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Amazing Spider-Man #621-622 (Ongoing) Update
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Amazing Spider-Man #621-622 (Ongoing) Update
Eng | RS & Hotfile | 2 CBZ | Marvel Comics | Feb 17-24 2010 | 56.6 MB Total
+ Amazing Spider-Man Issues #1-620 Complete

I must say issues #621 and #622 could not have been more different as day and night (noticed the covers?). As I mentioned previously, Dan Slott is the weakest of those who have handled the Gauntlet storyline, and issue #621 certainly confirms it. He's not bad; he's just so...so middle-of-the-road neutral, as if he is scared of treading on sensitive issues, like the sexual chemistry between Spidey and the Black Cat, for one. Only Michael Lark's great artwork rescues #621 from the bland box--he has this ability to capture Spider-Man in motion at odd moments--unfortunately, Slott does not give that much action to work with. Issue #622, on the other hand, with Fred Van Lente and artist Joe Quinnones soars. Marvel editors must have heard all the complaints about poor Slott. Where he (Slott) was dull and boring, Van Lente is funny and inspired. And the bonus story by Greg Wiseman and artist Luke Ross more than hold its own with the main feature. What else can I say? Yes, the Amazing Spider-man is back on track. Oh, and these are high quality Minutemen scans.


Amazing Spider-Man #621 - 25 Pages | 22 MB
"Out for Blood" SPIDEY needs a favor from the BLACK CAT. Nothing big. He just needs her help stealing one of MR. NEGATIVE'S most valuable possessions. It's not like anything could go oh-so-horribly wrong! Also in this ish: a dark turn for CARLIE COOPER, a disturbing development for CURT CONNORS, and a malicious move by...AUNT MAY?!

Amazing Spider-Man #622 - 25 Pages | 22 MB
As the Gauntlet rages on around him, the spotlight is on Peter Parker’s original archenemy-turned-best friend, Flash Thompson. Since losing his legs in service to his country, Flash Thompson’s not been deterred by his physical limitations. But even a hero can have his limits. Greg Weisman, one of the brains behind the smash TV hit Spectacular Spider-Man, teams with Luke Ross (CAPTAIN AMERICA) to bring a touching story of Flash Thompson coming to terms with his new life. Then, Fred Van Lente and Joe Quinones (WEDNESDAY COMICS) bring Spider-Man face-to-face with Morbius, The Living Vampire! -- marvel.com

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