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STRICTLY I.C. Issues: #29
Posted By : pelissier | Date : 28 Feb 2022 05:45:41 | Comments : 1

STRICTLY I.C. Issues: #29 out of 84 Issues
Publisher: Robert A. Washburn | 1992 | ISBN: N/A | PDF | 44.96 MB

This is an American magazine solely devoted to the manufacture of working model internal combustion engines. Engines vary from model aeroplane engines, to model stationary farm engines, multi-cylinder car engines and radial aeroplane engines. There are even the occasional article on model jet engines. Plus there is much more on miniature ignition systems, carburettors.
The magazine is produced bi-monthly (6 times a year), each issue has a host of articles, there are generally some lift out dimensioned engineering drawing for a model engine.
Strictly I.C. was in publication from 1988 to 2001.

Some of review:

This is an unbelievable resource for anyone who wants to build model engines, there's info on casting, gear cutting, cam grinding, you name it. Lots of plans & build articles. The couple who published it retired, & Model Engine Builder has taken up where they left off. Like anything they ain't makin' any more, the price keeps going up...

I have a few copies and if you like to build and machine your own models they are helpful.

This is the original shop mag devoted to the miniature engine enthusiast. It had a lengthy run, but ultimately was ended as the publisher, Bob Washburn, decided to retire from what must have been a pretty hectic schedule. The back issues are a treasure trove of tricks, tips, techniques, plans, and resources. I cannot concieve of any other published source which discuss in detail how to machine perfect miniature cast iron piston rings, or how to make spark plugs threaded 8-32. If you are a serious hobbyist, I would strongly recommend the entire set of back issues. You will refer to them continually for years, and it is a small investment relative to the knowledge you will gain.

Posted By: Audiboy Date: 01 Mar 2022 15:28:36
Thanks-- Dear Pelissier !
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