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Milton H. Erickson - Conversations With Milton H. Erickson, Volume III: Changing Children and Families
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Milton H. Erickson, Jay Haley - Conversations With Milton H. Erickson, Volume III: Changing Children and Families
W W Norton & Co Inc | ISBN: 0931513030 | 2/1/2022 | 171 pages | PDF |

If one could ask Milton Erickson anything one wishes about how to change people, the result would be these conversations. The lively discussions are about the basic issues in the clinical field and are essential to the education of any therapist today. These conversations took place over a period of 17 years and were recorded as part of Gregory Bateson's project on communication and therapy. Bateson is involved in these conversations, which were primarily conducted by Jay Haley and John Weakland who were specializing in the study of Erickson's way of changing human beings. There are three volumes in this series. In this volume, these conversations describe Erickson's lively ways of doing therapy with children and presents his basic ideas about children and families.

A classic book!!
This series of conversations sets the stage for stratigic family therapy. Erickson is in classic form here, the wit, the insight, and the process of change are all laid out quite well here. What these series do it lay out the way Erickson worked, and the guiding principles that he used in therapy. These books were out of print for years, and it is great to see them back!!


This series has three parts:
Volume 1, Changing Individuals
Volume 2, Changing Couples
Volume 3, Changing Children and Families


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Thanks a lot for these books!
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