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Starbase Command v1.2.6 for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch | 16 MB

Starbase Command is a strategy defense game which puts you in command of a starbase under attack. Your goal is to survive for as long as possible, driving up your score as you build new defenses and destroy incoming waves of enemies.

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"This game is really a gem for me under the iphone games. My favourite games are Spaceminer, Rimelands, Warpgate, Angrybirds, Settlers Star defense, Fly Kiwi, Galaxy on fire (2). I give this list so you guys can see how good this game is according to me because Starbase Command belongs in this list with my favourite Iphone games." - Wilbair, user comment from Touch Arcade

"This game is very addictive ^^" MichelG, user comment from Touch Arcade

"Really fun and simple game to play." 1body4u, user comment from iTunes

"Brilliant game, already had new updates and now hanging out for more!!" Bladeslapper, user comment from iTunes

"Very good purchase, bought sight unseen, no regrets. If you like Spacestation HD, this is recommended. Same defend base concept, but different gameplay and style." Jadis777, user comment from iTunes




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