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3D Yeah Gallery template
Posted By : cash2 | Date : 07 Jan 2022 18:02:56 | Comments : 0

3D Yeah Gallery template | 11 MB

3D Yeah! Gallery v(2.0) is a sophisticated , XML driven Image and Video gallery based on Adobe's Flash 9 technology
and the 3rd version of ActionScript programming language.

The main features of 3D Yeah! Gallery v(2.0) are :

(#) FLV video playback support.
(#) Image display (JPG , GIF and PNG) support.
(#) Themes support , 3D Yeah Gallery is now 'Color-themable'.
(#) Ability to change the controlling parameters either internally (via FLA file) or externally (via XML file).
(#) Automatic album creation system (Explained in detail later).
(#) Automatic page creation system.
(#) Ability to change direction of scrolling , from Left to Right or from Right to Left (Explained on detail later).
(#) Ability to add information to each item in the gallery.
(#) Ability to add tool tips to each item in the gallery.
(#) Ability to navigate to a specified URL or Enlarge content when the preview is clicked.
(#) Ability to disable wheel and keep the other wheel operating.
(#) Enhanced performance and graphical interface.

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