Jmmanuel - (Tape 9B)
Creating a Universe - (Tape 10A)
Development Of Man - (Tape 10B)
The Laws Of Creation - (Tape 11A)
The Laws Of Creation - (Tape 11B)
Learning Meditation - (Tape 12A)
Learning Meditation - (Tape 12B)
The Psyche - (Tape 13A)
The Psyche - (Tape 13B)
Developing The Psyche - (Tape 14A)
Self Development - (Tape 14B)
The Prophecies - (Tape 15A)
The Prophecies WWIII - (Tape 15B)
Interview With Billy - (Tape 16A)
Interview With Billy - (Tape 16B)
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