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ImageVue 2.0.1 - Online Flash Image Gallery For Your Website | 2.5MB

Imagevue is an online flash image gallery for your web site.
It is easy to set up, and to update your photo gallery with new images all you need to do is upload the photos to your web server - Everything else is automatic!
Imagevue consists of the photo album, the slideshow, and the admin. Together they are the Imagevue software package!

Features Overview
- Simply create folders and upload your images
- Automatic thumbnails created on server
- ImageVue gallery can be loaded into other Flash presentations as subitems.
- Add descriptions to any image with the admin
- Altering the visual appearance, changing text attributes, colors and effect styles can all be done in the configuration file config.xml.
- All sourcefiles are included
Notable Slideshow Features
- Looks great for images at any size or aspect!
- Extensible configuration and customization
- May be used as basic pagecomponent or headers in HTML pages
- Resizes images automatically if required
- Can be used to display images from any folder
Notable Admin Features
- Upload images or delete images
- Add descriptions to any image or imagefolder
- Create multiple users with unique passwords restricted to specified folders
- Batch-create all thumbnails in one go
- Easy browsing through images

ImageVue v2.0.1 PHP NULL - DGT

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