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Rally Masters
PC game | Genre: Offroad Racing | 138 Mb

Rally Masters throws you into the Michelin Race of Champions by setting new standards in driving physics, graphical presentation and depth of game play. Choose from over 17 real licensed rally cars including: Mitsubishi Lancer, Skoda Octavia WRC, Peugeot 306F2 Evo, Citroen Xsara Kit Car, Renault Megane Kit Car, Lancia HF Delta Intergale, Lancia Stratos and race them on more than 40 tracks based on real world locations.
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Ion Assault v1.0 (PC/2010/MULTI7)
Language: Eng,Fr,Ger,Ita,Jap,Kor,Spa | PC | Developer: Coreplay | Publisher: bitComposer | 141 MB
Genre: Action

NOT JUST EYE CANDY: ION ASSAULT unleashes the graphics power of your PC to provide more than just eye candy - Wield thousands of Ion Particles to blast, fry and disrupt anything on screen as you see fit!
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Sol Survivor 1.8.2
PC | English | Developer/Publisher: Cadenza Interactive | 235.27 Mb
Genre: Strategy (Real-time) / 3D

Sol Survivor is a Turret Defense game where you construct a stationary defense to protect your colonies from the advancing enemy horde! Deploy stationary turrets, drop in support from orbital weapons platforms, and crush those who would dare to attack you. Deploy stationary turrets, drop in support from orbital weapons platforms, and crush those who would dare to attack you. Play in one of several locations and unique worlds, each with a different look and feel. Play in one of several locations and unique worlds, each with a different look and feel.
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MONOPOLY Here & Now The World Edition v2.4.10
iPhone-iPodtouch | Game | 30.48mb | MU & FS

Build an empire with the world’s most coveted real-estate properties like Paris, Rome and Barcelona.
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Jet Storm: Modern Dogfights
PC game | Genre: Jet Sim | 397 MB

South America, present day: surviving terrorist leaders and their followers have entered into a strong alliance with the local drug cartels. Armed with groundbreaking technology and a limitless supply of money, this deadly alliance soon takes control of key strategic regions. As a member of an elite Air Force combat unit armed with a state of the art combat aircraft, uncover the secrets behind this new military threat. Fight your way through deadly dogfights, rescue operations, strike missions and annihilate the enemy.
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Sonic Colors USA
WII Game / USA | English | SEGA | 4.4 GB

An extraordinary amusement park has been seen orbiting around the home planet of Sonic the Hedgehog, and rumors are spreading that an alien race of Wisps, who have a unique colorful energy, are being held captive there by the evil Dr. Eggman. Soon after arriving at the amusement park, Sonic discovers he is able to use these mysterious alien forces to help the Wisps escape!
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Moonlight Mahjong v2.1
iPhone-iPodtouch | Game | 17.86mb | MU & FS

Mahjong Solitaire in virtual reality 3D, designed specifically for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!
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Word Warrior™ v1.2
iPhone-iPodtouch | Word Game | 12.97mb | MU & FS

Word Warrior is a new age role playing word game. Use words in this epic quest to conquer your foes and restore peace to the land.
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Vacation Quest - The Hawaiian Islands (Final)
2010 | English | PC | Developer: SpinTop Games | Publisher: PopCap Games | 51 MB
Genre: Hidden Object Game (HOG)

Your passport to the most beautiful & stunning places in the world begins with Vacation Quest™! Explore 28 stunning Hawaiian Island locations to fill your vacation journal with achievements and memories. Collect the hidden Seashells to extend your tropical vacation by up to 7 days & to unlock 7 bonus locations!
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[PSP] Ghostbusters (2009) | ISO | 1,1 GB
Genre: Action

The real Ghostbusters return in this videogame sequel to the Ghostbusters movies. Stars Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Bill Murray reunite to reprise their roles as Spengler, Stantz, Zeddmore and Venkman. Supporting the ghost busting crew are the talents of Annie Potts, Brian Doyle Murray and William Atherton.
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Jet Ball v2.1
iPhone-iPodtouch | Game | 11.15mb | MU & FS

Destroy all static and moving bricks and obstacles to win the level. Touch and move left or right the pulsing circle under the pad to control it. Touch anywhere higher with another finger (use multi-touch) to release a ball, launch a rocket or shoot with plasma gun.
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Mad Tracks
PC game | Genre: Racing | 236 MB

'Mad Tracks' is an arcade car game based on pull back friction propulsion. It features numerous modes and challenges. A game made for players by players. Playing with pull back friction vehicles, 'Mad Tracks' players will battle in numerous challenges like races (Weakest link, red light, Roller Coaster...) or mini games (Snooker, table soccer, long jump, crocket, bowling, Darts...). Once you master the art of pull back friction, more than 45 challenges in 10 original environments await. Each victory unlocks new cars, new tracks or spare parts to improve performances of 16 cool vehicles. Add a bunch of spicy pick ups (oil, funny rockets, shrinker, etc.) and you're in for hours of fun and top replayability.
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V-Rally 3
PC game | Genre: Offroad Racing | 316 MB

Everything about V-Rally 3, from the highly detailed cars to the meticulously handcrafted tracks, creates acing realism. All of the most coveted rally cars on today?s circuit are included, and you can completely customize each one. Scurrying spectators and deforming car parts help make your track environments come alive as never before. And a new collision engine and physics model let you feel what it?s like to be a bona fide pro rally driver, racing on the edge.
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Euro Rally Champion
PC game | Genre: Offroad Racing | 145 Mb

With a high-performance engine under the bonnet and a whole boot-full of features, Euro Rally Champion is set to scream away from the starting line.Dirty drivers must test their skill against the elements, as well as against the clock, in the Championship mode raced across densely wooded forest trails, treacherous Alpine passes and the extremes of the African desert.
Posted By : nokolaj-tyulkin | Date : 18 Nov 2021 10:34:35 | Comments : 6 |

Fear for Sale: The Mystery of McInroy Manor Collector's Edition (Final)
2010 | English | PC | Developer: EleFun Games | Publisher: Big Fish Games | 224 MB
Genre: Hidden Object Game (HOG)

Emma Roberts has been tasked with writing a story about an old haunted manor for Fear for Sale Magazine. The estate has been locked up for years, but a sizable donation from Emma’s editor has opened up the home for exploration. Unravel the tale of the demise of the McInroy family, and set their souls free in Fear for Sale – Mystery of McInroy Manor, a dark and mysterious Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.