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Mark - 005 - Genesis (1976)
CBR | Spanish | 9.2 MB | 15 pages
Story: Robin Wood - Art: Carlos Villagran

Robin Wood (San Cosme , Paraguay , January 24 of 1944) is a prolific writer of comics with a mixture of Scottish descent, Irish, Danish and Australian.

In Buenos Aires, practically living in misery, decides to go to the Pan American School of Art, the city, to fulfill his dream of being recognized as an artist and writer.

Later he met the artist Luis Olivera , who is already working in the sector, who proposes to draw on a screenplay written by Wood on a subject that both were passionate: The Sumerians .
It is the birth of the most famous character created by Wood and one of the emblematic characters of the comic Argentina: the heroic general philosophical Sumerian Nippur de Lagash (which takes its name from the ancient city of Nippur in which birth parents, and the epithet of the city of Lagash Lagash of which should go into exile in force).

The saga of Nippur has been published in the magazine D'Artagnan without interruption at various stages from 1967 to 1998 with great success in many countries, especially Argentina , Paraguay and Italy .

Renowned for its fantastic stories and science fiction, Robin Wood made an important part of his work in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for Editorial Columba , publishing the immortal Gilgamesh , Dennis Martin , Mi novia y yo, Jackaroo, Mark, Pepe Sanchez, Savarese, Dago, Dax, Mojado, Morgan and many other stories.


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